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February, 2016 by Ray Bendici
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Courtesy of the National Register of Historic Places

The Damned Story: Although there are thousands of state residents who have attended the University of Connecticut, very few are familiar with the story of the Depot Campus, and how it was formerly the Mansfield Training School. Or how the buildings belonging to the former mental hospital are believed by some to be haunted.

In a demonstration of how political correctness is a 21st-century invention, the Mansfield Training School originally started in 1860 as the "Connecticut School for Imbeciles," and was located in Lakeville. As hard as it is to believe, that name eventually offended someone, and in 1915 it was re-christened the "Connecticut Training School for Feebleminded." (Yeah, that's much better.) In 1917, it was merged with Connecticut Colony for Epileptics in Mansfield, where the new 350-acre campus was opened under the official banner of the Mansfield Training School and Hospital.

With its isolated location and bucolic setting, the Mansfield Training School was an ideal place to treat those afflicted with mental disorders. For the next 60 years it was home to residents who suffered from all sorts of mental afflictions. At the height of its use, it housed over 1,800 residents and featured over 50 buildings, most of which were devoted to patient treatment. It also had a small farm that provided occupational therapy for some of the epileptic patients in addition to food for the facility.

Sadly, like other hospitals that dealt with mental illness, there were allegations of poor conditions and abuse, although many, many more people were helped rather than hurt during their stays. Overall, the facility appeared to have a dedicated, caring staff and a good reputation.

After numerous lawsuits and concerns about the conditions, however, the Mansfield Training School was closed in 1993; patients were sent to more modern facilities and institutions throughout the state. A few of the most dilapidated buildings were demolished while others became part of the University of Connecticut as its Depot Campus. Another part of the original campus was annexed by the Bergin Correctional Center, a level-2 minimum security facility for male offenders.

In 1987, the Mansfield Training School was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Again, despite the mostly positive, caring work that went on here (and at other similar facilities), there seems to be a story or two of negative incidents, any one of which is enough to initiate stories of restless souls and troubled spirits.


Consequently, there have been reports of spirit mists and orbs here, as well as experiences involving unexplained voices, sounds and shapes. The building of the former Knight Hospital is one place where unexplained phenomena is still allegedly observed.

Courtesy of National Register of Historic Places

Paranormal groups have also investigated a few of the buildings, and claim to have found evidence confirming paranormal activity, for what it's worth.

Our Damned Experience: When we visited UConn's Ballard Institute of Puppetry in 2010, we mentioned that the museum was located in an old, seemingly abandoned area on the Depot Campus, which as it turns out, was part of the Mansfield Training School. So we were there without even realizing it!

As we mentioned when we visited, that area of the campus feels a bit like a forgotten part of the campus. Now we have a reason to go back and explore a bit!

If You Go: The grounds of the former Mansfield Training School are now part of UConn's Depot Campus on Route 44 in Storrs, and thus are open to the public. 

On the other side of Route 44 is the Bergin Correctional Center, which also features some of the former training school campus, although it's not exactly open to the public in the conventional sense.

On the UConn side, some of the old structures remain empty, and have been overgrown by weeds and ivy. Obviously, visitors are vigorously discouraged from entering these buildings.

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Erik please do not say what is true and what is not true. You have not investigated the home nor met myself, PROOF or the Moore Family. You have no idea what is true versus what is false. PROOF won't respond to any more of your negative comments.

Submitted by Kenny (not verified) on
@Amanda: I sent you an email about an hour ago. I hope to hear back from you too. I got much more to share with you about a bunch of other haunted locations I've visited & had experiences in the past as well, like Carousel Gardens a restaurant in Oxford, CT which has been closed & reopened several times due to paranormal activaty, which is permantly close now due to being deemed as haunted! As well as seeing a full body apparition at a friends house, not to mention the house was an very old house that we could lift up floor boards & there were old slave tunnels that ran under the house! I got more real experiences I've encountered as well...

