Bigfoot in Connecticut?

March, 2017 by Ray Bendici
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Probably like a lot of you, one of the things that really got me interested in Fortean phenomena and the unexplained was Bigfoot, especially the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film shot at Bluff Creek in California. Here's a nice cleaned-up version from the Discovery Channel:

Ahh, the Zapruder film of cryptozoology—hoax or not, has any other 17-second piece of celluloid outside of JFK's assassination ever been more hotly debated and analyzed? It has launched the imagination and curiosity of millions, to say the least. I, for one, have always been fascinated by the stories of Sasquatch, as the Native Americans called the creature; I find it interesting that there are similar legends of a wild man around the globe, be it the Yeti (the abominable snowman) in Tibet, the Yowie in Australia, the Orang Pendak in Indonesia or the Skunk Ape in Florida.

People love the Bigfoot, no doubt. Remember how much hype and publicity surrounded a story a few years ago about two men in Georgia having shot one? The subsequent press conference was actually carried by Sure it turned out to be a gorilla suit in a freezer, but hey, Bigfoot was in the mainstream press!

I once saw an article at American Chronicle that theorized that since no Bigfoot remains have ever been found that the elusive creature may be some sort of multidimensional being, able to teleport between universes, visiting various spots and jumping away before getting caught. (Before you raise your eyebrow too high, this theory has actually been around for decades!) It would explain why it's been seen pretty much everywhere, you know, like Elvis.

Of course, in terms of this universe and this website, the big question for us (after the question if it exists at all, obviously) is whether Bigfoot is a visitor to Connecticut.


The large majority of Bigfoot reports in North America tend to come from the Pacific Northwest, where there are thousands and thousands of square miles of dense forest that could potentially serve as a habitat for a small population of undiscovered primates. At first blush, a state as small and as densely inhabited as Connecticut doesn't seem to be a likely place for Bigfoot. Yet there have been sightings here, including a few in the 21st century.

For those interested, a few websites with alleged sightings from around Connecticut:

  • Bigfoot Encounters reports a few sightings, the most recent being a "young" Bigfoot in Bristol in 2005, one crossing Route 169 in Woodstock in 2004 and one seen in Barkhamstead Forest in 2002.
  • The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization has a 16-inch footprint found in Hartford County in 2003 and a harrowing Bigfoot encounter where it chased a horse and rider in 1997.
  • The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has one sighting near East Hampton in 2004 and one over in Norwich in 2005, among some older sightings.

And of course, how could we possibly forget Animal Planet's legendary "Finding Bigfoot" show? Bobo and the crew visited Connecticut in 2012 for the season three episode "Bigfoot Loves Barbeque" (because who doesn't?). However—insert my shock here—they never found Bigfoot. Unpossible!

As with any mystery creature, until someone catches or kills a Bigfoot anywhere in the world—let alone Connecticut—the debate will continue.

In the meantime, you may have to get your Connecticut Bigfoot fix from Rocky Hill-based Synthetic Cinema International, who released the independent film Assault of the Sasquatch, filmed on location in Connecticut! 

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Submitted by nck (not verified) on
Uhm That "footprint" was found by bill green.................lets just say he lets his enthusiasm blur his vision.

Submitted by Bob (not verified) on
I live on Monroe Shelton line, several years ago(2002-2004 I think) I would walk outside late at night to enjoy the peace and quiet. Many nights I would hear a strange screaming sound far off in the distance. So far away I could just barely hear it. One night just after dark I walked out the door, there was that same scream but this time it was very close and very loud. I backed up through the door and locked it. It left me with the impression that it wanted to be left alone so I did. I never really seen anything because it was to dark. To this day I regret not getting a least a look, I also don't think a locked door would have been a problem at all, from the way it sounded and the last thing I would have wanted is it upset with me, it sounded huge and bad tempered. But the sound I will never forget, I did some research online. It sounds exactly like a some of the Big Foot screams online. I have not heard it since.

Submitted by nck (not verified) on
I think bigfoot "researchers" should decide if they want to be taken SERIOUSLY , or its more important for them to not hurt peoples feelings. For me personally, I think not hurting peoples feelings is MUCH more important.....but then STFU when OTHERS do NOT take your seriously. You made your bed....a bed you should be proud of, but YOUR bed, nontheless.

