The Ballard Institute & Museum of Puppetry is a unique place, home to one of the leading puppetry schools in the world as well as dozens of antique puppets and marionettes, making it just a little bit creepy, too.
Capt. Sluman Gray's final whaling voyage was a long, strange trip.
How about a poltergeist with your chicken parmigiana? Didn't think so.
The headstones in this cemetery have no names—only numbers.
Center Church in New Haven is a little different from your normal centuries-old place of worship as it was built over a cemetery -- not on, but over, as the original tombstones and graves sit as they have for 300 years in a crypt beneath the raised-up building.
Sure, you can get your car washed in any number of fine establishments, but how many of them have a dinosaur ripping through the roof?
Getting inside the abandoned sections of the Connecticut Asylum for the Insane is said to be pretty difficult.
Atop Mohawk Mountain sits a curious stone tower that has looked out over the Litchfield Hills for nearly a century. Update: We recently visited.
We may take it for granted, but a state park solely dedicated to the fossilized footprints from creatures that lived over 180 million years ago is sort of an unusual attraction. Plus, everyone loves dinosaurs!
In Groton, there exists an unusual complex that has been dated back to nearly 2,000 B.C., with stone chambers and mysterious formations. Behold: Gungywamp! We finally visit Gungywamp for ourselves to get the story. With lots of pictures, too!
When she was alive, Hannah Cranna was known as "The Wicked Witch of Monroe," a reputation that continues to follow her over 150 years after her death.
We finally venture to Tarrywile Park to visit Hearthstone Castle in all its overgrown glory.
We've all seen it while driving along either Route 8 or I-84 through Waterbury: the huge corss high atop Pine Hill. Many already know about it, but the 50-foot high cross marks the spot that was once Holy Land USA.
East Haddam is home to an abandoned village that once was home to a thriving mill and almost became a Victorian Era tourist attraction.
One of the first museums in North America, Joseph Steward's Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities is testament to the fact that even over 200 years ago, people loved the damned!
One of the lesser-known sites in Connecticut is the Little Genesee Settlement. Genesee is a dual curiosity—an abandoned Colonial-era settlement and potentially an astronomical calendar or spiritual complex of sorts.
Little People's Village in Middlebury is a complex of crumbling doll-sized houses that's rumored to be the legacy of a crazy woman who thought she was "Queen of the Little People." As with any good legend, "the story" and "the truth" are two quite different things.
One of the oldest surviving cemeteries in the U.S.—and North America—Milford Cemetery is the final resting place for an interesting group of historical figures as well as allegedly home to the mysterious ghost of a woman in white.
Although abandoned for almost 15 years, Norwich State Hospital in Preston allegedly continues to be plagued by the ghosts of its former troubles and tragedies.
The first prison (as well as the first copper mine) in U.S. history has seen its fair share of heartache and tragedy -- and also stories of ghost sightings and other paranormal activity.
Ansonia residents love to proclaim their belief in Charger football. Many also proclaim a belief that the Pine Grove Cemetery is haunted, too.
In the heart of Bridgeport stands an abandoned building complex that includes the Poli Palace, the Majestic Theater and the Savoy Hotel, each of which were once glorious edifices and now are empty and crumbling structures, home to rats, vagrants and ... ghosts?
On a recent trip to Ossining, New York, we visit the NEW resting place of the Old Leather Man, and were happy to see that Ol' Leathery is doing just fine.
Once a children's hospital, and later a facility for the mentally challenged, Seaside Sanatorium in Waterford has been abandoned for over a decade, despite its architectural pedigree and prime location. Update: We visited Seaside in April 2011.
The rusting, dilapidated remains of a former wildlife sanctuary in Farmington make for a creepy spot to visit.
One of the most popular hiking destinations in Connecticut, the story of Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden includes Native American legends, dead bodies and, in our case, a sea of poison ivy!
The Stepney Cemetery dates back to the 1700s and is allegedly home to various spirit incarnations and ectoplasmic blobs. In addition, it allegedly serves as a "second home" of sorts for the White Lady of Union Cemetery.
During its heyday, the Sterling Opera House had its share of famous entertainers visiting and fat ladies singing. Now it's gaining a reputation for ghostly spirits haunting. Update: We visit the Sterling Opera House to see if Andy wants to come out and play ...
For more than 200 years, The Captain Daniel Packer Inne in Mystic has welcomed visitors from all over—some of whom have supposedly chosen to stay long after their time was up.
Dr. Harvey Cushing is known as "The Father of Modern Neurosurgery," and his amazing legacy -- along with hundreds of human brains -- is on display at The Cushing Center at Yale.