November, 2016 by Ray Bendici

The Damned Story: One of the most renowned damned places in Connecticut is the abandoned—and allegedly cursed—village of Dudleytown.

But as with many "dark" places, Dudleytown wasn't always like that.

Like much of Connecticut, settlers came to the area around what is now the quiet little town of Cornwall in the mid 18th century, and that includes the first Dudleys who came from England (via Guilford) to the Litchfield Hills in 1747. They helped create what became a thriving community, known then as Owlsbury, primarily fueled through the region's growing iron industry. Homes were built, the land was farmed, iron was forged, the town grew and prospered, and all was well.

Or so it seemed.

Some attribute the demise of the town to multiple mundane factors—the depletion of the farmland, the decline of the area's iron industry, the natural progression of younger Americans heading west to settle new lands, etc. Of course, there are others who simply believed the Dudley clan was cursed, as an inordinate number of Dudleys supposedly came to untimely ends, and that the curse extended to the village they helped found. Whatever the cause, Dudleys died off and the settlement's population continued to dwindle until about the turn of the 20th century, when the last resident finally gave up and abandoned what was left of the town. The surrounding forest slowly swallowed up the homes and buildings, and today, the only remnants of what had been are a few crumbling foundations and empty cellars . . .

Oh, and the curse of the Dudleys.


The story goes that anyone who has tried to live in what had been Dudleytown has come into some terrible misfortune. Over the years, there has allegedly been everything from suicides to demonic possessions, and all the hysterical drama in between. The Warrens famously recorded a Halloween special from Dudleytown in the early 1970s, declaring it officially "demonically possessed," which essentially opened the supernatural floodgates. Since then, it has been home to all sorts of alleged paranormal experiences, with visitors witnessing all manner of spirit and phantom as well as having unsettled feelings of dread and fear. As you might expect, the area has also drawn the attention of those enthralled with dark forces and demonic rituals, plus a healthy number of amateur ghostbusters and teenagers simply searching for trouble. In short, it's become a damnation destination.

Of course, much of the mythology around the "curse" of Dudleytown have been debunked (by a Dudley descendent, no less—the Rev. Gary P. Dudley), but why would anyone let that get in the way of a good spooky story? Quite simply, there are no curses, otherworldly events or dark tradedies in the actual history of the town.

Our Damned Experience: We have yet to visit Dudleytown as a group, but Kate visited back in the day—she didn't have any unusual experiences of note, but did find a number of old foundations and a few odd bumps in the ground.

If You Go: You can't. The remains of Dudleytown are on private property owned by the Dark Entry Forest Association who vigorously discourage all visitors. It is heavily patroled by local and state police, who will not hesitate to arrest and prosecute any trespassers.

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Submitted by mala (not verified) on
I wanna goo !! Have no idea about it tho and am horrible with directions ! Can someone email me more info?... shelbylynn1104@aol.com

Submitted by Dawn Muzyka (not verified) on
i went to dudley town years ago on friday the 13 at 12 am. we saw glowing green eyes floating, orbs floating, and we also heard the name mary being called repeatedly. our camera wouldnt take any pictures unless someone one in the picture. we saw the foundations and it was so dark. then we went to the old graveyard for the town and the same things would happen. floating orbs and the camera would not take a picture without someone being in the picture.

Submitted by Ghost Busters (not verified) on
Hey everyone, seems like nobody been on here for a while but just a shot in the Dark, Anyone been up to Dudley Town lately? Still extremely protected by the Pyscho Old lady and Police? I've been there twice about 12 years ago before they really cracked down on the place and want to go back badly soon, I only know of Dark Entry rd and Bald Mountain rd but they now seem to be hot spots to get busted. Any tips/hints would be greatley appreciated!!!

Submitted by Kristin (not verified) on
Ghost Busters, yes, it is still protected by 1 or 2 Dark Entry Forest Association members as well as by police. If you want to get in without being instantly arrested you will have to hike in through the blue-blazed Mohawk trail. Dudleytown is approx. 1.5 mi away from the trailhead. There are signs explicitly stating not to walk off the trail because it is private property. Be aware that there could be DEFA members around the trail in Dudleytown to ensure that no one's coming onto their property. Also, the trail may be closed Oct. 22 to Nov. 5 to discourage kids from visiting Dudleytown as a Halloween activity.

Submitted by Ghost Busters (not verified) on
Thanks Kristen, Is this Blue-Blazed Mohawk Trail on Bald Mountain rd?

Submitted by Kristin (not verified) on
Ghost Busters, I believe it is. The trailhead is at Cornwall Bridge (where you will probably get harassed because it is near Dark Entry Road) but I'm sure you could pick it up from Bald Mountain Road. The further away you can park your car and hike in, the better. You want to be as far away from Dark Entry Road as possible.

