Mansfield Training School, Mansfield

February, 2016 by Ray Bendici
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Courtesy of the National Register of Historic Places

The Damned Story: Although there are thousands of state residents who have attended the University of Connecticut, very few are familiar with the story of the Depot Campus, and how it was formerly the Mansfield Training School. Or how the buildings belonging to the former mental hospital are believed by some to be haunted.

In a demonstration of how political correctness is a 21st-century invention, the Mansfield Training School originally started in 1860 as the "Connecticut School for Imbeciles," and was located in Lakeville. As hard as it is to believe, that name eventually offended someone, and in 1915 it was re-christened the "Connecticut Training School for Feebleminded." (Yeah, that's much better.) In 1917, it was merged with Connecticut Colony for Epileptics in Mansfield, where the new 350-acre campus was opened under the official banner of the Mansfield Training School and Hospital.

With its isolated location and bucolic setting, the Mansfield Training School was an ideal place to treat those afflicted with mental disorders. For the next 60 years it was home to residents who suffered from all sorts of mental afflictions. At the height of its use, it housed over 1,800 residents and featured over 50 buildings, most of which were devoted to patient treatment. It also had a small farm that provided occupational therapy for some of the epileptic patients in addition to food for the facility.

Sadly, like other hospitals that dealt with mental illness, there were allegations of poor conditions and abuse, although many, many more people were helped rather than hurt during their stays. Overall, the facility appeared to have a dedicated, caring staff and a good reputation.

After numerous lawsuits and concerns about the conditions, however, the Mansfield Training School was closed in 1993; patients were sent to more modern facilities and institutions throughout the state. A few of the most dilapidated buildings were demolished while others became part of the University of Connecticut as its Depot Campus. Another part of the original campus was annexed by the Bergin Correctional Center, a level-2 minimum security facility for male offenders.

In 1987, the Mansfield Training School was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Again, despite the mostly positive, caring work that went on here (and at other similar facilities), there seems to be a story or two of negative incidents, any one of which is enough to initiate stories of restless souls and troubled spirits.


Consequently, there have been reports of spirit mists and orbs here, as well as experiences involving unexplained voices, sounds and shapes. The building of the former Knight Hospital is one place where unexplained phenomena is still allegedly observed.

Courtesy of National Register of Historic Places

Paranormal groups have also investigated a few of the buildings, and claim to have found evidence confirming paranormal activity, for what it's worth.

Our Damned Experience: When we visited UConn's Ballard Institute of Puppetry in 2010, we mentioned that the museum was located in an old, seemingly abandoned area on the Depot Campus, which as it turns out, was part of the Mansfield Training School. So we were there without even realizing it!

As we mentioned when we visited, that area of the campus feels a bit like a forgotten part of the campus. Now we have a reason to go back and explore a bit!

If You Go: The grounds of the former Mansfield Training School are now part of UConn's Depot Campus on Route 44 in Storrs, and thus are open to the public. 

On the other side of Route 44 is the Bergin Correctional Center, which also features some of the former training school campus, although it's not exactly open to the public in the conventional sense.

On the UConn side, some of the old structures remain empty, and have been overgrown by weeds and ivy. Obviously, visitors are vigorously discouraged from entering these buildings.

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@Amanda So, in other words, you will engage in peer review. Such is part of the scientific process. Since you are not willing to engage in it, I find it difficult to accept your evidence. I doubt you will lose sleep over it, but you have have been given the chance to present what you have. If the results do come back as 'human matter' , we will all hear about it. I will make my own inquires, including with the State Police, regarding this issue.

Sorry, another silly type-o. Should read: So, in other words, you will not engage in peer review.

Submitted by Brandy (not verified) on
Last I heard it was still a free country where EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions. For legal purposes PROOF is unable to post their evidence. I don't think that is a bad thing. I'm sure PROOF did a fine job investigating. None of us were there. What's the point in aruging? The house is freaking cool and has a seedy history. Isnt that what matters? Some people just have to be shit starters. It's annoying.

