Seaside Sanatorium, Waterford

April, 2017 by Ray Bendici

Image by Ray Bendici

The Damned Story: Originally built as a facility to treat children with tuberculosis, Seaside Sanatorium has had a long history serving as a medical facility. Overlooking Long Island Sound, it has also been a home for the elderly, a medical hospital and a facility to treat the mentally handicapped.

Opened in the early 1930s, the building itself was designed by the renowned architect Cass Gilbert, who also designed the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington as well as the famed Woolworth Building in New York City and the landmark Union Station in New Haven. Its first young inhabitants were sent there as a remedy for their affliction as it was thought the fresh air and sunshine would be beneficial. In 1958, the building took on a new purpose for three years, treating elderly folk, then became a home for the mentally challenged. Unfortunately, in the early 1970s it came to light that some patients were being violently abused by some of the staff; in the mid 1990s, patients were turning up dead a at a higher rate than normal.

With many unanswered allegations and after decades of service, Seaside Sanatorium was closed in 1996; it has passed through the hands of a few developers, getting hung up in various protracted legal battle. Eventually the state gained ownership.

In 2016, the state of Connecticut announced plans to make the property a state park. The goal is "to expand shoreline recreational opportunities for state residents and visitors." A few of the architecturally significant buildings are being rennovated, and the grounds are being spruced up.

The New England Paranormal Video Research Group investigated this place in 2007, thinking that with Seaside's long, dark and sometimes tragic history—and spooky, abandoned vibe—it might be a good target for paranormal investigation. They were able to capture a few EVPs [Electronic Voice Phenomena] and a few spirit orb photographs. The group's resident sensitive also experienced some strong sensations.

Our Damned Experience: Cameras in hand (as always) we visited Seaside Sanatorium on an overcast day in late April 2011. We parked outside the main entrance with all the other people who were enjoying the grounds—it must've been "Bring Your Dog to Seaside Day"—and walked onto the property.


Image by Kate Geruntho Frank

It's easy to see why you would build a facility dedicated to helping people convalesce at this peaceful, scenic location—it has a wonderful view of Long Island Sound and the salty ocean air is refreshing.

The buildings are all boarded up, but it's easy to see that when they were open and functioning, that the whole place must've been very appealing. Unlike many other state institutions, time and effort was clearly put into the aesthetic qualities of building design—it's reminiscent of a classic New England private school.

We wandered around the buildings—as you can see in the photo gallery, the exteriors have been allowed to rot and the interiors are pretty much trashed at this point; it appears that some equipment was even left behind. We didn't notice or see anything unusual or weird, although Kate says she felt some odd vibes. Like any abandoned place, there's a certain level of inherent creepiness, to be sure. (Especially the abandoned playground equipment!)

Unlike many other visitors, we didn't encounter any security guards on the grounds, but then again, we never tried to get into any of the buildings—even with all our tetanus shots up-to-date, we were content with sticking our camera lenses through the broken windows and snapping away. The place looks like it's ready to come down fairly easily.

Still, even without going inside—which we do NOT recommend or condone—it's still well worth a visit.

If You Go: Seaside Sanatorium is located just off of Shore Road in Waterford (down the street from Harkness Memorial State Park), on a scenic stretch of Connecticut coastline. The grounds are open to the public, but the buildings are absolutely off limits. It is recommended to park away from the property and walk over to it.


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Submitted by MR (not verified) on
I've been inside. I never used to believe in the paranormal, until my experience inside. In the back where the old playground is you get eerie sensations just walking through the grass. Once inside it feels like your being watched. Me and my friend heard something on one end of the main building in the photo but i dismissed it. It sounded like voices. She swears she heard voices opon entering the main hall im not sure what floor. We walked on different floors and we walked to the other side of the building (the full length of the hall) when we distinclty heard a low moan, almost like something being moved on the floor, but it happened more than once. So on both ends of the building we heard things. Bring a face mask if you go because with the windows open and seabreeze blowing, there was a lot of dust kicked up and im sure asbestos was in the air. I doubt a homeless person resides in their because when we went it was still pretty cold out and with the amount of crap thats in the air i dont think anyone would stay in there. I was spooked to say the least.

