Seaside Sanatorium, Waterford

April, 2017 by Ray Bendici

Image by Ray Bendici

The Damned Story: Originally built as a facility to treat children with tuberculosis, Seaside Sanatorium has had a long history serving as a medical facility. Overlooking Long Island Sound, it has also been a home for the elderly, a medical hospital and a facility to treat the mentally handicapped.

Opened in the early 1930s, the building itself was designed by the renowned architect Cass Gilbert, who also designed the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington as well as the famed Woolworth Building in New York City and the landmark Union Station in New Haven. Its first young inhabitants were sent there as a remedy for their affliction as it was thought the fresh air and sunshine would be beneficial. In 1958, the building took on a new purpose for three years, treating elderly folk, then became a home for the mentally challenged. Unfortunately, in the early 1970s it came to light that some patients were being violently abused by some of the staff; in the mid 1990s, patients were turning up dead a at a higher rate than normal.

With many unanswered allegations and after decades of service, Seaside Sanatorium was closed in 1996; it has passed through the hands of a few developers, getting hung up in various protracted legal battle. Eventually the state gained ownership.

In 2016, the state of Connecticut announced plans to make the property a state park. The goal is "to expand shoreline recreational opportunities for state residents and visitors." A few of the architecturally significant buildings are being rennovated, and the grounds are being spruced up.

The New England Paranormal Video Research Group investigated this place in 2007, thinking that with Seaside's long, dark and sometimes tragic history—and spooky, abandoned vibe—it might be a good target for paranormal investigation. They were able to capture a few EVPs [Electronic Voice Phenomena] and a few spirit orb photographs. The group's resident sensitive also experienced some strong sensations.

Our Damned Experience: Cameras in hand (as always) we visited Seaside Sanatorium on an overcast day in late April 2011. We parked outside the main entrance with all the other people who were enjoying the grounds—it must've been "Bring Your Dog to Seaside Day"—and walked onto the property.


Image by Kate Geruntho Frank

It's easy to see why you would build a facility dedicated to helping people convalesce at this peaceful, scenic location—it has a wonderful view of Long Island Sound and the salty ocean air is refreshing.

The buildings are all boarded up, but it's easy to see that when they were open and functioning, that the whole place must've been very appealing. Unlike many other state institutions, time and effort was clearly put into the aesthetic qualities of building design—it's reminiscent of a classic New England private school.

We wandered around the buildings—as you can see in the photo gallery, the exteriors have been allowed to rot and the interiors are pretty much trashed at this point; it appears that some equipment was even left behind. We didn't notice or see anything unusual or weird, although Kate says she felt some odd vibes. Like any abandoned place, there's a certain level of inherent creepiness, to be sure. (Especially the abandoned playground equipment!)

Unlike many other visitors, we didn't encounter any security guards on the grounds, but then again, we never tried to get into any of the buildings—even with all our tetanus shots up-to-date, we were content with sticking our camera lenses through the broken windows and snapping away. The place looks like it's ready to come down fairly easily.

Still, even without going inside—which we do NOT recommend or condone—it's still well worth a visit.

If You Go: Seaside Sanatorium is located just off of Shore Road in Waterford (down the street from Harkness Memorial State Park), on a scenic stretch of Connecticut coastline. The grounds are open to the public, but the buildings are absolutely off limits. It is recommended to park away from the property and walk over to it.


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Submitted by katie (not verified) on
i have been there it is creapy

Submitted by Mat (not verified) on
Actually I think it's quite beautiful there. You can tell that it was first built with the thought of healing TB. The grounds could not be located in a more perfect setting. It looks past the western end of Fisher's Island and the architecture seems almost European. The main building is pretty hacked up. It looks like they made "improvements" when they converted it in the fifties. Of course these "improvements" are the first to deteriorate. The other buildings still retain original mouldings and built in cabinets and decent paint jobs. The campus is open to public foot traffic and the local Waterford residents take full advantage, walking their dogs and even swimming. When I went I ran into two "urban explorers" who told me that the state was trying to sell the buildings. Hopefully someone can create a usable space there.

Submitted by Thomas Cromwell (not verified) on
you can sneak in through a couple hidden entrance but its illegal,

Submitted by Maxwell (not verified) on
Could anybody tell me if you are still able to get inside? You would be a great help. Thanks!

