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Why “Damned”?

Strange and unexplained experiences are often referred to as “Fortean” phenomena, in honor of Charles Fort, an early 20th-century American writer and researcher. Fort was among the first to compile and publish books about anomalous events and mysteries — from rains of frogs to unidentified flying objects to poltergeists to alleged instances of teleportation. Spending decades sifting through tens of thousands of newspaper clippings and library stacks, he brought to light data that did not fit inside the tightly established parameters of “accepted” (orthodox) science, or in his words, data which was “damned.” His first book The Book of the Damned is still in print, and is the foundation for many of Fort’s theories and principles. Fort also spun mental gems like, “Do you want power over something? Be more nearly real than it,” “If there is a universal mind, must it be sane?” and our personal favorite, “One measures a circle beginning anywhere.” Fort’s legacy is carried on by many groups and publications, including the highly recommended Fortean Times.

So it is in that Fortean spirit — which includes Fort’s objectivity, healthy skepticism of both scientists and true believers, satirical nature and general good humor — we offer this site.

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