Damned Connecticut Podcast 4: Mountain Lions

October, 2013 by Ray Bendici
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Steve and Ray of Damned Connecticut discuss the possibility of mountain lions in Connecticut.

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Here is our original mountain lions article.

And here is the link to Connecticut Mountain Lion site.

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No doubt that they will visit Connecticut, one was killed on the highway in 2011 in Milford, CT. It originated in South Dakota, but there is no fence around the state to keep them out, so they will come. So will wolves and bears. It was their habitat long ago, after all. <a href="http://www.middletownpress.com/general-news/20110726/deep-mountain-lion-killed-in-milford-originated-in-south-dakota" rel="nofollow">CT Mountain Lion from South Dakota</a>

Submitted by Heidi (not verified) on
East Windsor, 2006. Saw one up close running across road. My then husband and I. After watching it in someone's yard we finally picked our jaws up and were actually elated to see it.

Submitted by Sylvia (not verified) on
There are some woods across the street from my house and a couple of times we have spotted very large cats in the woods which is disturbing since I used to play in those woods as a kid.

Submitted by backwoods on
its 7:57 pm now 6/28/2016 ………….. 35 mins ago a huge black cat a little smaller than a full grown mountain lion walked through the back yard from left to right i fallowed it over and watched it for 2 mins drink from a stream wile trying to get closer to take a pic with my phone it was alerted to my presents and turned and focused right in on me and i got a great look at its face i was maybe 35 to 38 feet away ill have to measure to be positive … it turned away and took off very fast …. i have to say im very amazed … i have only heard about it on monster quest on the history channel …. i feel very lucky and i keep thinking omg what els is real lol VERY COOL ! this was on fabyan rd North Grosvenordale CT