Submitted by Dudley99 (not verified) on
Hey peeps, thought I'd share my experiences of Dudleytown. I grew up in Avon CT and, as a troubled youth, had the pleasure of living at CJR in Litchfield for a year. This is where I first heard the Dudleytown legend from an older outdoorsman named John Sokolow. He had apparently had numerous paranormal experiences there and riled us kids up with stories of demonic presences, invisible forces and glowing green eyes. Allegedly, so many mishaps occurred on outings to Dudleytown that CJR no longer took students on outing there. A few years later in the summer of '99, after the Blair Witch Project had hit theaters, a few friends an I were playing with a Hi8 video camera and just being goofy teenagers. Our conversation turned to Dudleytown, and i relayed all of the stories i'd heard. It turns out that our friend Sabrina's family owned a cabin in Dark Entry where she'd gone as a kid. We got permission to go and loaded up the ole Dodge Caravan. I think there were 7 of us. When we got to Cornwall we stopped in town to get snacks and stuff and asked the locals about the place. We got only ominous stock answers like, "We don't talk about Dudleytown 'round these parts." We just chalked it up to folks trying to dissuade restless youth from exploring. When we finally found the place and pulled up the road, a man stopped and interrogated us about our purpose there. He was creepy and lived at the top of the hill. After we explained that we were allowed to be there he left us alone. We all walked up to the trial head and entered the forest. It should be noted that we were all a little drunk and high from wine and high end cannabis. The forest seemed normal at first with the normal sounds of scurring animals--until we came to a small clearing where only a gently swaying patch of eerie green stinging nettles was growing. Beyond this patch was an earthen foot bridge with a small stream running underneath. Once we crossed the bridge all sounds stopped. There were no birds or squirrels or anything! Even though it was mid-afternoon, it was pretty dark on account of the thick canopy. We saw a few stone foundations, but not much more. I felt like we were being followed and kept looking back. Up on the hill sides i swore i saw motion, but i have astigmatism so my vision at distance sucks. In the woods in New England there is a lot of garbage, so when I saw a white blob on the hillside, I assumed it was an old bleach bottle or something. Everytime I would look back and up though, it was there, regardless of how far we walked. A one point, and this is hazy, I encountered a very old woman just sitting in the woods silently. I walked up to what looked like just a pile of rags by a tree and looked around before I realized there was an old lady there! My friends grabbed me and whisked me away down the trail, admonishing me to leave her alone. On the way back though she was gone. Nothing much else happened except I narrowly avoided stepping on a rock with a red pentagram painted on it. We were all kind of mocking the place and chanting REDRUM on account of the red wine we were drinking. We went back to the cabin as the sun was setting and settled in for a night of chillin'. My friend Ryan and I decided we were going to brave the trail at mid-night and make our own Blair Witch Project. We had no idea what was in store for us. We packed about 5 flashlights, 3 butane canisters, a Coleman lantern and our Hi8 video camera. Oh, and a crowbar; for protection. We walked up the paved hill, took a deep breath and turned onto the dirt road, over the chain and into the dark. We had the camera running and the lantern going. Ryan was dragging the crowbar behind him which I noted was making a creepy noise on the rocks. He said, "Good, maybe it will intimidate the ghosts." At that very moment the lantern inexplicably fell apart in my hands and smashed to the ground, the camera went dead and we were in total darkness except for the lantern mantles which were burning a GLOWING GREEN like two angry eyes!!! For an excruciatingly long and terrifying period we couldn't get the camera or it's light to come on, the flashlights wouldn't work, not even our bic lighters would work. After fumbling in the dark and freaking out for what seemed like forever, the camera came back on and we walked out of Dudleytown siletnly; at the far end that is. Scared to walk back through, we decided to walk the back roads and circumnavigate the place. We walked downhill for hours until we came to a main road with a soccer field alongside it.We started a fire to keep warm and contemplated our next move. We were mostly lost. We reasoned that we could sleep there and hike back through Dudleytown in the morning. Then we heard a vehicle coming and flagged it down; a tractor trailer. The driver said he knew where Dudleytown was, and would be going right by it, but stated that he wouldn't go anywhere near it because it freaked him out, and that we were on our own. Awhile later we flagged down another vehicle, a jeep. It stopped about 50yds from us and BAM! threw on it's brights and offroad lights. A loud speaker told us to approach. The driver claimed to be an off duty Watertown Police officer. His name? Damien. Yeah. He enthusiastically agreed to bring us back to Dudleytown. Even though I was scared, we took him up since we were cold and lost. He brought us back alright, right to the same place we'd exited! He offered to use his pistol to shoot the chain off the the trailhead's gate and drive us through, but we persuaded him not to, and walked back through Dudleytown, all the while trying to be as respectful as possible to the entities there. Nothing more happened except that we both noticed a waxing and waning sort of humming; pulsating almost. The next day, Ryan and I realized that both of us had broken a toe. Very strange. I don't remember ever watching the video, but Sabrina's sister Elisa claims to still have the old tape in her possession. Maybe one day I'll see it again.

Submitted by ghosthunter (not verified) on
the long story by Dudley 99 is complete BS because the descriptions of the area are totally wrong

Submitted by Kristin (not verified) on
Oh, c'mon Dudley99! Super lame story. You would never be able to talk your way into entering the forest, there is no foot bridge, most New England forests do NOT have garbage, even homeless people don't literally wear rags, and a cop sure as hell wouldn't be trying to shoot a chain! This is not the appropriate place for you to try out creative writing.

Submitted by Dudley99 (not verified) on
i guess ghost hunter and Kristin are jealous or something because they've never been there.

