Snedeker family member goes on record with Damned Connecticut

March, 2009 by Steve Frank
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Recently, we were able to talk with with a member of the Snedeker family, about whom the movie The Haunting in Connecticut is based on. Actually, it was she who contacted us. She wasn't too happy about some of our reporting on the validity of the story behind the movie, and in doing a little research, we realized it was obvious she wouldn't be sending Ray Garton a birthday card anytime soon, either. Garton is the author of In a Dark Place, and he now claims that the book is a work of fiction. Please welcome Nancy Boucher..... DC: How are you related to the family who lived in the house and are you still in touch with them? NB: Hi Steve. Allen Snedeker is my brother and yes, I am still in contact with him. DC: Have you been inside the house, and if so, when was the last time? NB: I did live in the house for a few months a long time ago when my kids were still small and I was homeless. My brother and his wife took me in. When I lived there, it was scary knowing it was funeral home. That is when things first started happening that couldn't be explained. DC: What were your impressions of Ed and Lorraine Warren? NB: I never met the Warrens, I had moved out before all the heavy S@#T started happening and they wouldn't allow anyone from the family to go to the house when they were there and the exorcism was going on. DC: What was your Impression of the Ray Garton, and does the family feel betrayed by him? NB: I've never met Ray Garton and don't want to. The $hit he said about my brother and his family really pissed me off. DC: Is everyone happy and healthy today? NB: Everyone is happy and healthy, but I don't think they'll ever forget what happened to them. God is very close to them now. DC: Is everyone excited by the release of the movie? NB: My Family doesn't want to see it, it scares them. A lot of the things that go on in the movie didn't happen, so whats the point of the movie? Thanks again, Nancy, for the interview. Steve Update: June 17th, I just wanted to let everyone know we have two other more comprehensive interviews on the site regarding this story. The First was with Ray Garton author of In A Dark Place. And just recently we did one with the producer of "The Haunting in Connecticut" Daniel Farrands

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Submitted by Steve Frank on
I saw his mother in a CNN video this week, she is writing a book but using her maiden name. I Believe it was Reed, she doesnt want this story impacting her family. I imagine her son wants nothing to do with this story. Sorry I cant find the link right now, but do some searching on Steve

Submitted by Betty Harmon (not verified) on
Hi there. I lived in Southington for 27 years. I lived about 9 minutes from the house, which is located at 208 Meridan Ave. If you go through downtown Southington, follow towards Plantsville. When you come to a fork in the road (before the bend) bare left and follow up the hill. The old Grand Union/A & P food store used to be on that fork. The house does not look like the one in the movie. I think it might still have a red front door.

Submitted by mich (not verified) on
has anyone found a website w/ newpaper articles, proof of the exorcism, etc.??? anyone in connecticut know if there were really bodies missing from the cemetary? bodies in the house? a fire? thanks!

Submitted by Andrew Gilbert (not verified) on
"there are some assholes on the internet claiming that the snedeker family never existed" Yeah, those brothers who claim they moved in after the Snedekers left are liars. In their posts, they say 1988 was the year they moved in, and Carmen provided false dates. Well, the Snedekers were shown still living in the home on an episode of A Current Affair from that same year. These guys were also wrong on the Snedekers living 2 1/2 years in the house after the exorcism. That's how long they lived there in total.

Submitted by whatev (not verified) on
well...the fact that theres sooo many records of this incident and the snedeker family means that they do exisit, but there are some assholes on the internet claiming that the snedeker family never existed, b/c they lived in that house during the same time period. i dont really know if its true or not but if there were more recordings of these incidents rather from the snedeker family, the paranormal in that house would actually be more validated. but i dont see how ANY family would make up stuff like that, which means something abnormal really DOES exist ??? IDK

Submitted by Casablanca (not verified) on
i just saw this movie not even a half an hour ago. I could tell just by the fact that it was mostly a ploy. but i too looked all this up afterwards. why is this carmen taking all the attention. i thought this was about the boy and is any of this necromancying and this medium shit true? i want the real story from this stephen kid, even tho apparently thats not his real name. i have no problem believing this is real but i want the actual true story, not hollywood's version of a true story. btw its a good movie see it. even if u know its a lot of b.s.

