Mansfield Training School, Mansfield

February, 2016 by Ray Bendici
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Courtesy of the National Register of Historic Places

The Damned Story: Although there are thousands of state residents who have attended the University of Connecticut, very few are familiar with the story of the Depot Campus, and how it was formerly the Mansfield Training School. Or how the buildings belonging to the former mental hospital are believed by some to be haunted.

In a demonstration of how political correctness is a 21st-century invention, the Mansfield Training School originally started in 1860 as the "Connecticut School for Imbeciles," and was located in Lakeville. As hard as it is to believe, that name eventually offended someone, and in 1915 it was re-christened the "Connecticut Training School for Feebleminded." (Yeah, that's much better.) In 1917, it was merged with Connecticut Colony for Epileptics in Mansfield, where the new 350-acre campus was opened under the official banner of the Mansfield Training School and Hospital.

With its isolated location and bucolic setting, the Mansfield Training School was an ideal place to treat those afflicted with mental disorders. For the next 60 years it was home to residents who suffered from all sorts of mental afflictions. At the height of its use, it housed over 1,800 residents and featured over 50 buildings, most of which were devoted to patient treatment. It also had a small farm that provided occupational therapy for some of the epileptic patients in addition to food for the facility.

Sadly, like other hospitals that dealt with mental illness, there were allegations of poor conditions and abuse, although many, many more people were helped rather than hurt during their stays. Overall, the facility appeared to have a dedicated, caring staff and a good reputation.

After numerous lawsuits and concerns about the conditions, however, the Mansfield Training School was closed in 1993; patients were sent to more modern facilities and institutions throughout the state. A few of the most dilapidated buildings were demolished while others became part of the University of Connecticut as its Depot Campus. Another part of the original campus was annexed by the Bergin Correctional Center, a level-2 minimum security facility for male offenders.

In 1987, the Mansfield Training School was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Again, despite the mostly positive, caring work that went on here (and at other similar facilities), there seems to be a story or two of negative incidents, any one of which is enough to initiate stories of restless souls and troubled spirits.


Consequently, there have been reports of spirit mists and orbs here, as well as experiences involving unexplained voices, sounds and shapes. The building of the former Knight Hospital is one place where unexplained phenomena is still allegedly observed.

Courtesy of National Register of Historic Places

Paranormal groups have also investigated a few of the buildings, and claim to have found evidence confirming paranormal activity, for what it's worth.

Our Damned Experience: When we visited UConn's Ballard Institute of Puppetry in 2010, we mentioned that the museum was located in an old, seemingly abandoned area on the Depot Campus, which as it turns out, was part of the Mansfield Training School. So we were there without even realizing it!

As we mentioned when we visited, that area of the campus feels a bit like a forgotten part of the campus. Now we have a reason to go back and explore a bit!

If You Go: The grounds of the former Mansfield Training School are now part of UConn's Depot Campus on Route 44 in Storrs, and thus are open to the public. 

On the other side of Route 44 is the Bergin Correctional Center, which also features some of the former training school campus, although it's not exactly open to the public in the conventional sense.

On the UConn side, some of the old structures remain empty, and have been overgrown by weeds and ivy. Obviously, visitors are vigorously discouraged from entering these buildings.

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Submitted by Sam (not verified) on
Obviously "Moore" works for or is affiliated with "PROOF" or the person who lives in the home and is attempting to profit off of that fact......And, no, Gallant only retracted his statements when he realized he had to, and the state police did not say they thought the "substance" was human remains and there was no "PROOF" that anyone, other than Gallant made that claim, perhaps to gain the notoriety you claim he now has. We'll look forward to those 2 hour specials on 3 television networks....

Submitted by brian mac (not verified) on
The allegations at Greenlawn are absolute nonsense. There is ample information on the history of that house in the Mansfield Historical Society yet the family claimed the realtor knew nothing of its history. Also, the backstory has changed considerably on PROOF"s site. No mention of the debris collected by state police in the testimonial. It is all simply anecdotal with some EVPs and a camera thrown off a table as evidence. The whole episode is publicity driven with a goal to gain notoriety and some cash.