Submitted by Dudley99 (not verified) on
ghosthunter: in what way are my descriptors "totally wrong?" It's been 13 years, but i'm pretty sure my account is accurate. I'd bet you've never even been anywhere near the place, or outside of your mama's basement for that matter! go roll your your 12 sided die, ya dork!

Submitted by Dudley99 (not verified) on
41.809136,-73.345848 here's the lat/long for the Epstein's cabin for all you skeptics. as you can see, the trail head is walking distance from the cabin.

Submitted by Kristin (not verified) on
Quote from Dudley99: October 15th, 2012 1:18 pm "41.809136,-73.345848 here’s the lat/long for the Epstein’s cabin for all you skeptics. as you can see, the trail head is walking distance from the cabin." I'm not entirely sure why you pointing out where someone's cabin is located in relation to Dudleytown should make your story more valid. The things you described are SO far fetched. The old woman and cop suggesting he'd shoot a chain are not realistic. I may buy your story if the woman wasn't literally dressed in rags and if the cop was joking. As it's written now, no way did things go down the way you said they did. If I re-interpet what you said happened, it sounds like you stumbled upon a regular old lady, had some electronics die, and a cop was messing with you. Still can't wrap my head around where you go into the woods and find a bunch of garbage. Cornwall woods are clean outside of a few beer cans and gum wrappers.

Submitted by M&M (not verified) on
A friend and I went up there for a hike on 10/05. Spent 5 hours up there off-trail. With respect to anything supernatural or other-worldly about the place, I'm not buying it.

Submitted by RC (not verified) on
About 13 years ago I and two friends hiked dudley town. I don't remember the name of the access road, but it was up a mountain and on a small side street. You actually hiked down the trail. Living and hiking in CT my whole life it is not uncommon for any forest to be quiet and devoid of creatures. I attribute this to their keen sense of hearing and smelling and they sense danger from people. We found a stream with moss covered rocks, a few old stone remmenant foundations and a bunch of litter scattered arround. No signs of any paranormal activity or orb like creatures, just an ordinary hike in CT woods. I dont blame the folks for stopping and arresting people as it looked like a party spot. I have seen far more interesting places in CT. Not worth the trip.

Submitted by Dudley99 (not verified) on
test to see if I can post as Dudley99

Submitted by Dudley99 (not verified) on
Kristen, I guess i don't really care if you or anyone believes me. I was just trying to contribute since so few people get to go there. I guess i felt attacked by you and some others. Who likes to be called a liar? The old woman was very disheveled in her appearance and seemed to be wearing several layers; she certainly didn't appear normal. And yes, the supposed off-duty Watertown cop DID want to shoot the chain off the pole at the end of the trail. For all I know he was a security guard. i was just a kid, what did i know? I was totally sketched out by the guy and didn't want anything to do with him, but we were cold and tired so we went with him. There are a lot of other weird details about that night, but nothing really happened besides two kids getting lost on a walk. At the time it was freaky as hell BECAUSE of all the weird stuff that happened. Truth is stranger than fiction I guess.

Submitted by ghosthunter (not verified) on
Dudley99 - I looked at your coordinates and they are not even in the same state- the eveny you described may very well have happened then but they didn't happen at Dudleytown in CT.

Submitted by Dudley99 (not verified) on
uh, ok ghost hunter. Looks like someone needs a tutorial on how to use google. I'm pretty sure I know my way around CT; i lived there for most of my life.

Submitted by Dana Conn (not verified) on
True story, not fiction! Moved all over the country threw out my life. Lived in Connecticut for 15 years now. I've hike through the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut from one end to the other. One boarder is Mass. and the other would be New York. Plus, I've also hiked Dudley Town with a geographical map over the years. There are trails on the Appalachian, but know trails really in Dudley Town. During my exploration threw Dudley Town was a beautiful moment. People like I might just think well, "WHY" is that! I've read some notes on this board from a person in 2009 & 2012. What they have experience I have TOO but not Dudley Town. People like myself would ask, Where, When, How, and for What Reason. I would say, ask the person that's doing all the weird hocus-pocus. For myself, it all started on April 5, 2012. I drove up Rte. 7 North and stopped at the Shell gas station on Rte. 44 in Canaan early that day in the afternoon around 1:00 p.m. I jump out of my car and started opening my gas tank before I entered the gas station to pay for gas. A male 6', turned around and touch my shoulder and said hi, my name is Jeff. To get to the point, the gentlemen had on a pair of glasses that were 4 to 5" around frames. The eye piece on the glasses were not normal looking. He stir into my eyes for a good 60 seconds. Also, gas stations have camera's. The gentlemen had sneakers, cap, blue jeans, white t-shirt, skin was tanned, was bold with a fake beard like a tie and he was old because, I saw his sideburn and the hair was white. Plus the guy was driving a burgundy car with Connecticut plates. After, I walk into the station to pay for gas and pump the gas I took off. I was visiting family and around 11:30 at night I drove down Rte. 7 South through Mass and heard two different voices unfortunely. One man/woman. The gentleman voice stated, I want you to put a hand over one eye and look directly at the ground and drive. Women's voice appeared and stated that this gentleman was dangerous and needed to locate where I was at that moment as she spoke. Know more than five minutes later, I ended up in Lenox almost hitting a gas station. Five minutes later the guys voice appeared and stated meet me at the gun range on Rte.7 almost near BD company. I did not. So, he stated meet me at the Shell on Rte.44 Canaan. I arrived at the Shell around 1:00 p.m. and ask to use the bathroom. As soon as, I got into my car, voice appeared and stated meet me at the parking lot up the road and that was were the electric power lines were located in Canaan. Two days after, I recieved a email from a person named Dana Conn. The subject was "The 1832 Civil War Resolution. Never heard of the name that appear threw my email box. From April to December alot of different things have been occuring. 1. Seeing images that are not real, but actually they were real images just like a ghost but not a ghost. 2. I wake up one morning, sat at the end of my bed. For some reason I closed my eyes for a second or two. At the time my eyes were closed I could see a glow color of yellowish/green. 3. As I drove that evening from Canaan heading back to my hometown, voice appeared and stated park at the Appalachian trail parking alot. Once I arrived, he stated you will be able to see, hear, smell better. I looked up symptoms for hypnosis on the interent found tingling of the brain, hear, see, smell better, plus other. 4. I though or maybe I should say, I seen the guy around my neighborhood. I'm a person that is very healthy and not on medicine. I love the back country and other sports.

