Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown

January, 2017 by Ray Bendici
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The Damned Story: Opened in 1931 to help alleviate the overcrowding at other state mental hospitals, Fairfield Hills housed "mentally ill" (aka "the criminally insane") patients from across the state. Built on over 770 bucolic acres, the 16 buildings—all connected by underground tunnels—were home to over 4,000 patients when filled to capacity. Like many of its patients, Fairfield Hills projected an outward image that seemed quite pleasing; what was happening inside behind closed doors and out of the public eye, however, was alledgedly much darker and disturbing.

As you might expect, Fairfield Hills was typical in its treatment of the mentally ill—electric shock therapy, hydrotherapy, psychosurgery and frontal lobotomies were common early on, resulting in a few suicides and "mysterious" deaths. Stories of abuse and cruelty were rampant. In short, it wasn't a happy-smiley, fluffy-kitty and shiny-rainbow type of place.

With less and less patients being treated there, Fairfield Hills was closed by the state in 1995. And that's when it seems the troubles began.

Because of its classic stately hospital look (red brick buildings, tall white columns, etc.), and its long, cruel history, it was used as a setting for the movie Sleepers as well as for MTV's "Fear." And as any abandoned mental hospital that's been on TV will do, it's brought a bevvy of paranormal investigators, psychics, abandoned-site explorers and other trouble seekers, who have claimed to have found evidence of hauntings, although no specific ghost/spirit/story is synonymous with the place.

Old hospital, underground tunnels, cruel history—must be haunted, right? Right? As with many hauntings, no definitive proof or evidence, just a lot of odd experiences and unusual claims.

In 2009, the town refurbished the property to an extent. The tunnels were filled in and a few of the buildings were renovated; some now hold municipal offices while others are used for commercial purposes. The property was also cleaned up, hiking trails and sports fields have been added, and much of the grounds are open to the public as a recreational area. 


Although the original history casts a shadow for some, most visitors now just enjoy a peaceful, parklike and family-friendly site. 

Our Damned Experience: Are the Hills alive with the sound of patients past? We have yet to be checked in for an examination.

If You Go: As mentioned, the Fairfield Hills Campus has seemingly had its demons exorcised by the city of Newtown, and is now open to the public. Some buildings are still closed off, but the majority of the property is open to exploration. 

Be warned, however: If you listen carefully, you still might hear shrieks and screams—of kids playing and having fun. 



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ps..... i am a escapee they never found me..

Submitted by jstinch (not verified) on
cbass - Hell yeah man! Cops are never around fairfield hills; in fact, its a park now, so they can't stop you at all. I would suggest one of the buildings in the middle of the field since they have a lot more space in them. Just go for it dude, like, on a friday night. or halloween.

Submitted by cbass (not verified) on
sick man thanks for ur help im deff goin to check this place out ... also do u kno if ther any electricity in this place ? n send me a message to my email ((loscolombiano@hotmail.com)) n ill send u info of the event when i kno when n a place

Submitted by cbass (not verified) on
hey guys just wonderinis this a good place to throw a rave if not do u kno any other place that would b secure, wit electricity n that we wont b bother by the cops ? let me kno to my email pls (( loscolombiano@hotmail.com ))

Submitted by D (not verified) on
I would appreciate talking with anyone who would have worked or been a patent in the hospital from the mid 60's until 1986 who could help me with closure to some issues. Please email me at pugvalleydale@comcast.net. Thanks!

Submitted by Geo (not verified) on
Awsome , Should be a Great explore if any one has been here Recently plz E-mail me any security info and ent/ exits plz also any hot spots =) thank you and safe hunting. Geo mdnght62880@hotmail.com

Submitted by Geo (not verified) on
im gettin so many mixed reviews for past few years on this place . is it ok to explore still covert style and anything to watch out for or hidden entry?