I would like to know more about the story if a lot of thing's where left behind why didn't the state take all the patient records thats the only thing I dont understand or did they take the Records thier's more to this story of the school

Submitted by Alannah (not verified) on
Fascinating discussion, and for avid lovers of flame-wars like myself, a great read. I just watched the episode, and was entertained, thrilled, and morbidly fascinated just as I suspect SyFy desired me to be. I'm not sure why people are so willing to accept this sort of entertainment as factual. There's so much misinformation everywhere, even in your morning newspaper. I was even tempted to falsify an account here for amusement's sake - and I caution everyone to take any accounts, for or against whatever situation mentioned here, with a grain of salt. Who knows? Just some notes: I found Moore to read in a strikingly similar fashion to Amanda. I found Eric and some others to apply refreshing critical thinking to the topic, and it appeared that some people mistook critical questioning for criticism. I would wager Amanda began to take this personally as she appeared to be on the defensive, which never works very well in rational discussion. Moreover, I did not find Eric to be overly antagonistic - what I read was this - he and others asked for proof. This proof was not supplied. It became an argument of this vs. that which never really can be resolved when either party refuses to budge as one party failed to produce 'evidence,' and the other party continued to ask for it. The problem here is that no one can substantiate claims, and frustration grows on the side of the questioner, while the answerer becomes more and more defensive. PROOF, IMO, you should stop being butt-hurt that people are bombarding you with negative reception (as well as the much wanted positive). Such sensitivity is not befitting of a professional organisation, and lacks dignity. An old adage for you - as any writer should know, you should know that all publicity is good publicity. This is good for you, as it has your site hit counts up. It has people asking questions. It sparks controversy which is far more delectable to us ravenous consumers than the truth.

Submitted by Richard (not verified) on
I had a family member who was committed there in July of 1966. The last I heard of her was in 1991 - I was told that she was being placed in a different facility, but I never knew where it was. Since then, my other siblings have all passed away, and I am the last alive of my family. My family had extreme difficulty discussing such things; Openness was not their long suit. I rather doubt that she is still alive, as she had health issues, as well as being mentally disabled. She would be 55 now. I've never been able to find Patient lists or unsealed archives, and I am not willing to move mountains to try. After all these many years, I still have sadness in my heart for her, and I guess I can only hope that she is with God now, and that she has found the Peace and happiness that she was denied in life.

Submitted by Sam (not verified) on
Richard from May 10th post; no one was "committed" to MTS, it was not a home for the mentally ill/insane, it was a facility for mentally retarded individuals, there is a big difference. If your sibling was moved, it was likely to a group home in the community. There are ways to check with the group homes in the area, I imagine. Good luck.

Submitted by brian mac (not verified) on
Not to defend Richard but individuals could be 'committed' to the institution if it was proven that they were mentally disabled. This is an important distinction: not retarded, not mentally ill or insane, but mentally disabled. Committals could be made with the consent of the doctor and family. The case of Gladys Burr is an infamous example of a fallacious committal of a person who was later deemed mentally fit to enter society but was never discharged.

Submitted by JK Greyfriars (not verified) on
Welcome to the New Internet, ass, where it's assumed that you want every little thing you do to be listed, tracked, recorded, copied to everyone you know and linked to all your other pages. Not.

Submitted by ass (not verified) on
get me off this damn forum, i keep getting all the replys in my email just because i made a comment like a year ago.

I heared about this on pannoramal cases. i googled it and saw this artical its realy interstening.

Submitted by Richard (not verified) on
Just got the above message in my e-mail (My message was #288). I've decided to let things lie, and not pursue what ever happened to my sister. All the rest of the family being dead now, I can't see the purpose. Finding this site was an informational treat for me, though. The rumors of the place being Haunted - the mention of court cases, alleging mistreatment and neglect of the inhabitants - perhaps I'm better off, not knowing anything more. I will read any additional posts, though, just to see what interesting things come up from others' experiences. I am a History buff, and reading about historic sites such as MTS, and the stories behind them, will be enough for me.

