Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown

January, 2017 by Ray Bendici
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The Damned Story: Opened in 1931 to help alleviate the overcrowding at other state mental hospitals, Fairfield Hills housed "mentally ill" (aka "the criminally insane") patients from across the state. Built on over 770 bucolic acres, the 16 buildings—all connected by underground tunnels—were home to over 4,000 patients when filled to capacity. Like many of its patients, Fairfield Hills projected an outward image that seemed quite pleasing; what was happening inside behind closed doors and out of the public eye, however, was alledgedly much darker and disturbing.

As you might expect, Fairfield Hills was typical in its treatment of the mentally ill—electric shock therapy, hydrotherapy, psychosurgery and frontal lobotomies were common early on, resulting in a few suicides and "mysterious" deaths. Stories of abuse and cruelty were rampant. In short, it wasn't a happy-smiley, fluffy-kitty and shiny-rainbow type of place.

With less and less patients being treated there, Fairfield Hills was closed by the state in 1995. And that's when it seems the troubles began.

Because of its classic stately hospital look (red brick buildings, tall white columns, etc.), and its long, cruel history, it was used as a setting for the movie Sleepers as well as for MTV's "Fear." And as any abandoned mental hospital that's been on TV will do, it's brought a bevvy of paranormal investigators, psychics, abandoned-site explorers and other trouble seekers, who have claimed to have found evidence of hauntings, although no specific ghost/spirit/story is synonymous with the place.

Old hospital, underground tunnels, cruel history—must be haunted, right? Right? As with many hauntings, no definitive proof or evidence, just a lot of odd experiences and unusual claims.

In 2009, the town refurbished the property to an extent. The tunnels were filled in and a few of the buildings were renovated; some now hold municipal offices while others are used for commercial purposes. The property was also cleaned up, hiking trails and sports fields have been added, and much of the grounds are open to the public as a recreational area. 


Although the original history casts a shadow for some, most visitors now just enjoy a peaceful, parklike and family-friendly site. 

Our Damned Experience: Are the Hills alive with the sound of patients past? We have yet to be checked in for an examination.

If You Go: As mentioned, the Fairfield Hills Campus has seemingly had its demons exorcised by the city of Newtown, and is now open to the public. Some buildings are still closed off, but the majority of the property is open to exploration. 

Be warned, however: If you listen carefully, you still might hear shrieks and screams—of kids playing and having fun. 



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Submitted by Ashely (not verified) on
hey! i dont have a website to show you but ive got something totally true! well one night me and my mom and her room mate got bored at home so we looked on the internet to find some scary places to goo look at. When we saw that Fair Feild Hospital was actually a mental stitution we decided to go check it out. Seeing as how people were saying it was haunted. So as we drove dow the road, it was a crystal clear night, I looked over this open feild with buildings in it. Now at the time i didnt relize that it was the Hospital. And out o no were a HUGE bolt of "lightning" or something comes out of the center buildning and connects it a bolt coming from the sky. Now granted i dont really kno if that is even possible but honest to God thats what happened. Sincerly Ashely^_^

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on
Ashley, Lightening is very interesting. When the charged electrons come from the clouds they are invisible. What we see is actually the electricity going back up into the cloud. It happens so fast that we normally don't see the direction and assume it is coming from the cloud.

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on
Also, I've been there many times and saw just one abnormal thing. There was a light in my cameras lense that was shaking rapidly while I was not touching it, on a tripod, with no flashlight on.

I was the project mgr. for fairfield hills. Yes it is haunted many unexplained actions. But no one was ever allowed on site at any time by the state or town this was highly restricted due to the state of the blds. all tunnels have been sealed and any that tried to make would be arrested immediately. MTV once did a fake show, fake blood etc. nothing but hollywood. due to high asbestos and mold to enter is a risk to your health.

Submitted by Emily (not verified) on
I remember when I first moved to Connecticut I applied for a Dentist Asst job back in 1988..I had 2 interviews which the last one was with the dentist himself.He gave me the scariess feeling of the place and speaking to the dentist himself.I couldn't believe that it was a hospital.I couldn't understand the reason why anyone would want to work in a place like that.I finished my interview with the dentist did the sign of the cross and ran from there.