Submitted by Barbara (not verified) on
O.M.G you people on here are unbelievable, I mean truly. My name is Barbara, yes that's my real name!. I live on Old Colony Road in Mansfield, CT and can see the Mansfield home property from my kitchen window. @Urban Explorer, you have stated previously that you live in the area and haven't heard anything about the haunting of Mansfield home yet I find that a bit difficult to believe, seeing that P.R.O.O.F's investigation was plastered on the front pages of local newspapers, internet community boards, radio stations and to think of it P.R.O.O.F even hosted a lecture/Presentation and Ghost hunt at the home which also made headlines as former superintendents families attended. I do not know P.R.O.O.F personally as I've never had a haunted place for them to investigate but I've heard a lot about them and their talents throughout the surrounding towns. They do many investigations in and throughout CT and New England. I happen to know they have done many presentations and public lectures in Willimantic, Hartford, New york and throughout helping to raise money for local and national charities. I even remember a few years back they did one at the Windham Textile Mill & Museum and raised a lot of money for breast cancer awareness. I have also heard, they will be at the local soup kitchen this winter, helping out during the holidays. What makes P.R.O.O.F even more credible, is the simple fact that they do all of what they do which is alot, for nothing, just because they care. I've been following this thread for the past few days now and I'm disgusted. I don't think any of you on here actually know PROOF or know what they do or what they are capable of. They are a great group of young people who have a lot of respect for their community and for the paranormal field. Someone on this thread had mentioned that the Mansfield Haunting was a hoax or for better terms an avenue to make money. This couldn't be any farther from the truth. For those people that say P.R.O.O.F's evidence is not convincing whatsoever, have you seen some of these shows on TV or these "paranormal websites" that claim they have paranormal photos? Give me a brake, everyone on here needs a wake up call, face reality. If you think that you have better evidence or a better sense of paranormal investigating than Id like to see it!.

Submitted by Ben (not verified) on
@ERIK, wow good one. is the reason i didn't get a full freak out response is because youre on the phone with the cops over an investigation you were rejected from? lol u mad over ghosts LOLOOLOL erik is one of those people who is like 40 and still tells on people. i'm taking bets on if erik was a hall monitor at his high school. MRS JOHNSON KATHY DOESNT HAVE A PASS TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!

Submitted by Ben (not verified) on
well said barbara, here we have [people] who know nothing about PROOF. the owners of PROOF are some of the most selfless and giving people i've ever met. they dropped everything for me one weekend to help us investigate the old bacon academy high school in colchester MULTIPLE NIGHTS with their equipment JUST BECAUSE we asked them. I never even had met them before. I called and they had an opening and they came and setup shop. This was after they had already been well known in willimantic community for doing the old textile museum investigations. So whatever, talk about this or that but the fact is you don't know [anything] so people that matter and are actually involved with PROOF don't [care] about you. Go do your own investigations .... PROOF doesn't lie - the end.

Freedom of speech is one thing. False accusation and defamation of character are something completely different. Erik Kubik may very well have video of Maine Ghost Hunters Members while we were in the Old Burying Point Cemetery this weekend in Salem Massachusetts. He may very well have video of us taking photographs in that cemetery. The claim of faking evidence is completely untrue, unfounded and simply an attempt at putting a scar on the reputation of Maine Ghost Hunters. Facts: 1. Maine Ghost Hunters was in Old Burying Point Cemetery as stated. 2. Maine Ghost Hunters was taking a lot of photos while in Salem including while in the Old Burying Point Cemetery. 3. Maine Ghost Hunters was in the Old Burying Point Cemetery with close to an estimated 50 other people who were also taking photos for the same purpose as we were. To catalog our trip and take home some memories of our event. Based on the flawed logic presented by Erik Kubik these other folks must have been there faking ghost photos too? 4. It's concerning to learn that Erik Kubik finds it acceptable to video record the activities of other people he does not know and then broadcast that video on the internet without their express permission. In addition expressing his unfounded "interpretation" (and I use that word loosely). What kind of creepy person does that? Please feel free to visit our website and see the evidence we present and judge for yourself. It's really sad that people must stoop so low as to manufacture falsities in an attempt to garner the attention they desire so badly (which they can't seem to earn on their own accord). Sincerely, Tony Maine Ghost Hunters

Submitted by Barbara (not verified) on
At least theirs someone on this threat with common sense, Thanks Ben.

Submitted by Squidge (not verified) on
Calling people you disagree with "fat nerds" (OH DEAR GOD NO. NOT FAT. ANYTHING BUT THAT) and making nonsensical "zingers" about knocking out walls in your apartment counts as "common sense" these days?

@Barbara I respect your comments, Barbara: very well spoken and non-antagonistic. I do however take umbrage with one particular comment: "What makes P.R.O.O.F even more credible, is the simple fact that they do all of what they do which is alot, for nothing, just because they care." Good works does not equate with scientific credibility. They may be good people, but that carries no weight in the light of peer review. "For those people that say P.R.O.O.F’s evidence is not convincing whatsoever, have you seen some of these shows on TV or these “paranormal websites” that claim they have paranormal photos?" The problem is that paranormal evidence, in general, does not pass the scientific or, even, criminal standard. Photographs can be faked; voices can be added to EVPs (or noise filtered so that a random sound appears to be human)....ect. Most of this evidence is thought to be spurious b/c there are so many charlatans in the field. In fact, I caught a group of Maine Ghost Hunters faking ghost photos at the Old Burying Point Cemetery in Salem on Saturday. I videotaped two of their members in action. It happens. And unless a paranormal group offers a time stamp videotape of its own investigating process; there will always be questions of tampering and fakery. I have no idea with PROOF. I am not accusing them of anything, but the money angle appears to be there.

