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Go Wayne go! [September 17, 2010] Wayne Parks, a 45-year-old firefighter pursing his undergraduate degree at the University of New Haven, has joined the college's football team ... Source: NBC 30
Gonna be hard to top that next time. [April 10, 2012] A 5-year-old boy brought in 50 packets of heroin that was in his step-father's jacket to show-and-tell at Barnum School in Bridgeport ... Source: Connecticut Post
That's a whole lot of scrap metal! Amazingly, no one was seriously injured. [December 14, 2009] Icy conditions were the cause of a 50 car crash on Route 110 in Shelton on Sunday ... Source: Connecticut Post
Wonder if he knows how to do the Triple Lindy? [August 29, 2009] A 52-year-old man created an elaborate scheme to create an identity as an 18-year-old -- including claiming he was undergoing cancer treatment -- to enroll as a student in Waterford High School ... Source: Hartford Courant
As Americans become more obese, this may not be so odd anymore. [March 15, 2012] A 600-lb. New Haven man claims that he is being evicted from his apartment because of his weight ... Source: WTNH 8
Awwww. It'd be even cuter if her father could walk her down the aisle. [September 26, 2010] An 85-year-old Milford woman will be a blushing bride for the first time on Monday, marrying a slightly older Wallingford man ... Source: New Haven Register
It wouldn't surprise me if some volunteer took these down without telling anyone. That, or a roving gang of goats on bikes. [June 10, 2009] State police are trying to find out who stole 92 street signs for a charity bike ride in Griswold and North Stonington . . . Source: Waterbury Republican-American
At this point, why the heck not?[August 3, 2014] A 95-year-old Stamford man celebrated his birthday with a skydive . . .Source: Connecticut Post
Missing corpses, skulls on graves, goat heads, chicken blood -- there seems to have been a rash of highly odd (and creepy) incidents in Fairfield County over the last month or so, and it all may just not be a coincidence.
Progeria is a rare and odd genetic disorder that prematurely ages children all around the world, from Great Britain to Milford, Connecticut.
Congrats to Steve and Kate, who on Tuesday, January 11, welcomed their first child, James Allen. Our damned state just got even better!
Obviously, their feet brought them no luck. [June 29, 2010] Over a dozen rabbits were found dead or dying at Trumbull's Twin Brooks Park over the weekend ... Source: Connecticut Post
Seeing unusual bright things at night over Connecticut in recent weeks? Now that the general haziness of summer has passed, clearer skies are providing a great opportunity for star -- and satellite -- gazing.
Okay, our universe seems to be an almost-infinite space, but even then, how can you not be impressed by a possible black hole that could be as big as 1 billion light years across?
As we continue to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy, it's time to check out a few new space stories, and report on a new space place in Connecticut.
The search is on for the remnants of a planet that may have existed in our solar system over 4.5 billion years ago.
The best part of this story is the first sentence, when the writer suggests that all the participants are pot-smoking hippies. [May 1, 2010] May Day will be celebrated at "Beltaine 2010: A Pagan Odyssey" this weekend in Oxford ... Source: Connecticut Post
An upcoming book by renowned true-crime writer -- and Connecticut resident -- M. William Phelps chronicles the case of America's deadliest female serial killer, Amy Archer-Gilligan, a not-so-sweet woman who was the inspiration for Arsenic and Old Lace.
An oddities and curiosities shop in Wallingford? Try to keep us away.
Why “Damned”?
Second time this week—might be the spirit of Flip Wilson. "The Devil made me do it!" [November 4, 2011] A New Britain man who allegedly killed his father using a meat cleaver and sword told police upon his arrest that he was Satan ... Source: Hartford Courant
Talk about phoning it in.[April 25, 2014] A woman accused of prostitution told police she stole a man's phone because she preferred that to having sex with him ...
Maybe operating under the theory, "It never hurts to ask"? [January 28, 2010] A Bethel man accused of rape tried to convince a judge in Litchfield Superior Court that the state owes him $2.5 trillion because of logistical and procedural errors that occurred during his arrest ... Source: Waterbury Republican-American
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Anyone else want to rub him for good luck? [June 11, 2011] A man who made it through his service time in Afghanistan was struck by lightning just outside his Montville home ... Source: WTNH 8
You may have heard that Dec. 21, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar. It does not, however, mean the end of the world, no matter how much Hollywood wants to cash in on the idea.
Whats next, Man-Bear-Pig? [October 13, 2009] HAMDEN — An aggressive 1,000-pound animal almost struck a car on Tuttle Avenue over the weekend, forcing a motorist off the road, police said Monday. Source: New Haven Register
See, it's weird because of all the names involved. [September 15, 2010] A man named "Almighty Supremeborn Allah" -- and who lives on High Street in New Britian -- was arrested for cocaine possession ... Source: New Britain Herald
From the story: "Hey honey ... uh ... there's an alligator in the driveway." Priceless! [August 11, 2009] An 18-inch alligator was captured by a homeowner in the driveway of his Hamden home ... Source: New Haven Register
Wow, that global warming is in high gear if we're getting gators up here! [June 23, 2012] A 3-foot-flong alligator, wearing a collar and a leash, was caught in Enfield near the Connecticut River ... Source: New London Day