November, 2016 by Ray Bendici

The Damned Story: One of the most renowned damned places in Connecticut is the abandoned—and allegedly cursed—village of Dudleytown.

But as with many "dark" places, Dudleytown wasn't always like that.

Like much of Connecticut, settlers came to the area around what is now the quiet little town of Cornwall in the mid 18th century, and that includes the first Dudleys who came from England (via Guilford) to the Litchfield Hills in 1747. They helped create what became a thriving community, known then as Owlsbury, primarily fueled through the region's growing iron industry. Homes were built, the land was farmed, iron was forged, the town grew and prospered, and all was well.

Or so it seemed.

Some attribute the demise of the town to multiple mundane factors—the depletion of the farmland, the decline of the area's iron industry, the natural progression of younger Americans heading west to settle new lands, etc. Of course, there are others who simply believed the Dudley clan was cursed, as an inordinate number of Dudleys supposedly came to untimely ends, and that the curse extended to the village they helped found. Whatever the cause, Dudleys died off and the settlement's population continued to dwindle until about the turn of the 20th century, when the last resident finally gave up and abandoned what was left of the town. The surrounding forest slowly swallowed up the homes and buildings, and today, the only remnants of what had been are a few crumbling foundations and empty cellars . . .

Oh, and the curse of the Dudleys.


The story goes that anyone who has tried to live in what had been Dudleytown has come into some terrible misfortune. Over the years, there has allegedly been everything from suicides to demonic possessions, and all the hysterical drama in between. The Warrens famously recorded a Halloween special from Dudleytown in the early 1970s, declaring it officially "demonically possessed," which essentially opened the supernatural floodgates. Since then, it has been home to all sorts of alleged paranormal experiences, with visitors witnessing all manner of spirit and phantom as well as having unsettled feelings of dread and fear. As you might expect, the area has also drawn the attention of those enthralled with dark forces and demonic rituals, plus a healthy number of amateur ghostbusters and teenagers simply searching for trouble. In short, it's become a damnation destination.

Of course, much of the mythology around the "curse" of Dudleytown have been debunked (by a Dudley descendent, no less—the Rev. Gary P. Dudley), but why would anyone let that get in the way of a good spooky story? Quite simply, there are no curses, otherworldly events or dark tradedies in the actual history of the town.

Our Damned Experience: We have yet to visit Dudleytown as a group, but Kate visited back in the day—she didn't have any unusual experiences of note, but did find a number of old foundations and a few odd bumps in the ground.

If You Go: You can't. The remains of Dudleytown are on private property owned by the Dark Entry Forest Association who vigorously discourage all visitors. It is heavily patroled by local and state police, who will not hesitate to arrest and prosecute any trespassers.

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Submitted by Jesse (not verified) on
I had the pleasure of visiting Dudleytown a couple times before they really started cracking down on trespassers as heavily as they do people "loitering/trespassing" around Union Cemetery. This stepped up in intesity if memory serves after the release of the first Blair Witch Prokect film, which it has been said took a lot of cues from the Dudleytown storyline. Perhaps it was because of all the local legends and scary stories I had heard about going in "after dark," but I only went during daylight. But I will go on record to report that even going while the sun was up was *very* creepy. One thing that has stayed with me was the utter silence. Quite literally, you can't hear anything. On the way to the grounds, you hear the usual rustling of leaves in the wind, the chatter of woodland animals, etc. When we got there, each time we went, it was deathly silent upon setting foot in the actual grounds wherein you find the hollows, cellars and foundations. With the recent upswing in paranormal popularity, from ghost tours in New Orleans to all the shows on various cable networks, I think the Dark Entry Association is really missing out on a potential "oddity/curiosity cash cow" for the Cornwall area. I'll also back up the "vigorous discouraging" attitude of the locals... it's surreal. I'm sure it's just out of frustration of cleaning up after trespassers and whatnot, but it really plays into the entire Dudleytown mythos... that temptation of the unattainable.

