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Here at Damned Connecticut, we always welcome feedback on any of our articles, and encourage further intelligent discussion, disclosure and debate from visitors through our comment sections.

Even though we enjoy open and unfettered debate, we do ask that you are polite, civil to fellow posters and refrain from using inappropriate language — despite our name and the wide range of subjects featured here, we like to think of Damned Connecticut as a family-friendly site, where eager young minds can visit without concern of seeing or reading something offensive.

Also be aware that if you do attempt to post something that’s lewd or offensive, your comment will be removed, as will anything that constitutes a personal attack on any fellow visitor. Swearing, racial slurs, violent remarks and hateful comments directed toward us or any other visitor, are also not welcome here and will be immediately deleted. This also goes for words that have been altered (such as by adding symbols or random letters) to “disguise” the remark.

If we do discover someone behaving in this manner, we will ask that they refrain; if they persist, we have no qualms in permanently banning them from posting on this site.

Look, we’re freedom-loving Americans like yourself, and respect your right to free speech — we just ask that you express yourself in a manner that is respectful and courteous.


The Damned Connecticut Team

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