Submitted by scott (not verified) on
Not to sound demeaning, have you ever heard a red fox "scream" at night. I can tell you it sounds awfully powerful especially in the dark.

Submitted by jon (not verified) on
found huge footprints in snow this morning behind my house with huge gap in between (stride) i dont know what or who was behind my house at night but it is very strange either andre the giant is back and walking around barefoot in the snow or it is something else could be a bear but looks more like human feet with toes took pictures just so i know i am not crazy interesting thing is that there is deer tracks in front of footprints going the same way i am in central ct not many bf sightings around here

I hiked the blue trail near Voluntown a few years ago. I ended up camping very near Wyasup Lake. In the night, my companions and I were awoken by a sound almost indescribable. It was like the sound of an ape or monkeys, but with a screeching, howling undertone. And it was not alone. We heard the sound from east to west and back again in chorused echo. I decided to cover my head and find safety in sleep. The morning found us peaceful and alone. Since that night, I have listened to numerous audio tracks of North American wildlife (including the red fox) and have found nothing as "powerful" as what I heard in eastern CT whatever it may have been.

Submitted by Jordan Fisher (not verified) on
There is no doubt in my mind that "Big Foot" is real. Although, some may deny it, it really can not be disprovened. Not everything is bear. Not everything is a hoax. There is thermal proof of actaul creatures that don't have heat structures such as humans, bears and etc. I am a very big fan myself and I am hoping to get a siting up here where I live. And Subkilla, I am glad to hear that~ maybe I sha'll take a camping trip out there myself!

Submitted by Jenny (not verified) on
Has anyone ever listened to the sounds of a barn owl? They can be very loud and often scary in the middle of the night. I'm wondering if that may be what some folks have heard......

Submitted by David (not verified) on
I don't know about the rest of you but I have been living in Connecticut nearly all my 44yrs of life. I can see Bigfoot or a guy on an ape suit whichever you prefer. Being in places like Woodstock, CT or East Hampton. CT but for it to be in more suburban/urban areas like Bristol or Norwich, CT is so far fetched its pathetic. To give ppl who don't know the lack of a rural setting Norwich or Bristol, Connecticut are think Northern Jersey or suburban NYC or lower Fairfield County just over the NY border in Connecticut. Bigfoot doesn't hangout in densely populated areas. If Bigfoot did hangout in dense areas of the country, there would be many more sightings besides the current ones on file in some mad scientist/crytpozoologist basement computer. We would know its habits whereas now, we [society at large] are clueless about Bigfoot or if you would rather a crazy guy in a monkey suit as a saturday night activity trying to keep the cops busy with his stupid sophomoric crazy way of entertaining his mind. Another thing you budding crytpozoologists out there have to consider is the current number of authentic US citizens and the number of illegal aliens. Depending on the source you want to site, you will see there are in excess of 300 million ppl in the country. This population is a lot of ppl who are spread out throughout the country to take pics and or video of this alleged creature. Ppl you need to be more critical of the available information out there and you common sense to cut through the bs.

Submitted by Michael Amato (not verified) on
My friends and I have camped many times in the northwest hills of CT and only once did we hear that piercing scream in the distance. If it was a barn owl, we would have heard the screech many times. Also the only time bigfoot is seen in some populated areas is when they are moving from one forested area to another.

Submitted by ivan rodriguez (not verified) on
I just moved here in may of 2011 from pa. I live in bethel and I went out to walk my dog and there was a deer on the side of the drive on the grass with a leg missing. I continued to walk my dog and noticed a huge bloody bare foot print in the middle of the drive and I look on the other side where the woods start and another print and the leg from the deer.

Submitted by David (not verified) on
Ivan, being a Connecticut resident as I am. (Old Lyme here) taking it at face value that you are as well. I never heard on local radio or TV about your alledged run in with Bigfoot. Admittedly, I am not an expert nor have I ever claimed to be regarding Bigfoot, that being said, I have never heard of Bigfoot eating animals or hurting them for that matter. If you came across foot prints and other types of evidence why didn't you go public with your findings? and/or get in touch with a cryptozoologist who has the expertise to look at the evidence from a scientific standpoint? That would at the least lend credit to your findings. Too say the least I find your story, just that, a story.

