Connecticut State Hospital, Middletown (Asylum for the Insane)

November, 2016 by Kate Frank
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From Kate:

Getting inside the abandoned sections of this mental hospital is said to be pretty difficult (though I'm pretty sure I could get myself admitted without too much trouble!). Lucky for me, I ran into a bored and amicable state trooper who let me inside. He then directed me to a cemetery of unmarked graves. I hear the cemetery is haunted. Investigation to come!

Also known as the Connecticut Asylum for the Insane, Connecticut Valley Hospital.


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Submitted by Matt (not verified) on
I was a patient at river view hospital when I was 6 maybe. So that was in 1984 I guess. I was at the Cromwell children’s home in 1988. I’m not happy about having been In these places but I think they helped me be who I am today.

Submitted by alf (not verified) on
I went to the adolescent unit, I was 13 and it was 77.there was no room in riverview so I had to wait was the building with the large Collins in front. When I got to riverview it still had the cvh children sign in front.intake was done by a very pleasant lady named Doris Lawrence.still think positive about her And Margret Stewart, Jeff Hewitt, Mary Ann, Wes moorhead andy Dunn red head pat Colleen Dave Sullivan Dave gord. Frank russik. Peter Briggs. I know them all. And the kid's who could forget them. Owens that was the last name of the kid who loved kiss, I went bowling, but I liked powder ridge even when we we're used as slaves today pick rocks in summer. Going to crystal lake in red 5 speeds or seeing star wars at the kennsington movie place. Woody, Cindy, Pam, Tony, Kristin, and so many others. For a long time my life was hard from 11 to 20 the year and a half at riverview was the the longest I lived in one place. I think employees and outsiders don't have a clue of growing at a young age at a facility.kinda like a cousin house. We all want to have a cook out at silver mine or go see and relive a little puberty. That was part of it. Did alot of puberty there. We should be aloud to visit. And I remember the old bald Guy and his wife .

Submitted by Brianna (not verified) on
Don't bother going to check it out, its demolished, reduced to rubble and asbestos balls. Might find some souvenirs amumgst the rubble tho..

Submitted by Brian (not verified) on
Are the buildings still standing, and if they are, can you see them from that parking lot?

Submitted by Doreen (not verified) on
My great grandfather died in this facility. He is not buried on the grounds in the cemetery, but there are records as far as who is. His body was donated to Yale for medical research because the family had no use for him and didn't claim the body. This apparently happened often here. There is also the former CT School for Boys in Meriden on the grounds of the State Police Laboratory that a few of the buildings are said to be haunted as well. Many young boys died there under strange circumstances. There is a cemetery at the base of the hill with very few names listed on it. It overlooks Mid State Hospital.