Remington Arms, Bridgeport

November, 2009 by Ray Bendici
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Remington Arms
Photo by Ray Bendici
The Damned Story: The story starts in 1867 when the Union Metallic Cartridge Company opened shop in the East End of Bridgeport. Successful, the company was later purchased by Remington Arms, who in 1915 expanded the factory to a 73-acre manufacturing complex. During the first half of 20th century, it was among the biggest munitions factories in the world, employing over 17,000 workers and literally producing tons of ammunition and weapons each year. It was a shining example of the Industrial Era, a huge bustling facility in the heart of a burgeoning city that served as both a powerful economic engine and key cornerstone for American military complex. Of course, like many factories in the Northeast, it was only a matter of time before someone somewhere else could do it better and cheaper. In 1970, Remington moved the majority of its production to a new plant in Arkansas, eventually abandoning the site altogether in 1988; other companies, including General Electric, have also used the site for stretches before finally leaving behind an empty sprawling complex that has slowly been eaten away by urban decay. Gone are humming assembly lines, busy rows of machinery and hardworking employees, replaced by empty buildings, broken windows and . . . the ghosts of the past?
Remington Arms
Photo by Ray Bendici
Like any major factory, there have been occasional fatal accidents on the premises, including two different employees falling into giant pots of molten metal. In 1942, during the height of its war-time efforts, a deadly explosion occurred on the production floor, a horrible accident (some say it was wartime sabotage) that killed seven workers and wounded 80 others -- an event that some claim is responsible for the shadowy black figures and dark shadows which have been reported by numerous folk over the years. Old employees still lurking after having punched out from this experience? Or maybe some of the less prosperous locals hiding out for a night? Or maybe it's the spirit of American freedom, still trying to protect the right to bear arms? (Or to arm bears, which is always so much more entertaining!) In addition to the shadowy figures seen, there have been reports of various paranormal activities from eerie voices and disembodied screams to spirit orbs and mists. Those who have ventured inside the gates also claim to experience feelings of dread and unexplained cold spots. Bridgeport police officers, often investigating sightings of figures on the grounds, have also reported seeing unusual things on the grounds. In short, more than one person has labeled Remington Arms as simply "cursed." Considering its unfortunate history, and that the property has fallen into such disrepair, it' s easy to see why. In 2009, Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" visited Remington Arms.
Remington Arms
Photo by Ray Bendici
Our Damned Experience: We visited Remington Arms on a snowy day in December 2008. Although we didn't crawl under the fence and go inside the buildings, we were able to get close enough to get a good look at many of the decaying structures. The spots you see on a few of these photos are rain drops, not orbs! Well, I think they're mostly raindrops -- I'm not quite sure if I can tell the difference (or if there is one). We didn't see any unusual figures in the windows of the factory, nor on the grounds, although there was a neighbor or two standing on nearby street corners seemingly waiting for something . . . One of Kate's friend's husband did a bit of work at Remington Arms recently, and talked about it to us, including sharing some odd images. If You Go: You probably shouldn't -- not because of things otherworldly, but because of people this wordly: drug dealers, gang members and other troublemakers you would expect to find in a poor blighted neighborhood in the cosmopolitan mecca that is Bridgeport. Steve used to deliver legal pharmaceuticals in this neighborhood, and often required police protection to do it! Remington Arms is located at 812 Barnum Avenue in Bridgeport, and is easily spotted by the dilapidated buildings, barbed wire fences and glaring deterioration.
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Submitted by SimonGodOfHairdos (not verified) on
One of my irrational fears is of abandoned industrial spaces, so it is unfortunate that I have to drive past Remington Arms quite frequently.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
My husband had to go inside that place and do work with the company he works for. It's not totally abandoned yet because General Electric has been using about a tenth of the property for storage and that was the area he was working on. While he was there him and his coworkers experienced shadows moving across the bathroom when they were alone and heard strange noises in different parts of the building that were supposedly vacant. We had no idea he was working in the abandoned Remington Arms until he told me weird stuff was happening and asked me to look it up online. In my opinion that place really is haunted. His company is planning on going back soon to finish more work, so we are hoping to maybe get some good pics of the inside.