@Tony I think you are mistaken here. 1. I have not placed the video online. 2. I videotaped these individuals b/c of what they were doing. It involved the use of a cigarette. 3. The length of the clip is about 10 or 12 secs. I wasn't following anyone around or creeping about. I was taking video of the cemetery and happen to see two men doing something strange. Now I am willing to discuss this with you and Kat privately, show you the clip, and have you respond with your defense. If you dispute this evidence, then we can post the opposing sides here, if need be. I am not a person to hold grudges and am willing to admit mistakes when I make them. But your comments above presume I did this and that when you don't know the circumstances of what I saw. If more comments like you have posted above continue, then I find it difficult to even approach this subject with your organization. You can't argue with a freight train.

@Erik My problem is that a false public claim has been made against our organization by name "Maine Ghost Hunters" regarding faking of paranormal evidence. I hope that when this claim is proven to be false we can resolve that as publicly as the claim was made and move on. Please send a link to the video ASAP so we can do that. You can send email to, or and you can even call our phone at 207.504.6224. Tony Maine Ghost Hunters

Submitted by Tal Winter (not verified) on
People, I think we should end our responses in here. Although it's a Google Friendly type of information. We lost track of what's important or not. We should take it somewhere else and write about how well Ray Bendici is writing his articles :) Don't you think so?

I said I would refrain from making any comments to negative posts but I just can't bite my tongue anymore. Please, if you are a skeptic or an antagonist there is no need to post here. I'm all about a GOOD debate but certain posters are going beyond a debate. But like Tony said, there is a difference between freedom of speech and false accusations/defamation of character. I support MGH 100% and for you non believers, us paranormal teams really stick together and will support/defend each other. No one on here is bashing or critizing your website or what you do Mr. Kubik. You may not understand or accept what we do but if you could please try to respect it that would be fantastic. To everyone else, thank you & happy hunting!!

With all due respect Tal, this accusation hasn't been resolved and until that happens I would rather the thread remain open. We are confident in 2 aspects of what has become this "situation". (#1), the specific use of the phrase "Maine Ghost Hunters" was used in Mr. Kubik's explanation of who he saw in Salem, and it was (#2) directly stated he saw 2 male members of that team purposely faking photographic evidence. Since this posting is going to be on the internet for eternity I don't feel it's asking too much that Mr. Kubik provide the 10 to 12 seconds of video, and once we (Mr. Kubrik and Maine Ghost Hunters) are sure the accusations are not directed toward us - Maine Ghost Hunters - we would appreciate a formal public apology so anyone who reads this string in the future will be clear that Mr. Kubik was speaking of another team from Maine, and not ours. I'm confident we can work together toward this end, and equally as confident that it's necessary as a means to maintain our mutual public persona/image. Thanks, and I'll let you know when Mr. Kubik follows through with his offer to provide the video he took of the team members faking evidence. Kat Maine Ghost Hunters

Amanda, Thank you so much for your words of support. They are greatly appreciated. It's good to be in the presence of someone who understands our concerns. Kat Maine Ghost Hunters

@Amanda "I support MGH 100% and for you non believers, us paranormal teams really stick together and will support/defend each other. No one on here is bashing or critizing your website or what you do Mr. Kubik. You may not understand or accept what we do but if you could please try to respect it that would be fantastic. " Amanda, honestly, it doesn't seem you want to stand up to peer review. I agree with UE: if you don't want to defend the integrity of your scientific investigation, then don't stand in the public life. Everyday I am forced to defend my world, sometimes to a room of this country's most prodigious physicists. I sincerely think a great many paranormal groups are afraid to face a truly dedicated scientific analysis of their evidence. Standing together, good works, all this means nothing. It comes down to your method, your results, and your error analysis. @Kat "Since this posting is going to be on the internet for eternity I don’t feel it’s asking too much that Mr. Kubik provide the 10 to 12 seconds of video, and once we (Mr. Kubrik and Maine Ghost Hunters) are sure the accusations are not directed toward us....." Just got home and ate dinner with my family. I will send out the clip once we can agree on the following: we can discuss the matter privately and come to a consensus before we post here again. I am not here for someone to grab my footage and present it out of context.