Submitted by ctadventurer (not verified) on
I recently took a few weekend trips here. The first one was last weekend. The grounds are absolutely beautiful. While there we took pictures through the windows and explored around the buildings. On the left side of the Sanatorium you can go up the stairs to a gate which was opened if you go to the tower the door is open allowing access inside. We explored a few floors and part of the basement. It was a little bit creepy and some of the pictures we took have orbs, shadow figures and silhouettes of a woman. We had a couple of strange events happen like soft low crying and objects being thrown down the hallways which we luckily caught on a video camera we didn't realize was on. The second trip was this Saturday. The gate we used last time was chained closed but we were able to squeeze through and explore the entire building minus the full basement (our flashlights died two rooms in) its a very neat place and must of been gorgeous in its day. I do have to say the building isnt very safe inside and would advise against exploring it without masks and prior experience with severely decaying buildings. I have a ton of pictures and videos if any one is interested in seeing you can email me @ =)

Submitted by ctadventurer (not verified) on
I should also mention that both times I was there, both afternoon and morning I didn't see a single gaurd. Plenty of people walking their dogs but thats all. Of course we respected the place and didn't break windows or anything so noone alerted the police.

Submitted by Kristin (not verified) on
I am planning on going here today. Hoping to add some beautiful shots to my portfolio! I'm looking forward to shooting the grounds, but really hoping to get inside. Abandoned buildings and decay are so beautiful to me. I just hope I don't drive 2 hours to end up finding no open entrances to any buildings... If anyone could email me some tips, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Submitted by Mary (not verified) on
I just went here for the second time today! Only this time I didn't go in, I just explored the grounds. Also, if you believe in the paranormal, I wrote about my experience here: It's so wonderful there, I love it. Definitely visit if you get a chance!!

Submitted by Sean (not verified) on
I went yesterday (4/15/13) and was able to access every building one way or another. Please don't get destructive with your means of entering because the investigative side of it is more fun. For the first building you approach you will need to sort of climb / walk up the fire escape. There you will be able to explore the whole building. For the main building, once you get to the back with the playground look on the ground along the right side of the building and there is a space to get down into (a very tight and dark squeeze so deff have a light). There isn't much left. But absolutely worth the visit.

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has gone to Seaside and was able to take pictures, and those of you who felt the paranormal. It all sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I could explore with. Whatever you do please do not stop reporting on your experiencing the building or what you find, or don't find. If you can, please keep me posted. Thanks again, Hester

Submitted by Jess Morgan (not verified) on
Great comment Hester and I would love to add something near and dear to my heart. To many it is an abandoned broken down building but to people like me it was a time in our lives when we were away from our families and a place where we spent many days, weeks, months, and in some cases years. I ask that you respect it and not vandalize and trash it. This might seem important to you but it is to me! Thanks Jessie Morgan

Hi Mike I was at the seaside sanatorium year '41-'43 my name was Angie DiSantis and my name now is Angie young I was hoping to find some one in that period . Do you remember me. ? Things back then was a lot new and better. I went to school there and swam alot. I hope to hear from you. My Email is send me your email.

Submitted by Sharon Hilton (not verified) on
I was also at Seaside. I was 12 when I was admitted. I was almost 14 when discharged. I thought it was '57, but must have been late 55 to 57. I was sure Elvis was singing Love Me Tender to me! Where the railing is, on the end. We climbed out the window at night and sat there. I don't recognize any of the names of people here. But looking at these pics, it seems like yesterday. I was in a big room with 7 others. Second floor. Marie Gaudiosi, Irene Murdock, I can't remember the rest--Guys were at the other end of the floor. Richard Rollinson, pete Gray---When I look at the out side I can remember the inside so clearly. When I was there it was not unpleasant. We went to meals in the cafeteria, had tutoring, learned many things. like painting, etc., and went to the Coastguard Chapel on Sunday if we wanted to. It seems to me there was rudimentary counseling also, to cope with being there. The first month was miserable-yes, the stomach pumps, and the horrible medicines. They pulled my arms over my head through the bars of the bed and held them while they put that tube up your nose to your stomach. Then they said to "swallow"--sure! I remember figuring out that when you woke up in the morning, if you slept, if there was a red tag on the bottom of your bed, you were gonna get 'it'. Then I was taken out of isolation and put in the "ward". We were in 3 groups I think. I think we were taking different types of medicine. I have often wondered where and how the others have fared throughout the years. I live in Orange County, So. California, 1 block from the beach. (Newport) Different coast, different ocean. I love being near the ocean- if anyone is around that recognizes my name, give me a reply!! I did not know this site was here. And I will be happy to answer questions. And yes Jessie, I agree, it was a time that changed my life, and that of many others, forever. Looking at these pics makes me feel bad about the state of disrepair, it was actually beautiful (as a place like that can be) when I was there. Sincerely. Sharon Hilton