Hey GEO, The BEST Answer is to go NOW! Ive been told since 2007 that "you cant get in" but there are people getting in AND making videos. The LONGER we wait the LESS there is as they rip the buildings down and fill in the historic tunnels forever. (which is a Crime in itself) As you will see and read there is almost nothing there. DO what the smart ones do- Go and report back what you learned. Take a cam or camera with you for YouTube! Its a piece of history that you can brag about for the rest of your days. Its the LAST place in Connecticut like it. They are tearing down these often Haunted places one by one. Eventually you'll be saying " I WISH I did this or that". I had my days there and even stayed over-night! I guess you can say I "camped" there. I brought some water and MRE's :) Its on 800 Acres afterall!Good Luck GEO!

Submitted by Turbo Bob (not verified) on
Im looking to go there soon. maybe this week... is there much left?(heard there tearing down)... Any access to underground tunnels?? Any help on getting in or anything... email me details or post here. vr4twinturbox@aim.com

Submitted by David H (not verified) on
I run a group that hosts and plans airsoft events in CT. We are always looking for unique places to play. Does anyone think that this would be allowed; legally of course? If so, who would I get in contact with? dhiggins@ymail.com thanks!!!

Submitted by Lmg (not verified) on
I got put in there because I was a ward of the state after my parents who didn't love me, gave me up. I ran from every foster home they put me in so they finally put me there, they had run out places to put me and that was the only reason. That place was horrible and I was in restraints and the padded rooms many times due to fighting, I was very angry obviously for what my parents did only because they didn't love me. I remember the tunnels and they always smelled like pee. It was weird in them but that might be because it was just weird period pushing those carts in an underground tunnel. Don't know. I was there in the late 70s and I'm a female. I ran away from there twice, the first time I went the wrong way and got stuck in the woods and they found me, the second time I was gone for 2 weeks before the cops found me, the state eventually took me out of there and sent me to Elan in Maine. That was a holy horror too. Don't really have any good memories of FFH and probably it contributed to my issues and problems today.

Submitted by lmg (not verified) on
I was reading over some of the posts again and it just makes me sad and the memories. I'm not gonna say that this place and others like it are what messed me up so bad (trust me I was already there when I arrived) but what they did to us definately did not help. I wan't to say thankyou to the creator of this page that lets us vent and share and allows all views. I'm 48 now and so wish I could move past all the pain of what my dad did to me and rapists and other places like Elan school in Poland Springs Maine ( which thank God has been closed) and btw Elan makes Fairfield Hills look like a 4 star resort, no lie, google it, they finally got shut down this year after destroying so many lives. But you know I made it through all of this and are very strong just sometimes it will hit me and I'll have a good cry and I also have someone to talk to about it. Good luck to others that are struggling through it, you have a sister in me and if you ever need to talk, leave a message on here and I'll send you my email and we could work through it. With much love, a fellow surviver.

Submitted by Debi (not verified) on
I worked there in the late 70's and most of what I am reading on here is so true. The grounds were beautiful but that was about all you can say nice about the place. I can remember having to help hold down a patient while they got their electro shock therapy done and walking patients through the tunnels. Creepy to say the least. I also remember my boss and some that I worked with smoking hash in the afternoons and trying to get me to join them as they were afraid I'd tell on them. The straw that broke the camels back was when I had cafeteria duty and the meat they were serving the patients had a green film to it. It was disgusting looking and I asked them to find something else to feed them. Of course they looked at me like I was crazy so I went outside and called the newspaper to report it. Shortly after I quit as I finally realized I couldn't change anything there no matter what voice I raised. I re applied approx. 2 years later and I was interviewed by a gal I went through the training program with right after high school and she told me she would not hire me because I was a trouble maker and I didn't "fit in". Well, thank goodness for that. My Grandmother spent many years inside those walls. She had no one to care for her and had many medical issues. I can remember going to visit her as a child. She had passed away before I ever began working there. It's true what they say "the only way to tell the difference between an employee and a patient, was who had the keys." I had one boss that clearly should have been admitted there instead of being an RN in charge of a ward. I had another boss that thought she was Hotlips Houlihan from Mash. I left before I ended up like most of the people I worked with. That facility was a travesty and should have been closed many many years before they actually did it. I could say more, but, I'm getting too upset thinking about the treatment people received inside those walls.