@Amanda I honestly have nothing to say about the experiences of the Moores. I have my own opinion about that, but that is not germane to the discussion. My issue is the allegation of murder against MTS and the superintendent. As I initially stated, I take no issue with your group b/c I don't know the details of your evidence though I asked you to provide what you have found in regards to the remains. My gripe is with the show b/c that is what I and many others watched: there was a direct accusation of murder at the command/hand of the superintendent. There were also false mentions of murder at MTS: there is no record of any child being murdered at the facility. I don't accept suggestions of cover up. I have spoken to three ex-employees who said they knew no case involving the murder of a child by staff or patient. I categorically reject this notion unless some evidence is provide. As for the remains, your own website refers to it as 'burial' material and demonstrates an uncertainty as to whether it is human remains. This is in stark contrast to the television program which clearly shows a human vertebrae inside the box. In both cases, the show has misled people. I make no judgements against PROOF. And if Joseph is part of your organization, yes, I have conducted my own investigations, but never paranormal investigations. I take umbrage with the use of 'professional' when it comes to such groups.

Kenny, I received your email and will respond within 24 hours. Thank you.

Submitted by Kenny (not verified) on
...Correction, Carousel Gardens is actually in Seymour, CT & has a very large sign reading "House for sale" in front posted on a tree since 2008. All kinds of reports have been made from glasses & silverware flying across the place while people were dinning there. Who ever purchases that property next will be in for a big surprise...they won't last long! Still it may not compare to Ms. Moores home though since the histories may be different.

Submitted by Kenny (not verified) on
@Amanda: OK, thank you :)

Submitted by Tal Winter (not verified) on
How come there isn't any real proof for ghosts? I couldn't find any Videos on any online streaming services about a person/group who spent a night in ANY house/place and took videos of things that are happening. A zillion of reports and so called evidence are out there. How come NOTHING is real?

Submitted by Ashlee (not verified) on
I want to know more about the little girl that was killed there. How old was she? How was she killed? If paranormal witness was accurate with the description, that was very sad that she was washing her hands and then the next thing you know shes on the floor! Please explain!

Submitted by Erik Kubik (not verified) on
@Ashlee That is kind of the problem. There is no record of a child murder at MTS. And even PROOF admits on their site that the material collected was 'burial material' and not human remains. Clearly, SyFy took liberties with the truth when they showed human bone material collected from the house. Hopefully, PROOF provides documentation that the material was collected and, if true, the State police provide the test results. This will answer a lot of questions b/c it isn't certain to me that any human remains were in that house.

Submitted by Erik Kubik (not verified) on
Just to clarity, PROOF refers to the material as 'burial material' and not necessarily human remains. I don't mean to infer that PROOF believes it was not human remains. It is clear they don't know that answer.

Submitted by Joseph (not verified) on
@Erik, its obvious that you are clueless when it comes to paranormal investigations and/or investigations of very old incidents particularly those involving forensics, and thank you for admitting same. You continue to badger the postee's on this thread about evidence they collected being essentially worthless because, as you put it, they obtained it while collecting paranormal evidence and is therefore Spectral in nature. Then you turn around and say that one needs to make a direct connection to possible remains to any Jessica and any murder. Starting with the only piece of evidence you have, the name Jessica, and using that to do research in an attempt to connect the dots IS doing exactly that. With incidents this old, getting all of the answers 100% is impossible and not expected. You seem to be getting hung up on this being some sort of official investigation that will lead to indictments and a trial. This is simply groups looking for answers to the paranaormal. Remains found at a location are a big indication as to the possible cause of a haunting. They need to determine who the remains belonged to, how they died, and what might have happened to them during their lifetime. It may well end up being that she died of natural causes and was legally creamated, who knows. Its just as likely she met a horrible demise as depicted in the show and reasonably supported by the proof of mistreatment at MTS. If that is the case, that a Jessica or someone else met their demise at the hands of another, then it is believed in paranormal circles that these spirits cannot cross over for various reasons and "haunt" a location. So based on what was in the show, not what anyone here put on the table for discussion, suggesting maybe foul play was involved is a perfectly sound subject for discussion and not at all accusational. Speaking of, your constant accusations of accusations is wearing thin. NO ONE ON HERE in any post has accused anyone of murdering anyone. A simple suggestion was made as one possible answer to the mystery in question regarding human remains allegedly found at the location. You need to learn the difference between an actual outright accusation and a simple suggestion put on the table for discussion and stop harping on it. You have already alienated PROOF and probably another postee or two including myself, and made the thread miserable. PS: I am not the PROOF member Joseph.