Submitted by Sturmovik (not verified) on
I visited Dudleytown in 2005 and even back then folks connected with the Dark Entry Forest Association were spreading rumours about the land being patrolled 24/7 be police and...um...idk others, but when I went I found it was like any other abandoned facility and completely impractical to secure. The most effective deterrence is the complete and utter lack of parking on any of the access roads. The dead ends are well posted with no parking and no trespassing signs and even just driving up Bald Mt Road I had the crazy lady out of her house yelling at me and writing down my number plate. If you park on any of the access roads you are almost certainly going to get ticketed or apprehended as you head back to your car. However if you don't try to be lazy, park in town (there is a convenience store with some nondescript parking about 1/4 mile from Dark Entry Road) and just walk in via the Mohawk trail you will be fine unless you try going on a high traffic night like Halloween. Using the Mohawk trail gives one plausible deniability as to why you are in the area, parking in town or hiking along Dark Entry road. It is 1.5 miles from Cornwall Bridge to Dudleytown via the road and trail, however it is only perhaps 1/4 mile from the Mohawk Trail to Dudleytown itself so if you just want to visit the site your ability to and from public land will be well within the standard police response time of about 10 minutes and that's assuming someone is actually there to call them. I spent perhaps 30 to 45 minutes on site when I visited and walked all the way down to the road access on the east end of the site. Any police response will come from that direction as it is only perhaps another 1/4 or 1/2 mile from Dudleytown to the Dudleytown Rd access and the road is accessible to even 2WD vehicles. The distance to Bald Mountain road is much longer and probably 4WD only. I didn't bother walking that way as I was wary of the crazy lady. Now the longer you stay the higher your risk of getting nabbed. While it is completely infeasible for either the Dark Entry Forest Association or the town to post 24/7 security, a single sweep about midnight on a daily basis is well within the real of possibility and if you're trying to camp out there then that's all it will take to get you in trouble. While a car parked for a few hours won't raise suspicion, one parked overnight, with out of state tags even, is a huge red flag. To sum up, park in Cromwell Bridge, take the Mohawk trail and only stay on site for an hour or less. There is a fairly well worn road/path leading in from the Mohawk trail to Dudleytown so just hustle as soon as you step off what is clearly public land.

Submitted by nw hiker (not verified) on
Baldwin cave is just formation of some bolders not a real cave, Kids played in and the new owner filled it in with dirt.