Submitted by Mike M (not verified) on
If interested, I took pictures a couple of weeks ago of the facility. I wish I knew now that there were tunnels into the facility, and where. Michael Mathis on Facebook. Profile picture is of my two kids standing next to a red truck.

Submitted by Ace Worton (not verified) on
Spiritual energy does not exist. There is nothing haunted about Fairfield Hills, or any other place on earth. The 'paranormal' as we understand it, simply does not exist. That being said, Fairfield Hills does have a very dark history.

To "Ace Worton": Whatever , We don't welcome Atheism here. Your going as far to say the WORLD is Delusional in itself. Make sure you take your medications as prescribed and go post somewhere else.Ten you go to say it has a "dark History" which is ironic in itself. That statement indicates you know there is a evil presence. Whatever- i was bored and had to say something..

Submitted by dustin frm newtown (not verified) on
i went to high school for 1 year in 2000 , in ffh, it was sweet we have been in every room evan the attics , back then the tunnels were open now most of them are gone. me and my school mates def saw fingernails on walls from scraping , and other weird shit, ive had the experience of laying on the table in the morgue we also usede to go bowling in the duck pin lanes wich r awsome, they r under the gym which is still there. there is many weird things in those buildings the basements r filled with patient junk, the thearapy chairs are super freaky ,ne one interested in more (under ground info ) in this wonderfully krooked place , post a comment to me on this sight.....

Submitted by Courteney Cox (not verified) on
can anyone give me a specific username and title of video to look up on youtube of being in one of these hospital buildings, no fake videos please, and being in other haunted places ill look up. im mickeylou33 ill leave a comment

Submitted by sherrie (not verified) on
Does anyone have pics of the patients around 58-71? My Aunt was 13 when she went in and 24 when she died. Pics or records?

Submitted by kj (not verified) on
@ Michael Mathis i can't seem to find u on FB could u please include a location to narrow down search?

Did you get any emails on your request? I recommend you find the STAFF while they are still alive and remember. Mind I ask- what did she die of and what was her diagnosis?

Oh you can find videos REAL Videos on YouTube.. One of them was from a girl i was locked up there with. She showed ALL the staff I remembered. Someone or somehow needs to do a show on these grounds. I KNOW for a fact they will but they should do so now while its time.

Submitted by Brianna (not verified) on
You can get in to FFH, there is only one blue security truck (and guard)that roams around the entire campus. It is a slight chance that you will get caught and arrested. If anyone has been there, can you please email me about your experiences at briannababy12340@yahoo.com? I would like to know more about it.

Submitted by jim p. (not verified) on
i worked there from july 90 to closing dec 95. i was sent to cvh middletown where i am still a mental health worker. as far as paranormal activity i think i experienced was after working a double shift i went to a closed ward and used one of the single rooms off the day hall and as i tried to fall asleep i was interupted by many people talking out in dayhall.i looked out from doorway and there was nobody there but it was persistant, tho it all sounded like too many talking to undrestand anything being said but when i got up and looked out i did hear a lady ask "who is he?" i didnt really sleep well i did lay there till it was time for me to go back on duty for the midnite shift. been in tunnels many times and enjoyed the access from one bldg. to the other especally when weather was bad. i came from the psyc hospital in newyorkstate wingdale where i worked from june 85 to july 90.a coworker from there also went to ffh who now is also at cvh made several complaints to me about ghost plowing into him like football players.

Submitted by jim p. (not verified) on
as far as the care from staff i was very impressed at thier level of compatence,education and determination to provide the best patient care as they could. however like the above complaints from the people that claim to have resided at ffh and have been provided services at ffh i know that i would not challeng thier allagations. its unfortunate but the one bloger above said it best when she or he said "there are mean people no matter where you go" again its unfortunate but in my experience they were the exception to the rule.