Submitted by Jess Morgan (not verified) on
Hi Sharon Thanks for the information and your memories. Weird about pulling your arms through the bars to put a tube up your nose. Ick. Was that a daily occurrence? I think it is safe to assume you were there for TB treatment given the years? I remember that my brother and I had to have x-rays each year after we left until we were 21 or so to make sure the TB didn't come back. Years afterward, my mother indicated that they decided I didn't have it after all. That is crazy! To add to my comment above about what Seaside means to those of us that were there, it just seems so unnecessary to see all the graffiti and broken windows and trash. Thanks for considering this. What a lovely spot to walk around and enjoy the ocean. Colorado is a long way from the ocean and I miss that so good for you Sharon for being by an ocean!

Submitted by Sharon Hilton (not verified) on
Back to you Jess Yes it was TB-but I learned later that what had happened was that I had a cold that turned into pneumonia. They did a sputum check and it was positive. They said the bacilli was in the fluid in my lungs, but the TB had not infiltrated my lungs, yet. It turned out that I had TB when I was about 5, contracted from my grandmother that we were living with. It went undetected, and I guess what they called 'dormant'. When I became ill, the TB came out of it's 'shell'. Point was, when the pneumonia went away, so did the TB, though I remained there. But I would have probably gotten it again if I had not gone to Seaside. When I left, yes, had to get an xray every year, but the doctor said I would be the last person to ever get TB again. The reason for them pulling my arms--seems stupid now, I probably weighed all of 75 pounds -but I always choked, and tried to pull out the tube, so they pulled my arms up over my head so they would not be in the way of the doctor doing the procedure. They did it for 3 days in a row, every three months. Seems like I would just get over thinking about it and there would there would be that stinky tag on my bed! I lived in Manchester, Ct., and rarely got to the ocean. When I was at Seaside I was fascinated by it--(did Seaside ever flood when you were there?)--I wonder if that is why I stay close. Sometimes when I come home from the grocery store I drive straight to PCH-just to see the beach, then turn left to go back to my street. (I confess--maybe I am just making sure it's still there) Honestly, on a beautiful day I just love to see the sun on the water--can't see anything but neighbors from my house! Some people have no consideration for anything, even themselves, so I guess they figure they should deface other people's property. It is a cowardly act. My mom always said "look but don't touch". If people take the time to go there to look at it, why do they have to wreck it?

Submitted by Melissa (not verified) on
Hey. Im still looking for people to go on visits inside Seaside. i know ultiable ways to get inside without destroying things. If people are interested in going email me at I am going tnight so those who want to go tonight hurry up and email me before we leave.

Submitted by Sharon Hilton (not verified) on
Jess- PS- Where did you live when you went to Seaside? I don't remember any "long rows of beds". There was a "ward" with 8 beds in it. Maybe the boys were in a different type of situation? You were very young to be in there. Were you and your brother together the whole time? What floor were you on? Does anyone who was a resident there, think it had a lifelong effect on you? Sharon

Submitted by Nancy Morgan (not verified) on
Hi Sharon. I don't know if you read any of my posts here...they are way up the thread. I too was a patient at Seaside when I was 12. 1956. I was there for 11 months. TB was in my family...two older sisters had it when I was about 6, as did a younger brother when he was 3. They were all in Undercliff, which was in Meriden. My two sisters stayed there for about 4 years...very bad cases, which required surgery. All lung TB cases. I remember the gastrics very well....hated them. I was in a ward with six or seven other teens. Boys were in another section. We saw them in the dining room. I guess it was a really nice facility, certainly the location is beautiful. I lived in Windsor, CT when I went to Seaside, but later, after I was married I lived in Manchester. Too bad we didn't know each other...a Seaside Alumni Club. I have conversed with Jess, who, by the way, used to be Nancy Morgan (same name as I have now (Morgan is my married name, but still!). As far as a lifelong effect......yes it did. I grew up a little bit in there. Also I learned about the birds and the bees from the older girls, had my first kiss with a boy, and learned to appreciate home more. I was a "star" when I finally returned to school, so I liked that!

