The Top Haunted Places in Connecticut

July, 2012 by Ray Bendici
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Okay, let's have a little fun here -- people love Top 10 lists (that's why Letterman still has a show, right?) so here are some of the most popular haunted places in the state as determined by the visitor traffic on our website and my general knowledge of Connecticut. If you're looking for Connecticut ghosts and paranormal activity, look no further! And if you want to read more, just click through for extended stories about these places. The Top 10 Haunted Places in Connecticut 1. Union Cemetery, Easton -- The home of the infamous White Lady, this 400-year-old grave yard has been popular with ghost hunters for decades, ever since Ed and Lorraine Warren started regularly investigating it. Consequently, it's one of the best-known haunted sites in the state, and a place to which everyone who claims to be interested in paranormal activity eventually makes a pilgrimage -- the true mecca of Connecticut's haunted cemeteries. Most visitors also pair it with Stepney Cemetery at the other end of Route 59 in Monroe, where Ed Warren is laid to rest. 2. Dudleytown, Cornwall -- If you were going to rank the most famous of Connecticut's haunted places, you could say Union Cemetery and Dudleytown are 1 and 1A. Once declared "the most haunted place in Connecticut" by -- who else? -- The Warrens, Dudleytown has also been called "cursed," "damned" and "demonically possessed." Stories still abound of weird sightings and odd experiences in and around the remaining foundations of the former settlement, even if the legend of the curses has been thoroughly debunked. Of course, the Dark Forest Entry Association that owns the land aggressively keeps visitors out, which only helps feed the reputation of Dudleytown. Still those who dare to venture there report an unnatural stillness and feelings of terror. 3. Remington Arms, Bridgeport -- Thanks to the constant repeats of Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" investigation, this has become one of the most popular haunted sites in the state. A former munitions factory in the heart of Bridgeport, the property -- which has seen its share of tragedy and death -- has been abandoned for decades and has fallen into utter disrepair. As such, it is truly looks like a place where bad things would be seen, and between its dark history, the dangerous conditions and its location in a troubled neighborhood, it's easy to see why people are afraid of this place. 4. Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown -- The first of a trio of former abandoned  "insane asylums" on the list, Fairfield Hills was closed by the state in 1995, and in the ensuing years has grown into a popular destination for ghost seekers as well as urban explorers. Like many former hospitals for the mentally disturbed, tales of cruelty and abuse surround the facility, which when combined with stories of odd happenings in the network of underground tunnels here -- which have since been filled in -- have helped forged its reputation, which was exacerbated when an episode of MTV's "Fear" was filmed here. Plans to demolish the buildings and develop the 700+ acres keep starting and sputtering, but eventually this hospital of horror will only be a bad memory. 5. Seaside Sanatorium, Waterford -- Another former "unrest" home for those seeking mental convalescence that has been abandoned by the state of Connecticut and is now in serious decay. A once-beautiful Cass Gilbert-designed edifice overlooking Long Island Sound, the sanatorium was built with the idea that the peaceful view would provide remedy. Unfortunately, patient abuse and a high suicide rate resulted instead, the perfect storm for departed souls who may never find peace. This place has been in the news since the governor swooped in at the last moment -- for reasons yet to be explained other than her own vain desire to have a "legacy" -- to block a sale to a private developer that had been years in the making, severely hampering plans for demolition. 6. Norwich State Hospital, Preston -- The third member of the neglected state facility trio, Norwich is in lockstep with the others: long history of reported patient abuses and torment, closed down by the state a few decades ago, allowed to rot and fester, resulting in eventual hauntings being reported. This one has also been a political football, its fate bouncing between the state, the town of Preston and developers. Like the others, there are also plans to demolish it and replace it with something less creepy, but also like the others, it currently stands as a beacon for spirits and spirit hunters. 