Hi, yah everyone should watch the discovery channel "haunting in ct" --that was what *supposedly* occured. I live about 1/2 mile from the house, the actual house appears on the discovery channel documentary. Personally, I lived in Southington my whole life and did in 1987 hear that the family was a bit "bonkers"...the son actually was on drugs and the dad a major alchie. According to the landlord at the time, the people never paid their rent on time etc etc...also, people lived upstairs at the time and never saw/heard anything (something the documentary inaccurate represents). I drive by the place daily on my way home---i see tons of people living there and they look happy as can be--- The movie was a total laugh---i mean corpses coming out of the walls and a story about a boy and the house on fire--the priest crashin his mercedes all bs.. I personally think the town concil (Ricco and the like) should propose the town buy the house for a couple 100k convert it into a tourist trap and make some $ for Southington; i wouldnt mind payin 10bux to take a tour of the basement to see if i see some dood with no eyes. Think ill trick or treat there this halloween that would be fun!!

Submitted by Andrew Gilbert (not verified) on
You can't find info on him because Stephen isn't his real name. Carmen has stated that he wants to someday speak to the public. As for those who wonder if he really had cancer or not, his spleen and some of his liver was removed because of it.

Submitted by Andrew Gilbert (not verified) on
No bodies were stolen and stored in the walls. The Snedeker boy did not set fire to the house either. He was locked up at the time. Watch the video in the link. The footage includes newspaper headlines and pictures of the family and the home.

Submitted by Unique Austin (not verified) on
why cant i find any photos of stephen snedeker? or videos?

Submitted by Anon (not verified) on
I believe the afflicted boy's name is Philip Snedeker. It has been said that he had Hodgkins Disease and was being treated at Yale University. (But I've also seen reports stating he was treated at the University of Connecticut.) I don't believe Carmen switched to the name Reed to protect her family since the Snedeker name is already all over the Internet and has been in the limelight for years. I think it's just a ploy to present this as a "new" story and disconnect from all the publicity attached to the Snedeker name. They've milked this story for publicity and money, changing various details along the way (which makes it a completely different story) and each time distancing themselves from criticism by claiming that "part" of it is true and part of it is embellished. The author of In a Dark Place has mentioned that Carmen denies any involvement with the book and claims it to be inaccurate (which he doesn't dispute either since he claims he was paid to make it up). A quick Google search shows that was long touted by many fans and followers of the story as Carmen Snedeker's official website (and from what I gather she had an interview transcript visible on the website at one time). The website is now defunct. So it's clear that Snedeker once supported the book. The Discovery documentary interviews her, so she obviously supported that version of events as well. The latest movie is completely different from the documentary, and yet, apparently, she supports that version of events too. Then there's the new book, which will likely have a different version of events (no doubt suggesting necrophilia as the cause for the haunting...without any supporting evidence, I'm sure). After the book is out we will likely hear from "Philip Snedeker" (or someone claiming to be him) with his own version of events in a book followed by a movie or vice versa. Is it slightly concerning that none of the versions (book, documentary, movie) mention the resident who lived on the top floor, sharing the house with them at the time (I think her name was Sally), who saw and heard nothing supernatural?

Submitted by Ashley (not verified) on
I saw the movie last night and it was my 2nd time seeing it. I LOVED the movie, I do believe though that only about 70% of it is all true. Because seriously its Hollywood so they have to add some interesting twists and turns to make it believable to thier viewers. I want to find some more information about the family and maybe thier "real names", I heard a rumor that they were living in Tennessee now and not sure how believable that is but like I said, its a rumor! I live 20 miles away from where the rumors say they are living now, if anyone knows, please email me at THanks!

Submitted by Justin (not verified) on
Any chance you guys could get an interview with Lorraine Warren. I'd be interested to hear her take on the entire situation.

Submitted by Steve Frank on
Hey Justin, I think we need to try to get an interview with her as well, and dicuss many different things. She is older now and from what we are hearing, her "people" are hard to deal with. Steve

Submitted by Drake (not verified) on
The eldest son lives in Alabama. The rest reside in Tennessee. Kingsport I believe.

Submitted by Richard (not verified) on
Hello: I just saw the movie this past weekend and it leaves very little to believe. I have seen the Discovery Channel version of the story and it follows much closer to what actually took place. Once again, Hollywood over glamorized the event and took it way out of preportion. As a paranamoral investigator, I watch movies like this and TV series ghost hunters, ghost adventure, and etc. with a big grain of salt. I agree with the other posts, I would very much like to hear an interview with Lorraine Warren and John Zaffis; especially an interview with Stephen Snedeker.