Submitted by sharon hilton (not verified) on
Would you be Nancy Whalen? Sharon Hilton

Submitted by sharon hilton (not verified) on
If you are Nancy Whalen-I do know you--at least I think that was your last name!!!!!!! Sharon

Submitted by sharon hilton (not verified) on
Nancy--I just googled you and I am sure you are who I think you are-I just can't believe it- I sure hope so- and hi to you to Jessie

Submitted by Nancy Morgan (not verified) on
Yes, I am Nancy Whalen Morgan...I was married to Joe Whalen. OMG, how do you know me????

Submitted by Nancy Morgan (not verified) on
Sharon, I just went upthread and read your long post! YES, you were there with me...Marie and Irene!! I remember them! And remember Reenie? I have a black and white picture of you and me fooling around, looking like washer women scrubbing the floor on our hands and knees. I'll find it and send it to you....I cannot believe this!!!! I have tried to find people through the years. I lived in Manchester and I think we were in touch there as well, right? I sent you a private email .....can't wait to reconnect! Who would have thought that a site like this devoted to the exploration of abandoned old buildings would produce these connections.

Submitted by Nancy Morgan (not verified) on
Sharon, I sent you an email, but here is my email address for you:

Submitted by Jess Morgan (not verified) on
Hi Sharon Would love to communicate directly via e-mails if that is ok. Mine is Sorry but I don't do facebook. Would love to see the pictures! Thanks for answering my request. Too bad you two live on opposite coasts. I bet a visit is in your futures! Best, Jessie

Submitted by John Kaczczkowski (not verified) on
A friend and I went to Seaside yesterday. It seems that lots of people like to walk there dogs here. I took some photos of the outside and while we were there it seemed as though people were looking at us from inside the building and yet no one was there. The coolest thing there was the chest table that was built into the ground.

Submitted by Nancy Morgan (not verified) on
It's now official! Two patients, myself and Sharon Hilton, found each other on this blog! We were at Seaside at the same time and have now reconnected because of this blog. She found it the same way I did...googling, looking for info on on Seaside. I know this blog is for a different purpose, but isn't it grand that it has these wonderful side benefits! I actually have pictures of Sharon and I together at Seaside. We have talked over the phone, friended each other on Facebook and sent emails. Terrific isn't it?

Submitted by Jess Morgan (not verified) on
That is so cool for both of you. Lots to catch up on and some great and not so great memories, I imagine! I had a very close friend there but have no idea what her name was or anything else. Not surprising given how young I was! Can you send a picture of you two to me? I would love it. Are you living in close proximity of each other???? Jessie

Submitted by Nancy Morgan (not verified) on
Jess, I will send it when I find it...still looking. Sharon lives in CA and I live in NJ......bummer.

Submitted by sharon hilton (not verified) on
This is just amazing! I am on Facebook, in Costa Mesa, Ca., Jess, but if Nancy sends you pictures, I don't think we look anything like we did then--well, Nancy kinda does. She hasn't changed. The ravages of "old age" have caught up with me. Bad thing about living here in So. Cal., all the women get "fixed up", but I can't afford it!!! Another thing--Nancy and I share many ailments that have remained undiagnosed. Can't help but wonder if our treatments at Seaside had something to do with them. Anybody else with undiagnosed problems? Aside from discussing our ailments--this is JUST WONDERFUL! I hope that Nancy and I have the pleasure of 'growing old together', our lives are precious and this happening just renews that. Maybe it was paranormal! Have a great day-catch you later! Sharon I found my pics, and could send them to you if you are interested.

Submitted by Anne H (not verified) on
Hello Everyone, I went to Seaside today and found that James ( security ) is no longer working at Seaside. I have not been to Seaside for a couple of years and was really disappointed that he was no longer working at Seaside. My boyfriend and I spoke with James in regards to the center and he seemed to be quite knowledgeable about the place. I never met a security guard that was so friendly when going to these kind of places, and I just would like to say it was a pleasure to have been able to speak to someone so professional. It was so nice to see someone take so much time to learn about a place like Seaside, and to pass the information on to the public. I spoke to some of the many people that were walking their dogs and, asked them about James. Many of the people I spoke with, told me that they felt safe during the time James worked at Seaside and that it was the state of Connecticut that had James removed. It would appear that James will be truly missed.

Submitted by Scott (not verified) on
Yea bj, The guy that called himself the true warlock was the one that the guard beat the F#%K out of. The guard was working one night and found them in the hospital and they went to get the guard. A friend of mine was one of the guys that was with the true warlock that night when the guard beat the s#@t out of him. Andrew was the true warlocks name, you might have ran into him. He was an urban explorer. My friend told me that the guard went mental when Andrew pulled a knife on him. I'll tell you to look at that guard, you would not think he could beat the shit out of anyone. Just goes to show you, you cant judge a book by its cover. I heard that you went into the can, but everyone thought it was B/S. Good to see you are out.