Submitted by Stacy (not verified) on
Last year me and my boyfriend went to dudleytown in mid November (08). We entered through Dark Entry Road, which didn't have a street sign but we were able to figure it out through directions, pictures and a good hunch. We noticed the sign but of course ignored it anyway. As soon as we left the car our phones lost service. We walked until we came across what looked like stone basements. I tried using my phone the entire walk and sometimes it would ring 2 or 3 times and then go to a strange static. I thought nothing of it though, we were in the middle of the woods! The only scary thing we saw was a white tailed deer. Birds were chirping, it seemed like any other hike in the woods. We couldn't leave well enough alone though and both took a rock from as close to the "foundations" as we could get. A little disappointed we made our way back to the car with our rocks. Once we actually sat in the car, service returned to our phones. We drove away with our rocks in tow and after leaving Cornwall center we witnessed (what I thought) was a funny but strange accident involving vehicles in front of us which could have easily included myself had I not been paying attention. I dropped him off home (he forgot his rock in my back seat) and I put my rock on my front porch and went in to watch some TV. I tried to turn my volume down via remote but it wouldn't work. I pounded the keys a few times and suddenly the the volume started lowering.. but I wasn't touching the remote. It was stranger because the volume decreased in single increments.. 10-9-8-7... down to mute. The problem with that is either manually or by remote the volume only ever changed in increments of 2.. I was freaked out enough that the next day I through the rock on my porch in the woods and forgot about it. It was easy to forget about too seeing as though my car was breaking down daily, weekly if I was lucky. After cleaning it out, preparing for yet another trip to the shop, I found the rock. I gave it back to my boyfriend and he put it under his bed. Later that night we fooling around taking pictures and in almost all of them "orbs" can be seen, unexplained smoke. One in particular, half of my face is covered in a haze... This is the point where I started to see a relation between "odd" things happening and these rocks we took. Strange things seemed to follow them. I am by no means a superstitious person and frankly don't believe the myths surrounding dudleytown, much of the reason why I took those rocks, to "challenge" whatever all the hype was about. We put the rock in the car the next day, with intentions to dispose of it. It was forgotten again for a few days but remembered once my car starting acting up again. We were leaving a friends place when we finally decided to toss it and left it in the parking lot on a grassy area in front of her apt. Less than 2 weeks later her house was raided and she was in jail. Of course, had they been law abiding citizens a raid would have never took place, it just seemed ironic that it happen so soon after we left the rock. They had been living there for over a year with no problems. Listen, I'm not saying that anything that happened in that month was paranormal, supernatural or whatever else. What I am saying is that enough strange, uncanny things took place that I began to almost fear a ROCK. I noticed a distinct pattern between where they were placed and negative things that took place there. My fears almost seem confirmed since discarding the rocks last year I've had no car problems, no "hazy" photos and no self adjusting volume. Of course, there were smaller coincidences that are forgotten or not worth mentioning but all in all both of our families think we meddled with something we shouldn't have and honestly, I do too. Sometimes there are just too many "coincidences" for it to be a coincidence.

I am the founder of the group NEST (New England Spiritual Team) and am extremely interested in getting permission from this group to go to Dudleyville. Does anyone have the contact info for this group so I can try to go there? Or does anyone know anyone else who I can talk to to go there with permission? Thanks in advance.

Submitted by mike (not verified) on
go up the other side of mountain , just right of original dudley town just before dark/noone around and just wildlife,Beautiful,stay a few hours as i did doing a cable install and come down dark dirt road slow! good luck!!!

Submitted by shane (not verified) on
the dark forest entry will not let any one into dudley town they dont care the reason .. i went there with my girlfriend last year it was not at all weird there were no orbs nothing but a realy old lady who called the cops and the cop who gave us a ticket i have pics if anyoe would like to see htem let me know mfft23@yahoo.com

Submitted by Brian Liotta (not verified) on
I went camping there several times in the 70's and I will say that we did not sleep. I will agree with Jesse above and state the absolute silence and the absence of any creatures that usually habitat wooded areas was a little unnerving. When we used to camp, I was eighteen and all I heard that the place was supposed to be haunted. When I read a book that chronicled the history of Dudleytown, I only went back a few times during the day because I wouldn't go there at night anymore. One of the times I went back during, I found a dead horse in one of the foundations. It was covered with branches. It hadn't even decomposed yet. Somebody dumped a dead horse down in the foundation less than 48 hours prior. I can add some details to this, but I don't think anybody would believe me.