Submitted by parcurious (not verified) on
So over the years it has been a back and fourth battle on how we are going to plan our trip up to Dudleytown in the past couple years there has been a few attempts all coming with success in paranormal happenings. Attempt 1. We park and hit the trail into the woods in mid January with no leaves and a full moon you could see clear ahead we walked through the trail about a mile up when the group stopped at the same time, we all had an eerie feeling about the road ahead it was pitch black under the full moon, something did not seem right at all. As we stood and debated if we should keep walking you could hear the breeze in the tree tops when suddenly a breeze came down the trail directly at us like a janitor fan was put in front of our faces. As we turned to each other in disbelief we saw something i will never forget standing right before the dark area of the trail was the black silhouette of a man standing in the middle of the trail. Our heart dropped as we stutter to each if we are seeing the same thing it starts to approach us. We turn to run when of our friends stops us tells us for two of us to walk back down the trail backwards as the third would guide us down to give it a sense of being overpowered it kept getting closer as dark as night under the moon light until we reached a point we could see the car we ran back in total fear to our getaway car. ATTEMPT 2. We went for the adventure for my friends birthday when we got up there we sat outside the car to witness the infamous silence when we got back in the car our break lines were cut clean! Did not go back until about a year later! ATTEMPT 3! This Summer while shooting a documentary we went up there to get deep into the town, with a flawless plan we get into the dark woods where you cant see two feet in front of you due to the growth of leaves and trees as we walked with flashlights in hands shadows would jump from tree to tree no matter how still you were. It started a night of things that wont be easily forgotten. You would walk on the path while 10 feet into the woods would be something walking perfectly parallel to you. It got really crazy when you heard a faint faint singing in the distance getting louder the closer you get to the town. We reached the fork in the trail most people document in their adventures we turned the wrong way and the singing would disappear in the distance we turned back and took the correct way back into the town and just like that the singing came back! we reached the stone wall we decided to do shooting on the wall when you could hear someone splashing in the water , it wasn't the water fall hitting the rocks because that sound was there too! we decided to keep going when we heard a sound that seemed like someone was dragging heavy metal through the water scratching the rocks and pebbles! We decided we had enough of the wall and passed into the town where we then started to get attacked by bugs left and right, after one girl got her shirt tugged on we decided to get out of there couple feet from the town there was no bugs! place got weirder by the second! we were waiting for the car to pick us up when we heard a loud pitch scream come from the woods behind us! the second the car got back we jumped and bolted out of there so quick! You think we would not go back but we wanted more and prove to others! Attempt 4! So We were going back up to Dudleytown for my friends birthday but the day before my friends brought me up there to guide them through the deep dark woods to see some scary ghost! well we got up there and nothing at first then When i asked out if something did not want us there to give me a sign right then I was hit by a rock that came from the distance! half the team left back to their cars when we stayed at the wall and there again the splashing in the water and something metal being dragged through the water and on the rocks! we eventually got out and you know what that means??? ATTEMPT 5! ATTEMPT 5. The day after being brought up there we go for our friends birthday so anniversary of getting our break lines cut the year before! So we go up there and have a car drop us off and pick us up once it is said and done, now we got up there hearing couple noises here and there. nothing big happened on the way up we took a few pictures in the woods to document we are alive and well in the one of the scariest places in America! well the one girl we had with us seemed to suddenly get really disturbed for no reason, she then claimed her neck was burning up when we shined our lights on her you could see nasty cuts forming on her neck! then she claimed them to be everywhere and there were the cuts forming all over her body! believe us or not we have the pictures to prove it! we got out of there as quick as possible and the cuts healed up when we got back but we got pictures while we were still there! but i have not been back since and well, when i do go back some day i will have no idea what will be ahead of me that night!

Submitted by THE BOSS (not verified) on
im going there and if this so caalled mean old lady or anybody else gives me a problem im going to have my own trick for them .

Submitted by Dan Conn (not verified) on
Anyone out there find the man that's been hipnosising individual's like me! His been on the Appliachain Mountains following me and maybe others that just don't notice. I'll state this for the last time, the gentleman needs to go to jail.

Submitted by MarvAlumni (not verified) on
Golden: It's been almost 20 years since I've been up there, so the pentagram wouldn't be new, but if my memory serves me correctly, it was painted onto a rock, so it could have faded away by now. It was on the rock that many refer to as the 'altar' as it's large & flat and had some kind of quartz (or similar) content that made it look 'glittery'. I'm aware of the town's history, and that is probably what sparks interest for many. Looking back at my motivations as a teenager, I'm sure there was a mixture of natural curiosity & a dash of rebellion. When people insist that people shouldn't go somewhere (without a good & proven reason) it naturally piques the human curiosity and makes people wonder what 'the real story is'. Again, I'm a very logical and fact based individual, so from having been there I can't say that I can confirm that it is anything but an abandoned old town in the woods. But I can truthfully say that we all felt really odd up there, and obviously had some 'strange' things happen during & immediately following our visit that don't allow me to completely discount the possibility of something 'strange' up there. But it's also possible that some of the odd things that people report are the result of natural phenomenon like the geography, topology an geology of the area. Anyhow, I stumbled across this site while searching for references to Baldwin Cave on Coltsfoot Mt. We used to go up there quite a bit on weekends in HS since the trail entrance was basically on campus. I buried a 'time capsule' near the cave entrance with some of my buddies when we were seniors, and I'm interested in seeing if the caves are (Baldwin Cave & the Ice Cave on Coltsfoot, not Dudleytown/Dark Forest) still accessible by trail so I can try to find the time capsule. Ideally I'd come up the trail from the valley/Jewel Rd side to avoid all of the Dudleytown nonsense, but don't know if the stream is still crossable. There used to be a small bridge on the trail, but I could imagine that it might be long gone if the trail has fallen out of use. I wonder if we may have crossed paths at some point, Golden? For three years I lived in the 'RPR' house dorm on Pine St. I haven't been up to Cornwall since I graduated, but have some wonderful memories and it's a beautiful area. I'm jealous that you're able to enjoy the natural beauty of Cornwall every day. Although I don't miss the gnats & walking around with my hand over my head in the 'Cornwall wave' to keep them out of your face!