Submitted by Gary Taylor (not verified) on
I have worked at Greenwich House when it was rented and renovated by APT Foundation/DAYTOP. The Fire in the early 70's was extensive to the inside of the building, though not to the outside. We keep that end locked-off and used the opposite side as a inpatient substance abuse facility for over 10-years. On occasion I have been into the burnt wing. There just an unbelieveable feeling that overcomes you in there. The hair on my body would stand right up, and the sense of other being hurt and suffering would overwhelm me. Any occasion I went in their I couldn't wait to get out. The side of the Greenwich House that we used was also a piece of work. We remoldeled the building before moving the program from Shelton to Fairfild Hills. The remains of the Electro-Shock, restriction-chairs, autopsy-tables etc. All remained till we first started the program their. The third floor is where the majority of the major treatments took place. We also kept this floor locked off. And used the first and second. Mind you their were 100 in-patients living their and a full facility program and School. Just to give you an idea of how big One-Building [Greenwich-House] is. Often at night when walking alone the feeling of another walking behind you coulkd be felt. I also had a sleep walking episode their and Ihave never walked in my sleep. A couple friend of mine claimed I got out of bed and was upset, swearing and walking. At first they thought I was awke and had a problem with someone. Only to realise quickly i was alsleep. A friend said he walked me back to my bunk and continued to say everything was OK. I don't remember "nothing" of this episode nor have I ever walked in sleep since or before? Oh this is a pretty crazy place to be sure. I haven't been back their since the buildings were closed. But it was common to drive to or from work and the residents from the FFH criminally Insane Ward would be out in the yard, some would sneak away having sex in the bushs, other by the side of the road. The care level by the State of CT left much to be desired. Verbal and Phsyical abuse were common. As it still is at the States other facility [Southbury Training Center] [Mental Retardation]. Thats still open and I also worked at Cottage 31 [behavior unit] for High Functioning, self abusive and aggressive residents. Restaining Chairs that resembled an Electric Chair are used their today! FFH was a mental Heath facility though both are similiar. The ward for the criminally insane was the last to close and the most severe and dangerous of all the buildings. I don't for one minute doubt that both places are haunted. They have been to many wanton acts towards mankind for their not to be.

Submitted by ann (not verified) on
My mother's cousin was a patient there for about 50 years. She was sent there as a teenager. I can remember my mother saying that she was not really mentally ill, she was there because her parents could not take care of her for some reason. My mother visited her sometimes and sent money and clothing. A couple of times she took her out to eat or shop, but she sometimes got out of control so my mother had to stop taking her on outings. I often think of her and feel that she suffered greatly being there. She may not have had problems to begin with, but living there probably made her crazy. Seeing the buildings and reading the stories it makes me sad that she and many others suffered there. Unfortunately, I think many mentally ill patients are still not receiving the best of care today.

Submitted by S. W. Bramblett (not verified) on
I was a patient there from September 1972 until June 1976. (Age 14-17). I worked with Tunnel Maintenance Supervisor Jimmy Fowler mopping the tunnels every week. I know those tunnels like the back of my hand. I could tell you stories of the horrific treatment of patients there. I saw so many nominally mentally ill patients being subjected to electroshock therapy for no other reason than the staff figured the patient might be difficult to handle. I was in Greenwich House when Joe Gillotte decided to take a can of lighter fluid and set Ward 1-A's linen closet on fire, destroying the building. "Code 99" was announced over the loud speaker whenever someone acted out, and orderlies from all the other buildings would run to that Ward and wrestle the patient down, strangling them in choke-holds and punching them, tying him/her to a bed and jabbing them in the butt with an injection of Thorazine. I was there and I saw it all. I still have nightmares about the place... It was simply a warehouse for the insane and the vast majority of employees had no real training in the care of the mentally ill. Want to know anything about Fairfield Hills? Ask me. willapa_maestro@yahoo.com

i was there. i was 15 playing with a bb gun. somone i wont name had a small one hand held sling shot. every time i shot at a target. that somone would shoot a friend of mine with the sling shot then hide it so my friend would think im shooting him.. well that got me in the nut farm. and they dont do a dam thing for you there. i had to escape or id realy be nuts.. i broke the door down at night and in the lobby threw a chair at a window.. i got away and got a lawyer i was not allowed to do that. he took my case... and thats when i found out who was shooting at my friend.. he went to jail.. i went home after telling the attendants there to go ---- ---- selves.. but that place.. was a real horror. your afrade to sleep in there at night. dont listen to the white wash about it it was hell behind doors and im glad its gone