Just to put this issue to rest. I talked with Tony of Maine Ghost Hunters and forwarded him the footage of the individuals creating fake ghost images in Salem. Although not discernible from the footage, I described the shirt of one of the men in the video and this does not match the shirt worn by the group "Maine Ghost Hunters". The shirt, in question, had a picture of a ghost, tombstone and the words "Maine Ghost Hunters/Investigators", the last word I was not certain. After looking at the field team for Tony's group, there was no individual who resembled the men in the video. The time the video was taken does not match Tony's account of the time his team was in the cemetery. This leads me to believe, and perhaps Tony too if he wants to speak for himself, that this is another ghost hunting team from Maine visiting Old Burying Point Cemetery on this day. The video clearly shows this team from Maine faking a smoking image of a ghost. Tony was very pleasant as we discussed the video and he understands that I used the term Maine Ghost Hunters based on the teeshirt I witnessed and not based on knowledge of their group for which I had none. So I hope this clears up this little row. We can now turn our attention back to the malarky going on at MTS. ----Erik

@ MGH: I'm thrilled that Mr. Kubik's wasn't a video of your group!! I had been thinking about you all day and was hoping for a quick resolution! To everyone else: I've been in contact with Ray from this site and we are working on a Q&A with him that will be featured on this thread. We will try to answers everyone's questions and concerns about MTS and our investigation. If you have any specific questions you can email damnedct with them or myself directly at We will answer the questions and then stop posting on this thread. Thank you!

Submitted by Tal Winter (not verified) on
Hallelujah! :)

Submitted by nick (not verified) on
Thank you proof paranormal for your large donation to the Christmas in April foundation. Your largely populated events exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful for you and your extreme generosity. Great evidence btw. Love you guys. Looking forward to the MTS Q&A NICK.. CIA INC.

Submitted by Tina (not verified) on
Sorry, but there are MANY FALSE STATEMENTS here.....My parents worked at the Mansfield Training School which was NOT A PLACE FOR THE INSANE! It was a facility where MENTALLY HANDICAPPED/i.e. RETARDED individuals received care, housing, and therapy! Our family lived very close to this house! There were never any murders there and the house in question was lived in by the Superintendent and his family for nearly 20 years, ending in the mid-80's. The Superintendent's son has even commented on the MTS facebook page and on the PROOF facebook page that he did not notice anything unusual in the house! We lived in the same neighborhood along with the families of doctors and other employees, it was a nice, happy and friendly environment. Many former employees greatly miss the place! IF there was actually a "skeleton" in the house, why isn't anyone asking the superintendents's family about it? THERE WAS NEVER AN "ASYLUM" THERE OR PATIENTS HOUSED IN THAT HOUSE! IT WAS A HOUSE USED FOR STAFF, namely the Superintendent and his family, to reside there. And, if the house somehow became "haunted" after the Superintendent moved out in the mid-80's, they why is the women who bought it STILL LIVING THERE? COULD MONEY BE A MOTIVATING FACTOR? Surely someone is profiting off of this new found notoriety? And, there were NO TUNNELS! There were several other "training schools" for the retarded in CT and they were all shut down when the state decided to phase them out in favor of group homes. No mystery, no scandal.

Thank you, Tina. I have tried to get former employees to come here and talk about MTS, but, frankly, they couldn't give a darn about some group's ghost hunt. Clearly, money and notoriety are issues inside someone's mind here. We are seeing evidence already of that. Tina, if you contact me at, I would like to message you about something.

I will say this though. A number of ex-employees have admitted being in the tunnels. I have not so I cannot say for certain that they exist. Also, one cannot forgive the DOJ investigation and class action lawsuit as factors in the decision to close MTS. They were, in fact, the motivation and provided the necessity to move the patients out of the facility and into group homes.

Fair analysis, Joseph. I did not appreciate the allegations of murder at MTS made by SyFy. Also, the program alleged that murder had occurred and was covered up by the superintendent of MTS. Without real evidence, and not fabricated news clippings, SyFy does not escape without a severe rebuke for alleging such unproven allegations.