Submitted by Edward (not verified) on
Hello, I just saw the movie, "Haunting in CT>" and honestly the movie stunk. IT was 1 1/2 hours, very short. It was mostly silly sci-fi ghost pranks to try and scare everyone in the audience. I think a lot of the story was untrue, or twisted around. I have read a ton of stuff on this subject, found many articles claiming it to be a hoax and the Warrens to be fake also, including Amytiville. I am not doubting their validity for I have seen ghosts, but, I find the true story more exciting then the movie. I would like to hear Ms. Warren's story about all of this as well.

Submitted by Charlene (not verified) on
Hi Guys, I just saw the movie and loved it.....but am really interested in the REAL story. I have felt forces for nearly 10 years. in our current home...(generally not very troubling) Is there any information on the mortuary? Felt perhaps the movie was 80% fiction. Charlene

Submitted by matt (not verified) on
hey guys i just saw the movie and i live in ct about a half an hour away from were it takes place and i beleive thatt more thatn 90% of he movie was acctually not true but hey you guys need to get an interview with the son who had started seeing things

Submitted by Debbe (not verified) on
I just saw the movie and it was really unbelievable. I thot the Documentary said that the boys, not just 'Matt' had the basement for their bedroom. Alot of discrepancies, but it's Hollywood after all. I don't remember any bodies in the walls and whats with the names all over them and the eyelids?? If you want to write a story, then write it, but don't go on about how 'true' it is. The Documentary was much better and I would like to hear Mrs. Warren's take on this also.

Submitted by Drew (not verified) on
What a pointless interview. A bathroom attendant could've gotten more information while Nancy Boucher washed her hands in a crowded rest room. Get someone with a little more experience and talent to conduct the interviews next time.

Submitted by Casey (not verified) on
I thought that the movie was amazing and creepy, but weird when you think of it to be real. I would like to hear an interview from Allen Snedeker and his family that lived there the whole time it happened, that is if the Allen and his wife are still alive..? I don't think I would want to see that movie either if it was based on me and was that creepy!!!

Submitted by NuRob (not verified) on
i just watched the film the second time and i cried again i realy want to find out what happened in that house people are saying there crazy! but if the boy realy had cancer then why would he make up sumfin crazy like this when he has more to think about than lies! i would realy like to talk to the family

Submitted by Alex (not verified) on
More to the point is that the family were a bunch of losers who ran up hundreds of thousands if not more than a million in medical expenses. The father drank any money they did have away. It was all a big scam to get money in to pay off all their debts. I also live in the area and my grandfather worked at the funeral home in the summers. Its all nonsense like all other paranormal events. You would think by now there would be definitive eveidence with all the paranormal stuff which is said to go on the world over but there is no evidence as its BS. I can confirm though that the boy who's name I won't publish did have cancer and that he did undergo experimental treatments including drugs which in the end sent him over the edge and made him schizophrenic. There in lies the real story !!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Dark (not verified) on
I just saw the movie and did a shitload of research. Stephen, Philip, or whatever his name is DID have experimental proceedures (for cancer) with drugs that could have made him see things. I think the family might have lied. From what ive read there was no fire and suposedly when Ray Garton, author of In a Dark Place (about the incident), interviewed the family about it they couldent keep their individual stories streight. He claims that he used what they told him and made the rest up.

Submitted by Dark (not verified) on
Another thing. Stephan said that he saw things but they went away when he was medicated. Carmen (the mom) "supposodly" ran an illegal interstate lottery scam, the dad was a drunk and the kids were young. My theory: They had problems and needed money. They had a kid on strong meds who saw things. The story spreads from there.

Last thing. The family claims they didnt no the house was a former funeral home until after they moved in. This is most likely because seemingly everyone in the neighborhood knew, it was no secret. I learned that the supernatural events didnt start until the landlord made moves to have them evicted after not getting months of pay. All of a sudden the house is infested with demons. This makes me sick that a family would sink so low as to create a nationwide pandemic of supernatural porpotions just for rent.

