Connecticut State Hospital, Middletown (Asylum for the Insane)

November, 2016 by Kate Frank
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From Kate:

Getting inside the abandoned sections of this mental hospital is said to be pretty difficult (though I'm pretty sure I could get myself admitted without too much trouble!). Lucky for me, I ran into a bored and amicable state trooper who let me inside. He then directed me to a cemetery of unmarked graves. I hear the cemetery is haunted. Investigation to come!

Also known as the Connecticut Asylum for the Insane, Connecticut Valley Hospital.


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If you want truly damned, then check out the Riverview Children's Hospital behind CVH. Basically a warehouse for kids who the teachers of CT have given up teaching, counselors of CT have not even tried to counsel, and parents who can't parent. Preparatory area and launch pad for the next crop at places like Long Lane and eventually Somers... or middle management at some of the state's least exciting businesses.

Submitted by Adriana (not verified) on
The building looks so old, but I'm sure there's so much history tied to it though. Can anyone please tell me where Connecticut State Hospital is located? Or any information regarding it's history or when or why it was closed? It would be greatly appreciated! I love the pictures by the way, I don't know what it is, but that building just catches me.

Submitted by Morgan (not verified) on
Adriana- Check out the Norwich State Hospital if CVH interests you- NSH has over a dozed abandoned and menacing buildings. They were all asylums for mentally and criminally insane. They are all connected by secret underground tunnels. They are said to be haunted by the forever restless souls of those who were confined to its walls and died within. its quite an amazing sight! I've seen CVH many times as well, and when i was in the building i did experience unexplained phenomena. I wouldn't dare try to investigate Norwich State hospital by anything closer than a ride past in a car!

Submitted by Andy (not verified) on
The hospital is located on silver st in middletown CT

Submitted by Caitlin (not verified) on
I would love to go there and take pictures. Do you know who to contact and ask for permission?

Submitted by DJ (not verified) on
Caitlin, I hate to break it to you but this is state property, with strict no trespassing policies. I live only a couple miles from this location. The buildings are also set to be torn down, but there has been a lot of speculation when that actually will occur. To clarify some of the history on this location it used to be a correctional facility for females, and was a mental asylum. There are rumors of a lot of trouble that took place, but the state decided to close it not because of hauntings but rather becacuse they wanted to consolidate all mental facilities. They did just that and now all the former facilities are merged into Middletown, CT. If you are going to try and visit there is a vacant lot not far from the Weslyan Campus facilities but I have not entered the buildings so I wouldn't know where to go. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Submitted by mike (not verified) on
actually the ct state hospital is located on the norwich/preston border heading towards groton, and the highway near mohegan sun


Submitted by DJ (not verified) on
Mike, yes there are several throughout the state but the one used for this, and the name of the location is actually currently Connecticut Valley Hospital, it is literally right off of Rt. 9. Just so everyone knows though this location is heavily guarded due to the recent explosion at the Kleen Energy Plant.

Submitted by Amanda (not verified) on
The hospital on the Norwich / Preston line is called Norwich State Hospital not Connecticut State Hospital. There were a lot of mental facilities in the state up until the mid 90's and the majority of them are since shut down. Norwich State being one of them. There are also many many institutions across the country that have all been claimed to be the first to perform a lobotomy. Nothing has even been proven as to which one was.

Submitted by Canyon (not verified) on
I've been there myself. There is definatly a presence of something.

Hello guys, I was wondering if someone could give me information on how to contact the owners of this. Thanks, -Ghost, Shadow Ops 1st in command.

Submitted by Al (not verified) on
Interestingly, I visited the abandoned, Norwich State Hospital (Norwich/ Preston area) 7 years ago for a class project. My peers and I were also very lucky as the security guard was willing to give us a tour inside. He led us through some of the tunnels which brought us to a bowling alley, an auditorium, an area where people's belongings were allegedly stored after people died, a lobotomy room, and office areas and many other creepy rooms. I recall right before entering the building where the criminally insane patients stayed, I felt very queasy and desired to leave. So we did! :) My feelings throughout this experience were fine and we felt comforted by the security guards knowledge of the mental health hospital.