Submitted by John (not verified) on
oooh, scary

Submitted by Wil (not verified) on
Back in my high school days my brohaha's and i would go bike-riding all through town. One night we stopped infront of the building along side Mile Hill, just resting b4 we went down past the high school and out of the corner of my eye I see two red glowing orbs. As i turned to fully get a glimpse i let my bro's know what i was seeing. All three of us will tell you that, on the front porch of the building, there was a huge musclebound character with his arms crossed and a fragile old women sitting in a rocking chair. after witnessing this for about a minute or two we all freaked out and gunned it down mile hill. i never thought i'd ever be that happy to see the high school

Submitted by Patient X (not verified) on
The ice cream socials on Thursday nights were fun and Nurse Smith gave me extra Melloril when I "behaved."

Submitted by cassie (not verified) on
That place is just so wonderfully creepy. i go jogging there at least once a month, and to be honest, i think its a shame the buildings are being torn down and renovated.

Submitted by John (not verified) on
Growing up in Trumbull I recall driving through the property to get to the entrance on Rte 84. I never had a clue what went on in there.

Submitted by deals (not verified) on
was nurse Ratshit there with Jack?

Submitted by DJ (not verified) on
Look this place up on Youtube, you'll see some interesting things. I guess a good porition of the tunnels have been closed up. The only one that was still remained open was the Litchfield to Yale Conservatory (Lab). They have been doing construction to it though, so I don't know what remains or is wiped out. I want to make it out there soon though.

About 5 years ago, maybe even 6, my 4 friends and I staked out the place during the day, where we could get in, how it was mapped through all the info we could get online. Mind you I havent been up there in years so I do not know what buildings remain. However, reading some of the other posts, if the Litchfield Building is still there like it says then you're in. This is how we got in no problem and the things we encountered. Behind the Litch. Bldg. there is a apartment complex throught the woods about 100 yards. Park there, roam around in it until you can see through the woods the building. We parked there, dressed in all black with a hammer, pry bar, and some LED flashlights we set off to where we found one of the windows on the basement floor of Litch. Bldg. we all jumped in, putting up the board behind us SINCE THEY DO PATROL CONSTANTLY EVEN AROUND THE BACKS OF THE BUILDINGS!, it was absolutely great. The stuff on the walls that was drawn by patients still everywhere to be seen. (You can easily tell the original ones to the ones from previous people like me.) Finally we made our way as deep as the building went where we were sure to find the tunnel entrance and we did, gated by a typical hospital containment fence. The pry bar came out and in we went. From memory I can tell you where the tunnels lead. (Almost!) If you head down the tunnel the first left leads you up a slight incline to the Yale Lab. MUST SEE! This is where we spent alot of time, this is where the largest morgue is in the complex. Heading back down through the tunnel, if you keep bearing to the right, eventually you will come to the bridgewater house, from what we had for reading material going in there, this was supposed to be the childrens ward. (MTV's fear spent a most of their time in here, I know this because I had the actual walk-through of where the show went in the campus.) Upon getting to the top floor and going down the West wing, there was still a prop sitting in the middle of the great room at the end of the building. This I can honestly say made all of us lose it. After awhile, we started to seperate in the building into 3 groups of 2. We covered the entire building, found some great stuff. After awhile one of us looked at their watch, it was 2:45am, so we decided to start heading back, making it into the tunnels, we were showing each other what we had found, and must of turned when we weren't supposed to. Immediately 2 in our party started to freak. Before you knew it we had done a complete circle. By now it was 3:30, maybe even later. This is when it started to get creepy. Footsteps coming from behind us, wheels from what sounded like one of those metal beds to transport bodies, (our imaginations running wild), but it really did resemble that. In the panic we eventually recognized one of our own footprints crossing a puddle. THANK GOD! I remember my paranoid friend saying, I crossed the puddle, so did my friend behind me, when the friend behind him stopped... There was a bare-footprint. Unmistakeable.. I know what I saw and it was a barefoot. Headed into the same direction as we came, and were headed going in. That was it, we were out of there. Now running back to the Litchfield house, NO ONE wanted to be last, it was a pushing/pulling match all the way to the tunnel entrance. Finally making it out, we had numerous digi pics to look over at my buddies. Upon looking over them, there was 1 pic that was taken of me on the top floor in that room where the prop was, in the bridgewater bldg., I had my arms out as to suggest I had them over two peoples' shoulder's, one on either side... Well, there had to be more than 30-35 orbs in the picture. The largest 2, well wouldn't you know it, I had one under each arm.. This is an honest report. I didnt type this all at work, just to make up a story. Take it for what it is. I am making my friend look for the picture. Overall, the tunnels are absolutely insane, the lab and the bridgewater house were also hot spots.