Submitted by CB (not verified) on
Regardless of fact, fiction or whatever we all got here to this thread by either watching SyFy or by investigating the house/mansion/facility. I personally watched the SyFy show "Paranormal Witness". Me, personally, I believe in the paranormal and would love to experience it first hand. I watch the shows out of pure interest and because honestly I like getting scared. I am kind of an adrenaline junky of varying magnitudes. Plus I like the whole research behind the "story"."Story" is in quotations because amongst truth there are lies and amongst lies there is truth, especially when it comes down to a hundred year old "questionable/primative science studies" facility with documented and "word of mouth" incidents. Skeptics are going to do what they do, criticize and demand solid proof. Paranormal investigators are going to pursue that constant demand by skeptics for solid truth. I am just unsure as to what is solid truth in a field that has just recently seen a boom of interest and growth within the last decade or so. It is almost along the lines of NASA's claim of another inhabitable planet in another galaxy. Honestly how the hell would they know? Seriously think about it, how the hell can scientists see a planet and its atmospheric make up that far away and determine it "livable". But we all put faith in their PHD and years of college crunching and studies. They say it, we beleive it. It is human nature to question and rationalize what we fear which is what I believe has been happening on this thread. In my honest opinion things can still happen even if they are not documented. The particular incident I am referring to is the said "murder" of the little girl "Jessica". If you open your mind and think about what is being said by Joseph and his colleague Amanda, both of P.R.O.O.F., there MAY be a "read between the lines" type of deal here. Joseph said there is no evidence to support this accusation, i.e. reports, newspaper articles or any other sort of documentation. From a professional perspective that is most likely correct and the right thing to say. My theory is the P.R.O.O.F. organization may have "made contact" with an unfortunately murdered child whose sad and horrible death may have been covered up. Just because there are no documents does not mean it did not happen. From my understanding with my limited knowledge of these types of "facilities for feeble minded/retarded/mentally and sociably challenged" many things were covered up and kept secret (and that is documented in many ways). These institutes used very inhumane and controversial techniques to "cure" the uncurable. Many people fell victim to these "studies of science" just because of the lack of understanding and primative knowledge of humanity, period. Regardless, an undocumented and covered up murder could be the reason why these "human like" bones were discovered within the homes basement and turned over to the state anthropoligist or whatever. It very well could be and is most likely a case to some degree if found to be human bones in the manor they were. Whether it be an open, active case or an unsolved case. That could explain why P.R.O.O.F. has received no further enlightenment of the matter because they are not directly or intimately linked to the bones in any manor. At this current date paranormal investigations with incriminating findings cannot be exhibited as proof. Just the same as Mediums and Psychics. What paranormal investigators, mediums and psychics do is not an exact science and there is not enough credibility to support it. Same as a lie detector and a roadside PBT (prelimanary breath test - handheld used by law enforcement to get a rough idea of blood alcohol content). There is just too many unknown variables. In the end if your a critic good for you and keep up the good work. Critics are what pushes professionals of every field to better themselves and to keep pushing for their field to broaden. Without the critics out there the paranormal field would be a series of goosbumps and noises as proof. P.R.O.O.F. and the other ghost hunters and paranormal investigators are what they are and they do what they love and feel compassionate about. As a critic just because you are skeptical or scared of the truth get over it and understand to not understand. Do not sit there and tear someone or something apart that you yourself know nothing about. As I pointed out earlier, we don't argue with atronomers or astrologers (whatever the exact title is) that there is inhabitable planet somewhere out there. Why argue with the paranormal pros?

Submitted by Tina (not verified) on
So, I guess this website is owned by the "PROOF" group and is not an unbiased site? And, that "PROOF" is apparently run by a (disgruntled?) State of CT Mental Health Worker? That in itself seems quite telling.... As far as "Tunnels", the PROOF investigator said there were tunnels to this house, that is an incorrect statement, there are no tunnels leading to this house. As to an abuse report against "current employees", there are no current employees as MTS has been closed since the 1980's......And, considering it is public record as a state document, can you post that report as well as documentation to substantiate your claims as to your "current patients" and "78%" of them being from MTS, although it has been closed since the 80's, and "32%" of those suffering from PTSD? As far as PROOF not profiting, can you post the contract you had with RAW TV which will confirm you were not being in any way compensated? Lastly, if crimes such as those you allege were committed in that house, and the remains of a body found there, and the current residents claim no involvement in such crimes, then shouldn't the former residents, that being the Superintendent and/or his family be questioned by the police? The superintendent's son, Brett McNamera, is active online on FB and other communities, he even runs a page for former MTS employees, surely the police could locate him and open a criminal investigation if your statements are true?

@Erik, to be honest with you Erik, I couldn't agree with you more on this matter. The Mansfield Training School does indeed have a laundry list of resident complaints concerning abuse and neglect. Nevertheless, no where in these complaints, is there an indication or evidence thereof, a murder/coverup at MTS or the previous superintendents residence. The fact that the Syfy network was aware of there being no murder/coverup but yet still moving forward and airing such information with fabricated materials is beyond reasonable comprehension. I have been in contact with the Moore family and they aswell are disgusted with the outcome of the episode and its falsifications. I have been in contact with the MTS representative and property manager and we are working together to resolve some of the controversy behind the facilities rumors. The only thing that I can tell you right now is, NO there was no murder at MTS or at the previous Superintendents residence. Additionally, the materiel that was discovered in a slap in the Moore family home did in fact resemble human remains but has NOT been presumed such at this time. The syfy network made viewers believe that what was found was "in fact" a human skeleton which couldn't be any more dramatic or farther from the truth. I do have a copy of the initial report made to Mansfield state troopers and will post that later today or tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can not comment on the states investigation at this time, however, if what was reported as "human-like remains" was in fact found to be "human" than I would think that I would have already been informed of its validity. I will keep you updated. Any additional questions you may have concerning MTS and the superintendents home, please forward to Ray the Administrator for Thanks again for listening.