Submitted by Catarina (not verified) on
What is the address of the house shown on paranormal witness?

Submitted by Urban Explorer (not verified) on
@Proof, you guys really need a copy editor on your site. @everyone_else I have creeped around this place (MTS) quite a bit in the past inside and out and only had a couple times where I thought I wasn't alone. Frankly the so called evidence on the proof page is photographically tenuous at best and I find it convenient that the EVP sessions are not online. A second concern that I have is the divergence between stories of the show and proof on the house in question (Mansfield Mansion) I live not ten minutes from the place and have seen the reno's going on over the years. In fact, I have creeped around the lot across the street because they have some old barns that I shot (photographed) in the past. However, never once did I hear about this place being haunted in this way... Until now... Rather dramatically. Which, I might evoke you all to go to Proof's page and take a read. The style of writing attempts to be evocative and uses alliterations like "the air was heavy" I'm sorry, but going into it like that really just makes one think you already have a preconceived notion that the place is haunted. So where's the skepticism? Where is the empiricism in your evidence? Speaking of this, what use is a 1.5k jpg file that is so small that if you increase its size at all you get a bitmap mess instead of an image? But I digress... If indeed something has gone down at this house, then I hope that they come through it ok. However, at this point, between the two accounts and the way that Proof presents itself and its findings as well as NOT obfuscating the houses actual address on their site, makes me think that perhaps this is a ploy to make money somehow. Just saying.. U.E.

Submitted by IluvGHOSTS (not verified) on
Just finish seeing this PW episode and it scared the BLANK outta me. I say send TAPS! Sorry they ARE the best Paranormal Team out there. N reading some of the comments with the mention of not sending them, well I'm sure they don't need this investigation. They've got where they're at today because of great investigating. It's sad to see others banish them (hum) I say of jealousy. They don't call any other "non TV teams" out get over it it's life! I can't wait to see their LIVE show on Halloween. :)

Submitted by Jayme (not verified) on
Wow some people seem like they are just on here to argue. I mean why are certain people bashing PROOF? They are very cordial in there responses to everyone. @ Urban Explorer, there has been plenty of reports of hauntings going on in the Mansfield Training School buildings, so why is it so suprising to you that this house is haunted. Just cause you never heard of it? I'm sure there are lots of haunted places you have never heard of. If you look at PROOF's website you will see that they investigated lots of other places too and have plenty of evidence. I can tell you that this isn't a "ploy to make money" . I know people personally (relatives and friends) who have had experiences on the Mansfield Training School propertys.

Submitted by Urban_Explorer (not verified) on
@Jayme Reports but not proof of... In this case and the others on their site the evidence is not really convincing whatsoever. Their writing skill as well is a little too dramatic to evince an actual methodical examination of a place than just a "good story" Just as well, I also said that I had had what I could classify as experiences, but since I have no proof, I cannot make the claim the place is indeed haunted. U.E.

Submitted by Brandy (not verified) on
Just finished reading all the comments. My son and I watched PW this morning. We were both intrigued by the story. I am very familar with most of the U.S Mental institutions. I have researched many of them. I had never heard of M.T.S. I am very curious about some of the reports of abuse and experiments performed on the patients. During the time these institutions were known for trying different experiments not so much because they were trying to be cruel but because they were trying to help these people. Grant it sometimes they went to far. I think a lot of people forget that during that time a lot of the "Mental" issues people had were new to the Medical field. Things we see as normal now were not then. I tried to google M.T.S. and found very little. Other than a brief history. I would love to know more so if anyone has anymore history on the place other than the basic stuff that would be great. @Amanda. What a bummer they didn't air your segment! I would love to know more details. I like the show but like others I would like to see more real evidence and and not so much the "Hollywood" aspect of it. It just makes me think back to The Amityville Horror. Although a terrific story it was false. @ the person I believe it's Jayme who asked why would this lady lie on the show? Well why does anyone? The Lutz family lied for years and years, got a book and a bunch of movies out of it. Money, money, money. I'm not saying she lied about what they have experienced by no means BUT theres always the chance that she fabricated some of it. Very cool house! We have a place by us thats now called 10 Wilmington place in Dayton Ohio. It used to be an Insane Asylum. It's now a retirement home. The owner and head doctor had mansion built across the street that once housed TB patients due to lack of space in the Asylum. Another cool one is Waverly Hills. I have personally been there and LOVE it! The building itself if amazing. Danvers had a movie filmed in it I want to say early 2000 called Session 9 if you haven't seen it go get it! Super creepy!

