Stepney Cemetery, Monroe

December, 2008 by Ray Bendici
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The Stepney Cemetery in Monroe
Photo by Ray Bendici
The Damned Story: A few miles to the east of the fabled Union Cemetery in Easton is the lesser known -- but if you believe, equally haunted -- Stepney Cemetery (also known as Birdsey's Plain Cemetery or Beardsley Plain Cemetery). Just off of Route 25 next to Our Lady of The Rosary Chapel, the cemetery dates back to the 1700s, and is allegedly home to various spirit incarnations and ectoplasmic blobs. In addition, it allegedly serves as a "second home" of sorts for the White Lady of Union Cemetery, who has been spotted slumming there on occasion -- although how anyone would be able to know if it's the same White Lady or another one is a question I'd like to have answered. Unfortunately, the one person who might be able to answer that question now makes Stepney Cemetery his final resting place: Renowned ghost hunter Ed Warren. His grave is near the southern edge of the cemetery (or to the left when you come through the main gates)
The Stepney Cemetery in Monroe
Photo by Ray Bendici
Nevertheless, people have claimed to see a White Lady roaming the grounds, while others have taken spirit pictures and recorded ghost globules. Our Damned Experience: I visited Stepney Cemetery back at dusk of a summer night back in 2000 with a good friend, bringing a camera (35 mm film) with us. We took a number of photos in various parts of the cemetery, but upon development, found nothing unusual. The entire cemetery seemed like a very peaceful place, but we did have an "unusual" encounter of sorts. When we first arrived (just after sundown) and were wandering around the graves in the gathering dusk, we were jokingly trying to freak each other out with ghost stories. Suddenly, a very loud inhuman noise came from behind a nearby gravestone, and a menacing dark shape rose up into the night sky! Well, of course, we both almost fell over backward . . . until we realized we had disturbed a large goose, who flew off over our heads. Realizing that we weren't under attack by phantoms from the other side, we laughed for about 10 minutes. Yeah, we're cool like that.
Detail of Ed Warren's tombstone
Photo by Ray Bendici
Update: We returned to Stepney Cemetery in December 2008. This time, we didn't encounter any geese, nor did we see any spirits, globules or white ladies -- although with the amount of snow on the ground, it might be tough to spot the spirit of a white lady in front of it! Then again, it was a misty day, so for all we know, she was standing right in front of us and we never noticed. We also paid our respects to Ed Warren, a good man who helped inspire our love and pursuit of things damned. Thanks again, Ed! May you rest in peace. If You Go: As mentioned, the cemetery is just off Route 25 in the Stepney section of Monroe, next to Our Lady of The Rosary Chapel. Like any cemetery, it is open to the public during daylight hours only, and of course, visitors are expected to be respectful.
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Submitted by Thea (not verified) on
I have take some crazy photos here, no white lady, but many civil war soldiers are in my photos.

Submitted by Connor (not verified) on
Yea bullshit lets see these photos

Submitted by Domi (not verified) on
I was walking on the path in the cemetery with a friend, (the path that is closest to the church) On the side of the church were stairs that led to a door on the second level. and we were about halfway down the path when my friend noticed a black woman-like figure standing at the top of the stairs just staring at us. It almost looked like a silhouette of a nun, except this figure was tall and had a skinny head and looked to have a long flowing dress with some sort of draped shawl thing. I turned to see what she was looking at and I almost shit bricks. My friend BOLTED back to the road leaving me to have a stare off with this thing so I freaked the hell out and ran after and of course I drop my phone so I quickly pick it up I turn my head to see if the figure is still there and I see it kind of like gliding down the stairs and that's when I pick up the speed almost pissing my pants and once I made it to the road we were trying to figure out what the heck that thing was and we kept looking back the nothing was there.

Submitted by Samantha (not verified) on
I was there just last night with a friend. We didn't see any figures or really get any creeped out feelings, but we did an audio recording while walking around in there asking questions. Toward the end of our recording, while we were nearly out of the cemetery anyway, there's a disembodied whisper telling us to get out. My friend got pretty creeped out by that when I found it on the playback, haha.

Submitted by Austin (not verified) on
I've heard some pretty frightning stories about this place and I'm thinking about going there when I'm older to expierence the Haunting stories. I really want to expirenced a good scare. Any good Advice? Haha

Submitted by Laurie (not verified) on
Lived there for 30 years, drove past that cemetery thousands of times, day and night. Though I am a believer, I never saw any ghosts. Weird, but I kinda wish I had :)

Submitted by LukasV (not verified) on
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A lot of my older generation family is buried here. I was visiting the other day and thought it was very peaceful. I did not get any negative feeling in here whatsoever. Maybe because of the fact that I have a lot of family there? Or maybe because I was visiting a few hours before sundown. I usually have a knack for feeling negative energy too.