Submitted by Kenny (not verified) on
hi i was wondering if theres anyway i can legally gain access to these buildings for photography and research as im in the early stages of interviewing and researching for a book i an writing about Fairfield Hills and Norwich State Hospital entailing employee and patient interviews, detailing the different therapies, how much the psychiatric practices have changed in connecticut since Norwich opened in 1904, and Fairfield Hills in 1933 deinstitutionalization and its effects on the two hospitals and doing then and now photos. my email is nbhskendog1982@aol.com feel free to give me any input needed to help me with this mammoth project. Kenny. P.S. I'd Love to Dedicate the Book to Matthew Hunt. His project on the internet first got me interested on the subject.

Submitted by Patrice (not verified) on
I worked at FFH from 1980 until it closed. I worked in kent, caanan House. I was ther when they filmed Sleepers........................You would find mean workers as well as people who were truly concerned for their patients....... when it closed I transferred to Whiting Forensic in Middletown..........driving over an hour to get there.............................then transferred to Garner corrections....... got hurt there and will never go back........ Im an RNBSN...Garner was the worse place Ive worked......... wish FFH was still there.....

Submitted by Terry B (not verified) on
Hey this is for the guy who broke in ffh about 5 yrs ago, i really want o know more about the place im really intrested in this place im from fl and just found out about it. i really want to check the place out but i am really unsure of how real all tghis is im looking for an unexplainabel experince

Submitted by M (not verified) on
Anyone seriously interested in "visiting" FFH let me know. I know the area fairly well and I really want to take a peek inside. mmilewski84@yahoo.com

Anyone who wants to know about FFH dont bother emailing anyone. It is being torn down. By the time you get there, there'll be nothing to see. Hate to be the barrier of bad news... If you have any questions, feel free to ask though.

Submitted by MBL (not verified) on
I also worked at the old "Greenwich House" which had already been taken over by The APT Foundation / Daytop, which was an independant substance abuse facility. I worked there in the late 80's - early 90's. I did venture into the side of the building that was locked off after the fire in the 70's, and yeah, it was creepy, and we all (half) joked that it was haunted, but there were no sightings, etc. while I worked there. The whole campus, although cool in a historical sense, was kinda freaky just because of the rumors and type of patients we would here about. ******But, what I'd like to know - what happened to APT/Daytop? Did they move to Bridgeport, and is it the same kind of treatment program??? It certainly was a good program when I worked there.

Submitted by MG (not verified) on
FFH is not being torn down. It is being renovated to be used for town buildings. I am currently in talks with the FFH authority to let me get inside to take some photos. There is a way to get into the tunnels still but it's hidden very well

Submitted by VictoriaG (not verified) on
MG--Who exactly would I talk to in order to be allowed on the site for photography reasons? Please e-mail victoriagracemerwin@yahoo.com Thank you!

Submitted by kg (not verified) on
stop deleting my comments or you will spend a few days in court defending a 1st amendment violation lawsuit i have my rights

KG -- Although we appreciate your interest in our site, we feel that your recent comments continue to violate our comment policies -- <a href="http://www.damnedct.com/damned-connecticut-comments-policy/" rel="nofollow">damnedct.com/damned-connecticut-comments-policy/</a> You are certainly entitled to express your opinion, but as we state, we try to be a family-friendly sort of site and will continue to delete comments that we feel are hateful or offensive, or use the kind of abusive language you've been using. On a side note, while we are strong believers in the First Amendment, it prohibits the government from restricting speech. As a privately run website, we have a right to determine what content will be on our site. If you would like a forum to express your own opinions online, we encourage you start your own blog or website. We please ask that you refrain from continuing to try and post those negative comments. If not, we will be forced to ban you from posting on our site. Thanks, The Damned Connecticut team