Submitted by Sky Guy (not verified) on
Brian, could you elaborate? i know you said no one would believe you, but i'd still like to know the details. respond on here and i'll leave give you my email adress

Submitted by Jon (not verified) on
I went there in 1997 with three friends. It was late March and it got dark fairly early still. We went up the trail from Dark Entry road around 3 pm. By time we got to the top it was around 4 or so and just starting to get dark. We realized if it was getting dark at the top of the mountain it would surly be dark earlier in the valley where we parked the car. On the way down the trail, it was just about completely dark a third of the way down, we picked up a few branches to use as walking sticks and checking for ice in front of us. LOL, of course we didn't have a flashlight that was part of the fun of it. We went there with the intention to see if anything was going to happen. Yes, we saw the foundations and walked all over the place. There were 4 of us so we were able to cover a lot of ground by splitting up. On the way down it was interesting to hear something in the distance. As we got closer we saw a fire, it turns out a group of college kids from Uconn were spending the night there as an experiment. They were quite spooked by us since we just appeared out of the dark. They couldn't believe we had the balls to walk all around there in the dark without at least a flashlight. Like I said, we were looking for something to happen. Nothing did. The only thing I can say that was unexplainable was the fact that the car we came in had electric door locks and they always worked perfectly. Always! When we finally got back to the car around 8 or so the door locks wouldn't work. Only the key was able to make the locks operate. When we left Dark Entry road wel pulled over about 300 feet southbound on route 7 to check the locks again. Just to keep it the same we all got out of the car locked the doors and then tried to open them as usual. Interestingly enough, they worked again and Always did from that point on until the car was sold many years later. I could never explain that, but I guess in hind sight, something strange did happen there. I was told to never take anything home from there. Im not a complete believer, but I would heed the warning. Its too bad a bunch of idiots ruined it for everyone after the Blair witch project came out. Damn bastard kids vandalized the place and lit fires. Now NO ONE can go there unless you are named in the land trust. You would just have to park far away and risk it by walking miles through the woods. Im sure you could get away with it. Just dont go alone. It is VERY remote and if you fall and get hurt you could be in trouble. Cell phones barely work in that area. When I went there cell phones werent even in option in that neck of the woods. Its nice to say at least Ive been there and did it. In the dark:).

Submitted by Candace (not verified) on
I went to Dudleytown years ago with 3 friends. We walked all over the place, saw the remainders of the foundations but absolutely nothing paranormal. The woods was like any other woods (birds, deer, etc.) and we took tons of pics just to be sure we looked at every angle of this story. The pictures held nothing out of the ordinary. As much as I am a skeptic in these matters, I'd still be the first to plow my friends over in a flat-out run if I heard or saw anything out of the ordinary! Nothing to report about this one and if you look into it's factual history, there is not much truth in all the legend behind it either. Sorry to disappoint.....

Submitted by Brian Liotta (not verified) on
Sky Guy, I apologize, I haven't been on the site for awhile, but I know other people (friends at the time) who can attest to the dead horse and our camping trips. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of them in 25 years, but a friend of mine brought proof to a gathering that the horse was there. It was something out of The Twilight Zone. I will not post what happened on this website without permission from the owners of the site.

Go ahead Brian, we just monitor language. Steve

Submitted by Billy Earl (not verified) on
I grew up near by and visited Dudleytown many times as a kid . We used to go bottle digging around the cellar holes. I never experienced anything "paranormal" but will confirm the creepy silence there.I have hiked/backpacked all over and never found a wooded area quite like it.Occasionally the lone deer or Chickadee, but mostly dead silent ,devoid of life. The Appalachian Trail used to run near by but was re-routed decades ago..At the base of Dudleytown mountain ,near the old trail,is Baldwin Cave. You have to shimmy down a long tube that leads to a large room formed by glacial boulders.Probably the coolest cave in CT. Back in the 70's,the local Cornwall kids used to have keg parties in Dudleytown and its legend used to draw devil worshipers and wackos performing animal sacrifices. The local,very wealthy,residents got fed up and closed the whole area down.Who can blame them.I wouldnt want those kind of people hanging around my neighborhood. The locals are constantly watching for tresspassers and you will definately get in trouble with the cops should you try to explore.

Submitted by Kalani Lopa (not verified) on
I will be bringing my son to Dudley Town each time that he doesn't behave.

Submitted by Vanessa (not verified) on
Im trying to go there today please can someone help me find this place. Thank u

Submitted by kayla (not verified) on
dose anybody know the directions to get up there like how to get up there past dark entry road