Submitted by Gabe (not verified) on
if you walk up to the building initially there will be a side walk that leads to the back, follow that. Then look straight ahead and there will be a kinda storm drain type with a refrigerator in it squeeze into that and you're in the basement .

Submitted by Maxwell (not verified) on
Also, if any of you could design a map of the place that would be fantastic! You don't have to, of course, but it wouyld help me so much!

Submitted by Steve Frank on
Somone Help Maxwell? Damnedct has yet to go here, so we are of no help.

Submitted by Danni (not verified) on
that was a messy building i just went there today june 16 and it was scary even for the dogs the last time i went they were barking at nosies in the building

Submitted by Maxwell (not verified) on
Nevermind, because I went there yesterday! :D It is simply AMAZING there! You don't really need a map, but it would help, and I intend on making one soon. If you go there beware of the second or third floor corridor linking from the east to west wing, because theres a decayed dog or two in the hallway. Thats right, I'm not sure if it was one or two. There were a lot of dead pigeons too, though. The water is actually very clean there, and I would recomend bringing a bathing suit and a towel.

Submitted by Kat (not verified) on
i was there the other day and they are knocking it down but my friend and i asked if we could go get some pics luckily they let us on its pretty cool there its creepy and nice all at the same time

Submitted by Amanda (not verified) on
Just tried to go back there after a year,...on August 19th to enjoy the sun and water but the gate was closed so we decided not to turn around. Anyone one know if the gate is going to be closed indefinitely now... should we try again/park and walk on?

Submitted by Amanda (not verified) on
Sorry, I posted that and realised how bad of a job I did editing it.

Submitted by Jen (not verified) on
Hey, I went in the main building wth some friends of mine In the summer of 2008. The most interesting thing I saw was on the top floor there were a bunch of old disguarded medical records in a closet. Im talking about hundreds of medical records that were in boxes and thrown all over the floor. They were ver interesting. The only weird part aout bein in the building is that you almost feel as though you are being what I am not sure.

Submitted by Onelovinglived (not verified) on
I went through the main building and the dorm building on 2 September 2009. i went about 3pm with a friend. the gate was closed, so we parked right in front of it. several people were on the grounds walking around, swimming or playing ball with their dogs. we went in the main building through a hole that was at one time probably an exhaust duct for the heating system or something. its around the west side below ground level and drops into the basement. someone has kindly placed cinderblocks to put your feet on so its very safe and easy. there is a stairwell on the opposite side of the basement to your right. we made a film that will be posted soon on flip and possibly youtube. not haunted, just beautifully decayed...and yes absolutely beware of the hallway on the second floor-you cant miss it, it looks gross and dangerous. during the day you cannot be seen through the windows by the people outside unless you stand right up near the windows. there was one security guard parked on the grounds. we discovered him parked outside when we exited the dorm building. we exited through the front door window and there was only a large hedge blocking us from his view. we walked right by him as we went back tot he car. Easy. the dorm building is very boring. not a lot of decay and nothing left to see. if you must go in the back fire escape is best. the door at the top opens into the third floor hallway. or you can go in and out the front door window, be careful of the glass and that no one sees you... onelovinglived

Let me start by saying, as I'm writing this, I"m home fighting pneumonia, and sweating, so please bear with me on the typos. Wow, great photos, I wish there more of the grounds. If I could find this place, I could map out the entire grounds. My Godfather had a daughter in Seaside for many years in the 70s. My "Uncle Vinnie & Aunti Marge were best friends with my parents and they invited us to Seaside nearly every weekend in the summer on their weekly visits. Vinny & Marge of course were friends with other other parents who had kids residing there and sometimes we'd make it a big picnic with extended family and I"d get to bring some friends or cousins my own age to. I don't remember how to get there but now, 30 years later I'd love to go back, take my own kids to see it. We had picnics, we had all the playground stuff and a private beach! We went to Seaside probably 10-12 times a summer from the time I was 7-8 till maybe 12-13. That would put m visits from 1972-1980. I saw some pretty extreme things in my time there, as a younger kid I was confused, a little scared, but by the time I was a teen watching some guy waggle his privates off that area in the back that's caged in with the fencing, I laughed like a typical teen. I lost my toenail on those heavy heavy doors in the entrance way, and I stepped on bee and got stung in the foot. I went on the little kiddie ride thingy where you hold on and your friends spin you as fast as they can. I got off it so dizzy I walked right into a tree. I never heard stories of beatings or abuse but I know my aunt and uncle said their biggest beef was stuff getting ripped off, poor Susan, all her good clothes had to stay home. Questions? Comments? more ground photos please email me.

