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We might've just gone for some cake, but then again, we're not Batso. [September 8, 2013] Colorful Stratford resident Nick "Batso" Maccharoli celebrated his 80th birthday by pulling a Nissan Leaf with his neck ... Source: Connecticut Post
A variation on the Moodus Noises? [December 3, 2014] Scientists say that the "booms" that startled residents in southeastern Connecticut were the result of two 1.8 magnitude earthquakes near Ledyard ... Source: NBC
Uh, not quite. [January 8, 2013] New Haven residents awoke on Tuesday morning to find what appeared to be crop circles cut into the snow on the green ... Source: New Haven Register
Seems like something out of an 'Ernest' movie ... "Hey Vern, woulda take a look at that cute little kitt--aaaaahhhh!!!!" [March 15, 2011] An animal that a child mistook for a 'cute little cat' actually turned out to be a rabid fox, which attacked shortly thereafter ... Source: The Day of New London
Mountain lions, moose and devil birds, oh my! [June 13, 2011] An anhinga, or "devil bird," was spotted in Hamden, the first time the exotic bird has been seen in the state ... Source: Hartford Courant
Mmm ... donuts! Ahhhhh .... [February 17, 2010] "Gentleman" Joe Menchetti once again won the annual pazcki-eating contest at Eddy's Bake Shop in Ansonia, downing 10 of the pastries in 5 minutes ... Source: Connecticut Post
The "Ghost Adventures" team recently visited Remington Arms in Bridgeport, and we have an in-depth preview of the episode which will air on November 20 on Travel Channel.
Be interesting to see if this idea takes off. [December 21, 2011] Connecticut bicycling activists are placing "ghost bikes"—old bikes painted white—at the scenes of cyclist fatalities as a memorial and as a reminder to drivers ... Source: Hartford Courant
Should be fun to see what they find, if anything. [March 1, 2011] The crew of SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" and the T.A.P.S. crew investigated the Sterling Opera House in Derby on Monday night for an upcoming episode of the show ... Source: WTNH 8
Is there anywhere in the state they haven't visited yet? [November 30, 2011] SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" team visited the Elks Lodge in Hartford to investigate claims of paranormal activity ... Source: Hartford Courant
We'll write more about this episode after we watch it tonight! [December 2, 2009] The renowned "Ghost Hunters" team visited the Mark Twain House in Hartford, the episode of which premieres on Dec. 2 on SyFy ... Source: Hartford Courant
SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" paid a visit to Hartford to investigate the recent claim that the venerable Mark Twain House is haunted by the spirit of one of the renowned author's daughters.
Jason, Grant and the rest of SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" team came to Derby to investigate the claims of haunting and paranormal activities at the Sterling Opera House.
A lot of people have been asking about this on our The Haunting in Connecticut article -- here's the answer. [March 17, 2009] "A Haunting in Connecticut?" Not likely, the current homeowner of the Southington home where the "true" events were alleged to occur. Source: NBC 30
Oh, bother. [July 15, 2010] Middlebury police have determined that an object they discovered in the dumpster at the transfer station, which had to be shut down, was not a human hand as originally thought, but merely a stuffed bear paw ... Source: Waterbury Republican-American
Don't get to type "immaculately conceived anteater" a lot. [May 17, 2013] The birth of an anteater at a Greenwich animal sanctuary has the facility's staff stumped as the mother did not have an opportunity to conceive the baby ... Source: Greenwich Time
Guilty conscience much? [March 3, 2011] A Bridgeport man was arrested after he inexplicably dove out a window and evaded police after they arrived at an apartment complex to arrest a different man ... Source: Connecticut Post
Guess this is serious. [January 31, 2014] Police are searching for a man they claim was wearing lipstick like the Joker from the Batman movies and who they say left a suspicious device on the counter of a pet shop ... Source: Norwalk Patch
We need a special "Ironic News" tag, don't we? [August 7, 2009] A Norwalk woman who had been working for years as a nurse -- and even was named "Nurse of the Year" (at a party she organized for herself, it turns out) -- was arrested by authorities for falsifying her nursing certification ... Source: NBC 30
Went to school with Mike—don't remember him glowing. [May 11, 2012] A Milford man who had recently been injected with a low amount of radioactive material for a medical test was pulled over by state police after setting off radiation sensors ... Source: Connecticut Post
It's like rain on your wedding day ... oh wait, this is actually ironic. [December 29, 2009] An SUV with the vanity plate "SAFETY" crashed into a doctor's office in Fairfield ... Source: Connecticut Post
Sasquatch Assault is a Connecticut-based production and sounds like a lot of fun! [October 7, 2009] Sasquatch Assault has its international premiere on Thursday night, opening The Silk City Flick Fest in Manchester . . . Source: Hartford Courant
Hey, speling can be tough! [August 23, 2013] Municipal workers in Enfield spelled "school" wrong while painting it on a street near St. Bernard School ... Source: NBC 30
This only bolsters the idea that most criminals are just not that smart. [June 13, 2009] A would-be bankrobber in Darien simply walked away when the teller told him there was no money because they had cleaned out the drawers for the day... Source: NBC 30
Somewhere, Flip Wilson is smiling. [September 4, 2009] After slamming into a Southington hospital, a man claiming to be "the devil" started attacking a police officer ... Source: NBC 30
The hype for December 21, 2012 has already begun in earnest as we all prepare for the latest and greatest end of the world as we know it. Yawn.
Now if they can only find the grave. [December 7, 2011] A 240-year-old headstone was returned to New London after being taken from Ye Towne's Ancientest Burial Place 43 years ago ... Source: New London Day
The real curiosity here: What 4-year-old packs their own snack? [January 26, 2012] Police were called to a Meriden school after a 4-year-old pulled out nine individually wrapped bags of marijuana during snack time ... Source: Connecticut Post
No word if there was an ark in the yard. [December 2, 2010] Montville police removed 40 animals from a one-bedroom apartment, including dogs, cats, birds, snakes and guinea pigs ... Source: NBC 30
Probably a fan of "Caturday," too. [January 19, 2014] Homes for 43 cats discovered in a Hartford home were being sought after the homeowner was found dead ... Source: Hartford Courant