Submitted by Danny (not verified) on
I've been inside the shot tower,the Rem-Grit bldg and a couple of the brick bldgs next to Barnum Ave. I can say without a doubt those structures contain some kind of energy. I have a YouTube channel Danny Warpotion.There are a couple videos of my visits to the property.I'm a paranormal researcher and I've captured voices,some answering intelligently in the form of EVP.

Submitted by Dovid (not verified) on
Me and a group of friends went inside these buildings because of a bet. We went in the morning because of the fear that there were ghosts or homeless people. When I first walked into the building I had a feeling that we were going to find something unexpected and that feeling was proven when I saw shadows movings and when my friend heard a man speaking behind him though when he turned around he saw nothing only a brick wall. I have no doubt in my mind that it is haunted because we also brought a digital camera along for our own amusement.

Submitted by Mike (not verified) on
Ive been in this place and its great! no stupid ghost crap, just a huge, sprawling, dead facility. Definately got lost, climbed to the very top of the shot tower ( which was awesome and filled with cell phone gear), went in just about every room, checked out the catwalks....too cool. Be careful and youll be fine.

Submitted by darnell (not verified) on
i went in there alot we explored the whole thing yet i didnt see nothing just like the house on lindley st they say its haunted and i still didint see a thing i mean i belive in ghosts but i dont think the factory is haunted or the lindly st house

Submitted by Harold (not verified) on
I went to college at the University of Bridgeport from 1970 to 1974. I had passed these buildings many times in that four years. By that time, most of the production had moved out for the most part, and this was a strange, dark, eerie place indeed, even from the outside.

Submitted by STACY ADAMS [PA... (not verified) on

Submitted by STACY ADAMS [PA... (not verified) on

Anyone in Bridgeport know what the future plans for the building are? Condo conversion perhaps?

Submitted by Patricia Morales (not verified) on
I have lived near the remington buildings at the old Father Panic Housing project on Hallett Street. Since 2004 the site has been redeveloped and we do not have Drug dealers or homeless people on our streets. Bridgeport has changed alot from the 1980's. I do believe something could be going on at the site, but I have never seen or heard any ghostly ventures. Yes I believe about all the violence in the area, but the site has had a major Housing Project with over 3000 families who lived here. The Project is gone. So has the violence, maybe the ghosts are not just from the Remington Arms buildings, possibly from the area.

Just looked up the Father Panik projects Patricia .. I guess in 1937 it was called Yellow Mill Village..the first housing complex in the state Later named after stephan panik ..a priest who had worked for poor neighborhoods in east bridgeport . Thanks for the actual account .

Seeing as you live near the former arsenal ..let me know if the property at Remington is getting bulldozed or renovated Patricia ok ?

If you hear or see anything going on there.

Submitted by Kronik (not verified) on
I heard about this place when I saw the ghost special on tv, that is a good show. I think I like ghost hunters better though. Anyway this is a creepy place. On the show the guys were walking around in the daytime and heard banging in the distance inside of this abandoned place. I don't know what some of the above posters are thinking. There is no way I would be walking around in there, day or nighttime! Besides it being very old and potentially dangerous (climbing to the top? come on man! That is just silly your asking for something bad to happen!!) I have had some paranormal experiences and seen some unworldly things in buildings that were not over 100 years old, so I am just fine watching this on tv, thank you!

Submitted by joey (not verified) on
i live in bridgeport my school is down the street from there me and a group of friends went in playin around till we herd a scream in this area there was chairs rocking and we found shotgun shells till this day wego and try to find somethin i know its dangerous im a kid tho we like to be nosy and look at stuff im am 14 and so are my friends feelin to go 2daii

Submitted by soe89 (not verified) on
im born and raised in tha port!! and i heard many stories abt that building and none of them good as a kid we heard that the old GE building on boston ave was connected to that building with underground tunnels and i always thought that was crazy so after seeing it on tv with those ghost guys i was shocked that it was true!!! the 1 thing i can see abt that building and this is speaking for my self and a group of friends was a strange redish light in there but never really thought to much abt it like wow thats freaky know its like we live here you see then you dont you get use to it but yea deff a weird place! sad that its being torn apart by crack heads ripping out copper piping lol!! and as far as it being a bad place well it is wat it is, cant change that drug dealers and gangs is a part of life you know get over it!! but i agree with patricia it has changed alot the city is looking better but crime still is around. but like patricia said there was a MAJOR house issue were lots of people died it was very very bad and it was located on the other side of the train tracks so there is so much evil and bad going on a small section were so many people have died messed up deaths look up yellow mill village/father panik village in bridgeport connecticut!!!! murder was like a everyday thing so it could be crossed just be safe if you want to visit cuz more then ghost could get you lol!!! im out BRIDGEPORT ALLDAY