Submitted by Adriana (not verified) on
The building itself looks absolutely beautiful! I live in Stratford, but one day I would love to go up to Seaside and just walk around the grounds. The location was chosen wisely for a hospital because patients, especially children, would have been very comfortable and had plenty of times to go outside and play on the beach. Beautiful building and interesting history!

The top picture looks like the Pavilion from Carnival of Souls! Cass Gilbert also designed the Brooklyn Army Terminal, where I work. There's no photography allowed inside but I took pictures anyway and posted them to my Flickr. robin.g

Submitted by Marilyn (not verified) on
It is a fabulous piece of property, really belonging to the people of the State of Connecticut. It should not be sold to a private developer to build condo's or McMansion's, but used as a peaceful reminder of what little public property is left in this state. So to Jodi Rell, I say, PLEASE DO NOT SELL THIS PROPERTY. BE SMART AND MAKE IT A PLACE WHERE WE CAN GO AND ENJOY THE OUT DOORS. THANK YOU.

Submitted by Tina (not verified) on
I have lived near Seaside all my life. Has any notices the most fabulous weathervane. It makes an awesome photo on a blue sky day with a cloud behind it.

Submitted by michael (not verified) on
i have recently been into seaside, ive been in the actuall institution and i got in by walking up the stairs and hopping a fence to gain entrance then you can walk a little after u hop the fence and there is a open door to stairs that lead up and down, in the building i found a dead decayed dog, and ive also found alot of dead birds, also while i was in there, i found a room filled with a viriaty of pills, they were all scatered all over the room, also when i reached the top floor i found files of many people. but one of the things i advise you to bring is somthing to cover your mouth, and heavy duty flashlights, without the flash lights i wouldnt have been able to see anything. so i hope this can help you get into the main institution. in the 2nd part of seaside there is a building where the nurses used to sleep, there is a broken window that you can climb through to gain entrance, while in there it is very dark! very few windows to look through. i only mad it down the dark hallway and a little to the left of the hall way before we reilized that the flash light was low and wouldnt last much longer. so i help all ofthis information will be able to help you experince "the seaside experence"

Submitted by michael (not verified) on
i have recently been into seaside, ive been in the actuall institution and i got in by walking up the stairs and hopping a fence to gain entrance then you can walk a little after u hop the fence and there is a open door to stairs that lead up and down, in the building i found a dead decayed dog, and ive also found alot of dead birds, also while i was in there, i found a room filled with a viriaty of pills, they were all scatered all over the room, also when i reached the top floor i found files of many people. but one of the things i advise you to bring is somthing to cover your mouth, and heavy duty flashlights, without the flash lights i wouldnt have been able to see anything. so i hope this can help you get into the main institution. in the 2nd part of seaside there is a building where the nurses used to sleep, there is a broken window that you can climb through to gain entrance, while in there it is very dark! very few windows to look through. i only mad it down the dark hallway and a little to the left of the hall way before we reilized that the flash light was low and wouldnt last much longer. so i help all ofthis information will be able to help you experince "the seaside experence."

Submitted by Emily (not verified) on
so i went there today and got into the building the same way that michael did above me. We entered at a kitchen, and walked around a bit and i'm bummed that i didn;t reach the top but we tried. we made it up a set of stairs, walked into one room where we heard something sort of moving in the next room so we're left and went up to the next floor. Up there we did't even make it to the top of the stairs before we got too scared to go any further, at the entry way to the top of the stairs there was a bunch of old toys laying on the ground, and we heard someone down the hall mumbling, then we turned around, went down the stairs, 2 flights. we heard the person running to catch up to us and it scared the shit out of us. we sort of panicked but it was AWESOME. i advise go before 10 am. securety showed up right as we're walking out of the drive way.

Submitted by Amy (not verified) on
I grew up in Waterford and in high school, we would go to Seaside all the time to smoke and drink at night. It is absolutely beautiful and in such an amazing location. I am really sad to hear that it will be torn down soon. Once I was able to get inside the building and explore. It was not creepy, but fascinating! There is one room where a mural painted by, I'd assume, children still remains. Definitely a great place to go during the day to walk your dog, fly a kite, or just get some sun and have a picnic.