Submitted by Kimber (not verified) on
If GH is eyeing this one, they should take a trip. Love the show PW, it scared the bejesus out of me most of the time. I've had some "experiences" myself. Anyhow, would love, Love, LOVE for GH to pick this one up!

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on
@Erik-I like the way you think, my man. I watched the Syfy show like everyone else and would love to see the actual documentation that should exist if remains were removed from the site. Not sure as to why the more you ask for what should be easily provided proof the more you are attacked or ignored. I hold nothing against the investigators that looked into the haunting, nor am I a disbeliever-I just want to see has much actual proof as possible so that I can actually buy into this haunting. Hell, one of the witnesses to events was a cop-he can't throw us a bone?

Submitted by Matt (not verified) on
@Joseph I find the comments made by Erik and Urban Explorer quite refreshing. You admonish Erik's badgering of PROOF about the human skeletal evidence, and the greater implications, because "This is simply groups looking for answers to the paranaormal." My view is that when you give your group a name, develop goals and missions, and offer your *group expertise* for public consumption then you had better be prepared to held up to professional scrutiny. Sure, its fun to surmise about all of the eery events that culminate in intense paranormal activity, but suggesting torture and murder by is pretty serious business. Particulary, if you are the living Superintendent or a close family member who can be easily tracked down by a million TV viewers. The lines are pretty easy to connect. In fact, I'm pretty sure the son of one of the Supers (mid 70's to 80's) posted an online response about a year and a half ago, mentioning that he lived in the house. Google, if interested. The pieces come together very easily.

Submitted by Matt (not verified) on
On the other hand... @Erik Your concern over PW showing the bones in the basement does seem a tad overly serious, and you were goading a little hard (I think you'll admit). I mean, c'mon, lets laugh a little. PW is serving up ghost stories for entertainment. What's the reality litmus test here? PW relates the story as told by the Witness with all of the devices and trappings to make their show a smashing entertainment success. The stories are spicy because they are held out as real events. The dramatic story presentation, and eery audio/visual effects are the icing on the cake. Is every bit of the story factual? Is the PW film staff cross-examining their Witness? Nine out of ten healthy, first-year film students would probably say, "uhm, like, sort of." So, if the woman living in the haunted house relates that she found what looked like human bones in her basement and passed them on to the State police, then why not pass this juicy bit of the story on to the eager ghostophile TV viewing audience? And why would it be incumbent upon PROOF to conceal the woman's statements when discussing the case? In any case thanks for the comments. The bone-chilling unknown is half the interest in paranormal for me. The other half is the investigation, weighing evidence and theories. Luckily this thread isn't populated with personal experiences, and queries for more information on the murdered ghost child named Jenny ;~D

As I've stated previously, I will be going to the state police on Monday and requesting the reports. Unfortunately, until then I have no physical proof to provide to everyone of the material found in the basement. Thank you.

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on
@Amanda. Thanks for the post. Missed that you had posted that earlier, until i re-read all the posts so my apologies. I cannot seem to get into the paranormal witness link on your site, but I did see that you guys are looking to hire a forensic investigator which I think is awesome and a great addition to any paranormal research.

