Little People's Village, Middlebury

April, 2009 by Ray Bendici
Image by Ray Bendici

Photo by Ray Bendici

The Damned Story: One of the allegedly creepiest places in Connecticut is Little People's Village, tucked away in the woods of Middlebury. A complex of crumbling doll-sized houses and odd structures next to the remains of a stone house, it's rumored to be the damned legacy of insanity brought on by . . . the little people.

One of the many versions of the story goes that back about a century ago, a man and his wife (who may or may not have been a witch) were living peacefully in Middlebury when she started seeing small fairy folk in the woods around their home. To accommodate these pixie-like creatures, she demanded her husband build a tiny village. As the years passed and the village grew, the enchantment faded into madness. The abandoned smurf-scale town is all that's left to mark the couple's anguished demise.

Another variation of the story is that a man living by himself in the stone house heard the voices of the little people, who commanded him to build the village. Eventually, this tale goes, he was driven nuts by the voices, which were now inside his head, and killed himself.

As such, many of the people who visit now claim it's haunted by the spirits of the little people -- or the ghosts of those tormented by them -- and that strong fields of negative energy abound. Others claim that if you linger long enough, you can hear the voices of the little people yourself, and that you too will soon be plunged into insanity.

Photo by Ray Bendici

Photo by Ray Bendici

There's also a "throne" here (at left) -- supposedly carved by the bewitched builder by request of the king of the little people. Local legend has it that if you sit in this cursed seat that you will die within 7 years.

The truth of the story (which many people don't bother checking into) is that the Little People's Village was simply once an elaborate attraction on a trolley line that was part of nearby Lake Quassy Amusement Park. It was built in the early part of the 20th century, and was originally known as "The Fairy Village." The "throne" appears to have been part of an ornamental garden, and many of the concrete structures here were part of the trolley stop. When the trolley line ceased running, there was no way to reach the attraction, and as such, it was no longer visited and fell into disrepair.

So, Little People Village was never the work of an insane man bent on pleasing his disturbed wife, but of entrepreneurs interested in making a few bucks by creating an odd little roadside attraction. It was popular for a while, but then eventually forgotten. As happens so many times with abandoned sites, when it was re-discovered by subsequent generations who didn't know its history, a more interesting one was fashioned.

If you're interested in reading more, you can visit Creepy Connecticut as well as Weird New England.

Photo by Ray Bendici

Photo by Ray Bendici

Our Damned Experience: We visited Little People's Village on a beautiful day in April 2009, and as Steve put it:  "Little People's Village is a big disappointment."


Unfortunately, as you can see in the images, even though time and the elements have eroded most of the structures, a tremendous amount of damage here has been done by vandals. So much so, in fact, that essentially only one "little building" sort of remains standing (at top).

It's too bad, as it's you can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into creating the village. Much of the site is connected by walkways and steps, and clearly a lot of mortar and masonry was employed in its construction. From what is left of the structures, a great amount of attention was given to the detail.

We saw and went into the stone house (which apparently was a souvenir shop, hence the iron bars on the windows), and checked out the remains of the other small structures at the site. Much of Little People Village is overgrown and has been swallowed by the surrounding woods; as mentioned, we visited in the spring before the trees had leaves, so I have to imagine in midsummer it's very hard to explore.

Photo by Ray Bendici

Photo by Ray Bendici

None of us purposely sat in the "throne," although we did stand on it to take pictures. We're still alive, but check back with us in 2016.

We also didn't see the spirits of the demented, nor did we experience any negative energy, although Steve referred to the place as "sad." Which I would say is true of any dilapidated and crumbling place that was once a bright and shiny local attraction.

If You Go: Okay, we learned the hard way by needlessly going up the wrong driveway, scurrying past barking dogs and "No Trespassing" signs and then climbing up a tick- and pricker-laced embankment (as is instructed to do on other sites). You do NOT need to do any of this at all. It is also NOT located on Old Waterbury Road (as other sites also suggest).

The best and easiest way to get there: On Route 63 in Middlebury, just north of the junction with I-84 is Maggie McFly's restaurant. Continuing north on Route 63, on the other side of the road from the restaurant (just a little bit further up the road, maybe a tenth of a mile), there is a short access road with two homes on it on the right. (On Google maps, it shows up as Umberfield Road.) You can simply enter here by going around the barricade at the end of the street and walking down the access road. After a short stroll (not much more than a quarter mile), after you pass under the power lines, you will see what remains of Little People Village in the woods on your left. No "No Trespassing" signs, no barking dogs, no crawling through pricker bushes.

A word of caution: Much of the site has either crumbled or is crumbling, so be careful where you step.

And as always, please be respectful of the area when you visit -- or else maybe the little people will come and find you!