i worked at fhh late 70's early 80's. when i first started we were in greenwhich house not long after the fire. i worked in the dental clinic and other than the laundry (which was inthe basement) we were tha only ones in the building. i used to go up into the or and it looked like they were just getting ready to perform a surgery when the fire broke out or perhaps it was set up for the next day, but all the instuments were laid out on a tray next to the operating table, the overhead light was still in place all the drapes ready to go, wierd. the surgical instruments that were'nt laid out were enclosed in a glass cabinet, it was like a museum. the entrance to the dental clinic was still 'paneled' in plywood, with a latch and pad lock to prevent you from actually entering the clinic. The burned section was just that, you could see how the fire progressed, there was some furniture, i remember a red leather lounge chair that i would use during lunch when i had a headache, most of the other stuff was unusable. the dental clinic itself was circa 1950's-60's. glass front cabinets to store insturments, old fashioned dental storage units with very narrow drawers, NO CENTRAL SUCTION, we had glass containers that had to be emptied every day! after a year or two there, the clinic was moved to (i want to say) shelton house, where we finally had up to date equipment and materials, it was heaven for us and the patients, a big bright reception area (tv included) many windows, four operatories, an office for the 'chief' and a lunch room for the employees. we had at that time two assistants (down from three), one hygienist, one secretary, one associate dentist and one chief of staff dentist. we did some pretty good dentistry on a shoe string buget, one of the best experiences of my working life.

Submitted by EM (not verified) on
Can anyone tell me what buildings are still accessible and not completely renovated? I know that the area is heavily watched by police but I am very interested in going, and want to know if it is still worth it.

Submitted by MG (not verified) on
EM I live down the street. It's not worth breaking into. You WILL get arrested. There is heavy security.

Submitted by EM (not verified) on
MG Thank you for telling me! How often are arrests made at this location? It seems to me that people have been able to make it around the security before. I am studying the paranormal and would really like to see this sight. Other than the security, which is obviously a big hinderance, are the buildings and experiences still worth the trip out to see it after the renovations?

Submitted by Jack (not verified) on
check out the video of me and my friend when we went...we didn't see any paranormal activity, but my camera shut itself off more than once for no reason when we were inside the canaan house. http://www.youtube.com/my_videos?feature=mhum

Submitted by Jack (not verified) on
check out the video of me and my friend when we went…we didn’t see any paranormal activity, but my camera shut itself off more than once for no reason when we were inside the canaan house. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rO5Y6RA9ew

Submitted by Jimmy (not verified) on
@Jack, I was wondering what side the entrance into Canaan House was, (any defining features would be helpful) Thanks in advance.

Submitted by Cheryl (not verified) on
I was at the facility because I had to go to the Newtown Town Hall. I drove around the area, and it is quite spooky. A couple of my friends and I would like to walk around inside a few of the buildings, and if there is any way to do this without getting arrested, I would like to know about it. Does anyone know how to enter legally? There must be some way.

Submitted by rich (not verified) on
i live like 5 minutes from FFH, and pretty much everyone i know has some kind of story about this place. one of my friends knows a way into the tunnels and when we were there the tunnel forked three ways. me and him went one way, his two brothers went another way, and his sister and her boyfriend went the third way. we went all the way down the tunnel looking for open doors untill we found one. we opened it and there was a room with completly new furniture. it was one of the craziest things. a few seconds passed and we heard my friends sister screaming. me and my friend ran out after them. we met them outside of the tunnels and they were talking about a skinny old man crouching in the corner of the tunnel rocking back and forth. about 10 minutes later my friends brothers came out with pale faces. they said that they saw the old manto.you can say what you want, but those tunnels r messed up!