Submitted by david mitchell (not verified) on
I enjoy snooping the web and reading stories about the area. The fact seems in late years the land owner Dark Entry Forest Association does not want any stranger on their land and no excuses. Actually they own 800-900 acres and NOT the whole area. They think they own everything. I've asked...o...only locals (not knowing who I even was) can get permission and other excuses... Oddly nobody even knows what the 'association' is about. At town hall I suggested it was THEM that were into odd things like satanic stuff. They without saying so possibly agreed with me. All the secrets ?? !!! I have seen strange stuff up there and don't think anybody has been hanging around but 'them'. (it's an easy walk or wander from the end of Bald Mountain Road) I've had bad luck up there but it could just be my imagination. It is so much work to get there now somebody is so tired they can imagine anything. Good News is now the Mohawk Trail is supposedly all off their property now. The problem is they think they own everything and call the police every time they see somebody. Town roads are 'town roads' ?? My interest is Baldwin Cave. Can somebody help me ?? Even with Cornwall Town Hall it is a mystery. Dark Entry Forest Association says it's not on their property. (via telephone conversation) Otherwise excuse my bad-mouthing Dark Entry. I don't really care because their treatment of me has been terrible so why say nice things ? hey..they own their property but treatment of others ? Then they think the town is supposed to worship them. Baldwin Cave ?? Any help ? I am zz4--------at--------coltsfoot.org

Submitted by John (not verified) on
I was there about 20 yrs ago. I also experienced the silence that a couple other posters spoke of. No birds chirped, no squirrels moved about...nothing. Also of interest were the flies. As I stepped into the foundations of the old homes i noticed a preponderance of flies. As I stepped out the flies stayed inside the foundation area. As we all know swarms of flies indicated the presence of evil...... Anything behind all that....who knows? Interesting and fun anyway.

Submitted by Gary (not verified) on
Went to Dudleytown via the Mohawk Trail in Dec. of 2006 or '07. The one wierd thing is that the gps went crazy when we got near to the trail at the top of the road. The gps' (we were looking for a geocache) arrow would spin crazily and change the distance whenever we faced the site but returned to normal just from turning around and facing the other direction. Since this is controlled by satellite I found it very odd. No ghosts, friend took a piece of foundation and he remains one of the luckiest people ever. The Mohawk trail goes through D-Town and does not belong to the DEFA but you aren't allowed to step off the path even a bit it seems. Further, we were somewhat interrogated after we parked the car down at the bottom of the road near the river. We still went but the guy who questioned us apparently headed us off and drew an arrow with the words Echo Rock in the snow. We played dumb when talking to him earlier and said we didn't know where the cache was hidden upon which he suggested Echo Rock but he knew where we were really going I have no doubt.

Submitted by Gary (not verified) on
Oh, and the gps malfunction only occurred when it got dark.

Submitted by DJ (not verified) on
It is directly between two state parks, strange names but like Wy- something State Park. Beyond that I am not going to reveal anymore information because it is indeed private property. I have met a member of the Dark Entry Forest Association. I tried to talk about some information out of them, and they told me I had it all wrong. I will not say names, but they had quite a history themselves. Nonetheless, the land is private, and despite the offer I gave them to scavenge the land, they refused. State Police are around the area just because of the natural location between state parks and nature preserves, but the people who are part of the Association will not hesitate to take action themselves. They will do things like take pictures of your car, and report you to authorities. There are ways to get in regardless, DON'T TAKE ANYTHING!!!!

Submitted by Christopher Hob... (not verified) on
The Dark Forest Entry Association has got to be creepier than anything that takes place in Dudleytown, and I have heard a lot of stories about this place. What needs to be done is that their people and their cars need to be photographed, them and their little organization need to be thoroughly researched, and the results spread around as much as is possible, guarding against court orders and whatever else the people who own the place can do. Tell them they need to go into the Light.

Submitted by Jon (not verified) on
someone on yahoo asked about dark forest and their question got deleted....strange to anyone else?

Submitted by Jordan Scerbo (not verified) on
I too am very interested in Baldwin Cave not really interested that much in dudleytown itself, but the cave near it.. I have been inside Tory Cave in new milford, and I am interested in this Baldwin Cave It is right off the old appalachian trail?

Submitted by Brittany (not verified) on
Does anyone have directions to Dudleytown??

Submitted by Bejota (not verified) on
No offense people but u think alot of you who ha e been there are letting your imaginations get the best of you, I used to work at Mohawk mnt in high school and every now and then we'd go there and wait for people to cone along so we could scare them, vie always heard wind and birds and animals, and if you want to brave the ticket youllsee you even have cell phone service there now as long as you don't have sprint, I grew up in Burlington and li e neAr the oh so scary green lady cemetery too. My friends and I Wouk do the same thing there hang out inthe commons parking lot wait for people to ask directions send them the long way then scare the crap out of them, been to both places numerous times day and night never seen anything out of the ordinary except one time a wolf at green lady was just sitting at the edge o the Forrest staring u's down. If u want to see something really creepy go across the street from the green lady cemetery not where the camp is but the other side of upson rd go into the woods about a hundred yards or until u can't see the rd and start kicking around the leaves and brush, there's a bunch o flat graves that say murdered in and a year that where allure real spooky stuff happens