Dear Mr. Kubik, Please post the video evidence of your accusation or remove this accusation from this thread. Thank you, Kat Maine Ghost Hunters

Submitted by Devin J (not verified) on
I just watched the show and, like all of you, googled it and ended up here. Being born and raised in Trumbull, CT (in a house with some questionable past happenings experienced first hand), went to UCONN (1996-2001) and saw the place with my own eyes while walking the "rape trail" (u have to have gone to UCONN pre-1998 to know why I'm talking about) worked as assistant art director of "Connecticut Magazine" (making 12 issues a year, plus the state's "Vacation Guide" for the Dept. of Tourism, as well as "The Connecticut Bride") before going to Quinnipiac Law and becoming managing partner of a firm in Norwalk. Here's what I an tell you (as I majored in Photography, before digital cameras and photoshop became industry standard...when we needed dark rooms and noxious chemicals), graphic design, and communications sciences at UCONN, and had a friend who was a "guest" at well as some clients.): 1) the cemetery in Easton, CT is one of the most undisputed haunted places in the country, but you'll never see it on one of these shows because the cops lock it DOWN from dusk til dawn now (tho I had some CRAZY sh*t happen there when I was a kid; 2) if you watch the episode of paranormal witness just prior to the Mansfield mansion about a different family with a poltergeist you will see TONS of cell phone pics and vids taken by the daughter that will turn your hair white; 3) Two of the original paranormal detectives (the warrens) are from Monroe, CT (Ed passed away, but Lorraine is still alive), and their house is a museum, where they have the REAL possessed Raggety Anne doll they saved a family from and which was the basis for "Chucky" and "Child's Play" locked in a glass case, and it has killed at least 1 museum visitor that I know of (while it was locked in the glass case) for antagonizing it, and after the guy was killed in a freak motorcycle accident 2 minutes after leaving the house and 20' out of the driveway, the doll had turned around in the case, which again, intentionally CANNOT be opened, and when they lectured at UCONN annually they would speak of the caretaker's home every time, as they had investigated it; and 4) if you really want to have a guaranteed experience, brin a camera, a tape recorder, whatever, and head down Rte 25 in Monroe (just passed the Warrens actually, until you see a tiny cemetery of about 12 headstones on a hill next to the roadway; look for the PRISTINE headstone that is over 120 years old, has 4 dates on it, and bears the name HANNA CARRANA. a friend and I decided to chip off pieces of her 120 year old-yet-perfectly-white headstone and make necklaces from each piece for ourselves, ill explain the logic another day. When i mentioned it to the warrens at one if their lectures, they made me come down to monroe from UCONN to Monroe, and my buddy from SYRACUSE, and performed a ritual while we put the pieces back on, and even though they're loose chips, they were still there 5 gets later when we went back and had never fallen off...and that's NOTHING compared to the floating cigarette butts, the random, perfectly circular cuts on our friend's leg while we were there once, which came out of nowhere, and disappeared just as fast when we went down the way to the Easton cemetery to see the white lady (we snuck past the cops) and the cuts vanished. So I'd yer looking for a haunt, go to Monroe and either tease the doll at Elaine warren's house, or go find HANNA's grave. But whatever you do, I can assure you, as a long-time resident of one of the most haunted states in the country...the Mansfield case is real, and the episode from the week before (free on InDemand under "entertainment" "free" "ScyFy" and "Paranormal Witness"

@Kat I do have the footage. Feel free to email me and request a view.

As per my response via private e-mail, please send the footage to with the accusatory portion regarding the faking of photographic evidence highlighted/accentuated. Thanks, Kat Maine Ghost Hunters

Submitted by Richard (not verified) on
While You are bragging about CT, I'll have you know that CA has more hauntings than any other state, but then again, it is the largest state. I live just ten minutes away from the house with the poltergeist (the one you spoke of on the previous episode) right here in CA. A few days ago I parked in front of this house. Although the house is vacant, it has many locks on it, so one can not go inside. Anyway, after being there for only a few minutes, two rocks came flying at my car, one hitting the hood and the other missing. At first I thought maybe it came from wary neighbors tired of the public coming by, but when a third rock in the front yard came straight up from the ground to land near the driveway, I decided it was time to leave.

Submitted by helen (not verified) on
i believe in the fact people have been tortured in these types of places , i worked in a nursing home and they treated them badly and that was just about 10 yrs ago . i also have had interactions with spirits my parents home was in the family for 5 generations ,so people sitting on the end of the bed or voices was a norm . Try moving into an apt where your spouse doesnt like ghosts and you have seen them she told them to leave and they pulled all of her shoes out of the closet as if for her to leave they were there first . it doesnt have to be old trashed out or horror to be haunted

Submitted by Urban Explorer (not verified) on
I see it is pointless to argue with those who believe their self fulfilling prophecies and lack the critical thinking skills to question things. Though, bringing it down to the "STFU" level really says it all.. U.E. aka Scot A Terban.. So as to not hide my name under a pseudonym when linking my name to the posts by hyperlink... OOOOH conspiracies!