Submitted by voyagerfan99 (not verified) on
I'm looking to explore this place with a friend of mine! Looks like a great place!

Did anyone here the news seaside is SOLD some guy makeing homes people over the age of 55

Submitted by Terry (not verified) on
Seaside was sold and will be turned into retiremnet housing. Went yesterday and got in no problem. The gate is always closed, but you just park outside the gate, the sign says pedestrians welcomed. There were many people parked there and were swimming in the ocean and walking their dogs. There are several windows on the ground floor open at this time. There is also an open door on the second level, but you must hop a high fence. There is also a hole cut into a window to the basement. Smells pretty bad inside, especially on hot days, other than that, rather beautiful rooms and interesting items still left inside. On the upper floor are many birds flying around, as they come through the open windows. Was kind of amusing watching them fly in circles. There are a few dead birds lying around and there is a carcass of either a dog or a cat, not quite sure which, lying on the floor near the sunroom. The nurses building next door had an open door in the back of the building. This enters into the basement of the building which is dark and dank. Just follow straight and go up the flights of stairs. The rooms in this building are very colorful. Peeling paint, bright colors, and miscellaneous furniture make for some great photos. All in all, a beautiful place. A must see before it is either taken down or rennovated! :)

I have had the great fortune of knowing about Seaside since about 2004. I visit often, and have been into each of the two larger buildings (main building, and the other large one to the left) several times a piece from 04-current. Id love to clear up a few things. Firstly the "dog or cat" on the third floor is actually a racoon, and Ive actually observed it decay over the past 6 years (gross!) Also, the closet on the second floor that contains "records" everywhere... I was the one who opened that closet and tore threw it hahaa. There's paintings in there, old computes and fans and thousands of patient daily observation logs. I went threw all of the boxes and have at least 20 different notebooks at my house, as well as a strange assortment of keys that didn't fit any of the current locks or doors. I've been into the basements multiple times and all I have to say is this... if you've seen the movie saw, and your afraid of the horribly pitch black and smell of years of mold and decay..don't go lol!

Submitted by Ali (not verified) on
It is a really beautiful location... And you are actually allowed to walk on the grounds, unlike Norwich. Security is randomly there, or not. However, if they are there, they will not even let you take photos of the buildings. I have watched them escort people with cameras off the property multiple times. Just bring a bag to hide it in or something. I don't understand why they are so uptight about people going in though... I mean there are windows with no glass at ground level and doors left wide open. They'll board up the broken windows but it takes them a long time and I've never seen the door closed at the top of the stairs on the main building... and if it ever was closed, just walk around on the balcony to the huge window with no glass... hahaha. If they don't want people to go in, don't make it so easy! Inside is cute, there are murals and seahorses and such painted on the walls and but the mold smell is terrible. I'd recommend a bandana to cover your mouth or something.

Submitted by Nan (not verified) on
I went into Seaside just last week. It was actually very easy to get inside. If you are facing the main building with the beach behind you, walk up the green stairs to the left. We were able to wiggle right through the roped off fence, but someone has kindly placed a chair near the easily hopable fence. After the gate, the door inside was wide open! I found the building interesting at times, but mostly the same-old decaying rooms. The artwork on I want to say the third floor was really interesting. A whole room filled with canvases that had been painted by residents. There were also files scattered all over the floor. Hello HIPA violation! There are some really cool mosaics throughout the building, some medicine cabinets with meds still in them, and random newspapers or items from the time. We also found a giant tile bath, which we were not able to get pictures of. As for paranormal activity, my friend saw a pair of eyes staring us down from the end of a hallway filled with cubicles. We both heard what sounded like a high-pitched voice, almost singing-like, non-threatening. Other than that, no other vibes of any kind. In fact, when we went was around midnight, and I walked through with little anxiety. However, both his camera and my cellphone died inside of the hospital. My cell phone had been acting funny from the time we stepped foot on the grounds, and had been at full battery before going inside. Coincidence, maybe. I would recommend that if you do go to this facility and plan on going inside, go late. The guard was around during the day, but took off around midnight. I would also recommend you bring a face mask, because I had to clear my sinuses out for days! You are welcome to use the grounds and even the beach during the day. It is absolutely beautiful there, and an interesting tour.

