Ray and Steve from Damned Connecticut make their TV debut on "Forum with Len Fasano." And Ray never shuts up!
The author of A Field Guide to Demons, Vampires, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits takes the time to answer a few questions about the latest edition of her book and the demons in the world around us.
Courtney McInvale, author of "Haunted Mystic," talks about growing up in a haunted house, writing her new book and the legend of the Pig Man!
Local author Cynthia Wolfe Boynton talks about her latest book "Connecticut Witch Trials: The First Panic in the New World."
Historian and author Dan W. DeLuca is the leading expert on The Old Leather Man. He recently took the time to answer some questions about everyone's favorite legendary leather-clad wanderer.
Dan Wilms, who grew up in the supposedly haunted John York House in Stonington, recently took the time to answer some questions about his experiences there.
In conjunction with the DVD and Blu-Ray release of The Haunting In Connecticut, film producer, writer and director Daniel Farrands discusses the new DVD as well as his experiences (including a few unusual ones) on this and other horror films and documentary TV projects.
Donald Carter is author of Connecticut's Seaside Ghosts and investigator/historian of the New England Paranormal Video Research Group [NEPVRG]. He is currently working on a new book, Ghost Towns of Connecticut, which is due out in summer 2009.
Dr. Kenneth L. Feder is a professor or archaeology at CCSU and the author of several books including Frauds, Myths and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology. He recently chatted with us about archaeology, hoaxes, pseudosciences and more.
As a sergeant with the Bridgeport Police Department and the founder of 826 Paranormal, James Myers has seen a lot of weird things in his time. Recently, he chatted with us about some of them.
Science writer, outdoor adventurer, pilot and author Jeff Wise talks with us about his new book Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind in Danger, including busting a few myths about the subject and if there's more to fearing fear itself.
Marc D’Antonio is a photo and video analyst for MUFON [Mutual UFO Network] as well as president for FX Models in Terryville. He has also appeared on the Discovery Channel's "UFOs Over Earth," and lectures at MUFON conferences around the country.
Michael Faison is the director of Yale's Family Observatory & Planetarium, as well as an astronomer, researcher and lecturer. He recently talked to us about astrology vs. astronomy, life elsewhere in the universe, mysteries of deep space, the International Year of Astronomy and more.
The author of the new book Wicked Bridgeport takes the time to answer a few of our questions about the unusual history of the Park City.
Ray Garton, award-winning horror author who wrote "In A Dark Place," the "true" story of "The Haunting in Connecticut," talks about his experiences writing that book as well as previews his latest novel, "Bestial," a werewolf tale coming out on April 1.
Damned Connecticut talks to William J. Hall, author of "The World's Most Haunted House: The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street," about the book and the investigation into one of the most compelling paranormal cases in Connecticut history,
Recently we sat down with Don Johnson of and discussed his obsession with the Old Leather Man and the recent controversy surrounding the possibility of exhuming his body to obtain more information on his identity.
P.R.O.O.F. founder Joe Gallant takes the time to answer some of the questions regarding "The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion" episode of SyFy's "Paranormal Witness."