Submitted by Steve Frank on
Dark, Please check out our interview with Ray Garton And Daniel Farrands- Producer of "The Haunting in Connecticut"

Submitted by kenzie (not verified) on
i watched the movie and it was great.....but i want to know the real interested

Submitted by Jhovani (not verified) on
I don't know if this story is true or fake but too me i think its real and what to learn more but now after reading all the comments im thinking that its all a bunch of boloney

Submitted by AnnaEdwards (not verified) on
I to just watched the movie. It was so incredible,I loved it. I,like many,watched the movie because I believed the promo of being a true story. I found most of it to be very unbelievable. So I had to do some investigating of my own too. I also read many articiles and listened to the interviews. From all the stuff I found,the family wasn't saying everything in the movie was true,only a few things. Hollywood took it from there and we all should know they are in for money. It worked! No,of course I do not know the family. But I do know what it must have been for them. Your child is sick and dying,you are broke,you have other children to care for and still trying to remain strong.To me I don't what brought this about. Maybe living in a old funeral home did bring out some strange things. But I also believe alot of people will do whatever it takes to save their childs life. It isn't really important how all of these things came about.The truth is,someone from Hollywood grabbed onto it and ran with it. So the Snedeker family gained some pubicity from it and I hope a nice profit from it. I think and I'm positive many others will agree, lots of entertainment. I also believe,from all the negative comments I have read,these people have never lived through any of these life jerking experiences. I am so happy that the boy survived and is healthy and hopefully happy now. To add a note for the Snedeker family, always keep the Lord in your hearts and good luck with the rest of your life. To whomever came up with the idea of the movie,THANK YOU.

Submitted by David (not verified) on
Go watch The Fear is Real documentary on the Haunting DVD. It puts a whole new perspective on things...

Submitted by Steve Frank on
Anyone notice in "The Fear is Real" they were using our interview with Ray Garton?

Submitted by Rachel (not verified) on
I completely, full heartedly agree with Anna Edwards. I watched the movie and i am online researching names to see how much of it is true. Someone very close to me once said that "Behind every lie is some amount of truth." So be it the Snnedeker family, or the producers, someone pulled these events from somewhere. They may be made up by some Hollywood man but someone is just a little more sick than the rest of us to take a family's frightening expirience and stretch it to a two and a half hour film. Congradulations to whoever kept their imagination from being turning up on the 11 o'clock news and turning it into a very well thought out horror film. THANK YOU.

Submitted by LGB (not verified) on
I'd like to see an interview with Al Snedeker. He was featured alot in the book, and the stuff that happened to him freaked me out the most. I wonder if he spoke when the story was featured on Sally Jesse Raphael. Anybody know?

hey i havent found a single interview with Philip Snedeker (inspiration for matt campbell). could u get an interview with him?

Submitted by Hannah (not verified) on
Just saw the film, thought it was very good. tbh i didn't really expect it to be exactly like the family's version of the events. The movie isn't meant to be about the exact events, that why they say "based" on a true story

Submitted by ann (not verified) on
i lived in southington from 1989 to 1993 and never so much as heard a word about this story. I'm sure it did happen but no where near to the degree ev1 has made it out to be.

Submitted by erin (not verified) on
ok for one thing if some freaky $hit happened to me like that and they were going to make a movie about it i would want to be at the shootings and all that crap because i would want the real world to know whats really out there and the truth behind it so theres no need to do further research. this family is just feeding the world bs so they can have money and have their 15 minutes of fame (which has lasted much to long). the only thing i would change is the names because i have a daughter and i wouldnt want people knowing who she is. sure i do believe in scary crap and ghosts n all that but really who in their right minds would live in a house for 2 1/2 years if all that $hit going on no one would because they would find it to dangerous for thier kids or them. it was the same thing with the amityville horror i believe that storey more then i ever would this one. but that one is also hard to believe since they have made idk how many movies about it and then redid the first movie but none of them were the same story. i also had a teacher in high school that grew up in amityville and she have never heard the story up until the movie came out. im sure in another 20 years they will remake this movie like they do with all the others. o and for one more thing the family needs to get their story staight and really the kid that saw all the $hit come forward tell your story. and give up on the bs. everyone knows your reading this crap. your probably one of the people making comments under a secret name!

Submitted by Brilynn (not verified) on
I was just wondering what the real names of everyone is its so confusing. Whats the boy in the movies real name i have heard many different ones.

Submitted by Ben (not verified) on
The real family did come out, China. Buy the special edition version of The Haunting In Connecticut, and watch the documentary in the special features. All the family members appear on it except the oldest son.