Submitted by Ray Bendici on
Hi to all who have posted in this article -- While we here at Damned Connecticut always enjoy spirited debate about these subjects, we do want to take a moment to remind everyone of our comment policy - <em> Here at Damned Connecticut, we always welcome feedback on any of our articles, and encourage further intelligent discussion, disclosure and debate from visitors through our comment sections. Even though we enjoy open and unfettered debate, we do ask that you are polite, civil to fellow posters and refrain from using inappropriate language — despite our name and the wide range of subjects featured here, we like to think of Damned Connecticut as a family-friendly site, where eager young minds can visit without concern of seeing or reading something offensive. Also be aware that if you do attempt to post something that’s lewd or offensive, your comment will be removed, as will anything that constitutes a personal attack on any fellow visitor. Swearing, racial slurs, violent remarks and hateful comments directed toward us or any other visitor, are also not welcome here and will be immediately deleted. This also goes for words that have been altered (such as by adding symbols or random letters) to “disguise” the remark. If we do discover someone behaving in this manner, we will ask that they refrain; if they persist, we have no qualms in permanently banning them from posting on this site. Look, we’re freedom-loving Americans like yourself, and respect your right to free speech — we just ask that you express yourself in a manner that is respectful and courteous.</em> As such, you may have noticed I've deleted and edited a few of the nastier comments here. We don't tolerate that sort of language and attacks here -- so although you are certainly entitled to express your opinion, again, we expect that while you're on THIS site, you do so respectfully. Or you will be banned. Thank you to everyone for understanding. Ray

Submitted by Squidge (not verified) on
Regarding the "Paranormal Witness" episode, the murder of Jessica, the alleged rape, and the possibility of a cover-up: In the episode Moore is shown to have found out about the rape and the murder because of "newspaper clippings" she found (her words). If that's true, obviously there was not an effective cover-up, so a lack of information cannot be blamed on that. The show states there is publicly accessible proof of the rape and the murder. So - does this newspaper clipping exist or was that artistic license? Do you, Amanda, have access to this clipping? On the show, Moore claims she found it in her research at the library, so it should be pretty simple to re-find. Would you please scan it and put it on PROOF's website? It seems safe to say that that would clear up a lot about the truth of the murder and rape claims.

I've searched through nexus/lexus and the historical newspaper archive. The clippings do not exist. They were props for the show.

Submitted by Tal Winter (not verified) on
Where is the evidence? :) Still waiting. And No, 1.5Kb of a file isn't good enough.

As I have previously stated a few times now. Joseph Gallant signed a contract with RAW television and handed them the evidence. We were told to remove audio and video evidence as not to "spoil" the show. We are awaiting confirmation from them that we can re-release the evidence without legal ramifications. We are taking caution to save our butts. If your not okay with that, owell. As for the size of our pictures, or just our pictures in general... Where are your paranormal pictures? Do you have any ones to bring to the table? If your going to criticize and critique our evidence please back it up with proof of your own. Are you a paranormal investigator or just a fan of the paranormal? Or maybe your just a hater, I don't know. What qualifications do you have?

I think anyone who has expertise in the analysis of photographic/video evidence has a right to voice an opinion on the photos from your site. There is no professional accreditation for being a 'paranormal expert/investigator'.

Well actually there are professional accreditations for being a ghost hunter. There are many schools that offer parapsycology classes as well as schools that offer certifications. I respect your opinions on our evidence however Im still wondering, are you a paranormal investigator or a photographer? Do you believe in ghosts or are you a skeptic? Those questions are for Mr. Tal Winter also. Thanks!!