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Submitted by Shellie Holland (not verified) on
Thanks for telling me the real story about this now I can tell my younger sister so she can finally relax. =)

Well, my friend Lori and I decided to take a trip there. After successfully finding the road that lead to the Village, we were bitten by many insects in route up this path.. So please, go during the winter, as it is covered by much Brush. Otherwise, the foundations, sites and the creepy Throne are and were very interesting. When taking a picture though of one of the Structures, a white cloud, or mist suddenly went through my view lens in the camera. Just then I took the picture.......When processed, there was no white mist in the picture. I know I saw it....probabably just my imagination. Oh well, I guess the Trolley story makes more sense. Still though, an interesting place to visit....Good times!!!!

Submitted by Fox Esposito (not verified) on
this is a very ture sounding story, and I could tell you for a fact of my own experiences that there is some truly to the tragic feeling and darkness of the Little People Vilage... The summer of 2008, my older brother and his friends went up there to see what they could find, if it was real. My brother recalls that it was a beautiful day, nothing felt wier dor creepy. He took many picture with his digital camra, where each picture taken has it's own id number of sorts. They got back to the car and he went to look through his pictures and soon relized they were gone. I don't mean deleted, i mean gone as in they never happened. The id number went right in order with the picture taken at the car and the other pictures taken of the woods... the little housea and the thrown he photod were gone. It was the first and only time this had ever happened to his camra. Then in about July or so this year, he brought me up there with his wife. We looked around and took pictures. The road, he clams was different around the houses than the last time he'd gone there. He went in the early day, i and we went at dusk, so the soon darkening skies made it all the more better. We stood there and waited a moment or two, but all I could feel was a coldness on this very warm evening. Walking about, his friend went down in the basement of the house. I could smell freshing burnt smoke, but nothing was burning or smoking. The little house was the creepiest, felt as thoughsomeone was either raped or murdered there, or both.. Leaving the place i felt negative energy... it was thrilling and I enjoyed it. How ever i feel if tohugh i were ever to return to the place I'll choose night or day, in hopes of seeing something. But this site makes me fear i most likely will not. =(

Submitted by Heather (not verified) on
Whether the legends of Little People Village are true or not I have pictures of what many people have called fairies. I've been to Little People village probably 3 times and on one occasion one of my friend was messing around telling the fairies to come to her and sit on her hand, when she was doing this I took a picture and against a solid concrete wall there is a bright figure with tiny arms, legs, and wings. Another picture one of my friends took is of one of the little houses. This was on a clear day but in his picture there is a mist surrounding the little house and if you look at it you can see a little girl with wings and she looks like she is praying. If the legends of Little People Village are not true, then maybe all the visitors who believe in the legends have attracted something to that spot. All I can say, is after seeing these pictures its hard to deny that something is not there. If you guys want the pictures for this website just let me know where to send them and I will. : )

Submitted by Dan R (not verified) on
I sat on the throne back in 1982 or 1983. I think the fact that I am writing this pretty much dispels that particular superstition.

Submitted by Rob N (not verified) on
does anyone know if the site is still there or did clear out the remains?

Submitted by Allie (not verified) on
I never knew the true story behind the "Little People's Village" until today so I'm a little disappointed only because I did experience something bazaar while I was visiting the site 4 years ago. My boyfriend and I decided to explore the site one afternoon. We looked at all the little houses and the throne and went inside the stone house, took some pictures but didn't see anything out of the ordinary until my boyfriend left me alone while he walked a bit into the woods to pee. I stood, by my self, in sort of an open area away from the structures and all of sudden it felt like a ghost passed directly through me (at least that's what I assumed it was). I felt a tingly energy and fuzzy feeling surrounding me. Everything went silent except for a low sounding white noise and everything around me looked like the slight static you might see on a TV screen. This only lasted 30 seconds but it felt like it lasted minuets. I've been interested in the paranormal since I was a child but never experienced anything like that before. I did some research and was told that what I did experience was paranormal . I also read other stories (not at Little People's Village) of people experiencing the same thing as myself, in other haunted places. I don't want to completely debunk my experience just because The Little People's Village really was just a roadside attraction and not built by an insane man because none the less, it can still be a haunted area. Except now I wonder if I experienced something health related rather than paranormal related and it just happened to be a coincidence that I was in the Little People's Village at the time *shrugs*

Submitted by twiggy (not verified) on
don't you think it is a great insult to refer to the builder of this tiny village as insane, if he was insane he wouldn't have been able to build a village in such great detail, each building being unique. have some respect for a lot of hard work and planning, oh and the feeling you had was probably low blood sugar or something along those lines, what is it with Americans dramatizing things when there is no need to jeeeez!