Submitted by Grammar cop (not verified) on
Does anyone but a handful here know how to speak polite and proper English? "Me and him, me and my friend, me and this, me and that"...so ignorant. And are there really idiots stupid enough to plan a rave online? Besides the fact that going into altered states where the energetic imprint of tormented consciousness is concentrated is about as stupid as playing with a ouija board. Glad I don't party with you. Appreciate comment from former patients. Many blessings. BTW, the inbred, satan-worshipping psychopaths that run our planet (a key one having an estate in Litchfield Co. and many throughout history having been schooled at Yale) always lock up geniuses, empaths, psychics, intuitives etc. because such naturally powerful beings threaten their control and oppression of the rest of us. I know that will go way over the heads of much of the readership here but it's my duty to humanity to publicly posit that.

Submitted by SMac (not verified) on
I had two family members in Ffld. Hills, my great grandmother and my great uncle (her grandson). As a child I remember going to visit. It was not a pleasant experience and I still have vivid memories especially of the smell of the buildings. As a family archivist I would like to get the records if they exist of my great grandmother. I was told by someone in the Connecticut State Library that the records were destroyed in the 80's. Is this true?

Submitted by Kristina (not verified) on
Is there any way to get a pass to access the building?! I'm a photography major and working on my portfolio which is going to be basically about abandoned places in CT. If you have any info please let me know: Kristina.Kyoryosh@europe.com

Submitted by Kate (not verified) on
To Sherrie about requesting records or pictures- Ive been to Fairfield Hills and got inside and in one of the rooms there were tons and tons of boxes just filling the room, filled with patients records and pictures and lots and lots of information that definitely should have been either detroyed or sent on to those patients or their doctors. The room i was in had a broken window as well so im quite sure people have snuck in there and done who knows what with all of that private information.

Submitted by pieter (not verified) on
I worked at fairfield hospital in 1986, with my mother, two sisters, and future brother in law, whose parents were both doctors at the asylum. We worked as food service in the kitchen(Bridgeport hall). Part of our duties were to transport food to all buildings via the underground tunnels, wich we drove on specially constructed electric vehicles. We know about haunting, strange sounds, and sights. What you have heard about the treatment of patients is true. We know what was there underground and what took place. More than A few times, bodies were transported thru those tunnels to keep them from sight of others. ALWAYS this route. I know, I saw them. Electric shock, drugs, and lobotomies were common practice, and still are in ct state institutions. This is not A farce. Ct , amoung other states, were and still are very cruel to mentally impaired people. they also use them for experimental purposes. If you got access to those tunnels, you would know. I and my family have pictures, but this could cause trouble for us. Norwich and c.v.h. were no different. You would be surprised just how much truth there is to what you have heard.

Submitted by pieter (not verified) on
I worked at fairfield hospital in 1986, with my mother, two sisters, and future brother in law, whose parents were both doctors at the asylum. We worked as food service in the kitchen(Bridgeport hall). Part of our duties were to transport food to all buildings via the underground tunnels, wich we drove on specially constructed electric vehicles. We know about haunting, strange sounds, and sights. What you have heard about the treatment of patients is true. We know what was there underground and what took place. More than A few times, bodies were transported thru those tunnels to keep them from sight of others. ALWAYS this route. I know, I saw them. Electric shock, drugs, and lobotomies were common practice, and still are in ct state institucions. This is not A farce. Ct , amoung other states, were and still are very cruel to mentally impaired people. they also use them for experimental purposes. If you got access to those tunnels, you would know. I and my family have pictures, but this could cause trouble for us. Norwich and c.v.h. were no different. You would be surprised just how much truth there is to what you have heard.