Submitted by Richard Murphy (not verified) on
Just remember both dark entry and bald mountain are narrow and they are very steep. If anyone tries to block the road it.would difficult to get around them . At the end of Bald mt it is not easy to turn around

Submitted by Charles O'Meara (not verified) on
i went to dudley town and walked around. i got tired so i sat on a rock and then a severed head floated by and paused in front of me, turned and said "oooooooooo....you are an ass to believe the stories about this place.' So i threw half my sandwich at the head and it yelled and swore at me and flew away. so then i got up and walked around some more and i was examining an old tree up close when i heard a voice say 'coke or pepsi? coke or pepsi?' really freaked me out because i'm a ginger ale guy myself. while i was there i also saw two skeletons doing it on a tombstone, a group of naked elves playing touch football and a rotting corpse wearing a macdonald's hat walking slowly through the woods saying 'they call me big mack, they call me big mack'

Submitted by darkentrymypatootie (not verified) on
I had that same thing happen to me, only, after seeing "Big Mack" I got freaked out and tried to run away at which time a Dracula came popping out of the blue, stopped me in my tracks and opened up his cape and it was Dan Malloy and he was saying... "I vant to take your guns.... Blahhh blahhh!" so I said "EF you Count Malloy" and I threw a small copy of the US Constitution at him and it made him fly off screaming obscenities into the night! Seriously.. this happened!

Submitted by GOLDEN (not verified) on
To Marvalumni,I worked a second job at Mavelwood school in the kitchen with Earl Strange.The bugs have not been bad enough for "the cornwall wave".Baldwin cave has been filled in by the owners(dont want the liability).I am glad you got in and got out ok.I was a teen also but as we both know playing with fire you can get burned.I try to discourage the curious as this is about more than what happened to you.I stand by what I have stated.In this case WHAT YOU DONT KNOW CAN HURT YOU VERY MUCH!For those who still want to go Please just look it up on line..Indian massacre,Flood,Plague and that was just for starts.Since that time many things in the 30's 40's and so on have and continue to happenen.Loss of mind and life..just read about it.. you are a heck of alot safer.More stuff than I have time to write and now a days the state troopers will arrest you for trespassing on top of it ! Have a good summer marvalwoodite.

Submitted by Connecticut Sam (not verified) on
Did people found bury treasures or single coins?

Submitted by dust (not verified) on
Recently visited Dudleytown during the day. In summation, it's a pretty big disappointment. I wasn't expecting much in the way of physical evidence but all there is are some stone walls, a few faint foundation lines, and collapsed stone chimneys. We went the long way, parking on a dirt offshoot of Bald Mtn Rd and bushwhacking due NNW to the settlement. Given how long that took, I'd say the best way to go would be to hike the Mohawk Trail from the North, which as a previous poster mentioned gives you excellent plausible deniability and drops you off very close to DTown. I assume it's a much easier trek as well.

Submitted by GOLDEN (not verified) on
Hi ,this is directed to marvalumni.finaly some reall stuff.And to the rest of youI have a permit from the Dark Entry.I do now and then go there.I dont go as a joy ride,this is a dangerous place.From what you have said it sounds like you have been up there.Dont remember any pentagram must be something new.I dont get what all you are so fascinated by.If you knew there was a great white in the water would you swim there for the thrill of it?Look it theres a long history of sorrow, madness and suicide's.Do yourself a favor..read the accounts but dont go there!Something a very powerful thing lives there and does not want company.If your lucky it just plays a trick on you but if its angered you can loose your soul.Is anything worth that?I live in this town 30yrs plus I have maybe gone 5 times,if I have the slightest perception that its not wanting me there I turn right back right than and there.Remember I have a permit so besides arrest and all the rest I've told you STAY AWAY!Everything I have just told you is the absolute truth,must of this stuff written here is fanciful B.S.This is the real deal please dont regret because you did not heed my warning.You may not get a second chance

Submitted by MarvAlumni (not verified) on
While many portions of Dudley99's post seem fantastic/impossible, there are a few details that seem to be correct. One person said there is no small land bridge crossing a stream, which there ABSOLUTELY IS. The rock with the painted pentagram is also there. Despite spending my HS years at a small boarding school in Cornwall, I've only been up there once. I learned about Dudleytown while going to school in Cornwall, and one summer while I was at home I went up there with three friends. While there were signs and whatnot, this was probably ~1992ish, and at that point they weren't as concerned about trespassers. I'm the type of people who doesn't believe ANYTHING without proof, so I was more than a little skeptical of the haunting stories. Anyhow, these were the days before cell phones were common - but everyone had a beeper/pager. We drove up from the Cornwall side and parked right in front of the chained entrance. We went in, and it just seemed like an abandoned old town. Rock cellar holes, trees, and not much else. As walked thru, we eventually came to the land bridge Dudley99 described. Similar to his experience & others, the moment we crossed the bridge, everything was completely silent. Oddly enough, 3 of our pagers started beeping as soon as we crossed the bridge, and the LED display lit up with all 8's... on all three pagers. Weird, but to this day, I have no idea what happened. We also realized that our flashlights no longer worked, which also seemed ood. We continued on a little bit further, before deciding to head back. On our return, we came across the rock with the pentagram. In one of the last cellar holes on the left (while exiting) we noticed some cut logs and a small campfire ring. When we checked it out, there were a bunch of empty beer cans, etc. Looked like a spot where people would hang out and drink. We did notice that someone had taken the paper beer box (like the ones that a 24 or 30 pack of cans comes in) and make a ouiji (sp?) board using a piece of charcoal from the fire. One of my buddies decided to take the home made ouiji board back with us, despite having heard stories that you shouldn't take anything. Anyhow, we got back into the car, and shortly after pulling out, the driver announced that the car had some kind of problem. The transmission (automatic - it was a Dodge 600 Turbo) was stuck in 2nd gear, so we had to basically limp back home at 30mph (40 miles or so). It's been a while, and I don't remember all of the details, but something else weird happened when we got back to our hometown. We then decided to throw out the damn ouiji board, so my buddy pulled over and we threw it in the bushes at the side of the road. What do you know, the transmission started shifting fine when we got back into the car. So I don't know what to believe. Definitely experienced some weird stuff, but I can't say I found any concrete evidence of a 'haunting'.