Submitted by Dave (not verified) on
I have to partially agree with Bejota. Last year me and my friends took a spontaneous trip to Dudleytown after a long night of drinking. We got there around sunrise and drove right to the top of the mountain where we began to walk into the woods. Surprisingly we were not bothered by any locals or state police. Once in the woods we did notice a strange silence but other than that nothing out of the ordinary. Any odd feelings or imaginations we had we determined were from the lack of sleep (it was 5 am and after a 2 hr drive). I went to Dudleytown hoping I could catch a glimpse of all the hype surrounding the place and left with a lot of skepticism. If somebody came out with evidence of pictures, evp's, vidoes then maybe ill start to believe in the legend. Im sorry to disappoint but I am too a big believer of the paranormal and think many places are haunted, Dudleytown im not so sure of.

Submitted by Liz (not verified) on
My ex used to go there when he was in middle to highschool and he told me everytime he went he had some kind of experience and he was always with someone who experienced and saw what he did. I will say he experienced way crazy things that u couldnt even imagine. His biggest mistake was that he took two wegie boards onto the site and opened up some kind of connection with the demons inside(but they didnt know that at the time). Some creepy childs voices started to talk towards them so they decided to get out of there. Needless to say that was not the end of the story nor the begining for they forgot to close whatev they had started and took the wegie boards home after some crazy things that happend. They saw a black cloacked figure that made a screaming noise backwards along with load crashing noises that were following them while they ran away. The weegie boards ended up doing crazy things like they would stand up on end and crash around in his trunk. He ended up bringing the weegie boards into his house..big mistake..one of the rooms ended up catching on fire for no reason. So this is just a little bit of info that he experiencd. He eventually had to destroy the weegie boards with some help from a girl who was practicing magic. I know this all sounds very hokey but his friends from each experience will tesify the same story. he did say that after he told his story to his classmates everyone ended up going and he feels like that has lessoned the activity. He did mention that each time he went he was with a small group either two or three ppl. I didnt mention everything that happend cause it could really become a book or movie, it takes him about 2 hours to tell everything, and let me tell you it scares the crap out of me each time he tells it...

Submitted by paul t (not verified) on
It's OUIJA board, not wegie. LOL

Submitted by VictoriaG (not verified) on
Liz--I am very interested in hearing more of your boyfriend's story. If one of you could email me at victoriagracemerwin@yahoo.com I would very much appriciate it.

Submitted by Bob Rutkowski (not verified) on
Early '80s I took numerous groups of HS kids on Appalachain Trail 7-night backpacking trips. A few times, when still allowed, I had to camp in what was on the map "Dark Entry Ravine". One trip I actually had a kid go utterly "mad " from drugs at 1am (throwing possessions into fire for starters). I had to tackle him, bind his hands and walk him down mountain to Bairds Store and call police (1980s - no cell phones) who I guess remanded him to parents. Never saw that kid again. Another time a widow-maker (large tree limb) crushed a tent during a gust of wind on otherwise calm night; kids were luckily around the fire. Plus it was my fault for not checking their tentsite. Found out a few years later by mistake that I was camped in heart of DTown. I found out in a convoluted way when I realized my great-grandmother's farm was about a mile away as the crow flies. Did they deal with DTown people? Never know. Was I a catalyst for spirits? Spent a good part of my life "on the trail"...the two wierdest things to ever happen did so in Dudleytown - then only known to me as Dark Entry Davine!

Submitted by dunsere (not verified) on
My ex husband and I went hiking around Dudleytown on Dec. 21, 1982. (I remember the date because it got dark so quickly.) It was very cold, and seemed like a typical, deserted old New England forest in the winter: kind of quiet and creepy, especially due to the old foundations around the area. One strange thing happened, though, that seems in keeping with the malfunction of electronics and equipment. I took several photos of my husband sitting in the middle of an old foundation with my dad's 35 mm camera.. When I had the photos processed, that was the only photo that came out. It was a very eerie-looking triple exposure, making it look like two heads of my husband were coming out of one head. And, the camera was broken. When it was taken to a camera shop they said it was not repairable. I have not been back since.