Submitted by Phil (not verified) on
Are you certain it is legal to use Umberfield Road. It looks like private property.,+Umberfield+Road,+CT&sll=41.562321,-72.650649&sspn=0.494247,1.056747&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Umberfield+Rd,+Middlebury,+New+Haven,+Connecticut+06762&ll=41.538131,-73.087428&spn=0.001939,0.004128&t=h&z=19

Submitted by Sean (not verified) on
My cousin and I went today. Your walking directions make sense for "Old Waterbury Road". We couldn't figure out how to get there from Umberfield Road, but Old Waterbury Road across from Maggie McFly's provided fairly direct access to the place.

Submitted by scott hamilton (not verified) on
can i ask anyone a question i am taping for a new paranormal tv show and want to know who to contact about filming at the sight and would like to interview anyone with a story to tell about their expieriences there so if anyone can give me an answer on that would be greatly appreciated thanks again scott hamilton

Submitted by Sabrina (not verified) on
i wasnt looking to discover the little people village i was looking for the one in willimantic... my friend found this website and decided to take us there.. i was so excited to see the place i am 14 and love the paranormal things so me and my friend heard about the crzy lady story and decided we wanted to do a seance there to see if there were any ghost or spirits. but mother wouldnt allow me or her to do it because she was creeped out. i did take pictures of the houses that were still standing i was able to take 3 pictures of me on the throne and my friend before my camera that had brand new batteries in it died. there are only a few buildings left

Submitted by Paul (not verified) on
@ scott i was just up there last year. Its a very small area but still a fun place to check out, kinda overgrown but non the less can be made out. My facebook is i have sat on the throne (twice now) and it is creppy out there exspecilly at night. Ive herd sounds and laughing but not much more then that.

Submitted by Paul (not verified) on
And also Old waterbury road is the easiest way. you just walk up the old road and enter on the left hand side in the woods

Submitted by Lonny (not verified) on
althea - If you go via Old Waterbury Road, wouldn't you have to cross over 84?

Submitted by alethea (not verified) on
DONT GO DOWN UMBERFIELD RD! It is private property and some overalls guy will yell at you and possibly shoot rock salts. DO park someplace nearby and walk down old waterbury rd. at the end is the path to the little peoples village. Its sweet and there are lots of mosquitos. And black squirrels! Don't park in the maggie mcflys restaurant parking lot as you will be towed. Really! Do go to magge mcflys after and order the lobster tail, youll thank me later.

Submitted by dom (not verified) on
I used to live around the corner, he's not a bad guy, worst he did was to tell you to park somewhere else. Stop being a prick

Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on
I went there last night. We parked at Maggie McFly's, walked along the sidewalk/path up the hill, crossed the street and went down to the end of Old Waterbury Rd. where we entered the path to the Little People's Village. It's about 1/4 mile to where the path ends, at which point if you turn left and duck under some brush, you'll find it. It was pretty cool to see the run-down stone structures etc. and we took a couple of pictures, but none of us felt any strange energy there. I'm usually very sensitive to energies - and a little jumpy in the dark - but I felt very comfortable there. No orbs or anything in the pics either.

Submitted by Danny boondi (not verified) on
Iam now 39 yrs old and I went to little peoples village as a teen in the early 90's. I use to find comfort and peace there for my self. It was a place of solitude and there are many roomer, stories about the place no one really has a way of knowing what the village is really about . I can tell u this , I once went there an emotionaly broken down young boy in the need of food and guidance and found booth so who do think feed me and helped me ?

Submitted by Danny boondi (not verified) on
Many people say many things about little peoples village and some things may or may not be true. The truth is the trolly system for lake quassy had nothing to do with it the old man did not have a creazy wife tg tg

Submitted by Mishyara Davila (not verified) on
i live right on old waterbury rd..n down that path ive been n seen the little village and let me tell you living here is a whole different experience than just seeing that place a couple times..i got there everyday and experience spirits and their pain and i can see them..if any one wants a tour i can show them the way.

Submitted by alethea (not verified) on
****Lonny**** no you will not have to cross over 84. Unless you park across 84 that is. I will stress again don't use Umberfield rd as it is private property. It shouldn't even have a road name as it is really just a driveway to a private field. My friend and I used the access from umberfield and we were told in no uncertain terms to vacate. The path to the little peoples village runs alongside the property on umberfield. I would like to visit again....I think it would be nice if when the area is visited people take a bag to remove some trash and maybe clean up the path a bit. dont take stones from the buildings. thay are already falling apart. A little respect goes along way. **Mishyara** lovely name by the way, I would really like to visit and hear what you have seen.

Submitted by angela (not verified) on
it was never apart of quassy it is haunted i know from first hand experience as a child and some of my friends know as well dont go there there is so much evil there please trust me on this.