Submitted by anon (not verified) on
there's a suspected underground base there which explains many of the disturbances and why you will likely be met and escorted out by police presence and fined, and that's all that can be said.

Submitted by Connecticut Sam (not verified) on
Did anybody found coins with a metal detector?

Submitted by Connecticut Sam (not verified) on
Please to #130 & #132. Thank you.

Submitted by kyle (not verified) on
please brian!!!!!! dont leave me hanging ahah

Submitted by Julian the Musi... (not verified) on
With all those stories about Dudleytown, it sounds like the most interesting part of the entire place might actually be the now-also-almost-legendary "Crazy Old Jeep Witch of Cornwall". It sounds quite hilarious, too, that she would primarily seem to haunt the very fittingly named Bald Mountain.

Always been interested in paranormal activity since I was a young girl. Had a few of my own experiences with strange happenings, not at Dtown though. In my own house, in a cemetary near me, and the apartment at the end of my block(later one happened when I was a child, two others when I was older). I too would love to go see Dudleytown, based off of others experiences. It's something about the unknown that fascinates me, or maybe its just that I like scaring myself silly. Please if anyone could give good directions there it would be greatly appreciated. ~~~~~~~ This is for David C. at untitledstory14@yahoo.com I've always been interested in joining paranormal groups and I saw you are trying to form one. Write back on this site if your still here, and we can chat about forming the society. Thnkx

Submitted by Jennifer (not verified) on
MY husband Tom is a relative of the Dudley's his great grandmother was a Dudley and I hate to bust everyone bubble but there is a good explanation for all the strange things that happen there. There is led in the water and in the soil in that area, led can make people hallucinate and if you get enough led in your body you die. That is the reason why there is no wild life in that area, the animals know better then to go in the area and drink the water or eat the food there. That's why when you go you never hear any birds or see any deer. I love old ghost storys, I live for that kind of stuff but If something is debunked then you have to except that. There are ghost in Ct trust me, I have seen my fair share of them. But Dudleyville is not dammed, perhaps the ghost of those who died b/c of the led poising are still there but they did not die under wired circumstances. If you don't believe me just take a sample of dirt or water from there and you will find huge amounts of led.

Submitted by amy (not verified) on
i just want to say, a good friend of mine lived at the top of dark entry road, where one of the entrances is to dudleytown. so naturally we explored it often since the property was literally her back yard. we never saw anything. however, ive heard many stories from my friend's mom of coming into contact with ghosts in the house during my friend's childhood. and she is just not a person who would lie; no need to. she and my father were exchanging ghost encounters and "the man" in her house was the creepiest one i remembered as we were always at her house. the property has since been sold. but we didnt like when people would park at the end of her driveway (where the entrance was) or at the store at the bottom (where she worked). obviously we never called the cops, but her neighbors (who still inhabit the area) are effing crazy and will. we are small town people and we like our small town, and visitors coming to search for this ghost town can be quite annoying because they are often disrespectful, leaving trash and whatnot behind, and taking things out of the property when they know they shouldnt. also would like to comment about how nobody really knows the dark entry association and i found it funny because it's true! growing up in the area (especially such a small one) everyone talks and you just know these things. however nobody ever talks about this "association" and what they do. interesting. but as a keen adventurer and love of the paranormal and exploring abandoned stuff, the actual site itself is rather boring..especially since theres hardly any foundations and anything going on other than spooking yourself by getting ideas in your head. there are def cooler places in the area to hike!!

Submitted by KE Cholewinski (not verified) on
Around 1970 , our curious and adventurous parents took their school aged kids on a hike through Dudleytown. 40+ years have passed and I will never forget the ominous silence.

Submitted by Elle (not verified) on
I grew up in the area and went to Dudleytown with two friends and a dog back in 1990 or '91. You can't grow up here without hearing plenty about Dudleytown, so of course we were on alert for odd phenomena and far from averse to coming away with a good story, but our main aim was a new hike and a good place to let the dog run. We went in on Dudleytown Road and parked near the entrance, then hiked up the hill. It was a lovely sunny afternoon in early summer, and the light filtering through the trees and the quiet of the place made it all feel very peaceful. Most unusual was the forest floor, which was carpeted with a thin, pale-green variety of woodland grass that creates a very different atmosphere from the thick briars-and-weeds vegetation of most of the forest understory around here. I think that's because it's primarily a birch woods--a more advanced stage of forest growth than in most of the area, presumably because attempts at farming there were abandoned much earlier than elsewhere. However, the white tree trunks, light green grass, and rustling breeze in the birch leaves definitely added to the enchanted-woodland feel of the place. We did see deer and small animals…the dog seemed untroubled…and the place to all of us felt unthreatening, even somewhat welcoming. Then again, we disturbed nothing and took nothing away with us. Even back then, though, when we left there was a woman in a house near the top of the road who gave us a hard stare, flagged down the car, and informed us in no uncertain terms that we weren't supposed to be there and shouldn't return.