Submitted by Mike (not verified) on
I was a patient there for five years'42-'47. I wonder how many of us from that period are left. If anyone wants to document the life of the patients, treatment, schooling, play, etc., I'd be happy to talk about how we lived back then.

Submitted by Brittney (not verified) on
seaside is extremely easy to get into it just takes some time and flexibility. I have been inside both buildings multiple times. I have yet to see any actual ghost or anything paranormal. but when on the really boarded up side its dark and the entire time it felt as if we were being followed! not by any human it was that eerie feeling of being watched and hunted down. also when you go into the basement don't freak out because if you see a human figure/shadow, it is not a ghost the wall is decorated with shadows of humans!

Submitted by Mark (not verified) on
Hey bj, I remember you. You and I met inside the long building. I don't know if you remember me, but I got caught by the security guard on the Saturday I met you. I was wondering what happened to you, dude. Man, did you really get locked up? That really sucks, dude. Sorry to hear that. I heard that that security guard caught so many people that some dude from the state got rid of the security company he kicked this dudes ass and I heard the some dude went after him with a knife one night and the guard almost killed the dude messed him up real bad and he was a big dude. to so they got rid of the security. That security guard had BIG BALLS man for a little guy. hope to see you a seaside soon.

Submitted by bj (not verified) on
Hello Everybody, I had a look around seaside today, after spending a year in prison, for you know TRESSPASSING. Yes, TRESSPASSING. I got caught by that PRICK at seaside and was fined. Well that had been my second time that I got caught there, so me and some friends went to Norwich state hospital and you will never guess who was working SECURITY that night. Well you guessed it, that same PRICK. Well that PRICK happened to catch me and 1 of my friends. So we got a fine each again. Well long and behold, me and some friends were at the lighthouse and someone must have seen us. they called the cops on us, and they ran my name and found that I had been caught TRESSPASSING. I went to court and I got 15 months. So just be careful when you go into these places. So I don't go in anymore. I just want to let all you explorers no that It was not FUN in there, and I did not see that security PRICK at seaside and I heard that he does not work at seaside anymore. All I have to say, is I hope that he PRICK never comes back to seaside or Norwich ever again!!!!! I don't EVER want to go through that EVER again.

Submitted by Ryan (not verified) on
Up near Seaside right now. It really is crap when I see these huge, beautiful buildings rotting and wish I had unlimited funds. I would turn that into my house! PAR-TAY! But seriously, it is an amazing place and I wish they would do something with it instead of letting it rot. Prime, prime real estate, though.

Submitted by Minato (not verified) on
Hello everyone, Im new to exploration! I recently did the gungywamp one it was fantastic and I was looking at exploring Seaside (that is if its still around) if anyone has any pointers or what not that could be helpful i'd love to hear it!

Submitted by mag (not verified) on
I worked atSeaside for a number of years. The Book Christmas in Purgatory was in fact an expose of the horrible conditons of some of the institutiond in New York and Massachusetts. The pictures of Seaside were used as a contrast to show that individuals in institutions can be and are treated humanely. Seaside opened as a facility for individuals with Mental Disabilities in 1961 and was the first of it's kind. The employees cared for the residents as though they were their own children. Seaside was always innovative in the treatment of the residents. In the 80's we worked very hard to develop alternative community homes, ranging from foster care to group homes where individuals could live in small groups with minimal supervision but receiving support from the community. Other states should follow the lead!

Submitted by Sammy (not verified) on
Hey, I visited this place 3 times... I know this story may sound unbelievable (well the first one) but it was truly real. About a week ago, my friend looked online for most haunted places in CT, and he found this place, we decided to pick up another friend and head there with a Ouija(sp?) board... While we were heading there our gps went haywire, first saying we were 8 minutes away, then going to 35 minutes away and counting down all the way to 1. Anyway we park right in front of the gate and head down to the sanitorium, this is during an overcast day at about 1 am. We felt a really wierd presence, and one of the guys (there were 3 of us) was so scared he went back to the car. Me and my other friend continued to venture to the first building were he felt something right on his back. There presence was so strong he couldn't move, we decided to go back to the car at this point. When we went to the car, the guy that went to the car earlier asked us if we tried to open the door earlier because the car handle began moving. We told him no and got in the car, soon as we sat down the passenger side door flung open!! we couldn't believe it so we zoomed off in fear throughout, sitting in silence. The second time, we went at night again, and found a door open in the back, my friend was too scared to go in so we didn't. But I wanted to go sooo baddddd....!! The third time, we were set on going through the door only to find out the door was locked with an old master lock that wasn't there, and this was on July 5th... Anyway here is an orb I captured while there,

