End of 2012 UFO Round Up

January, 2013 by Ray Bendici
It's been a little while since we've done this, so we thought it might be fun to go through the Mutual UFO Network's sightings database to find recent events reported here in Connecticut. As always, if you are interested in this subject, we highly recommend poking around MUFON's website and looking through the cases in Connecticut. Here's a sampling of recent Connecticut events as reported to MUFON. Obviously, we can not attest to the accuracy or veracity of the reports. Still fun to read, though! • July 29, 2012, Woodbury — A silent red triangle-sphere craft hovering with a white orb hovering around it. From the full description of the event: Upon looking to the north/northwest direction in the night sky, 2 visible and unidentifiable lights were present 1.) red triangular/sphere shape hovered around unlike any identifiable aircraft I've ever seen, it made no noise and no other identified aircraft were visible at this time. Beside the red craft seemed to be a white light sphere/orb, smaller than the red craft beside it (my roommate claims that the white orb was originally the same as the red craft beside it and dimmed to a white orb before I made it outside.) It is unsure weather the sighting was one craft or two crafts attached. • July 29, 2012, Killingworth — A giant V-shaped craft with white-blue lights moving silently over the countryside. From the full description of the event: As I proceeded down the road the object became invisible behind the trees. Seconds later it came into view to my left, it was HUGE. It was right triangle or V-shaped and it appeared to be jet black in color but with three evenly space white-blue lights which were brighter than bright car lights, but much easier on the eye. It hovered over the trees above in complete silence. • Aug. 25, 2012, Bristol — Five silent orange lights with yellow centers flying in formation. From the full description of the event: The object seemed to be moving slowly and steadily toward the northwest. I couldn't tell the elevation exactly but I estimated it to be over 500 and less than 1000 [feet] in the sky. As I watched it moving toward my direction I could see a that there was a second ball identical to the first to the right and a little further back. Same elevation and same speed and same direction. Now I stood there watching these objects for about a minute or two, the first object was traveling behind a pine tree. I could see it go behind the tree so I looked away to the second object and saw a third identical ball same distance behind the second as the second was to the first. Same speed, same elevation and same direction. • Sept. 6, 2012, Stamford — A long bright line in the sky near sunset that may have been a saucer- or cigar-shaped craft. From the full description of the event: I noticed this white streak in the sky just sitting stationary. I'm a constant sky observer, so at first I thought it was a chem trail line. But then I realized the line wasn't getting any longer ... I realized right away this was a craft. I ran inside to get my camera, which took all of 1 minute, by the time I ran back out it had moved considerably farther away. At first the "line" from my distance was like the length of a foot, when I came back out it was 3/4 less in size ... Right after I took the picture I saw it fade off to the point where it was no longer visible to me. Sept. 12, 2012, Milford — A line of 10 glowing orange fireballs moving in vertical formation near Silver Sands State Park. From the full description of the event: ... immediately saw a large formation of orange glowing fireballs coming from the South West toward the park. I yelled for my room mate and he came out and saw the same formation. They were in two vertical lines and moving more toward us. I told my roommate to get his camera but then the objects began to get duller. By the time he came out they had really faded. • Oct. 4, 2012, Lisbon — Bright orange glowing orb hovering close to the ground. From the full description of the event: It was across the street in a vacant lot next to a fairly newly planted tree, which wasn't much taller than 15 feet. It appeared the orb was approximately halfway between the ground and what would have been the top of the tree, it just hovered in the same spot for a while, glowing an orange color. • Nov. 24, 2012, Bolton — Two glowing orbs moving quickly in different directions across the night sky. From the full description of the event: While driving over the bridge that crosses over 384 on route 85/Bolton Center Road, we noticed a white, glowing penny-sized orb to our left, which would have probably placed it nearly above the highway. This object hovered and made no noise that we know of. After crossing the bridge, curiosity made two of us look back, at which point the orb seemed to shrink to nearly a pinpoint, which we realized meant that it had ascended upwards ... A second object was observed by all of us directly ahead/in front of us, no more than a mile away. This object was also a glowing white orb, but basketball-sized. It descended below the tree line pretty much on route 85 itself. We drove along route 85 to see if we could find it, but to no avail. • Dec. 24, 2012, Naugatuck — A group of lights moving together and changing formations. From the full description of the event: My son pointed out five lights in the sky moving together. They became three lights and change position from 3 on top and two on bottom type formation to a triangle formation as they moved away without sound. There was a low ceiling and it began to snow about 15 minutes later. • Dec. 28, 2012, Monroe — A bright, blue-white object that hovered for a while before zig-zagging across the sky. From the full description of the event: It started out very white and bright then it changed to blue-white and appeared to get brighter. The object then appeared to ascend slowly getting dimmer as it continued to move in a zig zag pattern to the east. No sound or FAA lights observed. The object then went out or disappeared. Total time was about 5 min. • Jan. 1, 2013, Westport — Silent, glowing yellow/orange blimp-sized object moving faster than jet. Moving under cover of clouds. From the full description of the event: Thought it was commercial jet at first but was about 10 times brighter than jets navigation lights and did not flash strobes like jets at night ... it traveled a little faster than corporate jets that fly by house for Bridgeport airport. It was fairly low in sky passing behind trees and eventually lost sight in North east sky.  

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Submitted by Michael (not verified) on
I saw a long bright line at sunset in Greenwich the same time the one in Stamford was reported so it's probably the same one