Submitted by chaz (not verified) on
Hey folks reading through a bunch of these and see there is interest in the cave, and reference to one in Milford as well. Bill Warren (spelling?) was a supposed outcast in the town of Unionville/Farmington and found solace atop rattlesnake mountain. Access is still allowed for hikers on route 6 on top of the mountain before the road turns and you see the gravel/construction company. A fairly easy find, head up the paved road that is used for those who service the towers, head around the fenced area and follow the path down about 200 years. The cave entrance was hit by lightning 50 years ago, so you'll have to crawl in as well...but it opens to a fairly nice area that legend state the man roomed with a bear. No ghosts here, but the occasional red tail hawk's song might jolt you. In 1987 the land was donated to the Farmington Land trust who take care of the area. (Search - Will Warren) thanks

Submitted by Nicholas Skowronski (not verified) on
Hey all, I'm in the proccess of creatig a ten-minute documentary film about Dudleytown for a class I have at WCSU in Danbury, CT. I'd love to interview anybody who has had an experience here and if anybody would want to be on camera and would like to share their stories with me, please contact me at skowronski004@connect.wcsu.edu THanks!

Submitted by BigBill (not verified) on
I've been there many times before it was closed. We took a ride there the night before to see where this place was. There was an overhead sign. Plus the sign on the side of the road seemed to glow. The next day the overhead sign was gone. We brought are ghost hunting dog too. The first trip we caught many orbs on camera all around us. We caught some kind of bow string snap on the sound recorder when we left it as we continued to walk around. My camera was going off by itself, I wasn't holding it. It would take three or four pictures non stop. We met three young adults two boys and one girl. She had a nice rock that she was taking home with her. I have no clue what spirit in that rock went home with her. Now as we were leaving something called my dog from a grassy hill. My dog ran back many times to this hill as we walked out. I was out of film by then. The second trip was quiet, very quiet we went in from the other side. My dog took off. There was no birds, no deer tracks. Just quietness. My dog was gone the whole time. As we left my dog showed up but was running ragged the whole time her lounge was hanging out and she was out of breath. We left. My third trip was with my neighbor with his camcorder. There was 2" of snow on the ground. Again he would shut off his camera and it would turn back on the whole time we were there. My dog stayed with us this time. I was walking in the fresh snow and missed the trail I wanted to take. I went in a big circle following the road around the foundations. I was on the road where I turned around but my tracks were gone. I went down the road more but the tracks I found started from nowhere. Inside these boot tracks were cloven hoof tracks. Hidden within the boot tracks. These weren't my tracks they were on the other side of the road from mine but mine were still missing. These tracks didn't match my boots. The cloven hoof tracks were pronuonced inside the other boot tracks you could see they were two different tracks one inside the other. We used the camcorder and my camera using 400 film. On the way out on the road while we were leaving something up in a large tree called my dog again. My ghost hunting dog responded by running around the tree looking up while she ran around it. Again like before as we got farther out it called the dog every 25' feet or so the dog ran back and looked up at the tree while circling it. Now all the way out it called my dog up to 125yards or son my dog would just look back as we got farther out. When we got home the camcorder had a vertical ripple going back and forth like the movie predator. I have no clue as to what was making this ripple. The air seem to be moving but in a vertical stack on the film. I went in a non believer after hearing the high school kids talking about it. I had to go just to prove it wrong. I am now a believer. My neighbor was the same way and he believes too but he won't go back there. I would like to go back. I think this place was haunted before but the devil worshipers and the kids using wee gee boards opened the gateway for more evil things to appear there. I suggest for everyone not to go there it's not a good place to visit.

Submitted by Tony (not verified) on
Hey all. I am definitely interested in going before the end of fall here. I have a small group interested already. Any others feel free to email me DarkFox@snet.net

Submitted by Jack (not verified) on
Forget the legends. The bigger issue is the amazing amount of security patrolling the area. State & local police, the DEP, Foresty Dept, even Fish & Game are hellbent on keeping 'outsiders' out. And it's not to prevent teenagers from drinking beer. The Dark Forest Entry Association is to be taken very seriously. Years ago actor/comedian, Dan Ackroyd came to Dudleytown with a film crew and never was able to set foot inside the forest.

Submitted by Maniac Mike (not verified) on
Okay I have read EVERY SINGLE post on here, and there are ONLY A VERY FEW that I give some credibility to. Some of you must have stayed up for DAYS thinking of that stuff, and your stories are just SO far fetched, I think the Ghost Adventures crew would laugh at them. To the guy who's lady friend had the (alleged) cuts all over her, I suggest you secure friends who are not "EMOs" And to the adventurer who's brake lines were mysteriously cut, you should have taken your car to Midas. The creepy old lady is obviously one of the land owners, and doesn't appreciate all the BS and disrespect from different people who have visited Dudley Town. I also find it very strange that nobody who (supposedly) has pictures or video footage of their ghostly encounters has even offered to share them with others, or have they somehow been lost? I do believe in supernatural presences and intelligent spirits, but definately NOT some of the pure crap I have just read, I believe the best advice comes from GOLDEN, just stay away, PERIOD!