Submitted by Melanie (not verified) on
You're allowed to go to Fairfield Hills any time of day until midnight. I went just last night with my friends, and we actually made friends with the security guard-he's such a nice man! As long as you stay 15 feet away from the buildings you can walk anywhere on the campus as you please. You'll hear creepy noises and see creepy things but it's tons of fun! Such an adrenaline rush. I recommend coming here at night one time, just don't cause trouble and cops won't have a problem

RE:Pieter, The ONLY difference from "Clinical Trials" now is that the people are Healthy (Usually Paid) Volunteers. As is it is hard to tell the Dr's/Nurses 'NO" even then. I've had my days even after being a patient at 'The Hills" as people in the area call it. In the mid- till latter 2000's. Ending in 2008 or so. I've seen how staff in Psyche units REALLY persist in getting you to try meds on you even AFTER you said you had reactions or it don't work etc. It's a sad place to be able to be 'curious' when someone takes this and then sit back and watch what happens. Sadly too many people TRUST these Hospital Staff and it's not that I do or don't but rather I know better! It's not my first rodeo as people will say. Oh! Before I do forget, YES they do ECT (Shock Therapy) in 2012 at almost ANY Psyche unit. Either Hospital or 'Grounds' like in Middletown,CT. You need lots of Witt and Confidence to compete in the world of the insane. Your at your weakest and everyone knows that. However- if it wasn't for current experimentation the FDA wouldn't look the other way for off label use of Medications. (Okay they are DRUGS) Which does help a lot when a certain Medication helps someone with said issue but many Prick Dr's refuse to hand it out. Which is why I used to and would again if needed have my Psyche needs be met at a Big Federally Funded Hospital and/or University based Hospital. They have soo many ore options to help me and others. Granted, at the once expense of others. If it weren't for that 'research' much of the Help thats available wouldn't be...available. It's just the way things are!

Submitted by Ryan Anderson (not verified) on
I was just at Fairfield Hills Hospital last night, no ghosts once again but what an adventure. They have a few buildings that are now a Youth correctional facility and a security guard lives on campus, but there are still vacant abandoned buildings up for you to explore if your sly enough. We dropped a pin on my friend iPhone to Newtown Youth Academy, will brought us right to the campus. The guard immediately caught on the second time he saw our car, started taking notice, so we got back onto main roads. You will have to park far away and play your cards right but you can definitely get in if you have big cajones. We got into the attic of one building, went all the way up into the steeple. The rest of the building smelled like death, especially the maximum security rooms. It was obvious that a lot of suffering happened here. I got my picture in a tub on the third floor, who knows if hydrotherapy occurred there in that very spot . The basement was seemingly endless until we got to a tunnel that was welded shut :(. How jealous I am of the folks who have walked this thing you have no idea. We also found a crawlspace with a chair and crap bucket, literally looked as if someone had been kept in there as punishment. Regards to anyone that suffered here.

Submitted by Ryan Anderson (not verified) on
which brought us right to campus**

Submitted by Charlotte (not verified) on
Hi! I actually live 5 minutes away from Fairfield Hills and after recently taking a walk with my dog I decided to look into some of the windows. While looking at the front of the main building I heard what sounded like a scream or almost a whine or cry coming from inside. Super weird. People break in a lot but the patrols don't pay very close attention so if you're brave I think you should do it. I have yet to go inside but hope to soon.

Submitted by judith (not verified) on
took a ride there yesterday and was a little disappointed. the eastern end of the property has been torn down.(morgue, hospital and 2 of the buildings that housed violent offenders. these buildings were known to have the most paranormal activity and probley the reason they no longer exist. sooo, where is the best place to enter the remaining buildings and are the tunnels accessable? please be honest....it takes me over an hour to get there and really want it to be worth my while.

Submitted by andrew (not verified) on
I used to play teaball there back in the 90s! Coaches always told us not to wonder off but I never really understood what the place was.