Submitted by scott (not verified) on
the winsted wildman is real ive seen foot prints in the snow 15 inc long 6 inch wide 10 foot strides that faded and filled with snow in minutes in the alqonqin forest near winsted in colebrook he also chased my friend down the mountain on another occasion red fox or barn owls dont crash through heavy forest and stink like the worst b o

Submitted by Vince (not verified) on
Anyone living in the Monroe area please show me the area you saw or heard the sighting?

Submitted by Xera (not verified) on
Let's take the bigfoot theory into consideration. I am a spiritual and fact based individual that is looking at the entire picture. 1. These things are reported to have red eyes in the dark. a. Are these demons b. Do these creatures possess some kind of unique eye reflection 2. No physical evidence a. Do they consume their dead b. They exist but remain well concealed c. The starship enterprise is in orbit or the Bermuda triagle has migrated to the East Coast and they can jump dimensions or they are shape shifters. d. The Harry Potter Cloak of invisibility has elevated to Squach size 3. Footprints are being found and casted. a. Anyone can reproduce a footprint b. Where are the hair and scat samples that are release while walking or do trees turn into turbo potties with the vacusuck option I say we catch one and give it a Brazilian wax. dye it pink and release it back in the wild witha condom

Submitted by Tanya (not verified) on
Hi I live in new haven county. Never seen or heard any evidence if Bigfoot here but I'm fascinated to find out. Anyone wanna do a reality Bigfoot hunting movie. I want it to be a comedy as well as really investigating Bigfoot.

Submitted by ivan (not verified) on
I would love to Do a movie! That sounds like it would be a lot of fun

Submitted by vince (not verified) on
Hello Ivan and Tayna, I am vince from above post. This is weird as I happen to be an actor....funny......have made films and I love the topic of bigfoot. If I dont ask you two to coffee in New haven to talk more about tonight this thought will never happen.....what do you say? Vince

Submitted by Tanya (not verified) on
Hi Ivan and Vince. I would love to get together with you two for coffee but I can't until Monday evening, if that works for u two. Where r u guys from?

Submitted by Tanya (not verified) on
Email me at

Submitted by vince (not verified) on
Monroe ct and Monday early evening would be fine. My email is please email me for furture details. Thanks guys.

Submitted by Vince (not verified) on
Ivan are you th Ivan from post above? Take us to the bloody footprint sight?

Submitted by Jim (not verified) on
Once back in the late 70's /early 80's, while hiking in The upper section of the Paugussett State Forest, I came to the top of a ridge and stooped for a breather. It was late winter and we had an early thaw that year. So I was surprised to notice a small patch of snow under a small pine. I thought it was to warm for it to still be there even if it was in the shade. As I looked at it there seemed to be something about it that bore closer inspection so I walked over and pulled the lower branches aside. There in the middle of this small patch was a Human shaped bare footprint but it was huge. I wear a size 13 boot and when I held my boot next to it, the print was at least an inch or so larger in all dimensions. I called to my friend who didn't really want to climb the ridge to see what I had to show him, but did so at my insistance. Of course we were both suspicious, but thing thing that made me wonder is if someone wanted to play a joke or hoax. Why trek that far (at least a mile) into the woods and go to a remote ridge top, and then place it below a tree where the chances of it being seen where so slim?

Submitted by Vince (not verified) on
Jim do you remember the spot? I mean can you get there now?

Submitted by jay (not verified) on
just a few comments .in the us every indian tribe has stories of this creature they have been here for a lot longer than us . they also stayed to there own tribes . usually war was between most of them . anyways there has never been found a site with bear bones . if the bear died .on its own only when they were shot and left. it is going to be found out in the very near future that sasquatch is real. more people are in the forest now with cameras and guns. just a matter of time . just keep an open mind and do some research before you say now way this is bigfoot. go to spots they have been spotted and check it out .you might be shocked at what you here and see.

Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" is in Connecticut. We have come to Connecticut and are traveling all over the state to talk to residents about possible experiences or sighting they have had. If you have any experiences you would like to share, or if you would like information about the "Town Hall" Meeting, please send an email to

Submitted by Joey (not verified) on
I grew up in Ct. and lived there almost 30 years..I believe in Bigfoot and have had several encounters with something similar..Maybe Bigfoot itself.. I lived in the town of South Glastonbury,at that time a small rural town. My home was surrounded by woods and farms, giving plenty of shelter and food for the "Creature"..As others have stated, I too have witness the screams and stench of the "Creature".but seeing it on several occasions made me the "Believer" I am. Like so many others I was heckled by those I told about it.. My encounters with it were mostly always when Camping in some nearby woods.. It stayed in the same area and it habits were always the same as were ours. Myself and friends cleared area about 40 x 30 by a brook .We made a campsite complete with a lean-to for shelter..Each overnight trip, we'd spend daylight hours exploring the woods, looking for tracks, signs of the "Creature". Sadly I must say, we never found any. However..each night as our campfire died down.. was a different be continued,,,

this is all fake crap cuz i never sen it so hahahaha yal all full of crap

Submitted by Joey (not verified) on
I'm sure there's lots of things you never saw or ever will...However that does not make them less real..A sceptic see and believes only what they want to ignore...

Submitted by brenda (not verified) on
If you don't believe then why do you waste your time and ours by sending negativity. Bigfoot is real. There's are way to many people who have seen him. My husband is one of them. And he like you, never believed before in them before his encounter. He saw a white one, in Ellington, CT. Never has he ever lied or, ever has tried to make up a story in his life. His story is very believable . He came face to face with him. He could see the massive muscles in his forearms to the description of his face. I'm a believer and always will be.

Submitted by jay (not verified) on
I can not wait until one of these creatures is captured or found dead . Then all of the people who are saying you heard a fox or seen a bear can have there eyes open.This is a creature that has stories told about it from natives ,the ones who have been here for tens of thousands of years longer than white man.To the people who say well why dont we have hair samples or scat.You need to do a little more research about this. We do have them. Also we have video and audio of them.One day scientist will have the prof they need to make a claim that sasquatch are real.It will be a sad day for the sasquatch .By the way we next to never find bear remains form a bear that has died naturally . And found out what a great ape was just 75 years ago. This planet is small in some ways but much larger in other.

Submitted by brenda (not verified) on
I'm from Stafford, Ct. In the reminder speak out two weeks ago, someone had wrote that they saw a Bigfoot. Actually they mentioned that he saw it twice. Has anyone heard anything about this sighting? I would love to know where abouts in Stafford. The white Big foot that was seen by my husband was no fox, that's for sure !

Submitted by Mary Ann (not verified) on
I was born in CT and have lived here all my life (over 50 years). For anyone to say there is not the habitat for squatch to exist here you ought to get outside your comfort zone and look around. Although we have a highly populated state (persons/per square mile) there is a great deal of forested area as well. Yes, I have seen the population grow with new housing complexes and traffic congestion, but I have also seen the once working farms with open fields gradually fill in with brush and then turn to forest. Just about anywhere you go in the state that is wooded you will find stone walls and foundations. Signs that these now wooded areas were once inhabited by humans. In the late seventies I was awakened one night by a horrifying scream from an animal, I jumped out of bed and ran straight into my mother in the middle of the dark living room, she was also startled out of bed by the noise. It turned out to be explained to us by a neighbor that it was a Bobcat and someone had shot its mate. He explained they were returning to the state because many of the farms were becoming overgrown with brush making food sources plentiful. Since the early nineties the coyote populations have also increased and I have heard screams of what I believe was a wolverine. Last fall a friend of mine that lives in Bristol had the bajeebers (whatever that is) scared out of him when he saw a fisher cat in his neighbors yard (He identified the animal by going online). There is an abundance of deer and pretty regular bear sightings. So, if all these critters and more can exist it only makes sense that the bigfoot can too. Plenty of food to attract them for sure. I would like to mention that I am in the process of reading "Missing 411 Western Edition" and previously read "Missing 411 Eastern Edition". I feel these books are worth looking into if you spend much time hiking or camping in the wilderness. Very sobering. Personally I feel these guys are increasing in numbers (just speculation) because so much of our country is no longer farmed and is turning back to forest (At least the parts that aren't being developed). One final note for the folks that have heard the sounds but aren't sure of the source, there are a lot of recordings on line that you can listen to for verification. Amazing and creepy.