7. Bara-Hack, Pomfret -- A former 18th-century settlement where all sorts of odd sounds, disembodied voices and laughter as well as supernatural sights have been reported . Like Dudleytown, Bara-Hack is currently on private property, but that (unfortunately) doesn't stop unwanted visitors exploring the ruined foundations and home remains in search of the spirits of days gone by. 8. Little People's Village, Middlebury -- Another place like Dudleytown in that its reputation, although thoroughly debunked (it's a former roadside attraction, not a home for pixies built by a madman), it still draws purveyors of the paranormal. Aside from the general creepiness that comes with finding a decrepit tiny village out in the woods, there is the "curse" of "The Throne" (sitting on it will bring death within seven years), reports of all sorts of weird lights and the rumor of fairies. 9. New London Ledge Lighthouse -- Famously haunted by the supposed ghost of "Ernie," a former lightkeeper, this lonely landmark in New London harbor has been investigated by paranormal groups from around the world, including T.A.P.S., aka "The Ghost Hunters." A very active site, with all sorts of rappings, moving objects and random noises. 10. Gunntown Cemetery, Naugatuck -- Even though there is no one particular legend associated with this cemetery that dates back over two centuries, there are all sorts of unusual phenomena that have been reported here. A virtual cornucopia of paranormal activity has been recorded here, everything from EVPs and disembodied voices to ghostly figures and disappearing dogs and children, as well as inexplicable feelings of dread. 11. Mansfield Training School, Mansfield -- Originally built in 1917, this multi-building campus was designed as a refuge for the mentally ill. Set in bucolic eastern Connecticut, it seems as though it should've been an idyllic retreat; instead, there were allegations of abuse and neglect of patients. Since it was closed in 1993, there have been subsequent reports of spirit mists and orbs here, as well as experiences involving unexplained voices, sounds and shapes. A recent episode of "Paranormal Witness" investigated the haunting claims here and uncovered even more dark stories. 12. Undercliff Sanatorium, Meriden -- Another of the creepy abandoned state mental hospitals, Undercliff Sanatorium has also been closed for decades, but that hasn't stopped the ghost stories. Some allege to have heard the voices of children, both laughing and crying, while others have claimed to have seen the shadows and spirit of children in the windows of the now-empty buildings. One unsubstantiated story says the spirit of one resident who was attacked and murdered by his fellow residents still walks the now-closed grounds. 13. Poli Palace, Majestic Theatre and Savoy Hotel, Bridgeport -- Despite having been closed for more than 40 years, this 13-acre, three-building complex right in the heart of Bridgeport still stands. Now an abandoned, dilapidated shell of its once-glorious self, some say more than the ghosts of vaudevillian memories tread the floorboards, be it the lost souls of two men murdered in the hotel or other dark energies that come with possibly being built on a Native American burial ground. Shadow figures, EVPs and many orb photos have been allegedly witnessed here. 14. Sterling Opera House, Derby -- Unlike many of the other haunting sites in the state, the group who owns the Sterling Opera House has openly embraced their possibly paranormal history and has done extensive investigation of the facility, including having had multiple research teams come in, including SyFy's famed "Ghost Hunters." Multiple spirits are believed to be haunting the structure, including the entity of a young boy who is called "Andy." Tours of the opera house, which is undergoing renovation, are offered from time to time. 15. The Yankee Pedlar Inn, Torrington -- For more than 120 years, this 52-room hotel in downtown Torrington has welcomed guests—and ghosts, according to some. A few of the rooms have been alleged to house spirits, including Room 353, where the inn's original founder, Alice Conley, purportedly died; her rocking chair is in the lobby, and has allegedly been witnessed rocking on its own. In February 2012, the horror movie The Innkeepers—filmed on location at The Yankee Pedlar, and loosely based around its alleged story—was released. Honorable Mention: A few places that just missed the cut include Deep River Public Library, Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery, Carousel Gardens, Pettibone Tavern (now Abigail's Grill), Huguenot House and the Daniel Benton Homestead. So any others worthy of inclusion on this list? PS: If you have haunted house pictures or videos, share them at our Damned Connecticut Facebook group page.