I was the site supervisor of security here for about four years (2007-2011), which granted me to the buildings when needed or wanted as well as a hands on look through a vast collection of artifacts (photos, objects, videos, blueprints) on just about anything that can possibly be about this place. Yes, the Morgue (Yale Hall), both female Litchfield and male Fairfield forensics (disturbed) buildings, the drug rehab (Bridgewater), and main hospital (Greenwich) have been demolished in the past 6 years. Another thing not many are aware of is that those "welded tunnel doors", even when opened won't get you anywhere. Since the renovation to Bridgeport Hall (Cafe) in 2009 the town of Newtown dug up all tunnels which traveled under any road on the campus to make way for new gas lines for the newly found Municipal building. Now despite what one will read here, or on any other paranormal, ghost, urbex blog, thread, or article Fairfield State Hospital was quite a peaceful place. Albeit aside from some of the more mentally ill patients, it was a place of rest, relaxation, and help for many woman and men in need of it. Most patients committed to FSH between 1945, and 1987 were self committed. They were drawn to get help in a beautiful open country setting that was a state of the art facility with only the best treatments and staff available. Then again as you read this you may also believe I'm just some guy looking for attention making up a whole bunch of fiction. Well, how about quoting the second paragraph of this blog first: "As you might expect, Fairfield Hills was like many hospitals in how the mentally ill were treated — with electric shock therapy, hydrotherapy, psychosurgery and frontal lobotomies, as well as a few suicides and “mysterious” deaths. Stories of abuse and cruelty were rampant. In short, it wasn’t a happy-smiley, fluffy-kitty and shiny-rainbow type of place." Maybe I can clear some of this up for you. Just like any man, I have a hobby. Photography has been a big part of me since childhood, and since I worked at a cool place I took many of pictures. Actually one day bored at work on a shift at FSH I decided to give a little back to the community by making a fully dedicated flickr page just to FSH. http://www.flickr.com/photos/fairfieldhills/3641784465/in/set-72157620129576781 As one looks through this place, they can just imagine this in it's heyday. Pretty bright colors, big open rooms. It's really hard to see this place as a hell for most.

Submitted by D (not verified) on
Does anyone remember patients with the last name "Smalley" (Raymond, Roberta, Sandra or Nancy)? Please email pugvalleydale@comcast.net.

Submitted by MNick (not verified) on
Hi, I am going on a 2 week long trip all around Connecticut to visit abandoned and mysterious locations. I am doing this for research on historical events and locations. I will be taking photos along with other research devices. If anyone could help me obtain permission or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. You can contact me at m.nick1982@hotmail.com

I live two miles from FHH campus and I frequently visit it to walk, photograph, and pass the time. I happen to love the architecture this site has to offer. Newtown's Town Hall is located on the campus and the yearly farmer's market is held right next to one of the buildings. Many of the original buildings still stand and in my opinion are beautiful, even in their dilapidated states. I've photographed most of the buildings many times and from many angles. Since I'm "regular" I know the security staff well, and believe me: try as they may, they're not able to stop everyone from entering some of the buildings. I don't want to promote dangerous and possibly illegal behavior, but if you're even slightly crafty and cautions you'll have no problem attaining a visual treat. I've yet to enter any of the buildings myself, but it's obvious that some (without a doubt, some pesky kids with cases of cheap beer) often do. I know several people who've ventured inside one or several of the buildings and none of them have had any trouble. Even so, I doubt the penalty for being caught inside is any more than a scolding and being kicked off the property but don't quote me on that. I have heard some people have been arrested for "trespassing", but no one I know has suffered that fate. Here's a photo I took of the tremendous Cochran House several months ago: http://stinkfoot.org/pix/cochran_house_20120510.jpg

Dr Gonzo Great Photo! I wouldn't mind walking inside for memory sakes and take some trophies inside. I spent my best/worst days there as a teen. HAH building. Today I have some of the staff on my Facebook. ! I talk to people (Patients) also from there. Most are doing rather well one way or another. A piece of something inside.. If the HAH is still up I hid some things there and i'd like to get them! I hid them there in the 80's. :-) I never thought i'd be the one looking. Plus there are 'hiding' places that the kids would use as well. 'kids' I meant patients- that only I and few would know about. I'd be going after 'time capsules' sort to speak. Well I dont trust my car and I wouldn't mind if one wants to go up? Just a thought anyways. Besides they are more likely to let a former patient (who's sane as I) lol to go 'looking' further than most.