Submitted by Michael Amato (not verified) on
In 2001, my friend Joe & I were camping in Connecticut's northwest hills. at night we heard these blood curdling yells which We never heard before or since. The only thing I can say was it wasn't coyotes. I have no way of knowing if it was a bigfoot or not.

Submitted by Janie (not verified) on
I still think we should catch one, shave it, dye it pink, give it a condom and slap it on the ass and send it packing into the woods.

Submitted by brenda (not verified) on
In response to V : My husband came face to face with the white BF in the early 80's on middle road in Ellington,CT . He was walking through the back cornfields on his way home to his parents house right when it was getting dark. As he was walking, he says he felt a weird sensation as something was watching him. He couldn't believe what he had seen. As he was walking, he turned his head and saw what he knows was BF. It was slouched down with his knees bent, right when Mikes eyes came into contact with the Bigfoots eyes, the thing stood up. He was just as scared and startled as my husband was. My husbands first response was to run. He was frightened and scared. But before he started to book, he was able to give ,in details, picture of what he had witnessed. The hair was long and the color was like a off, old looking white. He was able to see his facial features pretty good in detail. Because he claims he was about 25 feet away from him. His arms were longer than his and the one detail that he will never forget, is the massive size of his shoulder and arms. He says that the muscles in his forearms were bigger than anyone he has ever seen. He said he knew that he could have ripped him in pieces if the thing wanted too. He was scared and ran home to tell his parents but as he was running or began to take off, he saw the BF do the same. He was just as startled. When mike got home, shitting his pants. Lol .. in on the floor was his best friend crying and screeming to Mike's parents all shooking up, because he had just seen the same thing earlier, he seen this BF too ! Mike's father and the boys all went back out there but they never seen him again. But in the papers later that month, a Big foot was spotted in Ellington on one of the farms.

Submitted by Nick (not verified) on
Well, I do believe there is Bigfoot. I have seen and heard some real crazy things. But we all have to remember we have bobcats, Fisher cats, Coyotes, Wolves, barred owls. These all make sounds. Where I am from (the Bethany area) there is a lot of woods. I live right at the edge of a 1,000 acre forest. I have seen many things. However when I saw a 8 foot black thing walking up my hill, I do not got back there much more! Especially after I have heard a few loud screeches. And btw, they were not a normal animal. I was a total sceptic, until I saw it!!!! I know 3 other people right in my area that have seen something. Finding Bigfoot even contacted me! Anybody who lives in the Cheshire, Bethany, prospect, Wallingford, Hamden, Waterbury, and Walcott area, beware! There are many sightings! Also in the Litchfeild area. I do believe we have the so called "Bigfoot" in CT!

Submitted by Michael Amato (not verified) on
Last nights episode of Finding Bigfoot was abot Bigfoot sightings in Connecticut. The show speculated that Bigfoots seen in Connecticut are merely traveling through our state in order to get to one of the surrounding states. This seems plausible to me. Bigfoot sightings are on the increase, not just in Connecticut but all over the world.

Submitted by v (not verified) on
Brenda where and when did he see the white one?

Submitted by v (not verified) on
To the gentleman above. Can you direct me to the Paugusset location for footprint?

Submitted by Mary Ann (not verified) on
For you skeptics and anyone else that is interested, check out, or (There are plenty of other sights as well) It is a true story of Zana the Russian Almas that was brought into captivity in the 1800's. She bred with the men of the village and had children that had children of their own, who had children, etc... Might make you ponder the geneology of the person sitting next to you at work, school or walking down the street. Or maybe even yourself. LOL. Has anyone checked out the missing 411 books?

Submitted by Joey (not verified) on
I watched the show last night..Yes some are migrating through.. maybe, but the one I encounter many times, stayed in one area It lived there for over 7 years.. They're out there for sure..Very,Very elusive..Just a matter of time before they become known openly..But the skeptics will still doubts.