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Remington haunted? More like in the ghetto. Just because a place is abandoned doesn't mean it is haunted, quit watching ghost hunter shows.

Submitted by Smooth (not verified) on
The ghosts people are seeing are just second hand crack smoke...

Submitted by concerned (not verified) on
The stone house in Uncasville, ct definately has paranormal activity. I've tried to think of every explainable reason for why certain things happen and there are none. I'm beginning to be concerned for the people who live there. Something has actually tried to push me down the stairs while I was there. There is a child that lives there also. I need to find someone that can help these people!

Submitted by BobsMom on
Are you talking about the stone house on maple avenue?! If so, I grew up there and it is definitely haunted.

Ron Dobi if its not haunted then why is it on this website and being the third most haunted place in Connecticut. myself i live in Bridgeport and i have been to the factory there are faces in the windows if you actually go.

Submitted by Sherah (not verified) on
Trust me- nothing is in Dudley town other than cop waiting outside with a nice fat ticket and a pair of cuffs. Don't bother going's not worth it.

Submitted by PJS (not verified) on
I'm sure if this went through the first time, but my father, daughters, and I went. Two he-women drove up in trucks with guns as soon as we got there. I felt instantly nauseous when I got out of the car. They said the Warrens just make up things to sell books. Yeah right. That's why the he-shes are so protective of the place, I suppose. We'll just sneak in through the ski resort on the other side. The cop driving up as we were leaving is in on it, too. What a bunch of weird, stupid idiots.

Submitted by Ken (not verified) on
I live in Bridgeport and theres nothing haunting Remington, however I've been to Dudley ville and had the pleasure of staying there for maybe 6 hours and not being able to get out with 4 other people one who which is a marine, I could go into the story, but I will leave it short..the place is disturbing, you will see things you don't want to and hear things you don't want to and it has got to be the most twisted haunted location in ct that I have visited. Period. If there's a more active place in ct I haven't found it yet and I enjoy going around the state checking these places out so If I were you I would hold my opinion of this location high on the connecticut list of haunted demonic dreadful places in the state.

Submitted by Cheryl (not verified) on
I have been there in the early 90's. Needles to say we got to the bottom of the long trail and I felt stamach sick dry heaving abnormally. My friend thought perhaps that maybe I was once again pregnant. I wasn't . I with the help of my friends managed to climb back up to the top still feeling ill and looking a tad green until we reached our vehicle and drove off. To say the least the place was quiet and I do not till this day have a valid explanation as to why I felt the way I did. FYI no, I was not nervous about being there . Just curious . Any explanation or input would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by Cheryl (not verified) on
So sorry for the typo's btw . I didn't have my glasses on!

Insight paranormal Team is a professional, paranormam investigation group. We have many historical sights under our belts and continue to push to the next level. Not only do we conduct investigations of historical site, We also specialize in residential and business locations as well. Please feel free to contact us via email or on facebook. We will be more than happy to speak with you regarding your haunted location. Insight Paranormal team is based out of Athol, Ma. We have traveled as far as Pennsylvania to investigate some of the most haunted places in the U.S.

Submitted by mrubio (not verified) on
i live in the stone house in uncasville there is no paronormal activity i do not know what are you talking about..???????????????????

Submitted by Sonia Mason (not verified) on
at my school many of hundreds of kids say it is haunted and people have never returneed back. It is called sueaside high and i feel like somebody is always watching me.. i don't feel safe most of the time and i wish i knwo what was there

Submitted by Jordan Hunt (not verified) on
I visited Gunntown Cemetary in Naugatuck. Fair warning DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and a group of my friends went we heard noises, laughter, saw figures and kept seeing a little boy. My friends used a Wigi board and it told us the little boys name was Allen "Al" for short and that he was 13 years old and his soul is trapped at Gunntown we went and found his grave stone which was exactly where he told us it would be. Something followed us home and taunted us for months. 2 years later nothing has happened but i will never go back again.

Submitted by B-Boy (not verified) on
Out of curiosity I visited Union Cemetery a year ago. It's not as secluded as I thought it would be. It's bordered by two somewhat busy roads, and anyone can walk right in. I walked around a good bit and I didn't see or experience anything but the place for sure has a "creepy" feel to it. I hear security is strictly enforced at night with a police presence, but even if there wasn't any night security I definitely would NOT spend a night there, lol!

Submitted by Michael & R... (not verified) on
Well we ventured out to investigate both Union Cemetery and GunnTown Cemetery.. Union had a earie feel to it but nothing to crazy.. Gunntown was a different story, granted it was in the middle of the afternoon but childrens voices were heard without seeing any kids anywhere. It had a strange feeling that didn't seem to want me their although my wife walked all over and saw the stuffed animal by one of the graves.. When we were done and got into our car my fully charged GPS was drained down to nothing.. I would not go there at night but definetly have respect and believe there is somehting there..