Submitted by Anthony (not verified) on
If anyone wants to explore email me: Skateamericaa7@aol.com I check it daily and live a few towns over. I've been around each and every building but never inside.

Submitted by Marie (not verified) on
Gorwing up 5 minutes down the road has afforded me some creepy encounters at Fairfield Hills. The most recent one occurring in July of 2012. While most articles say there are numerous cops and guards patrolling the grounds, this did not ring true on the day I visited. In broad daylight, around 2pm, a group of 4 of us drove through campus. We parked and begun walking around, taking pictures of the great architectural elements. Someone in the group tugged at a padlock on the door facing the woods behind, and it was actually unlocked. We proceeded inside and were met with a stairwell. We went upstairs and the door on the first landing was locked. We peered through the dusty glass and saw what appeared to be a children's floor. There were murals of teddy bears and nature scenes on the walls and a small crib in the hallway. We went up one more floor, to the top, and discovered this door unlocked. We were met with a long, wide hallway and proceeded into the first room on our left which appeared to be a bathroom with numerous stalls. The next room was a large room with isolation rooms surrounding it. Each "cell" had a heavy door and barred window. We spent about 15 minutes taking pictures before we heard a set of heavy footsteps from what sounded to be above us. Problem was, we were on the top floor. Our first thought was that perhaps a homeless person(s) had taken refuge in the building and were coming to see who we were. We wrapped things up and headed down the stairs, as we reached the second floor landing we head the footsteps again but this time they were VERY close. Almost as if they were right behind us. They had the exact cadence of a person walking in what sounded like heavy boots. At this point we ran. Fairfield Hills is a place time forgot. There are still papers strewn across the floors, beds and cribs scattering the halls, and perhaps even patients still inside (one way or another). Newtown is rennovating the more useable buildings for office use so go explore while you can!

Submitted by Cat (not verified) on
My sister Bella once wet there last year with her new camra an a friend while my mom was waiting in her car for them she saw a white fox run by she wanted to go get Bella but right when she went to get out of the far she heard laughs that sounded like childern. Before my sister left she took a picture of the hostpital when she went home she looked at the picture but there was something else in the picture there was a face it's look like a guy screaming my sister havent went back there ever since.

Submitted by dontworry (not verified) on
alright people. on the right side of the fenced up building there's a cut threw the gate then a board that you can walk right threw. no cops. after 12am. apparently but yet again this was on a tues. be careful. nothing spooky that happens but its weird as hell and hugee. if ur bored go.

Submitted by dontworry (not verified) on
park on the other side of the building thats facing the fenced building. dont be sketchy and you'll be perfectly fine. have funn

Submitted by Bubbanut (not verified) on
I remember this place well, I once ran out of gas one night about 2 in the monrning on the road that leads to it, as I walked down the road to find a gas station I saw some strange looking "beings" with overly large oversized craniums approaching me, so I changed directions, when I turned around I saw maybe 20 or 30 of these strange freaks comming after me, so I started to kinda trot looking back I saw they were closing in on me, so I really started to run faster, when I looked back again these large cramium sicko's had doubled to maybe 50 and were chasing me, luckily for me a car was comming down the road so I flagged it down and quickly jumped inside, when we were escaping these big head had joined hands and blocked the road, I yelled to the driver to not stop!!!! but he did stop like a fool, soon after they broke the windshield with their large oddly shaped heads and grabbed us, i was taken into the woods and don't remmeber much after that, I just woke up naked 3 days laters in someones birdbath ..I never did see the driver of the car after that and never did return...