Steve #27 I will NEVER forget the dental place. Thats where I had my 1st work done and great if that. The dentist woman was Japanese women and I trusted unlike most dentists. I think this was back in 1986 or 1987. I am a VERY Normal "Patient" from what outsiders called the Drug House. I've had my Many , many runs through the tunnels. I wouldn't mind going through there again but why? I have memories that 99% of the world can never have. I didn't know it was haunted cause I came from a a haunted home. It never clued me in that something was wrong when the tunnels would bring me through a coaster of emotions. Even ones I never would feel or ever felt in my life. (At That Time) I came from Burlington,CT where a young woman was murdered a month or 2 before our house was built on Saverese lane.(198?) And NO- I never noticed a darn thing at the green lady but I have at others nearby. Back to FFH area- I would hear Bangs &amp; Smacks of Gates or pipes but nobody was there. I've been to that morgue and most of the building and through ALL of the Tunnels. Those Gas Carts or Golf Carts were Dangerous in there. Yes- there wasnt JUST Walking in there. You could smell the propane or gas. (Been awhile) But the strong smell of Good Marijuana was unmistakable. We were warned as anyone living or working there that patients from Certain Building were Dangerous. I knew when I'd walk the trails that if a certain or certain group of patients got me alone in the woods or building it could turn dangerous or deadly. I earned my stay where I was allowed outdoors and off the property for work. (God the things I used to hide in the bottom of Trees near the Trail!!) Where a "knot" Rots or Dies and you have like a "Keebler" Effect for those of you who caught on to what that meant. I am here in this forum cause I ran into a Ex-GF from one of the FFH on Facebook! Well- then I wanted to see any new sites that were updated.Glad this one was. I would like to contact the Staff from when I was there. I see one who appears to work with kids as a social worker i Bristol,CT at Local Parks and Mcdonalds with different kids. I should say high someday. Well-I am just rambling on at this point. Feel free to stop by my Quake Site- You WONT be Arrested for Trespassing! MK

Submitted by ted (not verified) on
A little to much drama for me. I worker there in the 60's, as a pysic aid walked people throught tunnels...no big deal...and forget that haunting crap

Submitted by Joey (not verified) on
Very spooky place. Some buildings are gone. There is a gym and town offices now. The newtown bee is reporting intrest in building some type of housing in resent news

Submitted by Joey (not verified) on
I walk my dogs there alot, it's a beautiful campus. It would have made a great college

Submitted by Stacy (not verified) on
My Dad worked there when I was little and he has told me that it is not haunted. I walk my dogs there a lot and have never seen anything strange. Recent news the town is considering low income housing at Fairfield Hills. I would love to read more about the history of Fairfield Hills. Can anyone recommend a book?

To Stacy, Your dad didn't see the photos or talk to the worlds most popular Ghost Hunters "The Warrens". He may of been where he didnt know it was haunted. As I didnt know that ORBS and "Black Funnels" showing up in my photos weren't normal- but in fact paranormal. I have witnessed enough to last me a lifetime. I no longer take pride or joy in "showing" or "proving" that the paranormal is real. Id rather have non-believers actually.. Why? It invites trouble-PERIOD. Most dont know how evil,lying and dangerous the "OTHER" side is.

I assure it is 100% haunted. You would hear banging when nobody was there. Hear steps and stomping. Sense that something is watching you. A rash of Emotions would fill you. Many people have died there over the years. Some were into the occult. However- I dont know "why" its haunted to the great degrees that it is. For those that have seen and felt , there is NO unconvincing. For those who dont believe and refuse to see and feel , there is no convincing. **I just wished they kept the land , buildings and tunnels just as they were. It has cost MY POCKETS tons of money in Taxes to "close" a perfectly working "society". Aside from bulk food and bread deliveries , those grounds had a lot of potential going for it.There is PLENTY of winds and open space for Windmills and Solar Panels... It had its own Sewage Plants I believe by the Governors Horses. It would of been great "Hotspot" for Internet. I could go on and on but they destroyed that entire plantation. They would of made MUCH $$ on the excess Ca$h from the un-used Solar/Wind Power alone! So unfortunate that Newtown such a goldmine and just let it rot away. Now it may become a ghetto for Drug Addicts and Criminals in near future. It will be posted with Cameras and No Trespassing signs. It will become the place to buy Crack.. Im sorry but- check this post in 5 years after they put up Low Income Housing and tell me Im wrong... Ive lived it many times.