Submitted by Bob Rutkowski (not verified) on
...above comment by me should say Ravine...on trip when tree limb fell I confiscated 6 Ballentine Ales in glass bottles that one poor kid had carried from Mt. Everett, MA. I actually stole them from his pack and other leader and I drank them late at night. Next morning when kid saw empties I told him raccoons drank them (he was a dummy - he carried 6 bottles about 25 miles) or maybe wood nymphs or spirits. How prophetic! I recall that day so well. We did carry empties out.

Submitted by Mike (not verified) on
I went there with 1 friend whos a guy his uncle and 2 girls(big mistake) got to the entrance the girls started crying my friends uncle made us stop and leave i was so dissapointed making it to the entrance and having to leave maybe next time D:

Submitted by Erin (not verified) on
I did a research paper on this place in 2007. It was about the folklore and debunking the myths of the "Dudleytown Curse." I knew for my presentation I'd have to go and shoot some photos, so a friend and I made the 45 minute drive up. I had maps of the area and I drove up a hill I can no longer remember the name of, but made the mistake of parking in the somewhat hidden turnaround of a long driveway near an entrance (not the Dark Forest entrance with the green pathway of moss that runs through the pine trees). I knew it was a very residential area so we went midday on a weekday, thinking most folks in the area would be at work. It was a normal woodlands hike with some neat stone foundations that were flooded (it was early Spring). No equipment malfunctions and no shortage of forest sounds occurred, and there was plenty of wildlife in the area. We weren't disruptive in any way and we didn't disturb the area. After about an hour and a half of hiking, we walked out of the same entrance I parked near, but when as we were getting in the car, a woman in a pickup truck swiftly pulled down a driveway across the street and parked behind me, blocking my car in the turnaround. She looked livid. She approached my car and barked that she had written down my license plate number and if I ever came back, she'd call the police. It was probably an empty threat, but she seemed angry enough to scare me away. It IS a privately owned area, so I don't know if I'd risk going anymore. The people that live nearby have obviously had bad experiences with kids coming up there and are sick of it. It's almost more risky than going to a place where guards are employed because the residents seem to get some kind of thrill from watching out their windows for trespassers. I'm surprised she didn't call while we hiking. She may not have seen us until we were leaving. Well, that was 4 years ago and I'm sure the people have gotten even less tolerant since. Still, if you really want to go, have a good plan and be stealthy as hell. The residential hilly street (don't park there) is off a main rural road so I don't know what your alternate options are. But if you're dying to go (if you're into local ruins, folklore, and history, not the paranormal), just plan in advance. Don't snoop around in your car first and don't be obnoxious.

Went there in the early 70's and eighties and didn't experience anything unusual.

Submitted by sparrow (not verified) on
My mother and I went to Dudleytown before the fires and before the Blair Witch Project craze -- I think we must have gone in 1998? My mother grew up in the area and heard stories about the place. We entered with no problem, since it was before the Dark Entry Forest Association really started cracking down, and entered on Dark Entry Road. It was a lovely summer day, and I think it had rained the night before. We walked a bit of the way in and saw some of the old foundations. We did not SEE anything odd at all, however, the FEELING in there was decidedly odd. My mother said she felt that there was something watching us, and we will absolutely confirm that it was utterly, completely silent. No birds, no wind, no leaf or insect sounds, nothing. We didn't stay very long because it just felt like something didn't want us there. We took some photos there of the signs, trees, foundations, and there is a photo of me in there as well. One of the photos has a distinct orb floating in it, and in the photo of me, there is a strange mist behind me that I never visually saw. It gives me a strange feeling to look at these photos, to this day. My sister and I tried to visit later, but there were police men there who didn't want us going in and my perception is it's pretty much impossible to get in. It's too bad because despite the creepiness, Dudleytown and Dark Entry Forest is absolutely beautiful and a haven for rare birds -- I'm not sure how they get around the fact that the Forest is part of the Mohawk Trail. I really think the Association should just open it up to hikers again, and I'm not sure what the deal is with all the secrecy.

Submitted by Dre (not verified) on
Sorry to say, but in the early 90s I was up there three different times over the course of a year; Fall, Winter, and late Spring, and I never saw anything unusual, except a very rare type of owl. It was very interesting to see those little guys, but that's the closest I ever came to seeing anything 'paranormal', despite going all the way down to the old foundations. Even then, the folks that live up there were none too happy with unauthorized visitors, regardless of the fact that I was older and only there to do some birding. A lady in a red SUV thoroughly questioned why I was there, and informed me that I'd have to have a permit to go down into the woods again. She didn't call the police on me that time, but I felt pretty certain that, the next time, she'd make good on getting my car towed before I hiked back up the trail head, so I never went back. I did take her advice about Cathedral Pines, which is just as good for spotting the saw-whets and other old-growth dependent birds. As a bonus, you don't have the worry about turning an ankle in the chuck and sink holes where the soil has sunk into granite fractures.