Submitted by Dave (not verified) on
It's funny to read comment number 5. I live near Voluntown and found large bare footprint near that same lake last year. It was going across the pathway. I have also had wood knocks in the same forest last winter while walking the dogs alone. It's funny that Finding Bigfoot were so close when they filmed the Rhode Island episode a few seasons ago but wasted their time on that blurry video from Exeter RI. There was a short clip of them driving down 165 and crossing into CT. There are sightings all up and down the CT RI border and most over the years have been white or grey. PS the guy calling Norwich, at least the outskirts where the recorded sighting took place, populated obviously has only passed through. To the east and north of Norwich it is very wooded and not at all populated with a lot of hills and caves.

Submitted by sergeant mcnubs (not verified) on
well me name be de sergeant mcnubs. i gut a bonee rattlin skin shreddin blood drainin story fer yall. oh and its hair raisin. ya well anyhow, i wen out to de tree stand and a sat down a hunten and out came a bigfoot. then a nudder! they started a breedin roight there! one bent over and de udder fertilized. well dey was sa close i could smell it. so i shot them both. i brung dem home still connected and stuff. (ya know by dem genitals) den i showed it to me neighbor sargy snugglepussy er whatever his naME IS. HE SAID AW JESUS MAN WHY DID YALLL POP HIM UP DE SPINE BONE. I SAID FINGER SPASM. HE THEN UNDERSTOOD. WE DECIDEDED TO SHOOT EM DE MOON WIT DE ROCKET. IT MISFIRED AND HIT ME GRANDMAS HOUSE..... AW JESUS MAN I BEEN WRITTING IN CAPS... anyhow... me granmummy come out da house all cuvered in blood and all ded and stuff. so i ripped her door knob off, stuck it on a pole and whaled her in the facialities. i then picked up me diesel and me fertilizer poured it down her pants and light ye old box a matches and chuck it on her then i watch. sgt snugglepussy got blowed u p and died. but he resurected on the spot. then we stuck er in a cannon and fired her at the ever hated bill gates house. along with dead babies and piglets. and bombs

Submitted by greasy Mcnubs (not verified) on
well one day i felt like doin some de forestation so i grabbed me money and bought 36000 acres a land. i boughht a flame thrower and cut down tuns a trees and a big black thing that was saying cheep im a squirrel was sitting on a branch well the branch was bent he was bigfoot. i cut da treee he said jesus and died

Submitted by greasy Mcnubs (not verified) on
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Submitted by Sergeant. Snugg... (not verified) on
Well one time I was in dat there woods behind my house. I only had my 2 gauge double barreled and my maadi brand bolt action 50 cal Pistol, One might say... I was relatively unarmed at the time. Anyhow ignoring my lack of firearms I decided to go Squatchin. I entered the wilderness I almost peed myself, but then I noticed my brother from Illinois was dead on the ground. So I was alright... for now. But I traveled for awhile then I finally stopped and saw what I was lookin for. Twas a big 'ol Sasquatch like 11 feet tall or somethin. It saw me and ran straight for me. So I 2 Gauged him in the forehead but he didn't die. I was forced to reload and shoot again. Well this went on for about 30 mins or somethin like that. Twas a tad bit loud but I pulled throught without bleeding for my hearing holes. I was forced to use my 50 Cal and blew his arm off, or was that mine. Luckily I was trained by the seals to shoot one handed. But since it was well.... a 50 cal I only had the bullets in my gun. I threw my gun at him hit him right in the coconut. I threw it back at me and hit me in the gut. I was probably internally bleeding but luckily I had been trained to ignore that too. I jumped did a tripple backflip front flip ninja kick in his face. He died right there in that very spot. I took his remains and hid it under my sister's bed. Luckily the government didn't find out yet.

Submitted by Winemaker (not verified) on
You Mc Nubs are two sick puppies...

Submitted by Mary Ann (not verified) on
I think McNubs is really an alias for Elmer Fudd. Kiew de wabbit, Kiew de wabbit!!! Your moving up to larger prey. Or maybe it was Brer Rabbit you done blasted.