Interesting that I "just" caught your story on Paranormal Witness. My Mother was going thru the channels on the tv when she came upon your story. I Am a Death Experiencer....I have done lots of cleanings. Almost Nothing else angers me more than misbehaving dark forces/spirits. I wanted to slam them thru the walls & nail them to where they belong....pinned down before the Creator. really isn't difficult getting rid of Spirits...if they are demonic forces...."See the Light...the Light is coming for you...go into the Light where it will be between You & God....You MUST go into the Light". For Spirits who are just trapped here..."See the Light....Can You See The Light.....Go into the Light...go be with those who Love You. God is there...go into The Light". There is an option to give to Spirits & that is to ask them if they would like to help us HUman Spirits fight against the evil Illuminazi's, this dark forces taking over our precious world...telling them they can move about, go to, do things that we cannot in the physical do....this will give them a direction as well as an outlet for their anger & help us defeat this evil. This is to any disembodied or otherwise...Spirit. Now there is 1 other modality you can do for your home that will fully cleanse it, since Spirits can attach themselves to any type of object. Get Olive Oil..hold it up & ask God to Bless it for Annointing(yes its that easy). Can put a dot on any & all items....can dot..or as sum like to do make the symbol of the Cross above the doors &/or windows. Once the entire home & all that is w/in the home is Annoint the forehead & the back of the neck of those present. Now open the main door...& say this...."This home belongs to God & I/us...This is The House of God & YOU MUST LEAVE RIGHT NOW!!! Can repeat this if you feel like you need to. It would also be very good to play positive....soothing music as the Home Annointing is being done. Remember this is to reclaim & to cleanse Your adamant about must be very stern....for the Spirits can spot any mental doubts of this tool. You may contact me....I hope you are able to get your home is time for that period i time to be no more & the present to take hold...making good come from it. And remember, you don't need to do all the things that they show w/catholic priests...for You Are A Child/Adult of God...that gives you "complete & full" Power...! Namaste...Your Kindred Warrior Sistah....Talara Dawn =^-^=

Submitted by Richard 1 (not verified) on
Ok thanks Richard2, Bryan Mac, and Ty. That does clear things up a bit. I guess I have somewhat of a cynical nature when it comes to institutions and government. Unfortunately the nefarious things that have happened cause us to look at things with a suspicious eye.

Submitted by Kenslie (not verified) on
I saw this on syfy on a show called Paranormal witness

Submitted by Ty Mitty (not verified) on
Wow... this thread is HUGE. I remember coming across it before the episode even aired. Now it's filled with tons of people that found it through the almighty Google search. After spending 1.5hrs reading every single comment here, I am in shock of how much certain individuals are grilling the PROOF members. PROOF has been very in-depth on specific personal details about this case, which you will not see very often. I imagine they had to do this because of the non-stop flaming coming from people who take TV like it's a book of faith. I can list numerous airings of TV paranormal reality shows that have twisted a few things for the thrill factor. This happens on TAPS, GA, PRS, PT, MGS, PW, PC, etc.. Amanda from PROOF has even said over & over that PROOF had no control over what RAW TV did with producing the segment. This happens all of the time on these type of TV shows. So if any of you are bothered by what has happened in this PW episode, you need to direct your hate towards the Producers of RAW TV that did this show. No one is forcing you to believe everything you see & hear, so why act like it? There are tunnels throughout the MTS area. Matter of fact, you will see tunnels under most hospital/mental health facilities. I've also seen previous employees of MTS state they have been in them... As for tunnels, they are very very very dangerous. Over time land changes, and tunnels become weak from years of land erosion, tectonic plate movements, etc. In 1996 the MTS land was redeveloped. If you want the cold hard proof of those tunnels, then contact the company who redeveloped the land and I'm sure they'll tell you about them, as it probably caused problems for redevelopment of the land. Here is a link to their company in case you actually go that far to contact them: I'm sure as part of redevelopment they sealed most tunnels, especially since the school was going to be used by UCONN associates. Kudos to team PROOF for giving their time to this case, and for putting up with all of you people grilling them over something a production company did.

Submitted by Richard 1 (not verified) on
I noticed another Richard on this site, so I added the #1 to my name as my postings came first. BTW, Richard, sorry to hear about your sister. Ty Mitt, why do all of these facilities, institutions, and hospitals feel they need tunnels anyway? The theory first was that they could be used as an escape route for employees to save themselves in case of a violent individual(s), but I think they were primarily used to hide things.

Submitted by brian mac (not verified) on
The tunnels are a non-issue. They are utility tunnels which connect power to the exterior lamps and between buildings. They could be traversed in winter when the campus was ice/snow covered and also move materials during these inclement times. Seriously, people, why is there always a nefarious purpose to everything? The gratings are on the sidewalk. Anyone can look inside.

Submitted by Richard2 (not verified) on
Thank you, Richard 1. I've added a "2" to mine. Yes - the tunnels - Whenever I see tunnels like that, it always does bring to mind, some secret purpose. Some "tunnel escape", for a political institution, or within a prison, or for Al Capone's vault (lol)'s just something we've all become conditioned to.