@Tina, Thank you so much for your comment! Question for you Tina; have you been inside of the MTS or been through the previous superintendents home? If you haven't I would be more than obliged to give you a tour! You and I can sit behind our screens and type away all day in a heated debate about the facts concerning what took place at MTS. FYI: the state of CT officially shut the MTS down in 1993, not mid 80's.Get your facts straight. As for allegations in the superintendents previous residence, I do not as mentioned in the above have any reports or evidence thereof, to say that any crime, thus including murder was committed or covered up. You can say whatever it is about me or P.R.O.O.F that you feel justifies your concern or makes you feel in authority. Nevertheless, I will defend the rights of the Moore family and the Facts surrounding MTS and its history. I will discontinue my commenting on this site and will provide answers to per-prepared questions provided by Format coming soon.

Submitted by Erik Kubik (not verified) on
Joseph, if you would be so obliged, I would like to take you up on your offer to tour MTS. I've been there before, toured extensively, but there are elements of the property that I have questions about.

@Erik, Please email me personally at and you and I will discuss further a guided tour of MTS and the Previous superintendents residence. Thanks Much!

Submitted by Tina (not verified) on
YES, I HAVE been there and inside several buildings. As to your offer of a "tour", I no longer live in CT. Show me proof that "underground tunnels" exist leading to/from the superintendents residence , such as the photos you previously indicated you would post. And, please back up your other claims such as the statistics and reports you referenced as well as your claim that your PROOF group did not have a deal to be compensated by RAW TV, how about posting the contract? And, get YOUR facts straight, they began closing buildings and moving out most residents in the mid to late 1980's....The prison which sits on a large area of the "campus", and which took over several of the buildings, was also opened in the 1980's. And, you clearly seem to be changing some of your group's prior statements as to finding human remains etc., perhaps realizing it is becoming obvious that they are false and possibly libelous claims.

Submitted by Maggie (not verified) on
why are there no photos of the house that is Amy Moores Mansfield Conneticut Training school house? I would like to see photos of it as it is today.

Submitted by Brandy (not verified) on
Joseph, you are very well spoken. You have handled the negative comments very professionally. I am impressed. Like I said in previous statements T.V. tends to "Hollywood" it up a bit for entertainment purposes. People just need to keep that in mind while watching shows such as PW. Keep an open mind. Regardless if there are or aren't tunnels or if there was or was not a murder. The house and the surrounding grounds are very interesting. I don't know how someone can say that there was ZERO abuse or mistreatment, as a person who has worked in the medical field I have witnessed abuse and mistreatment in every facility I have been in, so I have a hard time believing there was NO mistreatment of the patients. I will say this though, on the show Amy Moore herself claimed that she had found old newspaper clippings about a murder so why she would be upset about how SYFY aired it confuses me.

Submitted by James Nelson (not verified) on{scid=hdp-site-map-bubble-address} Maggie, Just go a real estate site like zillow (address shown above), enter the address and learn all you'd ever want to know about the current state of the estate.

Submitted by Squidge (not verified) on
Joseph - Thank you so much for your comments regarding the murder. I'm curious about laying it all on SyFy, though. In comment 24, Amanda, the Executive Director of PROOF, states that the allegation of murder is "100% accurate and true. From our evidence, we believe the little girls name is 'Jessica'. We have an EVP in which she tells us her name." How does her claim that the murder is 100% true, even supplying us with the victim's name, square with your claim that "the Syfy network was aware of there being no murder"?

Submitted by Squidge (not verified) on
Also in comment 69, Amanda says that "we believe" what was found in the basement was "cremated remains." But you say "The syfy network made viewers believe that what was found was “in fact” a human skeleton which couldn’t be any more dramatic or farther from the truth." So does PROOF believe there's a murder and human remains like Amanda says, or that there wasn't, like you said? And if one of your organization's own representatives is claiming there was a murder and a body, why are you pinning this entirely on SyFy? I am actually asking - I may be misunderstanding where Amanda is from, for example - but I would like to get your take on these contradictions.

Submitted by Tina (not verified) on
@Squidge, Good point. Amanda works for PROOF, as she states. It appears one member of PROOF is stating one thing and another something entirely different, then they attack those who point out their inconsistencies and inaccuracies. On another page, Amanda says they will be posting a police report to verify remains were found while Joseph, the founder of PROOF, says that no remains were found. If remains were found, open a criminal investigation and question the last known residents. And Brandy, there are allegations of mistreatment of one kind or another at nearly every hospital and every facility of this kind in the nation, today and back when MTS was open. Within the time span of more than 100 years, and thousands of staff and patients/residents, there may very well have been some cases of mistreatment but abuse allegations do not substantiate murder or a haunted residence. Post the newspaper clippings referenced about the "murder". And claiming that PROOF did not have any financial incentive regarding this investigation or any arrangement to be compensated by RAW TV is not helping PROOF's case as those are not true statements.