Submitted by Steph (not verified) on
It is, in fact, not a ghetto for drug addicts and criminals. It's not the place to buy crack. It is a family friendly area, with baseball and soccer fields. There is a community garden and a newly constructed (but matching arcitecture) emergency ambulance center. The Newtown Town offices are located on the main campus in a renovated building and the Newtown Youth Academy is in a new building up the hill. The Parks and Recreation maintenance department is located in the old firehouse and the Connecticut Governor's Horse Guard is housed in the stables. There is an animal control facility and a brand new dog park. It is a magnet for walkers, joggers and kids who play sports. I walk my dogs there every day. Hopefully soon they will be constructing a pool facility and a new Senior center. I wish they would rennovate more of the building since they are so beautifully constructed and have held up remarkably well, seeing how old they are.

Submitted by Mike Pro (not verified) on
My brother was playing football at the gym in the back at NYA Facility. In addition, me and my friend went to go play a little game of catch outside around 8:30 PM. We did not go to the baseball field, we went to the other side where that big building is in the distance hidden in the dark of the night. It was a pitch dark night, very nice calm sky as we realized it was to dark to play catch, we decided to dare each other to run to the building. We both decided to walk closer and closer and when we got within 30-40 feet a HUGE gust of wind came. We got so nervous and decided to run back into the sports facility. As we got farther and farther away from the haunted building, the wind became less, and less hard blowing.

Submitted by Thia (not verified) on
I was a patient at FFH in the mid to late 80's. I used to walk through the tunnels whenever I was out on my privilege card. I saw some weird stuff down there. There was a gate from Cochran House to Canaan house. I saw some bones there which belonged to people that had died prior to me being a patient there. One time a I saw a glow while I was down in the tunnel. I couldn't make it out but it def spooked me. I ran out of the tunnel and out the front door of the building to the outside. I used to hide in the chapel and made staff think that I really awoled. Lol. I also used to walk the loop. I saw some pretty interesting stuff up in the loop as well. I saw patients having sex behind trees and used to ride my bike up there as well. It was a good source of exercise for me. But anyway, I didn't like the hospital too much because there was one male nurse that was trying to rape me whenever the other staff members weren't looking. I finally got fed up with it so I wrote a letter to the department of administration. The nurse was then fired. He was putting the risk to a mentally ill patient which was against the hospital policy.

Submitted by cindy (not verified) on
I was a nursing student here in the early 1980's I was assigned to a locked male violent ward. While there I did not observe anyone being treated poorly if I had it would have made a big impression on me. I did one time see a man in the middle of the ward restrained on a iron bed. I remember that the last day we were assigned there we were supposed to have a party for the patients we baked. The staff announced that the patient who took the straight edged razor from the bathroom must return it or we would not have our planned party. My thought was why do we even have a straight edged razor on an all male locked violent ward!?! I am sure that there were many caring kind people there I am also sure there were people who were not so kind and caring just like every other place in the world. Of course where there is human suffering there will be some psychic imprint left behind I sincerely hope the plan is to cleanse and bless this space before it is used for any purpose.

Submitted by Shoshanna (not verified) on
I went to the Fairfield Hills Campus recently during the afternoon. I did not see any police officers, so I took a big walk around the property. The buildings were so damaged, each had almost every window broken and the doors bound up with wood. The windows were barred. There were signs ordering people to stand at least 15 feet away. There were many houses on the property that belonged to doctors who had worked with the patients on campus. The architecture as a whole was breathtaking, but the homes, like the hospital buildings, were a mess. I went inside one of them (it had a door that wasn't bound up) and the house was bigger than I expected, maybe over 3,000 square feet. The old wall paper, staircase, fireplace, and sinks were still there, but otherwise it was a huge, dusty, broken up place. There were at least 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a balcony, and an indoor porch. It was truly amazing to see. If there are no police officers patrolling, and you don't plan on breaking into the hospital (or committing any kind of vandalism), I recommend visiting the area. It was really cool.

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I was there during the day yesterday with my friend, we were walking her dog. It's really neat there and all the bars on the windows. It's a real shame it's getting torn down. There's chain link fences around alot of the buildings but that's due to the giant stone over hangs on the roofs. If you do want to get close to the buildings to peek in the windows, please look up and make sure you're not standing under anything that might fall on you. I'm not sure of the name of the building but the one that creeped me out just walking past it was really big brick building. As you enter the parking lot, if you park where the "walkers" park and head straight up. The building with a three sided, multi panel windows with white framed. That first "white end" something about that. It would be great to find amature pics taken of this place.

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