Submitted by racel (not verified) on
hey, anyone who wants to check it out, better hurry up!!! i drove by about a week ago, and they started to tear parts down

Submitted by Steve (not verified) on
Forget it, they tore it down.

Submitted by Kathleen Parker... (not verified) on
I always felt bad for our next-door neighbor who was a patient at the hospital. She was such a nice woman but I guess had trouble with severe depression following the death of an infant son. She may have been subjected to ECT and who knows what all. Scared the crap out of me watching "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and I thought of her. I just learned this morning that she died there in 1997. I guess she's better off now.

Submitted by DC (not verified) on
Just to clarify, CT was known for their mental hospitals, because we were on the pioneer of Mental Illness healing

Submitted by DC (not verified) on
Sorry I got cut off, but the place they are showing is known alternatively as Long Lane, and the location pictured no longer stands.

Submitted by al (not verified) on
How many buildings are left to the nsh Norwich state hospital would like to know

Submitted by michael F (not verified) on
i was placed at Riverview Children’s Hospital back in the 60s and spent most all my childhood there once in a wihle when i got to go home for weekend vist we use to drive back thought and see all them old type buildings my mom always told me that is where they keep the nuts at and i tryed to run away from RVH the nuts whould get me well as a child i beleaved her and i never did try and run away from RVH it wasnt called RVH back then if i remember right it was called cvh childrens hospital im 48 years old now and i see rvh is still the same as it was back then the cottages and silvermine

Submitted by Tireiron (not verified) on
They didnt tear any of Norwich, dont say shit unless you know what you are talking about. All the buildings are still there, they are doing work on ADMIN that why the construction company is there right now. Eventually they will demolish most of the building but its not gonna happen this summer.

Submitted by michael F (not verified) on
sorry my bad it was called CVH childrens unit when i was there they chanced the name later on not sure when but it was changed to riverview hospital at a later time

Submitted by jordan (not verified) on
interested in going here this weekend any intel email me por favor

Submitted by former Resident (not verified) on
My entire family lived for several years on the grounds of Connecticut State Hospital during the late 50's and early 60's in the Doctor's housing. My Father was the Superintendant for many years. I have visited the Hospital a couple of times..Yes it is old and now seems kind of spooky now that I am all grown up.

Submitted by michael f (not verified) on
i remember there use to be a lot of houses on silver street kind of like the projects i see by google map they long torn then down the whole grounds is guarded by state copers it is state so inless u haVE SOMEONE there or going to vist someone i wont go there if i was u u will get busted for tresspassing as someone said it is state grounds and has cops watching it 24/7 what the heck someone has to watch the nuts and make sure they dont get away aND maake sure unwanted guest dont enter the grounds that is why i never gone back there to vist rvh or russlle hall when it use to be the adolescent unit it closed in the 90s and merged back to rvh undrcliff in the old days was used for children with tb and many died there too i know kids use to say they hear funny sounds at night when we movd from russlle hall to undercliff in june 1979 but its been closed now for over 20 years there is videos on undercliff on youtube

i am intrested in getting permitted onto the premises can anyone help me out with this we just want to investigate for entertainment perpouses only if anyone could e-mail me on how i may go here without sneaking in or tresspassing please e-mail me =] (sorry my spelling sucks)

Submitted by Jen (not verified) on
I'd like to clarify a few things regarding CVH. I grew up nearby and my Mother works there. One of the buildings was torn down four? years ago, and the other that is missing burned down almost two years ago. It is a state facility, and the only psychiatric hospital left in the state. I've been in but I don't think it's possible anymore (it's been over ten years since I last went in). There are several functional buildings surrounding the abandoned ones, and most of the former "entrances" have since been sealed off pretty well. Add in nosy neighbors and you're pretty much guaranteed to get caught. I myself did the last time I went but the cop was kind enough to pretend he didn't know we had been inside (it's also illegal to take photos on the premises without written permission). You will NOT get permission to go in. The buildigns are too decrepit and are a safety hazard, therefore a lawsuit waiting to happen (not that that would stop me should the opportunity present itself). It probably is haunted, it has a long and sad history. As for the cemetery, it's not haunted. If it is, the souls have since come to peace. They started a project quite a few years ago to replace the numbered headstones with the names of the patients.