Submitted by Ty Mitty (not verified) on
@Richard#1 As for the logistics on why a facility would have tunnels kind of plays out to a few different reasons. It all really depends on the actual facility itself really. I've been inside of abandoned mental health hospitals where in the basements level of the building they do a lot of "dirty work". When I say dirty work, I mean like lobotomy, pulling teeth, even some places I've seen holding cells down in basements. Long term facilities were usually self-sustained and had a dentist on site as well as doctors. Although in extreme cases in the past, with patients who were violent, they would remove all their teeth so they couldn't bite staff or other patients. I've researched buildings like this for many years, and from what I've learned is this, tunnel systems really started out with military hospitals, and forts. They needed places to hide in case of an airstrike or invasion, or even an arms depot. However, soon after, many health facilities soon started adopting tunnels within their blueprints. Healthcare back in the late 1800's and to mid 1900's wasn't what it is today. Today there are all kinds of patient rights, and advanced treatment. Back then there were darker and more painful ways of getting the job done. These procedures would be carried out down in the basement. In the early to mid 1900's there was a boom of people with mental illness & disease coming about, so these facilities had to keep expanding. They would build tunnels connecting all of the buildings so they could bring patients to the main areas for whatever procedure needed to be done. As you can imagine, being locked in a hospital with nothing to do but stare out the window, you would eventually catch on to what staff is doing, and where they may be heading with the clients if they had to transport them above ground. To put any looky-lous off, they would use tunnels to take care of business. As poster above brian mac stated, these tunnels were also used for supplies and utility tunnels as well. It really depends on the specific building at hand, like what their specific specialty was, and where the facility was geographically. In cold harsh climates, you can't walk these ill clients across ice and/or snow. When you are really really sick, getting outside and being cold could really hurt, muscles convulsing, shaking, etc. So, there are many reasons for them, but to be fair and logical, you would need to look at every facilities reason of purpose and location to get a better idea. From what I've read about personally, most common days hospitals usually ALL have basements. The basements are where the med vaults are usually located, and also bio-hazard waste disposal, and sometimes, depending on the hospital, some have incinerators for severed legs, arms, etc. Usually where hospitals are located, there will be a lot of other medical buildings around as well in the general area. Our local hospital here, has tunnels that go to different surgery buildings throughout the medical campus. Many of the nursing homes have tunnels that go directly to the hospital and therapy buildings. I actually walked through one with a therapy patient last year here. Oh yea, you will see morgues sometimes in the basements too. I hope this kind of helps explains tunnels for you Richard #1. :)

Submitted by brian mac (not verified) on
kitty, the procedures you describe were not conducted in tunnels. MTS had a hospital after 1926 in which care was provided. The 'pulling of the teeth' was a hallmark of another institution in another state. It was not a professional policy of Mansfield Training. Although it is true that a lot of nefarious things tend to happen in dark places, numerous rapes and illicit sex even at MTS, however, the tunnels were designed for utility and transportation of materials, personnel, and clients. If you have seen the tunnels yourself, you would understand the logistical impossibility for medical procedures to occur inside them.

Submitted by brian mac (not verified) on
And, just a side note, morgues and med facilities in the lower levels is not a designation for bad activities to take place. At Ladd, the dishwashing and laundry was set up in the basement: the morgue was on a higher floor in another building. For patients who could not climb stairs ( I don't remember an elevator at Knight, but I'll have to check my notes ), a tunnel to a med facility would be very useful. There is also an angled passageway to higher levels where the pharmacy was located. I think the causal connection is spurious. The MTS tunnels do feed into the Knight on the same floor as the morgue but the entry is quite a ways away from the morgue and the dental facility. The

Submitted by brian mac (not verified) on
I meant to finish the above post and apologize for calling you 'kitty'. I think we agree on where the tunnels went, building to building connecting steam, water, electricity as well as an opening for transport. We also agree that med facilities as well as power, water, and service facilities were located in the lower level where these tunnels terminated. The designation and treatment of 'feeblemindedness' in the early 20th century is really the issue. Very tough to defend, but a historian must look through the eyes of the doctors at the time. Their intentions were in the right place. Small budgets, overcrowding, and human frustration resulted in maltreatment and even crimes.

