Bara-Hack, Pomfret

November, 2016 by Ray Bendici
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The Damned Story: The sparsely populated Northeastern region of Connecticut has long been called the Quiet Corner. But whoever named it may not have ever been to the abandoned settlement of Bara-Hack. According to local history, a pair of Welsh families first settled Bara-Hack in 1780; and although the name is odd, considering what some towns are called in Wales, it could've been called Barrffynng-Hheaggnnogg or something equally appealing.

By 1890 the settlement was history as the last residents left, and as is wont to happen, the surrounding forest slowly took the land back . . . allegedly though, it forgot some of the noise.

Modern visitors to Bara-Hack can see the interesting remnants of old foundations and walls as well as a cemetery—the damned part starts when they supposedly start hearing the sounds of the long-gone settlement! Everything from the noises of children playing and people singing to the sounds of livestock and the rumble of wagon wheels have been said to have been heard.

Over the years, various investigators have recorded the sounds, while others have also claimed to have seen the ghost of a bearded man and the spirit of a young child.


Bara-Hack may be gone, but clearly, it doesn't want to be forgotten.

Our Damned Experience: We have never been to Bara-Hack and back.

If You Go: Bara-Hack is on clearly marked private property ("No Trespassing" signs abound), and is very closely watched.

As it is on private property, you need permission from the land's owner to visit—which appears to be very unlikely as reports seem to indicate the owners are not interested in anyone visiting. Sorry!

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In 2000 we were encouraged to go here for extra credit for a high school class (can't remember which class, sociology perhaps), so a group of us finally found it and explored a while. We didn't encounter any noises but took several pictures, upon getting them printed they had many bright spots and specks. From what we could tell it wasn't a problem with the lenses and we certainly didn't see them in person. We weren't aware of any trespassing problems at the time, I don't think it was marked. It was interesting, though.

Submitted by Peter Manzelli (not verified) on
I've been there once with a group that had permission...I don't know who the owner is and I am desperately looking for them as well so I can go back!

Submitted by Mary (not verified) on
IF anyone knows who owns the property for permission plz let me know

Submitted by Ted (not verified) on
Go to the little village/town office and they will tell you!

Submitted by Ted (not verified) on
Go to the little village/town office and they will tell you!

Submitted by Patrick Kelaher (not verified) on
Me an a few of my friends we are planing on a trip to Barra Hack because we are trying to start our own profesional ghost hunters society and we where wondering if you have any information on how to contact the ownere to get permission on to the . Want to do the right thing an not to offend or anger any one. If there is any help you can share that would be very helpful. thank you

Submitted by Candy (not verified) on
Hello, My sister and I have been going to so called "haunted" places to check it out for ourselves. I would greatly appreciate if someone could give us the information to contact the owner of Bara-hack so we may explore. Thank you

I have been looking for a contact for Bara-Hack, but have not come up with one yet. I will keep looking and asking around ...

Submitted by Patrick Kelaher (not verified) on
thanks ray for all your help, i been looking around to but have come up empty handed as well

Submitted by Steve Frank on
Some post were removed from this forum. We would like to reiterate- This site is located on private property, the owners will call the cops as will the neighbors. Please have respect for the history of this site and leave it be. Thanks Steve

Submitted by ghostfind33 (not verified) on
i had a very strange experience there, iwas there at night with myfriend walking around and i heard footsteps behind us we stopped and the footsteps continued. then in the cemetary we could hear people talking very close. it was freeky

Submitted by eyes and ears (not verified) on
Tania, your boss is very, very wrong about the owners not making an effort to keep people out. It is posted quite well and watched very closely. It is NOT okay for anyone to be there without permission from the land owners. Anyone caught on the property will be arrested for trespassing.

Submitted by Family Friend (not verified) on
I am a friend of the Townshend family. "eyes and ears" is correct. The family has had much trouble with "ghost hunters" illegally stealing artifacts, vandalizing the site, camping to photograph spirits etc. One needs a permission card from the family to park by the access road. Otherwise, neighbors will call the police to complain. The author and her husband are now justifiably wary and "did not want any more publicity for crazed ghost hunters" to try to find the address and exploit the site. They have told me that they want to keep everything PRIVATE now. There is extra police surveilance before Halloween...Please respect the landowners wishes.

Submitted by eyes and ears (not verified) on
Thank you, Family Friend!

Submitted by eyes and ears (not verified) on
Funny how you didn't even remember what site you were on! And now look, a new post. Problems??? You can't even begin to imagine. Thanks!

Submitted by NCK (not verified) on

Submitted by eyes and ears (not verified) on
Actually, Nick, we do live here. I am sorry you believe yourself to be above the law. And property owners actually do have the right to tell people that they cannot trespass. There is also this little thing called respect. You should try it sometime.

Submitted by Mary (not verified) on
do u know how to contact owner? i would like to check it out and i am not w/ a group.

Submitted by John (not verified) on
I guess Nick is a member of the "we are entitled to everything" generation. Sad that peoples idea of right and wrong has deteriorated to this point.