Submitted by Adriana (not verified) on
Hello, I forgot I posted on this quite awhile back, I don't know why but this building and it's history, everything about it still catches me. But judging by the other comments it says that it was torn down, is that true? What about the cemetary of the unnamed patients? If not, I would still love to see if it's possible to visit! Any info would be appreciated :)

Submitted by Jen (not verified) on
Yes, some buildings have been torn down. The ones that are still standing that are abandoned? No access. Believe me I've scoped it a dozen times. You're not getting in. The numbered cemetery is there, and there is a plaque with the names hat correspond to the numbers (incomplete, they add 100 each year and will be finished in 2015) it was for patient privacy purposes

Submitted by Jen (not verified) on
And the cemetery isn't haunted. It's actually quite peaceful.

Submitted by Krystaline Faithe (not verified) on
When I was in outpatient treatment at the Middletown Rushford Center, I vaguely remember passing old, possibly abandoned areas. Those weren't CVH, were they? pleasepleaseplease, someone, respond! I'm dying to go check it out, but I'd rather it all not be in vain and I'd prefer not to get arrested.

Submitted by Jen (not verified) on
Krystaline, shoot me an email. Yes it was CVH. But you can go on the cemetery and I'm still trying like hell to figure out a way in. I need people to go Urbexing with lol. There is also some sort on abandoned structure in the woods down River Rd that's pretty neat.

Submitted by Jen (not verified) on
You can go into* the Cemetery lol. And at the very least see the grounds/outsides Of buildings. I've been going once every other week or do and taking lots of pics so I can find a way in. All my pics from the inside were accidentally thrown away by my hubby so I need to get in at least once more. My fav building burned down so I can't ever replace those but something is better than nothing :-/

Submitted by Steve (not verified) on
This is awesome guys I'd love Urbexing!

Submitted by Jen (not verified) on
Steve, feel free to email me as well. Where do you live?

Submitted by susan (not verified) on
Hi in reguards to cvh in Middletown Ct. My son and wife live only about a half mile from the cemetary and have had alot of paranormal activity in their house. They have pictures of orbs and recorded a voice when asked if anyone was there. They also have a 16 month old baby in the house who my son heard a mans voice speaking to him one night in his room. Terrified my son ran up to the babys room to find no one there. He has taken pictures in complete darkness and you can see a shadow of a man at the bottom of the stairs. They have been awakened many nights to sounds like someone trying to break into their home only to find no one there. doors open on there own and many other occurances. They have contacted a paranormal group who will be going to their house to spend a night. They have seen all the pictures taken and are very interested. CVH Cemetary is haunted and no one can tell me different. My son and family are at there wits end especially with a baby in the house

Submitted by Britnyfox (not verified) on
I've been to the little cemetery behind CVH and there is something going on there. All of us felt an overwhelming sense of sadness as soon as you enter. We did capture a figure standing over a stone and what looked like a winged scull underneath. I was told there was a slaughterhouse there and that there were tunnels that were used for medical experiments performed down there. Of course that seems to be the trend with these sorts or areas

Submitted by BC (not verified) on
Hey everyone, thought I should contribute some facts to the discourse here. First, my association: my mother worked at the various facilities on this hill for my entire childhood, first at Merritt Hall at CVH, then at Riverview, and later at Whiting Forensic Hospital. I spent my childhood frequently accompanying her here to pick up paychecks, drop stuff off at her office, etc. The buildings pictured are part of the CVH campus, and are no longer in use. It is entirely possible some have been torn down recently, but when I last visited here a few years ago they were mostly intact. Despite some clearly abandoned sections, the entire property is an ACTIVE, WORKING, STATE-RUN MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY. This means that you CAN and WILL get arrested for trespassing here. Whiting in particular is essentially a prison for the violently insane; basically, if Hannibal Lecter was a real person and lived in CT, this is where they would send him. So trying to "get permission" is like asking a prison warden to let you just wander around: it won't happen. The property is in fact pretty awesome, so this is regrettable. The buildings have that classic "New England TB Hospital" look, and there is a series of truly terrifying tunnels connecting some of the buildings (fairly common in Middletown, these exist under Wesleyan and downtown as well). The cemetery is eerie and rather sad, though an attempt as been made over the past decade or so to reclaim old records and determine who exactly is buried under each number. The history of the place is not exactly cheerful, but no worse than was the accepted standard at the time it was built and heavily populated. No torture, Nazi-esque experiments, and so on, just the sad truth of sick people not getting the care they needed due to ignorance. You want that stuff, you research the Ladd School in Exeter, Rhode Island. Weirdest thing about CVH, though? The cafeteria/diner/restaurant/what-have-you, staffed by CVH patients, serves DELICIOUS food.