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on
Ha this is too funny, I work on Depot Campus in the old laundry building, still maintained, and I've been in most of these buildings. While the state police did weld all the doors shut and board up the windows theyre still real easy to get into. The buildings are really neat, especially the old theater and some of the residence halls. The hospital is creepy as can be though, the coolest part though is almost all of the buildings are connected via underground tunnels, most of which are blocked off but some are accessible. If you're near here check em out, not haunted just cool.

Submitted by Alexis (not verified) on
I know I am quite late on commenting for information but I am not quite sure about anyone else but when I clicked on the first photo of one I the buildings from this old training school, as a casual person I was glancing at it. But right as I was scrolling over to see the rest of the photo on my IPhone, I noticed something weird in one of the lower side windows that is barely noticeable because I believe there are bushes of some sort in the way. But if you zoom in good enough I swear I saw a man standing in old time clothing from the early 1900's to possibly 1800's with his hair slicked back, tall slim white male. Adult it seems. I promise I am not seeing things, nor am I trying to make it seem like there's something there but look really closely you can tell if you really search for it.

Submitted by amy (not verified) on
I just wanted to comment that i grew up in the area and spent numerous hours in these buildings as a teen and there are lots of weird things in there after dark and there are lots of records and medical equipment that is left behind. It is a dense sad space that is creepy during the day its so calm and quiet that its creepy yet the air almost feels dense and electrically charged. In the evening and at night it will def give a hair raising chilll. It is owned and gaureded by uconn currently but most of the officers that patrol or monitor the grounds do not leave there cars and are most often parked very close to entrance and exits and do not like to be back there during the night. There is pond also that is said to be haunted by victims of water torture near a larger building that uconn, uses for emplyment and grounds staff not the ponds near the prison. I def would say its haunted but the area has a few other verry haunted areas that are not spoken of as often . Drive threw during the day and just look at the wimdows youll see curtains and blinds move lights and the fun begins at night

Submitted by amy (not verified) on
There are some other far creepier places in the area that are not talked about unless you are local that are much more of a haunt if you ask me . The hospital is neat and you can see lots of old things my mother worked there for three weeks and left because of the conditions and anuse she saw , she wont comment on it being haunted but warns its like a grave yard respect it dont play or meddle respect it and she refuses to go back to grounds

Submitted by Judy (not verified) on
Amanda, just found this webpage, and was 1) amazed at how long it is 2) Thankful for your web page addy I grew up in RI, and when we were 'bad' as kids we'd be threatened to be sent to LADD, scary place!! Under RI Hospital, there were tunnels that connected the different buildings--that way the staff could avoid the inclement weather that New England is known for. :) I'm sure you have heard the stories about the Jane Brown building--which has now been converted to office buildings, but there have been reports of apparitions, voices and even ghostly children. That building was built around 1860's... The PROOF that many crave, doesn't happen on demand, or when "we" the living want it. It happens when it happens, if things are "right" to happen at all. I have had my own experiences growing up in New England; including seeing a full body apparition-I was a kid, and no--strangely I wasn't scared--stunned, now the things that do "scare me" are the darn shadow people. I have worked in Nursing Homes--I have seen charts fly (like someone shoved them) off the Nurses station, Shadow people, and Residents in their sound mind--albeit their bodies were crippled--not suffering from dementia, or delirium-- ask the Nurse to "please have that man leave the room." No there was no one there. At the turn of the century, the Mentally Ill and those who suffered from Down's syndrome, or retarded were treated horribly. Lobotomies were done out of desperation--there were no medicines for Seizures, or rages or basic psychosis. Many of the retarded citizens were treated worse than dogs, being abused, sexually and physically. If you Google images of institutions--you will find images that would give anyone nightmares. Thank you Amanda, and Proof--for you education and honesty in dealing with the Paranormal. You state if you don't know, you don't know.....I'll be checking out your site later!! Looking forward to seeing your investigations--I could write a book on the experiences we've had...and what my son experienced in the past...was NOT PLEASANT. Demons are real...vile evil creatures--and should NOT be played with by those who don't know what they are doing!! Glad to hear she is not having the creepy bad things happening in her House anymore!! Thanks again!!

Submitted by sweetheartglory (not verified) on
I just watch show lots picture about mansfield training shcool..Whoa whoa whoa some i can see they things really very very old left there wow..Why not should all old things throw..Need new setting prove design fancy pretty lots change look much better..Of course can't do that..Still they who died are ghost around in there..Not safe true..Very interest see that show lots very old things wow...