I'm not so sure that this "haunting" was legit. I mean, it all started with Stephen Snedeker and his sightings. Sure, that would be okay...except for the fact that he was Schizophrenic and the sightings disappeared after he was medicated. As for Carmen not knowing that it was a funeral home, interviews with the neighbor says otherwise. They were well informed about the house being a mortuary before they rented it. Also, they failed to make the payments on it and fell a few months behind and they needed money. And when the landlord was going to kick them out of the house for the lack of payments, that's when Carmen started spreading the story. Not before. Also, Stephen's stepfather was an alcoholic, so he wouldn't know much about the haunting. The kids, they were easily intimidated and easily frightened. If you tell a kid that a place is haunted and tell them what to see, their imagination will eventually get the best of them.

Submitted by Flanagan (not verified) on
When a mortal being alone, let alone an entire family, begins to encounter unknown (paranormal) forces, you have to understand to room for error is needed. Confusion, fear, worry, anxiety and other strong emotions intermingle with the thought process on an uncertain level, attempting to clarify and bring logic to the events taking place. When no logic can be confirmed, then of course, with evidence and family testimony, paranormal researches could be called in. And from there, even the Catholic Church. Let's assume some employee of the funeral home did conduct illegal "Black Witchcraft" on the dead in the basement of the household and demonic encounters were the result--I would not say that would be impossible. And if demonic entities did enter into the household and began interacting with the family is a powerful manner, then how would you assume their personal testimonies would be bases off of their mental and emotional experiences? The family alone already had death attempting to take their son away--and when paranormal stresses were added, then the menal and emotional mind can and will transform into a different level in order to adapt. I believe some people are glory ghost hunters, seeking horrible experiences such as this family went through. Let the dead rest and learn that a movie is a movie--and real life events are much more horrible. Whatever this family truly did encounter, let's all be grateful they made it out alive. Some don't.

Submitted by Flanagan (not verified) on
One last note of interest: We can not and never will understand the unknown. Someday, we all will die, and then, whatever awaits us on the unknown side will be there in full contrast to let us full understand. I pray I return home to God and I will never see the darkness that drips into the mortal world from the unknown side. If you spend time trying to understand the dead, then precious time we have alive will never be treated in full respect. And if or when we do encounter in this mortal realm, all we can do is pray that God will deal with it, because we never will have the ability to do so.

The contradictions in this entire story (from the 80s to now) is absolutely astounding. It's hard to take this haunting truthful when members from "the family" all contradict what another member is on record stating. Where does the truth lie? Watch the youtube documentary from the 80s. The family didn't know the house was a funeral home. Watch the Discovery documentary, the mother Carmen said on video that she did know before moving in, but had no choice to move there because the price was reasonable. ~Paraphrased During the CNN interview, Carmen says the movie is "very close", "there is a time constraint [for the movie]" she said in regards to the 1hr and 30 minute movie "it would be too long to watch a movie that contained it all". This Nancy Boucher interview says "NB: My Family doesn’t want to see it, it scares them. A lot of the things that go on in the movie didn’t happen, so whats the point of the movie?". Again, those are just a couple of examples of the inconsistencies in the story. You can find more by doing basic research. In my opinion, I believe the family knew the house was a funeral home (either before or after moving in) and like with human psychology--like for example, if you see bed bugs on TV, you may start subconsciously itching yourself--the idea got in their head and probably did think, to some degree, stange things were happening. As time went on, they (the mother Carmen) probably enjoyed the attention and started getting money from telling her "story". The story probably needed more juice and that's when she started 'adding to it' and changing things to the point that she was forgetting what she told other media outlets. - That's just my opinion.

i just want to know if the story is real and if it is if the real people could come out... im fascinated of the story and i would love it if this would not be the last of it. if so can pictures be posted of the real family?

Submitted by melynda (not verified) on
"Steve March 27th, 2009 9:16 am : Hey Justin, I think we need to try to get an interview with her as well, and dicuss many different things. She is older now and from what we are hearing, her “people” are hard to deal with. Steve" Uhh Steve, Ed and Lorraine Warren are very easy to deal with, and you don't have to get a hold of "her people" hell, you can call them directly and they will get back to you. I've talked to both of them on the phone before and as long as you are not out looking for any bull sh&t they will talk to you.

Submitted by melynda (not verified) on
and just for the record, the book was no where near what the real experiences were in that house. If they had made the movie exactly like what had happened, they probably would of scared themselves and not finished it

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on
Unfair not to give Lorraine Warren or John Zaffis a chance to speak on this subject.

Submitted by Steve Frank on
They did interview them on the DVD special for the movie.