Submitted by Mike (not verified) on
I camped in Dudleytown for three nights in September 1999. It was right before the Blair Witch Project came out. That movie ruined it for everyone, because every moronic "ghost-hunter" went up there, set fires and caused all kinds of problems. There was a teacher in my high school who took kids up there for camping trips. My experience there was, for the most part, un-eventful. It gets dark early because of the tree cover and we sat around the fire freaking each other out with stories. We took a midnight trip to the actual town and saw a handful of cellar holes. Anyone hoping for remains of actual buildings, etc. would be sorely disappointed because they simply aren't there. I didn't experience the "dead silence" that people talk about. I heard plenty of birds, coyote and Bobcat screaming in the night. When a Bobcat screams it sounds like a woman being murdered. I had to convince several of my friends that what we were hearing was Bobcat!

Submitted by billy joe (not verified) on
brian, please include the details.

Submitted by Dave (not verified) on
Dudleytown definitely has a lot of posts, and a lot of mystery to it. Unless you have physically been in the land, which is damn near impossible, a lot of these stories are myths. The ones prior to 1999 have a lot more credibility. The Blair Witch Project started an endless nightmare of myth and bull being fed to people because they heard that abandoned or spooky woods would somehow mean a place was haunted. Honestly, read up whether at the Cornwall Library or online and see the history of the location. Yes it definitely is rich and vibrant, but that does not mean that the place is necessarily haunted. Many times people question if there was nothing to hide, why is the land guarded. The reason it is guarded is simple, the land is privately owned, and if people are going through the land, and somehow get hurt, then they are at liberty to sue the owners of the land for negligence. The DEFA specifically decided that it would be a good idea to close it off. Now all the rumors that they are a cult like organization is all myth again. Honestly the land is private, and it is known as a "land trust". The association was brought together by a multitude of people, which is why it is not owned by only one person, they are an entity that does things together. I feel like many people get irked and excited over the fact they hear something, and have to literally see if its true for themselves. I suggest if you do decide to visit, you come prepared, because you will most likely be arrested for trespassing and probably threatened by the neighbors of surrounding areas. Your call though...

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ive been to dudleytown numerous times. There is one experience that really freaked me out. I went with my sister and a few friends. At the time i was a religious person so i brought my rosary beads with me. I was wearing a hoodie with a zip up pocket in which i put my beads. We were there for a couple of hours we saw the foundations and tried to find a cemetery. It was a very creepy place once your there you just feel something is not right. so after we left and were in the car for awhile i opened my pocket and my beads were gone. i dont remeber ever opening my pockets while i was there. It was the strangest thing. I really dont believe in stuff like that and i tried to think of a rational explanation maybe i did open my pocket and just didn't remeber but either way it freaked me out.

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It is very quiet there. You know I still go up there at least once a year, always early in the morning, and never even knew that the police are actually patrolling. Nobody has bothered me. I love the place cause I always find buttons, coins, and nails when I go there. Never any strange or weird happenings for me.

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I went last night for the first time at around 11 PM. Me and my friend took my dog and a BB gun with only a cellphone to light the way. Unfortunately we overstepped the trail, and went through to the other road, and then took another wrong turn. We didnt see the actual town, but we did see the vacation house where that woman allegedly went insane. I had the most dreadful feeling something was watching me the whole time, and when we finally left we found the right trail. We decided not to go, but i heard a giant branch crack, and something trecking through the woods along side us until we made it out. I live in a house that was built in 1790, and must say is thoroughly haunted, and i have never been as scared as when i went into those woods.