Submitted by R.Cymone (not verified) on
I live in Bridgeport and The Remington factory is hunted i went in there at night with a group of friend and i never seen anything like it just the feeling got when i walked in the building was just wired.... Myself and three other people heard sounds and seen thing.....maybe we were just tripping our self out but i know what i seen and heard

Submitted by Gambz (not verified) on
Just because you been some where once and did not experience anything dose not mean it's not haunted. Depending on the person, they can be more venerable to spiritual energies then you or someone else. Just because you, yourself don't see it dose not mean it's unreal. You can't see the wind but you can feel it and you know it's there. Besides everyone sees with a different eye it doesn't mean your right or wrong, it just means open your eyes a bit more be more open minded...

Submitted by Gambz (not verified) on
Vulnerable *****

Submitted by John (not verified) on
Remington Arms in Bridgeport is not haunted. If you hear things or see things, even faces, it has something to do with all the homeless people in it. I used to work for the security company charged with patrolling it twice a day, I never went there, but people I know have. Its FULL of homeless people and they make noise trying to get away from anyone that might throw them out.

Submitted by Dean (not verified) on
I believe some of that stuff cause I hear the voices when gac here's it

Submitted by jess (not verified) on
Are you sure when the investigation conducted by Ghost Adventures at Remington Arms in Bridgeport, that the "gun fire", they heard wasn't coming from outside? Bridgeport is gangster. Just because it wasn't reported to the authorities that night, doesn't mean something outside the factory didn't occurs. They were told from the get go,..the area is unsafe..... I hear now they want to knock it down and put up wind turbines.

Submitted by Bridgeporter (not verified) on
not turbines...they are going to build a train station

Submitted by steve allison (not verified) on
born and raised in hollywood california, now 66 yrs old....i have been involved in the paranormal for many years.....i have some great celebrity stories; many ouija stories, lived in several haunted homes, spent time in the personal residence of hitler///steve///

Submitted by Alba (not verified) on
Carousel Gardens is now a hair salon....look what they did to it... Haven't heard of anything happening to anybody there since they "remodeled" it.

Submitted by Gianna (not verified) on
I live a couple streets down from Remington Arms and i will admitt that Bridgeport isnt the greatest town ever , but when i was watching the Ghost Hunter episode they heard a gun shot ; it had to be haunted and couldnt have been outside . Remington Arms is located on the corner of a busy street with apartments and a high school right across the street the gunshot wouldnt have been outside .

Submitted by Lee (not verified) on
Remington is on the East end of Bpt there is every chance that it was gunshots outside. I lived on East side and heard gunshots daily. Bpt is not a bad place to live at all. Just mind ya bussiness and u will b ok.

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on
east side of Bridgeport? yeah be ready to expect the unexpected on the east side the shots probably did come from the exterior of the premises

Submitted by chris (not verified) on
I lived on Chestnut Tree Hill Road all my teenage and young adult life and I have walked, rode my bike and drove my car past this Cemetery many times and I never knew that it was haunted. But when I found out a few years ago that it was haunted it explained a very strange thing that happened to me very close to the Cemetery. As drove near the cemetery I noticed that the car started to overheat and had to pull over.Next day I got a lift from my wife to my car started it up without any trouble and it never overheated again.

Submitted by Gerrie (not verified) on
What about the Green Lady in Burlington Cemetery. We used to go there during our high school years.

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on
That would be 7th Day Baptist that they referenced further down as haunted but not most haunted. Indeed it is very active and I have had several bad experiences there.

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on
No mention, anywhere on the site, of the Union Trust Building in New Haven! 205 Church St. New Haven, CT right off the Green. On land originally owned (according to the original map of the "9 Squares" from 1641) by Richard Perry.

I been to #2, #3, #4, #5 #7 #8 and #9 They're not haunted. Just creepy. Also, why the f*** is Remmington Arms on the haunted list? I went there and all I saw was a bunch of used needles then this obviously from Alabama black cop rolled up a crown victoria that looked like it was from the 70's was like "I DN'T WANNA 'AVE 'TA WRITE YA'LL A TRESSPASSIN' CHARGE NAH! GET ALONG!"