Submitted by J.E.B. (not verified) on
I am a loyal fan and regular watcher of the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures". Those guys are to be highly commended for some of the harrowing places that they have investigated! They've got balls like an elephant! And, kudos to the Travel Channel for producing this show, it's the hottest ticket on tv right now! I was a caretaker at an abandoned sanitorium in northeastern Oregon in 1981. I lived alone in the building for 29 days before finally leaving in the mikddle of the night, because the paranormal activity became too much for me. I can assure any doubters out there that ghosts DO exist!

yeh soe ..musta been a bad neighborhood

Submitted by mary banks (not verified) on
I worked in the Remington Arms building, part of it in a Company called King Data in the 1970's and we went upstairs to check out the building and looking through the draws and things we felt an eerie presence that made us give up looking and go back downstairs to work. Also my father used to talk about working in the Remington Arms building making shell casings and about one day people with badges taking them off the assembly line and talking to them. I never understood this until I watched the Ghost Adventures show and saw about Remington Arms and the story. I believe in ghosts and Remington Arms is very haunted.

Submitted by BobinCT (not verified) on
During the 1940's I lived on Pearl Harbor St., later moving to the West End and moving from Bridgeport in 1968. The Remington Arms complex at one time extended all the way up to the powder farm that was to the north of Pearl Harbor St. The GE building on Boston Ave was also part of that complex, being built to manfacture arms and munitions for the Imperial Russian Army, but the Russian Revolution in 1917 put an end to that and the property was acquired by GE To the north of Pearl Harbor St. was a large wooded area known as the powder farm where Remington mixed the explosives in small batches used to manufacture ammunition. These powders were carried via a private railroad down in back of the GE to the Remington factory on Arctic St in a bright yellow self propelled rail motor car several times a day. During the war the kids in the Pearl Harbor St. area used to play near the fence that surrounded the powder farm and made friends with the guards who patrolled the area, on foot, in jeeps, and mounted on horseback. Even though a war was going on it was a happy time to see the guards and sometimes they even gave us candy and apples. As kids growing up there we were proud of the role that our town , and the many factories in it , had in the "Arsenal of Democracy" that had contributed so much to the defeat of the axis powers of WWII. I can still remember Corsair fighter planes flying overhead from Chance Vought in Stratford and the whole downtown area coming to a standsitll as people stopped what they were doing to take a look at those beautiful machines As far as Remington being haunted. If you consider that the plant was in operation for close to 100 years and take into account the hazardous materials that was used it was rather a safe place to work. I can remember a huge sign in front of the shot tower that proclaimed "this plant has worked x number of days with out an accident". I worked in the Bassick Co. caster plants on South St. and Howard Ave for two years during the 1950's and there were two fatal accidents and one suicide during that time. I believe more fatalities occurred in the bloody bar-rooms of the town, and with more regularity, especially some notorious ones located on Water St. near the RR station. .The TV show appeared somewhat of a put-on, trying to make something out of nothing. There has always been night-time screams and gunfire in Bridgeport. Most of the other occurrances could be easily explained if you take into account acoustics, reflections, etc. It did bring back many memories of an earlier and happy times though.

I would sleep overnight at the Remington arsenal but you'd have to pay me.

Submitted by soe89 (not verified) on
MARY BANKS are you serious wow thats crazy, i wonder for years and years why they dont knock that old raggity thing down but now ummmm. i think i know but let me ask if they knock it down were would all those sould go?? and i also heard if you disturb them it makes them very angry soooooo wat to do with it??? does anyone have an idea the plans for it? i should ask CITY HALL HUH

Submitted by soe89 (not verified) on
OH IM FORGOT YOU JIM YEA IT WAS VERY RUFF there was so much gangs and drug dealing going on just on the other side of the train tracks< i dont think it was all going on at the same time but after it was all said and done it could be all crossed. the village was knocked down due to the very high crime so dont worry abt father panik village any more if your not from around here, im just saying all those souls could be anggry still who knows

I wonder if they convert the Remington buildings into condos would the ghosts stay. Would make some nice loft apartments. I'd move in.