Submitted by MC (not verified) on
I go to seaside quite often to go to the beach and yesterday my cousin and i finally went into the bulding closest to the beach. the door was still wide open (which was pretty much telling us to go right on it) and the chair was still next to the gate. it was pretty neat to finally see inside (i took sooo many pics and plan to take more). we went in the morning and had no problem. we went through the 2nd and 3rd floors and we almost through the door of the 4th floor when we heard what could of been a dog or a person (not sure which) and we didnt want to go any further. im looking forward to going through it again and actually going to the other floors. its a neat place, i hope it at least stays up until next year. (i think they tore down the dorm building closest to the entrance because it was already falling down last year)

Submitted by MC (not verified) on
So my cousin, friend and I went in again today. This time the chair was moved inside and the door was shut, not locked, but shut. Also when we went in last week, we left one of the heavy double doors open on the second floor and that was shut (weird because the wind didnt do it). I'm beginning to think someone in there doesnt want anybody else in there. We went through the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors and didnt see anything out of the ordinary, but it was still fun to look around. And again we tried to go to the 4th floor and heard something again. I'm convinced a homeless person lives up there (until someone proves me otherwise). Also, on the back side of the building theres a bush and if you look down there is a rusted grate. well the grate has been moved and the window below it is propped open with a huge rock, I'm thinking this leads to the basement (and the other entrance to the basement has yet to be boarded up). its too bad vandals had to go in there and grafetti up the walls and break so many windows.

Submitted by MM (not verified) on
MC - - I think you are the person I met today at Seaside! I can tell by your posts because you're explaining a lot of the things we were talking about. I decided to come to the website as we talked about and it's really interesting. You guys ended up getting inside? My mom and I were watching you for a few minutes and weren't sure if you were able to get in. Anything new and exciting? Take care :)

Submitted by emily (not verified) on
MC- my boyfriend went with his friend after we heard the same noise 4 times on the 4th floor that sounded like a homeless person to us as well. sounded like people talking back and forth. well they went and it turns out theres nothing but pigeons up there "fucking huge ones!" he says. well he went through the whole building twice and found no evidence of people living there but i know i heard voices at the stairs on 4 seperate occasions with different people. Creepy stuff, also on the first floor by that room that looks like some sort of dentists office we heard people talking in the hallway and breathing right behind us but there was nobody there.

Ive been its beautiful and the only thing thats creepy is the art of not knowing or n ot believing...

Visit my facebook album and I have a ton of picures most people dont have...

The Connecticut Ghost Seekers sent a advance team out there on Sat. the 21st. to see if there was anything worth investigating. Very nice peaceful place on the water. We met the security guard and had a very nice conversation with him and found out a lot of history of the place. We took a lot of pictures and ran a voice recorder while we were there. Because of security on site, we were not able to go inside but as we walked along back side the 1st building, we heard a dog barking inside. We told the security guard but he walked the inside of the building and could not find a dog. Also after examining the voice recorder at home we found some EVP's from that same area. A male voice that wasn't happy we were there. We will be trying to get permission to do a full investigation of this property sometime in the near future. Check our web site for upcoming investigation.

Submitted by MC (not verified) on
I was there all day saturday and it may have been my dog on the beach barking. I actually saw you guys walking around taking pics, I'm surprised the security guard didn't stop you from doing that because he has before to others. Also, I was very surprised security was there, ALL DAY, because as long as i've been going there, theyve never been there. I personally think he thought someone was in there and was waiting for them to come out or something because he was constantly walking around that building all day. It's wicked easy to get inside there, all you have to do is hop the gate (or slide through it) and the door is wide open still. Since I go to the beach there a lot, I always check out the outside of it and security always tries to do something to stop people from getting. Last saturday they had the gate tied (people must have cut the rope because the gate wasn't tied yesterday) and the entrance to the basement has been boarded over. I've been all through that building and the architecture is beautiful, but all the vandalism is a shame. If you get a chance to go in, go to the 3rd floor and walk out onto the deck, the view is beautiful.

Submitted by CW (not verified) on
I was there today for a short while and they have placed about 5 new "no parking" signs where everyone usually parks. Also, the sign that usually says pedestrians visitors welcome, well all the letters that say that have been oulled off. Also, at the beginning of Shore Rd. theres a new Road Closed sign that is covered as of right now. I think they must be beginning to do stuff at Seaside pretty soon and they don't want anybody there.