Submitted by amy (not verified) on
I heard rumors that there was a parcel of land that was used as a cemetery and there are no marked graves ....I do not know how true that is ...but if your out in the area there are a few other places to see trask road in willington is said to haunted and is a rummored occult meeting area...will warn you this is a dirt road that has a 90 degree corner onto a bridge so becareful and in spring you may get stuck in mud....moose meadow camp ground is also said to be haunted and not far away .... Along with barrheck forest in pomfret its located near a four h camp off of rt 44 and there are tons of orbs ...this is said to be a ghost town like dudley town

Submitted by amy (not verified) on
As far as ladd I have a close friend that worked there and he swears the tunnels are beyond haunted he hated walking threw them ...said you hear and see orbs and feel things poke you.... I do not kno much more but I know he is not scared easy and for some one to be scared the way he was there has to be somthing there

Submitted by Rod (not verified) on
Hi guys/girls! These are simply investigations, they do not lead to any accusations or are mean't that we can simply assume what did or did not happen in the former asylum (MTS). The primal point is simply gather evidence-nothing more. When cases like this are given to the state police departments and so on, it typically does not give enough evidence to even enter the forensic fields op. And one cannot simply give a "spectral analysis" because they have gathered pictures and discovered orbs, paranormal events, or even the decimated remains of something. You can spectate but no facts are presumptuous without enough evidence to even hinder what may have happened, or may not, within those walls. And whether you're a skeptic or a true believer as far as the law and justice system is concerned, anything could have happened to MTS. Investigations are just for the spectator to get a glimpse but not to prove facts. Having that in mind, you can only make logical, reasonable guesses. And thankfully this page is not overpopulated with personal experiences. @Amanda I am highly interested in the paranormal, how would one get a start into this field? Having seen the abstract as long as I can remember, this is practically a dream job. If you're ever in need of an extra hand, I would gladly offer in! Thank you!

Just got through researching about this establishment, and it makes me sick to my stomach to learn that people treated those with mental disorders with such cruelty. For this brave woman who bought the house to still remain there baffles me. I wouldn't stay in a place where death and despair were the main attractions of the mentally impaired. Goes to show that people have some hidden evils when it comes to things they don't or can't explain.

hi all just watched the program on the telly, and now i have a terrible headache.harr

i also have lived in houses like this in england so yes i believe every word.harry

Submitted by Nafty dog (not verified) on
I want to see real proof.

Submitted by Rachel (not verified) on
I echo what others have said, I'd like to see evidence, it sets itself up as a great haunting but there's no substance to it other then witness accounts . I know that if my house was haunted or there was something to question I for one would not stick around to take photos just to convince everyone else that "look I told you there was something in my house " , no I'd be out like a shot but this family have endured it for years so in all those years I'm sure there must of been a time when they thought "you know what we need to prove this " . I'm not saying there is no evidence but it would of been great to see it on the show as last weeks show had loads of photos regarding the paranormal goings on and that made it less questionable because there was evidenced .

Submitted by barbmun (not verified) on
Was reading an article earlier this week and supposedly P.R.O.O.F has signed with storyhouse productions and is redoing the paranomal witness show the way it should have been done,! With them in it and with actual recored evidence! I will find the article and post it!

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on
is there a site where theres more pictures?

Submitted by Richard #1 (not verified) on
Jamie, I'm not sure. I will look though. Judy, RI has done a good job of keeping things like this hidden over the years. I am not from RI, but back in the 90s I used to go there every Summer. My friends told me many stories about the hospital and how corrupt it was. I knew a nurse that worked there and she told me it should have been closed much earlier because of all the violations. She retired from nursing and moved to Point Judith.

Submitted by Joanna (not verified) on
Just watched the programme on this on British Tv, wonder why the records shown online for the Connecticut Library show most of the relevant records for patients and other activity is restricted. Why? If the running of the MTS was caring then there would not be any malicious ghostly activity re the SyFy programme.....I think I believe the programme especially when all the records are restricted!! What did the MTS have to hide?

