John & Joan Carrington

March, 2011 by Ray Bendici
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John and Joan Carrington Year: 1651 Town: Wethersfield Outcome: Guilty, executed, most likely hanged The first husband-and-wife couple accused, there isn't much information about the circumstances involving the Carringtons other than they probably met their end at the end of a hangman's rope. According to Taylor's research, they were indicted on February 20, 1651, by a court that included the first governor of Connecticut, John Haynes, who would also be involved in later witch hunts. The Carringtons were found guilty on March 6, 1651, and executed thereafter. Betty J. Davis, a possible descendent of the Carringtons, and¬†Nancy Stephenson Guenther, have done some additional research, and suggest that John may have to America in 1635 with a wife named Mary, who may have died, thus making Joan the second wife of John. Some sources indicate John had a son named John, while other sources say there are no records of any children.    

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Submitted by Kevin Riley (not verified) on
John Carrington is my ancestor. He had a son, John, and a daughter, Rebecca, who married Abraham Andruss/Andrews, that I descend from. I've got some more information if you are interested. PRENAME SURNAME STATUS AGE DATE of record Jo: Corrington . 33 14 Apr 1635 . Mary Corrington . 33 14 Apr 1635 . Details the roll of passengers of the Susan & Ellin, which sailed from London mid-May, 1635 (

Submitted by Linda Carrington (not verified) on
Hi! I just came across this post and I am interested in finding out of anyone can demonstrate that the John and Mary Carrington who came to Boston in 1635 on the Susan & Ellin were NOT actually Coddingtons, from whom renowned genealogist John Isley Coddington. He claims them, we claim them. Who knows?? And, I'd like to find out where in England they lived if they did indeed come from there. Ideas??

Submitted by Kim Carrington ... (not verified) on
I just saw this post and am interested in any information about John and Joan Carrington. I have been told that my brothers and I are descendants of John and Joan Carrington. John/Joan Carrington > John Carrington > Peter Carrington > Levinus Carrington > Riverius Carrington > Wells Carrington > Lester Boget Carrington > Percy VanBuren Carrington > Reese C. Carrington > Kim Carrington Wright (with brothers Kyle R. Carrington, Dean M. Carrington, and Wade R. Carrington).