Submitted by Squidge (not verified) on
@Tina - I guess I can stretch credulity enough to believe that Joseph just doesn't know what Amanda is telling people, if I must, but to blame it all on SyFy when we got half of this info from his own group's executive director on this very page (and not the show) is making this shadier and shadier. I don't think the show even mentioned the name "Jessica." And the fact that she says PROOF's investigation uncovered the murder via EVP... At the very least, I hope he talks to her about claiming the group has proof they apparently don't, and spreading rumors about murders that never happened. I have to admit, I'm not too keen on Joseph's plan of only responding to questions this website prepares in advance. I have a feeling questions like ours just won't make it through the screening process, but hopefully I'm wrong.

Submitted by Squidge (not verified) on
CB - Joseph didn't merely say there's no evidence of a murder, he said there was "no murder." In fact, he says that SyFy's claim that there was a murder "is beyond reasonable comprehension." That leaves zero wiggle room for a murder. I do believe in the supernatural. I don't argue with all paranormal investigators. But that doesn't mean I have to believe all of them.

Submitted by deb fitzgerald (not verified) on
I worked at Mansfield Training School for 14 yrs and never saw or felt anything strange or otherwordly, and I have never been to the Moore House, though I know where it is. I can tell you that there were tunnels all throughout Mansfield Training School, though I personally was never in them. I think the purpose of them was to travel in bad weather from building to building and maybe to transport those who lived there. The years I worked there the School was home to "retarded" individuals.

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PS- CB, it seems to be you who attacks others when they voice an opinion which differs from yours.....And you have gone way off topic in some of your "rambling" posts....

Submitted by CB (not verified) on
Tina- I made an attempt to make a point to someone that was very critical and rude on a page of debate. I was merely trying to get across the point that through the years of the worlds growth there have been many sciences considered ridiculous or defined as pseudoscience, that have become main staples in our scientific beliefs and studies. I provided examples. I have no sympathy for those who look for a debate but will not listen to examples, or proof (not referring to paranormal proof) by others. If one is so ignorant to be so prideful and egotistical to think everyone else is wrong, then damn right I will call them out on it. I have said numerous times I do not agree with PROOFs conflicting reports and I understand skepticism. If someone feels as strongly about their passion as the PROOF members, then that is their thing. I just do not appreciate how somone can literally attack them and criticize them for believeing in their "science". Especially from a scientist. If it offended you then realize it was not intended for you or anyone else other than Erik. Tina, if I were to sit here and say you do know what you were talking about when you accounted your time spent on MTS because others that are leaving comments contrary to your experience. I have been very flexible in understanding people will have different experiences or no experiences. In the end Erik was making comments and I stepped up to debate with him and if he or you do not like what I had to say, then oh well.

Submitted by Tina (not verified) on
@Deb, same here. My Dad was on the medical staff, and my Mom did some P/T volunteer work when she was not too busy being a F/T Mom. We lived at Deardon House which was sort of an apt building at the time, along with the families of many other staff members. If there were tunnels, I would think your explanation is correct, and would not think the existence of some tunnels would have any bearing on some of the claims being made as to hauntings, "murders", etc. I have been in the former super's house and do not believe there were any tunnels which ran there. As a child growing up, I never felt anything odd or heard of anything otherworldly either. Granted, any group of old abandoned buildings is likely to be creepy but that is much different than some of the claims being made here.

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Squidge- Like many have said it is all a matter of opinion. Regardless they do their thing that they are professionals at. It is what it is and that is all we can believe it to be. I understand and am all for debate. The debate over situations to me makes thing that much more interesting. Regardless of what we think, we have to at least give them, P.R.O.O.F. some type of respect in understanding how there may just in fact be "red tape" over certain things considering the investigation of the Moore house was done before SyFy had involvement. SyFy is a major television network and who ever manages the network I am sure has a legal team that is well in place for the fact of arguments like this that attack the "credibility" of the factual and fictional story for the "Hollywoodifying". I just feel some people on here attacked and criticized the whole story/situation rather rudely. As humans we have free will and free thought (I am not going Bible thumping here at all, just realistic). I just think people want to believe and they want that "smoking gun". Honestly though, what would be the "smoking gun"? It is not like we are going to the dentist and looking at models of something known for thousands of years by extensive research. The paranormal science is young and a new and radical thought to many. Regardless I am a believer but I also understand to not understand. I am not a paranormal investigator and would not even know the first thing other than what I see on TV and a few "questionable" experiences heard and experienced. In the end I just love the paranormal and the whole process that goes into research from documents and interviews and the representation. People just need to understand that criticizing is just that. I just think it is foul for people to crucify someone because they believe in or are contrary to their own thoughts.