Submitted by interested (not verified) on
I've been to bara-hacks several times years ago. Many times I saw nothing but I saw the figure of a child the last time I went. Its too bad the owners dont want people to be on the property its a very interesting environment but I do agree that their property should be respected.

Submitted by tj o'neil (not verified) on
me and a few friends went to bara hack it was one of the creepiest expieriences of my life we took pics and vidio of unexplained noises and orbs . we never asked 4 permission and were not bothered NITE TIME!!! if u need directions contact me via email... as long as people dont touch anything or creat distubsnces every one should be able to expierience this place...

Submitted by DJ (not verified) on
How do you even get there, and how do I contact the appropriated people to conduct a search on the premises?

Submitted by eyes and ears (not verified) on
Let me ask this question to all who feel it is their right to trespass here....Can I have your address so I can go through your yard whenever I feel like it, day or night, without permission? May take pictures, start fires, and leave all my garbage there? Sometimes, you will not even see or hear me, or even know I was there until you go outside and and see the damage I have done and have to clean up after me. I am willing to bet you wouldn't like this at all and you might even call the police. If you want to go there, do some research that has nothing to do with how "spooky" it is, find the owners, and give them a call. There is more on the internet than ghost stories, you just need to look.

Submitted by Paul (not verified) on
I would just like some info of the site. I don't want you to post the address or anything just wanna talk. Thank you. PM

Submitted by I agree (not verified) on
My mom has 4 acres in Monroe and no trespassing signs all around but people go up in the woods light fires, throw beer cans and trash all around and cut down the little trees and just make a mess. Just because mom didn't hear them doesn't mean she wants them on her property. Who has to clean up the mess me and her and friends cause people don't read and respect people's privacy.

Submitted by eyes and ears (not verified) on
Oh, and one more thing, we do check at night and are in the company of the state police.

Submitted by Sandi (not verified) on
eyes and ears...I totally understand how you feel, being a landowner myself and having a large parcel also. We have problems all the time. People have even pulled down our NO TRESPASSING signs. A couple years back a worker here was almost hit by a bullet from a hunter who was on the property illegally and thought the worker was a deer. I have always been interested in the paranormal but only heard about Bara-Hack today from a friend. There is quite a bit of interesting bits and pieces about it online and I'm content to learn of it's history that way. It's very scary to read what some of these people have posted. Thank Goodness for the State and Local Police who help protect our PROPERTY RIGHTS!

Submitted by Christopher Hob... (not verified) on
Maybe if people were nice and helped the owners clean up the garbage of the people who weren't so nice, and maybe if they asked permission it might help? Now isn't this place fairly close to some sort of scout camp or something? I remember checking the area out with satellite view on my computer, from directions given me by a friend. For any of you people who are all worked up about property rights and trespassing, you should have the common sense to not live in places that are thought to be haunted.

Submitted by Christopher Hob... (not verified) on
PS -- I don't see a story about the old church in Brooklyn.

Submitted by BabyDoll (not verified) on
Would eyes and ears happen to be Jackie..?

Submitted by deena lawson (not verified) on
So much controversy on such an interesting topic. We all must respect the owners of the land. Period. No discussion. What would be incredible is if the rich history of this land could be shared with all of us who call CT home and are equally proud of its history while perhaps using proceeds from paid admissions to maintain it, build a museum, give back to the community in some way (like trail of Terror in Wallingford). just random thoughts!

Submitted by CNB (not verified) on
Its really too bad that immature and greedy people have to ruin it for anyone else. The owners of this property are preserving local history by not allow people to run wild on their property. This family is one of the most generous familes and for many years allowed people to enjoy this amazingly beautiful place. In recent years people have been littering, knocking over headstones and actually organizing group tours charging people to come on this property in packs. "We are not all worked up" about trespassing we are all worked up over the people ruining this land. Its called PRESERVATION!!!! This land is special for its beauty and rich history. Gee maybe we should all go to Yellowstone and have bonfires and keg parties, leave all the crap behind. How do you think that would go??? And when your ready to spend your millions on "just land" let us know so we can come there and wreck it! Have a great day!!

Submitted by MattN (not verified) on
I am a little confused, Are the land owners still allowing people to explore this land but only with permission, or now are the landowners not allowing anyone at all on the property? I like to do some research as a hobby on interesting properties such as this. I have always asked permission, I have always been granted access by the land owners where ever I explore. I think the land owners always seem to be optimistic when someone actually takes the time to look them up and ask before entering they're land. I also am having trouble with the "Dudley Town" I think the town of Cornwall owns the land.

Submitted by Amie Daunis (not verified) on
I have been going there since 89 and had a lot of issues with that place...I saw and heard things that would make a grown man cry...