@Amanda, Ok, now you're getting ludicrous about this. Look, what is being called to question here is "evidence" as you put it on your own site. The so called evidence for not only the Mansfield case, but others as well. I perused your site and I made the call on your evidence, your writing skills, and your lack of scientific method period. In short, I am calling foul on it all. As to my "credentials" in judging evidence of paranormal activity I say this, I am a photographer, I also have a scientific background and worked in the sciences in the past, and just from the perspective of the scientific method, you are sorely lacking. You make statements of fact without there being any scientific basis for your investigations nor your so called evidence. This is why we are questioning you as well as the whole debacle that has unfolded here with regard to the Paranormal Witness show and your investigation of said same place. It is irrelevant at this point to say that you are caught up in some legal red tape because independent investigations by individuals here are turning up contrary data to what you and the show have said. So, take a step back and think about it before digging the hole further on your credibility as well as the home owner in question. I also would hazard the statement that you are vested in this whole scenario being sensationalized because even on your site you are pimping your upcoming book. All in all, you're not looking too good here and frankly, now I am interesting in doing the background on the MTS history as well as this house. One person has run a Lexis Nexis and I will go one further since I live in the area. I will go to the town records and see what I can find. When I have more I will comment.. Until then, either start using the scientific method and doing your due diligence or stop proclaiming places to be ever so haunted when you have no real evidence to back it up with. U.E.

Submitted by Tal Winter (not verified) on
1st Of all, I want to say that I didn't mean to criticize anything. Sorry if it made it that way. Amanda, I am sure that you are doing a great job. 2nd, I am not an Investigator/Paranormal Expert (although I would really like to be one and study this field). I live in Israel, and we don't have any known haunted places. Well, our country size is only 600 KM :) The problem is that you see shows like: TAPS, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness and Legend Quest. I really love it and it's a GREAT entertainment but the problem is that it's always CLOSE to be an evidence. You don't see a SOLID proof. In Ghost Hunters for example, you hear them say: Did you hear this? did you hear that? I think that in one of the episodes they actually caught a Class A EVP. Amazing (is it?). In Legend Quest, you see Ashley say: The item is MOST LIKELY to be under this rock and etc. It seems that all of those shows (and Amanda, I have this feeling that you don't like it too) are mocking the Paranormal field. How can we trust them when people find all kind of flows and "Bloopers" in those shows? If a HUGE evidence that can't be arguable will arise, trust me, the whole world will know it. I read some researches about how our body is functioning through FEAR, through the UNKNOWN. trust me, hallucination is a small part in it :) I don't disproof ghosts but I can't find the evidence to BLINDLY believe in it. As I said, I would love to get the equipment and knowledge to catch ghosts and other paranormal activities. Sometimes people say that I live in my own bubble when I talk about the Paranormal. Millions of Millions of people telling that they saw a ghost. Maybe one of them actually saw one? and here is your proof. So how do we prove it? It's like dealing with people who believe in God. You can't say that it doesn't exist but you don't have any proof of its existence. No?

Submitted by Squidge (not verified) on
Erik - Thanks. I knew the clips themselves were props (the photo was a picture of the actress that played the little girl), but I thought it was possible that since Moore said she found the story in a newspaper that she actually had. I'm not terribly surprised she didn't, though.

Submitted by Tal Winter (not verified) on
And by the way, Maybe I didn't understand but what @Squidge said about the newspaper. Does it really exist or is it a "Prop" as he @Squidge said? If it's a real newspaper, very well. But if it's a "Prop" then I really am afraid that Paranormal field is being Mocked. And I really don't like when people take a really fascinating subject and creates "Hollywood" out of it.

@Amanda Many of these 'schools' that offer 'accreditation' also offer 'accreditation' for cryptozoology, UFO studies, and EVP analysis. If you want to have a discussion about what is science and what is pseudo-science, I'd be happy to have that with you off board. Since you are trumpeting up your organization's professional credentials, I'd like to know what they are. @UE Spot on. I wasn't aware of the book. So, we have paid overnight stays at the Mansfield house and now a book. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......Now that is PROOF.