"The paranormal science is young and a new and radical thought to many. " The study of the paranormal is not considered to be a science by any physics, chemistry, biology, or professional engineering department of any University in the country, perhaps the world. In fact, paranormal research has been labeled by many to be a pseudoscience and by others as a search for anomalies. Those are all facts. I understand belief tends to trump the expert opinions of the scientific community. I personally respect others for their beliefs, but if they go public with their results, I then challenge on the basis of their purported physical evidence. Paranormal research is also not a young science. The study of ghostly phenomenon has been going on for hundreds of years. Indeed some of the same instruments, though now more sensitive, have been in use over that time period.

"I am sure has a legal team that is well in place for the fact of arguments like this that attack the “credibility” of the factual and fictional story for the “Hollywoodifying”." I understand your thought here, but P.R.O.O.F itself has admitted that the material collected was not human remains. Therefore, SyFy made two egregious mistakes in their presentation: first, they erroneously accused MTS of murder and a conspiracy to cover up the murder and, second, that the remains contained a human skeleton. If the legal team were in fact working as closely with production as you suggest, then they not only dropped the ball but allowed the network to be vulnerable to civil action.

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Erik- When I say young I am referring to the methods and "tools" used. It is kind of far fetched to say that ghosts just started appearing within the last three hundred years or even one thousand years. Now I understand the meaning of pseudoscience - basically meaning "false knowledge". Consider this alchemy was once thought to be a pseudoscience. Another obvious example of pseudoscience was that the world was once thought flat and those who thought it to be round were ridiculed (more of a pseudo-thought than pseudoscience however Pythagoras hypothesized this around 570BC and Erathostenes theorized the Earth was round around 240BC but was not proven until Magellan was the first person documented to sail around the world 1519-22 "Magellan was killed in 1521 but his crew continued and finished the journey" ). Hypnotism, neuroplasticity the belief the brain can adapt , plate tectonics, the germ theory by Pasteur, faculty psychology (the assignment of different sections of the brain are used for different functions), Democritus thought of atomism, then there was the thought that the Earth was the center of the universe and that the sun revolved around the planets known as helicenticism (philisophisized by Copernicus and not proven by him only because he could not give "visual proof" to skeptics), endosymbiosis was highly criticized (the belief of mitochondria (in human cells) and chloroplasts (in plant cells) derived from prokaryotic organisms, as well as some consider the "string theory" not a part of science. If you think of it Psychology in a whole was once considered a "pseudoscience". Some of these listed are indeed thoughts and theories but most of them were once considered ridiculous and as time went on and the ability to research these "pseudosciences" they were proven and are now considered within the astronomical, mathmatical, medical, biological and geographical sciences. All science was once considered "pseudoscience" at one point in time until the subject matter was researched with evolved technology and extensive studies. Would you go as far as saying Darwins theory of evolution is a psedoscience or is theology a pseudoscience? Which side of the fence are you on in that topic? I feel the term "pseudoscience" should be replaced with the term "controversial science" for the fact that many theories of "false knowledge" have been proven to be in fact, correct. Pseudoscience is another way to term an unproven hypothesis. People who are gods in the science world such as Einstein, Newton and Freud were once laughed at and ridiculed. Would you say they are wrong with their theories and hypothesises today, or do you believe them because the books you read in college or any other year of your education told you they were right? I can list more and more things that were once considered "false knowledge" the literal latin meaning of "pseudoscience", as well as misleading. I stumbled across this quote stated by Donald Rumsfield: As we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns -- the ones we don't know we don't know." - Donald Rumsfeld Kind of sums everything up.... understand to not understand.

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Erik- As far as P.R.O.O.F. saying this or saying that, I kind of feel that it is one person being legally and professionally correct considering their situation with RAW TV or SyFy or whoever, and the other stating what they think they know from their studies/investiagtion. They kind of need to get on the same page for multiple reasons. I can not remember if any of the P.R.O.O.F. members or Ms. Moore stated whether they were anatomy experts or what not. As far as I know P.R.O.O.F. was not there during the removal of the "bones" human or animal. This statement should not have been made, it is a statement made on an assumption... that I agree with Erik. But like I said if the Connecticut State Anthropologist examined the bones and nothing was released it may in fact be human bones and it may in fact be an open case it the bones were in deed human. I do not care who you are, unless you have some law enforcement weight or connection, to find out if it is an active or cold case. You have to think of the negligence and inability to keep accurate records of the time era. If they are indeed human bones and they were hidden and "unclaimed" then you have to have the reasonable suspicion to consider that there is a possibility of a covered up murder. Key words: consider and possibility if proven to be human bones.