Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport

April, 2014 by Ray Bendici
Mountain Grove Cemetery in Bridgeport is one of the most scenic graveyards in the state but is particularly known for being the final resting place of the legendary showman P.T. Barnum, who also had a hand in founding the cemetery. In addition to being where more than 40,000 former Connecticut residents have been laid to rest, the 125-acre burying ground also is home to the grave of Charles Stratton, native son of Bridgeport and little person who rose to international fame as Gen. Tom Thumb.

Hookman's Cemetery, Seymour (Great Hill Cemetery)

May, 2013 by damnedadmin
If you grew up in the Valley, you’ve probably been to Hookman’s Cemetery (Great Hill Cemetery) in Seymour late at night looking for paranormal activity. The version of the legend that I remember was that the cemetery caretaker, who had a hook for a hand, hung himself in a tree outside the cemetery. If you parked under the tree, your car would stall and you’d hear the hook scratching on your roof.


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