Submitted by Haunted Party (not verified) on
Haunted Party is a Halloween party. Costume only. Oct 22 (saturday) at Dolphins Cove marina in Bridgeport. A beautiful venue by the water! Dracula Events is promoting this amazing party. Emaculate decor and surpises. Uncle John's band - tiger's zone 3 Djs with a surprise Dj (dJ China/Dj Stone/ DJ Helio Mix and Dj Bruno) Prizes for Best costumes/ best gay costume and sexiest costume Beer pong competition. (It will depend on the weather!!!) Join us. Tickets at the door or for group tickets or birthdays celebrations call 203 5457767 Again_COSTUME ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21 and over Address: 421 Seaview Ave Bridgeport Ct 06607

Submitted by alex (not verified) on
the little peoples village is the stupidest thing ever. I went there with my friends and there was no paranormal activity at all.

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on
I've been to Gunntown and to Union but, I think Hookman's (Oxford) is way worse than those. Not to hard to get to but, you can easily miss it. It doesn't have a street sign. I've been chased by I don't know what but, it fowollowed us for well over ten miles. The cops don't like people going there either. They may or may not give you a ticket.

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on
Easily undercliff sanitarium. Sketchy place with a sketchy history, located off undercliff road in Meriden. Be careful though, it is constantly patrolled by local cops and arrests have been made for trespassing. Still might be worth taking a look into.

Submitted by Bree (not verified) on
To Jess: When Ghost Adventures went there, they had to video cams set up on two different floors. Both of them picked up a passing car, but only one of them picked up the sound of the gunshot and the woman screaming. At first I thought it could have been someone outside, but why would one cam pick it up and not another? Sometimes I think that they're a little over the top when they do investigations. Like when they get goosebumps, I don't always trust it for some reason; probably because I've never experienced the feeling they're talking about. But the gunshot was definitely not from outside.

my grandmother died in 1991. her favorite flowers were roses. i had to move back home because of divorce. during the first 2 years after my divorce i would smell roses permeating out of the corner of the room ! i even had my parents check it out. yes, they smelled them too. no explanation as to the source. i live in Bethlehen in an otherwise "quiet" house. i haven't smelled them in awile. guess she thinks i don't need visiting anymore !

Submitted by Mary (not verified) on
The little ppl villige is hunted i was so drawn there. Affter only going once i whent back. Four times in one week if u walk in the foundation of the womens house u will feel coldness and it was summer when i when and just in the foundation was freezeing i have heard footsteps i have. Caught evps of noise and running and what to me sounded like chatter. But its. Ot. To bad alittle creepy but its not full blown haunted

Submitted by Mary (not verified) on
Undercliff is. Haunted. Its creepy i have seen a little girl in a white. Pj dress. Weeping and crying on the steps and i have tryed to talk to her but she just. Disapears. When u get close. Its sad. To see this it worse when u bleave what is going on is true

Submitted by beba (not verified) on

Submitted by Rich (not verified) on
Let's go cost hunting

Submitted by Rose (not verified) on
The reason Dudleytown was abandoned all those years ago wasn't due to paranormal activity --- it was because the villagers got sick and tired of walking up and down that @#$@#$#@ massive hill it's at the top of! :O

Submitted by andy (not verified) on
I've been to dudley town many times, its not all that paranormal. Only what every site says, its to damn quite! Only thing thats creepy.

Submitted by Ian (not verified) on
The Little People Village is not haunted. The truth is the houses and everything used to be on exhibit at Quassy Amusement Park a long time ago. The rest is all made up. There are no old man or woman that were driven insane by hearing the voices.

Submitted by Bill (not verified) on
I went through Remington last week. Upstairs seems like a normal old factory. However when I went into the tunnels it was strange. I got some interesting photographs. Heading back next time with night vision equipment.

Submitted by Joseph Ricciotti (not verified) on
this is kinda funny cause a friend moved to my school from conneticut and he used to live 4 houses down from where the haunting in conneticut happend and im talking bout the story from the movie cause not all that stuff happend in that movie and he said his house you would hear people walking scratching on the floors or walls and ne nnight he got up to go tothe kitchen and he watched as all the chairs were unstacked and 3 inch claw marks were dug into them and recently he said his dads name was carved into them he still has all the chairs

I'll vouge for #'s 2 and 4 being creepy... I wouldn't say they were were haunted but they would certainly qualify as being creepy... Good stuff!