Submitted by Melinda (not verified) on
my family were some of the last, if not the last, people to live in Bara-hack. we go there a few times a year WITH PERMISSION from the owners. I'm doing my final project for school on Bara-hack

Submitted by Stephanie-D on
My ancestors are from there as I just recently heard, I'm willing to show a family tree. I live in Ohio and would love information, pictures, and possibly to arrange a time with the owners so I could come out and learn first hand, but it would be scheduled way in advance due to time and travel. I am the youngest of my father's children and my family except my dad, had all passed away. I've been in contact with others of my family who have confirmed ancestry.

Submitted by recently wed (not verified) on
I recently got married in the town of beautiful town of Promfret.The day after the wedding we thought it would be neat to explore Bara Hack.I had never heard of it before but my cousin had done a little research.We noticed the signs and took a drive around to see if any of the neighboring houses belonged to the owners.We did find a couple that were wonderful.(Not sure if they were the official owners)They gave us directions and advised us as where to park.It was beautiful.The stone walls and foundations were magnificent.We didnt experience anything until the final hr we were there.My cousin swears he heard the wheels of a baby carriage squeaking.I honestly heard a woman singing.That night,in my own bed,I felt like someone was entering my body.Then I saw the forest of Bara Hack without even closing my eyes.It was like I was there again.Havent slept much since.I dont think of myself as crazy or really even into these things.But Im sure interested now.Strange..Please respct the owners.I wouldnt want anyone to vandalize my property either.

Submitted by Mary (not verified) on
get a pc of obsidian and let it bathe in the moonlight overnight and wear it ALWAYS !!! just my advise. it is a protection stone. it could be worth a try.

Submitted by Mike Parkhurst (not verified) on
I've been there many times and didn't hear or see a thing. UNTIL my friend and I brought a camera. SO MANY orbs, ecto-plasm, balls of energy... I am so certain something is going on there. We took the pics with a disposable camera. After getting that developed and seeing what was on there, we went back a week later with a new disposable camera and got the same results. Freaky. I live in Phoenix now and miss going there. I never got permission to go there but always respected the place.

Submitted by 860 (not verified) on
is roach from wethersfield ct?

to anyone that keeps tresspassing on someone elses land i agree....give me your address and i will be at your door demanding to see your property cause i heard strange things going on at your place....if you want to keep going back there and disturbing the people past and present there will be consequences for your actions....i have been there and saw what has happened there in the past and realize thatd its not a place to be alone.....nothing there is gonna harm you but they would like to be left brother had an accident there at the grave yard of silence that the little girl was present at....she had nothing more than a smile that she had company but was unhappy that someone was tresspassing at her home.....just leave the people alone and let them do with their land what they want....

Submitted by Roach (not verified) on
How can I get in contact with the land owners?

Submitted by roach (not verified) on
No I am not from Wethersfield..Do you know any Roaches up there?

In late November of last year, we were at Bara Hack with paranormal author Thomas D'Agostino, with written permission to enter. What a fabulous area. My group is not out to ruin anything, just to photograph for documentation. We enjoy and love the history of all places such as this. We are hoping to go back soon, once the snow clears. Like previously mentioned, please respect the people that live in this area and also those who have passed on in this area.

Submitted by Fitz (not verified) on
I too love history in general. So I like would to tell the general popullation a story on the respect of a land owner. I have had permission to hunt on a piece of land for many years. One summer I was walking with a garbag bag through the 82 acre property to check where I would hunt for the winter and pick up any litter (beer cans and all types of plastics etc.) when a lady I didn't know asked me what I was doing; I explained. She said the previous owner sold the property to her. I said ok, if you don't mind, I would like to come back and remove some wet heavy garbage I hung on a branch to dry out...she said ok. A week later I was out cleaning up the garbage and as I was bringing it back to my truck, the lady approached me. She said thank you and I have to confess something; I did not think you would come back. I said, I am a man of my word. She said, I do not care for hunting; but if you would like, I will give you permission to hike here. I said thank you. Sadly the lady passed away a few years ago. I am glad I gave her some hope in mankind. So to the general popullation, greed of wanting more just because YOU WANT IT, does not make you a nice person. Try asking for less and except the answer either way...maybe you might get more than you are asking.

Submitted by Roach (not verified) on
Fitz you are a god among man!

taft pond road pomfret orange gate . keep it real in ne ct, smoking dutches out there at night and ..... also eyes and ears, i'm glad your ok wiht hoarding such an amazing artifact, it speaks volumes for your character, as a resident of ct in a very scenic portion of woodstock, almsot more so than bara hack i often have people in my back yard, and mos tof the time im very friendly with them, unless theyre hunting an endargering my dog, we live in the most beautiful portion of the country its out resposibilty to share.

Oh, and i also am very proud of you for assisting the huge ...... faction we have here in the quite corner known as troop d, they are literally the worst collection of wannabe fbi ....... in the land, so your giving them ample oppertunity to arrest and detain people because they are walking through the woods? you truly are one of the examples of the reason northeast ct sucks. you and oxycontin. you both suck.

Submitted by Roach (not verified) on
If you respect the area people will never know you were there. Be silent and stay out of site. Pigs have poor eye site.