Submitted by Richard Kish (not verified) on
YES, used to live in Middletown and a friend turned me onto the CVH cafeteria, ate MANY a breakfast there, very CHEAP eats and quite tasty. Took many family members there. One of Middletown's best kept secrets.

Submitted by Angie D (not verified) on
Owen, seriously, I think the place may hve done more damage than YOU realize. Rage issues much? Or is it just internet bravado? They are related, I suppose. Try to control yourself. this website is meant for EVERYONE to enjoy, not just the foul-mouthed amongst us.

Submitted by Owen (not verified) on
I would like to give a big fuck you to the person who left the very degrading first post on the riverview childrens hospital. I myself when ward to the state of CT when I was 15 attended said establishment. I was there in 1995 when I was 15 years old. It had just been built a few years before. It was a fine facility and built state of the art. It was the answer to the poor facilties such as long lane at the time. If you know your history long lane was closed not more then two years after 1995. The staff at riverview were highly dedicated and educated individuals. I recieved the best possible treatment I could have been given. They spent millions of dollars on that place and it showed it. The new long lane now called the connecticut juevinile detention center was built between the property of the riverview hospital and CVH. My sister a nurse practitioner is the head nurse at this facility. She is a salve regina and uconn grad. She has nothing but great things to say about this facility. I can't tell you how many times she has told me how dedicated the staff is to these left out kids. Dedicating themselves to making sure they do not slip through the cracks when they intergrate back into society. I myself am in my thirties now and I am a sucsessful sound engineer and producer in the music industry. If I had not gone to such a place as a young teenager I couldn't have become the person I am today. So again fuck you and do a little statistical research and pull your ignorant unintelligent head out of your ass.

My great great grandmother spent time at this hospital from about 1873 to 1915. I found probate records at the Hartford library ordering her into the hospital in 1873. I contacted the current administration and they were kind enough to humor me by digging up her medical records thru 1886. The records are heartbreaking. I also visited the hospital last year and of course, it was a cold and rainy day. Very befitting of this creepy place. I shall never forget my visit.

Submitted by Lucifer Payne (not verified) on
That building pictured does still stand... there was a building across from that one which burned down, though... That building, along with the other abandoned ones, is used while training CT state troopers and their K9s... CVH still has many open buildings used for mental health and addiction treatment... The facility used to house the criminally insane is still used there as well... I was at Merritt Hall at CVH earlier this year... Merritt Hall is their addiction services rehab...

Submitted by inkster (not verified) on
for those of you that dont know much about this place let me tell you i you want info ask me i was there and it was not fun you can email me at mee6783 @ gmail . com In the subject put JAY MENTAL that way i will answer