Submitted by UrbanExplorer (not verified) on

Submitted by MSTS Curator (not verified) on
I am glad someone alerted me to this site. I hope I can answer a few questions. @Joanna I have had conversations with the CT State Library about access to these materials and they have been very straightforward about it. CT State Law prohibits the viewing of confidential materials; these include names, photos, and personal information about patients at MSTS. The restricted materials contain reference to names, contain images or personal information from patients and employees. As a result the material was flagged and sequestered. Under no circumstances has this material been covered up from the public. The Department of Developmental Services, which has jurisdiction over records at MSTS, either doesn't know the materials are in the possession of the CT Library or don't have power to take possession. The library has informed me of this issue and has no plans to turn over the material to DDS but they are obligated to keep much of it confidential. There is, however, plenty of materials not restricted. I've been through it all. Urban Explorer has shown images of a huge problem which DDS, one I have documented myself. There are patient and employee records inside MSTS buildings which have not been removed. I talked to DDS and they feel the buildings aren't safe to retrieve them. I reminded DDS that UConn has been dumping boxes of materials (as seen in UE's pics) and equipment throughout many of the buildings yet have never been asked to remove the blacklisted materials. DDS is extremely defensive about the problem and seemed more concerned about how I knew it was in the building and not about its presence inside the building. This is an example of passing the blame and not taking responsibility: DDS wants to close the door on MSTS as fast as possible because the Carne lawsuit and DOJ report were extremely embarrassing for them. Not because of murder or experimentation, but because of neglect and abuse. A common problem with these type of institutions whose philosophy of care and definition of mentally deficient were antiquated and unsustainable. That being said, with cooperation with two universities, an online MSTS museum will be launched in the coming months. Photographs, video, history, and testimonials from former employees will be available for all to view. Hopefully this will put to bed a number of myths about this institution. MSTS will be one of many institutions to be included in this project. UE has a some great photos; we have an extensive collection of historical and current images along with video projects on the institution. Anyone who has materials to contribute, questions, or if you simply want to help support the eMuseum can contact me by replying to this message with their email address. More information to come.

Submitted by MSTS Curator (not verified) on
Pardon me, I typed Carne instead of CARC.

Submitted by Richard #1 (not verified) on
wow. thanks Curator

Submitted by Ali (not verified) on
I just saw a show called Paranormal Witness on SYFY network about the house on the grounds that I believe the Doctors and other staff may have lived. It is also incredibly haunted. Find the episode it's really interesting. It was abandoned and falling apart for years before some one bought it in the 90's. She actually still lives there despite the terrifying going ons. There was documentation of beatings and a killing in the house during the time of the mental institution and they actually found bones in the basement. Very good show check it out not only to find that episode which I believe was just named "The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion", but all the episodes are really good and terrifying :)

Submitted by David (not verified) on
I live very close to Mansfield Training School. I have gone to the main building on a couple of occasions. The first time, I went to the first building (main building) in the front. I parked and walked around. It was very freaky. I left fairly quickly. I just went there again tonight and wanted to get out and try to go into the main building, but since I was alone, I chickened out again. If anyone ever wants to go, let me know.

Submitted by Richard L. (not verified) on
MSTS Curator: I had a sister who was placed in MSTS in 1966. She was 8 years old at the time. Apart from occasional visits up there by my parents, until about 1970, very little info on her was available. In 1991, my mother mentioned to me that my sister was being moved "to a group home" (shortly before my mother passed away). I am the last of my family left alive, and there is no paper trail to follow. I don't expect to be given confidential info on my sister, but my one question is: IF my sister was Deceased, would that fact be listed with Social Security Death Index, or any other database open to the public? I tried looking up records under my father's Social Security number, but found nothing. I have reason to doubt that she is still among the living, but I only seek confirmation of that, if it's available. Any input? Thanx for your attention. RL

Submitted by David (not verified) on
To Linda H. You are right about your Aunt. I took care of six patients that was placed in group homes. Two were ladies that had children and was place there at a young age. They spent over 50years in Mansfield. One lady remembered that she had a child and it was taken away from her. She was in her late 70's when she told me what they did to her. It wasn't a very nice place. Most of the patients like her was sent to Mansfield by the same judge.

Submitted by Hunter (not verified) on
David- I would be up for going into the main building and looking around

Submitted by Bill (not verified) on
I don't understand. What exactly are you alleging? That children were murdered there? experimented on? abused? Documentation of abuse at MTS is well documented. But if you are suggesting more, as the SyFY documentary suggested, then I really think you need to provide more proof than spectral evidence.