Back in 1997 me and my friends went for a long hike wanting to figure out the history with this place. As we walk for hours I stopped to realize the area around us was darker then wat we were walking in from before. Occasionally we would stopped to take photos of the foundations there (which I have pics if anyone would like me to post). In one of the pics I went over to sit on a tree lying in the leaves. All around me there was just darkness really nothing but that made us feel freaked out a bit. Down the trail more all I could think off was a small child the gender a girl. After we walked father towards where we parked and found wat looked like to be. A bracelet it seemed very old and rusted. I brought in the car as we were driving back all I heard in my head was laughter much like my young daughter. Once at home I saw that my child was sleeping still but her toys were laid all over my room. At that time my daughter was to young to walk and was to small to get out of her crib. I put eveything bac and went into my room shortly after and dropped the braclet on my dresser stranger things happen which I will not post from graphic encounters. I was then thinking is the bracelet which I think from the little girl still atatched to it is anyone would like to hear more about the graphic encounters or more About different times heading there please post about it thnxs

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Hey Christen! I'm really interested in hearing what you encountered after coming home. It sounds like some pretty interesting stuff. If you're not comfortable with posting it on here feel free to email me at victoriagracemerwin@yahoo.com

Hi Victoria Most of my encounters later were very strange and most not so serious. It was around two weeks after my daughters toys were moves around the room. I was getting home from work and my daughters babysiter was talking to a child when I walked in the door. So I asked who she was talking to and she said my daughters friend I was thinking how would my daughter have a friends with her not even being able to walk or talk. I told her she doesn't have any friend do the women slowly looked bac at where she was talking and walked straight out the door. That night I thought it waste crazy having this happen so I brought the locket back to wheee I found it on the trail and slower and slower in progress things stopped. I was thinking I should go bac to the locket and see wat was so atachted to it. I brought some equipment and noticed the locket was moved farther from where I put it the that's time thinking some bikers must of put it aside. Getting picture evidence at night of a small image like an orb surrounding the locket made me think of the strange happenings. Once I headed home I wanted to use a summoning board and figured out the child was a young girl hiding from another presents that I will not say. I had some small and innocent encounters now and still on and hope to contact her again

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can you please post the pictures?

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I haven't made it to the 'town' itself but have tried numerous times, never quite getting there. The first time, a couple friends of mine and I decided to try and go. One of them is part native american and very into the culture. This is important in a minute. When we got turned around we stopped at a road side deli or convenience store and she went in to ask directions to the road leading in. When she came out she told us that the woman at the counter said she was an undercover state trooper (I'm still skeptical about this) and that she wouldn't recommend us even trying but told us the name of the road, dark entry, and we looked for the damn road for an hour and a half an decided to just hang out in the local cemetary on cemetary hill rd or cemetary road. I loved it there, kinda creepy, but its filled with dead people (duh) When we left we noticed we had been there for HOURS and didn't realize it. On our way home my other friend was in the back seat laying down because she felt sick, so we switched, then i felt sick. As we pulled in my driveway, my friend (the part native american) offered to 'smudge' me since we had a long day at the cemetary. She lit the smudge stick and started with her thing to cleanse me and the effing thing burst into flames. Some time later with a guy friend, he and I decided to look and suprisinly found the road with no problems, almost on accident. It was dead center of where, years earlier, I had been looking to no avail. We parked in a picnic area at the bottom and walked up. I had learned some common courtesy and was mentally saying things like i mean no harm, give me a sign if you want me to turn around and about half way up the hill my guy friend started feeling sick and I felt like I had two hands in front of me on my shoulders pushing me down the hill..I gave up pretty quick. This is just my experience though. I really feel like some people are almost allergic to paranormal activity, instead of reacting to the creepy like most of us, they are numb to it. I believe I have some empath characteristics and therefore have a bit of a hard time ignoring the energy, even from living people.

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I went there in 2004 I think...don't remember but it was at least 5 years ago. I parked at the top of a hill in a residential area off of a main road and hiked in on the Mohawk trail. I didn't realize it was considered trespassing since the trail supposedly goes right by it. We did have a hard time finding that mountain road and I stopped at a store to ask for directions and the girl at the store said she never heard of Dudleytown. Ya right! I didn't know that locals I guess all stick together in this way of not letting people know where it is or how to get there. Anyway we found the Mohawk trail and hiked in....we looked like crazy for the foundations but didn't see them. We did get to the area where it was located though because it was very silent and felt strange. My friend and I both definitely noticed a difference in the forest in that area. We passed by other hikers after we bypassed the area to hike up the nearby mountain who said that they did see foundations. Either way we definitely passed through the area and felt the creepiness. No one approached my vehicle or myself on the way out either.

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Back in highschool (in the 80 's) we went on a few field trips & did a dig at the foundations. Definately creepy but attribute it to my age back then. Went back a few times as an adult & it was still creepy, but not scary in the least. From what I can remember, if u go past kent falls a mile or 2 and take a right at a slight intersection you will find a road on the left which is very very steep (my brakes were actually smoking last time I was there) We had no plans of entering but a lady pulled outta her driveway & parked behind us ready 2 call the cops!