Submitted by Tessa (not verified) on
I went to Seaside a few months ago. It was lovely. I honestly never been somewhere abandoned and with my new Nikon D3200 this was the first place I could imagine going to. I only went into the BIG building, the back building, but I would LOVE to go into the first one. Some of the pictures I took didn't come out the best, but others did. It was creepy, I won't even lie. But I would totally go back again. :D Link to my Photo Album from Seaside; If you’d like to go explore the Sanitorium with me, please feel free to message me on KIK messenger. Babydykekodi OR email me at

Submitted by Sadie (not verified) on
I just went there yesterday & my brother & noticed that the beach in front of the hospital has random patches of dark black/purple sand that is REALLY HOT. We are not from this state, so I don't know if this is something that local people know about, but I would love for someone to explain this to me.

Submitted by Romeo (not verified) on
I still have lots of pictures that my parents took when I was a patient there in the early 1950's. I was sent there when I was about three years old. I stayed there for 13 mos. I can still remember a little about the place. I knew when parents visiting day was when they served ice cream for desert. I can also remember having some kind of fire safety drills. In the dinning hall they had this large iron door built into the wall. We kids would lineup when they opened the door and jumped in. There was some type of slide that would take you through a dark tunnel through another round door or hatch to daylight and I think a parking lot. Pretty spooky stuff for a 3 year old. We also had to wear these little brown shorts all the time during the summer. I was in a ward with other little kids and we all slept in steel cribs, on summer days the nurses would wheel our cribs outside on a balcony for some of that fresh air. I can also remember being there for at least one XMAS. Some kids died there too.

Submitted by Tessa (not verified) on
Sadie, I noticed the SAME sand when I went back in April or May. It was in spring time and I do not remembering it being hot. I was wondering the same thing though, I have never seen sand that colour. I am thinking it was really hot because it was a dark colour and the sun was beating down on it. But I could be wrong.

Your mode of telling the whole thing in this post is actually fastidious, all can simply be aware of it, Thanks a lot.

Submitted by Brandon (not verified) on
Now the state is cracking down because people are disrespecting the property. I walk my dog there regularly, go for an occasional swim, and enjoy the scenery. If I see anyone near these buildings I'm calling the police. People trespassing in the buildings, leaving their spray paint cans, defacing the property have ruined it for everyone. So, be aware, don't be posting when you are going there, because I will make sure someone will be there waiting for you.

Romeo, would you mind talking to me about your time at Seaside? I am interested in viewing your photographs for historical research purposes.

Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on
My friends and I were hoping to visit. Does anyone know if the grounds are still open? I know a few people have been recently but no one will tell me where they park/how the get on the grounds/etc. There are no trespassing signs posted, but I can't really tell if those are for the property next to Seaside. Any help would be great!

Submitted by Katrina (not verified) on
You can park in a lot behind the property off the main road. There are only a few parking spaces but nobody bothers you during the day. Many people walk to the beach or walk their dogs. The properties are cool and creepy. All entrances and windows are blocked or boarded. Many people have entered in the past through windows. Some say that there are guards inside at night...I highly doubt it. They don't mind if you walk the premesis during the day they just don't want you there at night due to break ins and damage. I'm also sure inside has become very unsafe. Have fun!

Submitted by Dis Guy (not verified) on
We just visited tonight, it was very creepy, but very cool. No guard around, but the air was certainly eery enough to almost want one. We didn't go inside, but it was still an awesome experience. Happy Travels!

Certain people have to ruin everything ! I'm talking about the dog owners that let their dogs CRAP and leave it for others to step in ! Slobs ! Pick up your dogs CRAP, I don't have dogs or want them, you that do, please pick up after them ! LAZY! LAZY! LAZY!

Submitted by To Brandon (not verified) on
Your an idiot. Shut up, nobody cares if someone is there waiting hahahaha!

Submitted by Christine (not verified) on
The buildings should be renovated. It is a shame that they are waiting for them to be in such disrepair that they have to be torn down. They are on the National Register of Historic Places and that should mean something. The Town of Waterford and the developer are both at fault.