I should write this down to tell what I learned this summer.

I not sure about this but is this place real with the laughing and sounds.

Submitted by Julie (not verified) on
The one thing that strikes me most about reading all your comments is - Not One Of You Can Spell!!!! Honestly , half of you have typed 'Im in my 30's 40's now' or 'Im in school' and yet , your spelling , and grammar I may add , is atrocious! I have cringed for you all . It's so sad . From a Proud Scottish Lassie - who can spell ...........

Submitted by Twiggy (not verified) on
Julie I was thinking exactly the same thing. Grammar and spelling is disgraceful. If I were these kids parents I would be so ashamed that most of them have either finished schooling or are in secondary education and this is the best they can do. I will however give them all full marks for dramatizing this place but a minus 10 for insulting the guy who built this village. If he was crazy/insane who would not have built this village and certainly not with the fine detail he achieved. Americans are drama queens. Proud to be a Welsh Lass.

Submitted by Christine (not verified) on
I visited Little People's Village about a year ago, it was kind of cool to see but not really worth it if you don't live close by. It doesn't seem haunted at all and looks like it could have just been an attraction that has broken down. The foundation of the house that was there could have just been a gift shop. I got no weird vibes and didn't hear any noises besides nature. It was still an interesting find, just a little bit disappointing.

.I found these very interesting. My guy n his sister live in middlebury,not far place at all. He no's I love horror movies, witch he cand stand.I find it very interesting how he tells me stories,of how wen they were young they went me it seemed intense.I believed them. He won't take me.I would like to go I said,I love scary movies,they don't scare me at all anymore but, this story makes me think.

Submitted by Janine (not verified) on
Great Post! I grew up in Middlebury for 20 years and never visited that place! Great pics and info!

Submitted by sam (not verified) on
Went there on 12/12/12 I thought I was gonna be like deep in woods but its right off the highway. All in all it was a little bit of a let down. It didnt feel sad or anything like that to me. It just looked like a crumbling few buildings. Only one of the structures is actually tiny. I wouldn't say it was worth the 45 minute drive.

Submitted by Victoria (not verified) on
@Mishyara Davila I'm going there in Mar and want to know if you can give us a tour!!

Submitted by Mike (not verified) on
I have a pretty funny story about the "little people's village" from my high school days growing up in Waterbury. Back in the early 90's a bunch of us thought it would be a good idea to go check out the village and get drunk one night. Even though we all heard the same story about the throne "you will die in 7 years if you sit on it", my buddy Bob sat on it anyway. We were all laughing and joking that he was going to die. As he started to get up from the throne, he slipped and fell down and the glass beer bottle he was holding smashed against a rock and sliced his arm. He gets up, there is blood gushing out of his arm! You have never seen a drunk group of high school kids run out of those woods as fast as we did that night! It was the last time we ever went back. The good news is, 22 years later.. Bob is still alive and kicking!

Submitted by Dennis (not verified) on
I went there just two days ago with a few buddies of mine and we followed t h directions to the letter and we still didnt find it. We went when the moon was full so we had awesome lighting but we still didnt find it maybe someother time we will go.

Having read this I believed it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this short article together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

Submitted by Drew (not verified) on
Hey guys. Been there a bunch of times myself, and no, it has nothing to do with Quassy. Not even close. Not sure of the real story behind it but Quassy officials themselves have told me that they do not and never have owned that tract of land. My advice? Go there by yourself at night in the fall and listen very carefully. Go ahead and bring a voice recorder with you, it'll be worth it. Myself and a few friends of mine have a ridiculous amount of recorded "evidence" that something both very cool and very fragile is happening there. Enjoy it, and don't fuck anything up. It's been abused by assholes enough to the point where it's lucky to still hold any historical or cool shit value.

Submitted by Craig (not verified) on
Just visited today, it's a really cool place! It took us quite a while to find it because we ended up in the completely wrong spot. To anyone else planning to visit, set your gps to Old Waterbury Rd, park at the end of the short street and follow the site author's directions from there and it's really easy to find.

Just an FYI guys- take lots of pictures. We are changing the site to allow for forums and a place for your pics.

Submitted by meghan (not verified) on
Loved this place went there today its amazing, not scary though :P

Submitted by domenoc (not verified) on
My friends an I were there sometime around 2000 , wespent hours cleaning it out so we could actually see it, it was very overgrown, after about four hours, the police showed up and we all got tickets for trespassing, I dont know how long they were watching but to spend that much time just to see it, then get escorted back to the cars and fined was messed up, and we didnt even get to finish, now seeing that it more demolished I hope it didnt happen cause people were actually able to get back there and see parts. And I did sit in the Throne, and im not dead but have the worst luck imaginable.