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Connecticut Curiousities, Odd Things, Weird Places Eagle Rock, Hebron

The Damned Story: Sitting proudly along the eastbound lane of Route 66 in the area of the Hebron-Marlborough border is Eagle Rock, a painted and patriotic landmark that has been watching over cars cruising up and down the road sin

Abandoned, Hauntings Gay City, Hebron

Bolton is home to Gay City State Park, which features the remains of a once-thriving—and possibly, troubled—mill town. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Update: We visit in Summer 2014.

Hauntings Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport

Mountain Grove Cemetery in Bridgeport is one of the most scenic graveyards in the state but is particularly known for being the final resting place of the legendary showman P.T. Barnum, who also had a hand in founding the cemetery. In addition to being where more than 40,000 former Connecticut residents have been laid to rest, the 125-acre burying ground also is home to the grave of Charles Stratton, native son of Bridgeport and little person who rose to international fame as Gen. Tom Thumb.

Hauntings, The Damned Blog Top 10 Ghosts of Connecticut

Connecticut is allegedly one of the most haunted states in nation, so we thought it might be time to take inventory of some of the best-known ghosts, spirits, poltergeists and other entities from beyond.

Abandoned, Investigations Hearthstone Castle, Danbury

We finally venture to Tarrywile Park to visit Hearthstone Castle in all its overgrown glory.

Witchcraft Trials Connecticut Witchcraft Trials

Everyone knows about the infamous Salem witch trials, but few people realize that Connecticut has an older and arguably more colorful history when it comes to accusations of—and executions for—witchcraft. We begin our multi-part series exploring the hysteria.

The Damned Blog, Connecticut Curiousities, Legends The Darn Man

When it comes to eccentric Connecticut vagabonds, none is more renowned than the curious case of the Old Leather Man. But the mystery of the dapper Darn Man of eastern Connecticut is just as compelling.