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@Erik, I hope that I could come and stay in one of those haunted houses. Knock on wood but I hope that TAPS or Ghost Hunters or other shows like those show won't end like in the movie "Grave Encounters". now THAT will be a nice PROOF :)

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I watched the PW episode regarding the Mansfield Training School, did some googling, and found this website. I was interested to find out a ghost hunting team was able to investigate the home prior to the show being created or aired. I think it stinks that their evidence was not incorporated into the show. However, I partially disagree with Amanda's (PROOF) comments regarding Ghost Hunters (TAPS). I don't think it is TAP's that gives other ghost hunting/paranormal teams a bad name, it's Ryan (Paranormal State) and Zach (Ghost Adventures) that do. I don't even consider Ryan and Zach ghost hunters at all because they dramatize EVERYTHING, and have ZERO proof. The only thing Zach can prove is he screams like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert. TAPS DOES present evidence to either support or disprove a paranomal event. Kind of along the same lines as PROOF, no? It just seemed a bit bitter and a tingy of jealousy with the remarks posted regarding TAPS. Can there not be a mutal respect? I do think the PROOF team DOES deserve recognition for their time spent investigating this site. As much as a fan of TAPS that I am, this team put in the time and shouldn't be discounted. Thank you for posting the PROOF FB and to do some more exploring!

@Urban Explorer: Stop hiding behind a fake name. I have nothing to hide. My name, contact information, etc are posted all over this site, PROOF's website, PROOF's facebook, etc. I truly don't care what you think of PROOF or myself for that matter. I am PROUD of PROOF's accomplishment's in the paranormal field. I am PROUD of our investigation of the Mansfield Mansion. I don't care if you don't like our evidence or think were lame or whatever you think. "We don’t need to make you believe us. Because we and the family were there, experienced it and know it’s true validity. We are not in the business of arguing over actualities, we simply take the believers with the non believers and move on." I won't comment any further on the television show "Paranormal Witness." As you all watched, PROOF was not included in the show. Therefore we have nothing to say about it. @Tal: Thank you for your words. I do agree with what you said. @Erik: I won't comment to you anymore. I find you rude and disrespectful. I have no need to speak to you or defend myself to you. @Lizzie: No, I am certainly not jealous of TAPS. I respect what they do because I to am a ghost hunter but I don't respect some of things they do like you don't respect Paranormal State or Ghost Adventures. I agree with you, Ghost Adventures especially Zach's yelling is out of control. PROOF has a no provoking policy on our team because we find it rude and disrespectful. I simply don't like GA because they provoke. I have to disagree with you however on Paranormal State. I really enjoy Ryan and in my opinion I think he is one of the more respectful paranormal television personalities and feel he has a true passion for ghosts and helping people. But of course, everyone's going to have opinions on the different paranormal television shows out there. It's all in fun and at the end of the day I respect all ghost hunters in some way or another for what they do. And I thank you for your support and kind words.

@Amanda I think UE has questioned PROOF in a very deliberate and respectful way. I think I have as well. He has looked at your website and is not convinced by the method by which the investigation was conducted nor was he convinced by the photographic evidence. You questioned his credentials to parry one of his criticisms. When I ask for yours, you choose to ignore me. That says a lot about your organization. I will await your test results and, hopefully, a list of your group's 'professional' credentials.

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Amanda, you are welcome. I guess that I need to see an activity, when it happens on my own eyes. First thing is to try finding people who report about Paranormal Activities. Wish me luck.

We thank you for your comments and questions however as I have said many, many times I am proud of PROOF's work. I have no need to defend myself, my team or the Moore family. We experienced paranormal phenomenon at the house and we caught fantastic evidence. You have the right to your opinions. You have the right to research the claims that Paranormal Witness stated. You have the right to bash us. But I will no longer waste my time defending myself and PROOF to some "bullies" hiding behind a computer screen. Now you can say what you'd like. You can say, were ignoring questions or running away from the truth but I will no longer post on this site unless it's to respond to someone who is in support of PROOF or has a question/comment of constructive matter. I have better things to do with my time, such as ghost hunt. :) I thank everyone for the responses. May everyone have a fantastic week. Happy hunting!! Oh and @Erik: You'll be waiting a while for "our" test results. As I have stated previously, the Moore family called the police who came in and took samples of the matter found in the basement. It was told to PROOF that the material was being brought to the state pathologist for official results. I do not have those results in my possession. All I will be providing is the reports of the police being called and removing the material. Thank you.