Submitted by Momofthree (not verified) on
Dear Suitepotato, and those of the club of ignorance, Obviously, everyone in the world is entitled to their opinion. However, you have neglected the fact that the children (one of mine actually, too I might add) that currently reside at Riverview have opinions about themselves that have stayed... and not necessarily for a good course. They have opinions that they themselves are "crazy," "different," "unable to succeed," "lost", "depressed beyond recognition," "not worth living," must I go on? Why do they feel this way? The kids feel this way because so many people like you, Suitepotato, determine that just because they are at a psychiatric facility that they are not able to be wharehoused in the outside community. Often kids go there because they have tried lots of different therapies, medications, and and the connections just were not working properly puttting their precious lives at risk. We must remember that these are children!!! They have suffered greatly and as have their friends and families. They did not ask to go through these situations, but they still need assistance and copious amounts of compassion. They are scared and they want to feel "normal." They need specific counseling, individualized schooling, and consistency from the staff and the expertise that the hospital provides. My child has received all of this and more! I guess I would like to point out that your heartless comments about therapists, teachers (I am one of those, too) and the children (that are working tirelessly along with staff to make progress so that they can go out and experience the world the way many of us do) just illuminates the fact that you, yourself are the prime reason so many of these kids struggle - you do not give them the time of day, just your disdain,and your scorn. Your words are so hurtful, I cannot fathom the cruel looks you might give one of them out in public. If many people continue to act on their fear of the unknown, instead of educating themselves, then so many children and adults will fail at life. Working hard at understanding any and all creatures and realizing that someday, you or a loved one's success and health is contingent upon the community response is critical to our current mental health system. Mental illness is actually a true medical disease, and needs to be treated as such. If we get a cold or have cancer, we get treatment and support. Mental illness is an even more complex disease that is heavily influenced by personal, and communal factors. Mentally "ill" or challenged kids and their families need treatment and support also. I hope and pray that nothing ever goes wrong in your life like cancer, legal issues, poverty, divorce, domestic violence, unemployment, sexual assault, living paycheck to paycheck, abandonment from family, neglecting yourself to provide for your family etc. Because if these issues do happen, you might feel the need to call on friends, family, teachers, mental health providers or even long term residential facilities. Will your family and your community helpers be there? Yes, they will be there for you, but the success you ultimately have will be little or none since you feel it is ok to judge innocent children and their stressed out parents. Maybe you need to look inward and see what needs to be addressed because what comes around goes around. Mean begets cruel. Poverty breeds misunderstanding. Untreated depression and anxiety causes an inability to be productive. Your ignorance breeds injustice and possibly violence in the world. More people go to the hospital for mental illness factors, then heart attacks or cancer. That tells me that you are just like one of those kids that you so aptly misjudged. If you ask them, they might be telling you how at risk you are yourself. All children are gifts, and they are so much more than we adults give them credit for... especially those in state run psychiatric facilities.

Submitted by Neil (not verified) on
Interesting to come on this discussion about CVH. I worked there from 1950 to 1988 (except for two years in the Army during the Korean War) and still live just a few miles away. Two or three years ago I drove through the grounds just to see the changes in the campus, and was pulled over by one of the hospital cops, who took my license and registration back to his car and spent a long, long time on his radio. Maybe he was calling Interpol to see if I was wanted somewhere. When he finally came back he told me things have changed a lot since I retired, and I thought, yeah, it's sure a lot less friendly now.

Submitted by ali (not verified) on
I actually drove through there today with my younger brother. I pretended to look lost and drove right by a grounds keeper I guess you'd call them. Its sooo spooky. You feel an eerie vibe that lingers around you like .. well... death. I do love the history behind the buildings and I've always been interested in the paranormal because I've experienced it since I was young. If you want to see some really neat spooky buildings... check it out! (Just play dumb like you took a wrong turn....)

Submitted by TO MOM OF THREE (not verified) on

Submitted by Neil (not verified) on
Ali, no need to "play dumb" or "look lost." If it was a groundskeeper you drove past he couldn't care less about you. Probably no one will bother you anyway if you go past the front of Shew Hall (the administration building). Part of the street behind it was supposedly closed when a cop pulled me over there, but the DO NOT ENTER signs were up on the lawn (of all places) and I never even noticed them. If you like "really neat spooky buildings" you're much too late to see the best of them, I'm afraid -- most of the really old and interesting buildings have been torn down over the last several years. It's extremely unfortunate, because they were impressive examples of 19th century brownstone institutional buildings.

Submitted by Steve (not verified) on
I know it's a shame. Institutional architecture and the Kirkbride plans have always been a fascination of mine. They're very rare nowadays. Very few remain anymore around the world. There were many in Massachusetts that have since been torn down. I know that most of the interesting abandoned buildings are gone at this site. And a word to the previous commentators: Times have changed since the bad stereotype of institutionalization. Significant improvements have been made in the world of psychology and the care for the patients. In fact, the destruction of these beautiful buildings is in a way bittersweet, since it symbolizes the removal of an insufficient period of how we treated our citizens in need and moving forward from then, but at the same time a rich piece of history, both psychologically and architecturally, has been lost.