Submitted by J (not verified) on
Seaside is a nice place to see. You go on the grounds.I would like to go inside but i can not find a way to get in..Dose any one know how to get in????????

Submitted by bj (not verified) on
I went in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, as my friend and myself were comming out of the building, the guard caught us and called the police. We both got a $92.00 fine. We told the guard that we would pay him, but he would not go for it. He was nice, we talked while we were waiting for the police. The guard had alot of info about the history on the place.

Submitted by Matt, Collin (not verified) on
I was wondering... I'm reasearching this place for a school project. I'm aware that it's even dificult gaining accsess on the grounds now, let alone the gaining access in the building. But if I talk to a security gaurd would they allow me to atleast walk along the grounds?

Submitted by MC (not verified) on
Last I knew, you still could get on the grounds. I was there a couple weeks ago at the beach and was talking to the security guard and they are fine with people going down there. They just want you to park in certain areas now, like they don't want you to park past that driveway to the small mental health facility because it was getting difficult for the ambulances and buses to get in and out of there. I would just be careful if you try to get into the building because security has been down there a lot and they stay down there for hours and the guy is constantly circling around ALL the buildings.

Submitted by Steve Frank on
I think you can go on the grounds still during the day.

Submitted by CG (not verified) on
I spent a few hours there today walking the grounds and went into the main hospital . It was getting dark didn't have to much time to look around and the guard at this point had parked his vehicle at the entrance so no one was around. I got to say this place is amazing and great place to bring your dog and go swimming. Anyways as i lefted i stopped and talked to the guard and this is new information as of October 1st 2010. There will be no parking on the road as a matter of fact they have already put signs up and if you get caught parking on property your car will be towed. Some company from NY has decided to buy the Seaside for 11 Million however with all paperwork and the process there is a deadline of May 2011.The state of CT still owns Seaside until further notice. They have moved the security building to the top building and state police will soon be patrolling the grounds 24 /7 along with guards. They say if you are caught inside any building you will be fined $100 and any destruction to state property as always you will be arrested and brought to court. And why people do that i have no clue makes no sense to me. They say that everyone is still welcome to come and walk around they are just trying to keep people out because the buildings are unsafe and you can get very sick from the toxic chemicals in there. The company that is trying to buy this property can not tear these buildings down or add to them they can only fix them up it's part of a "clause" when the land was bought and developed in 1920. So i don't understand why someone would buy this for 11 million and then sink at least another 50 million into renovation . They will never make there money back. Anyone have any thoughts on any of this?

Submitted by MC (not verified) on
When I talked to the guard a few weeks ago, he said we could park on the grass or in that tiny lot before all the no parking signs where the security guard building is supposed to be (i think its a red building). And I'm sure the chemicals are toxic, but you need prolonged exposure to them, going into the building once or twice isn't going to get you sick. If they don't want people in them, they shouldn't make it so easy. I don't understand what its hurting if you just go in there, look around, and take pictures.

Submitted by Nancy Morgan (not verified) on
I was one of those kids in the 1950's who was hospitalized for TB. I stayed there for 11 months. I just was curious about what happened to Seaside, and I found this website! I remember looking at the building from the beach. I was 12-years-old at the time. I had a great time there if I forgot about the homesickness. Met lots of friends. TB usually has few or no symptoms, so we did lots of great stuff....even snuck into the boys' dorm one evening and had a great time! Got my first kiss there.....I never went back, and I'm now 67-years-old, live in Florida, and don't think I'll ever see it again. Kind of sad, really.

Submitted by nicole (not verified) on
went there with my cousins & boyfriend. very creepy!! took tons of pictures, we actually got inside and went around. we found old behavioral records scattered all over the floor up on the 3rd or so level and heard lots of noises.

Submitted by Jordan Scerbo (not verified) on
me and my friend went on the 3rd of december.. we were the only ones on the campus, and it was an AWESOME sight to see.. we parked on a street down the street, and walked in.. took some pictures, and we found no way to get in, everything was RECENTLY boarded up any tips on to get inside? and where?

Submitted by nicole (not verified) on
we climbed right over a gate , where the old playground is in the middle. nothing was boarded up when we went in there.