Submitted by Sev (not verified) on
It's interesting now that train tracks were mentioned. on travel ch's show they heard honking, but they never mentioned it being from a train.. it wasn't car honking I distinguished, it was clearing a trains horn.. cuz it had they echo, car horn is quick n short this sound was long n got louder as if when it aproaches fast. also u could even here tracks of when it rides on the rails. I wish I could go down there but I'm in Texas. I hate to feel doubt, there's only one way, n that's be there. but these stories all come together..

Submitted by Kronik (not verified) on
Yeah even if they made it a high rise I don't think I would move in but that was interesting about Father Panik village (appropriate name for the padre based on what I read of the place). I still don't think I would spend the night there even if you paid me. I saw the show and for one thing that front gate looked pretty delapidated. I mean anyone could basically sneak in under the crack in the corner of the fence where the two parts of the gate came together. Although I could not imagine anyone wanting to go in there. I guess maybe if they were a crackhead but that is still nuts. The place also seems to have some lingering hazardouse waste issues, from what I have read. I don't know if you caught the show but there were several interesting evps the guys caught and what appeared to be a flashing (perhaps red) light on on their night vision cameras. The one that got my attention the most was a gunshot and then a scream they caught with their camera on the 4th floor of the shot tower. They had caught a car horn honking for almost 10 seconds driving by from both the 4th floor camera and a camera they had on the 1st floor of the shot tower, but the gunshot and scream noise was only picked up on the 4th floor cam. Spooky. by the way Mary what do you think the ppl with badges talked to your father about? Curious to your thoughts.

Submitted by Kronik (not verified) on
Yeah good point Sev I thought that horn sounded very long for being a car horn. I dont recall hearing the tracks but its possible.

Submitted by Sev (not verified) on
For one I'd like to get into those bridgeport archives. There seems like so much went on in around that place. it's even creepier that there is a cemetery in the back yard. that's not by design or claimed not true. we need some gutsy ppl that can get down there and utube some more action. iv never been inspired by the dead but sure am by the unexplained. somebody needs to write a book about this place.

Submitted by Sue Del (not verified) on
I am a local historian and was fascinated with the Remington Arms building and Shot Tower. The Shot Tower was the biggest building in Bridgeport at one time, and Remington Arms what helped make Bridgeport one of the industrial capitals of the world. But, like alot of historical buildings in Bridgeport, it fell into being a victim of urban decay. Factory hours in those days were long and hard, and making anything was labor-intensive, so I can imagine that the workers in there found it grueling and dangerous. As far as the building being haunted, I would say that there at least seems to be an eerie cast over the place both inside and outside of it, since the area is run down on The East Side of Bridgeport, and the factory has a cemetary "St. Augustine's" right next to it. The cemetary is very old, and I believe it had been refurbished in the last few years, where now you can see the grave markers. Charles "Charlie The Bum" DiStatsio is buried here. He was a famous bum in Bridgeport and died in back of an auto place in 1965 of natural causes, so they say. He used to hang out on the East side. If anything that I would fear most about the building is that is it deemed "unsafe"; Structurally, it is weakening, inside and out, the stairways are unsecure, and there are holes in the flooring. The walls have lead and asbetos in them, coupled with the fact that there once were homeless people living in there, if not now. So, really, it is more likely that you could be harmed more by this, than perhaps a harmless aparition, who perhaps is stuck between two worlds. With that being said, I really hope the city has better plans for it either by removing it, or revitalize it, which I doubt at this time, since it would cost too much money.

Submitted by BobinCT (not verified) on
TO Sue Del: I remember Charlie the Bum. He used to hang out underthe RR viaducts moving between Kossuth St. and E. Main. He always wore a WWI army overcoat even during the heat of summer. And it got hot in those days. The police used to pick him up with the approach of really cold weather and it was the first sign of spring when he reappearedl

Submitted by Sue Del (not verified) on
TO: BobinCT Thanks for the info on the railway that went fron the GE building on Boston Avenue to the Remington site. I remember years ago looking down and saw railroad tracks on the side of GE and wondered what they had used them for in relation to the factory. There was also a lake down there near GE, and that is where they got the name "Lakeview cemetary for the cemetary which is right next to GE. There was also "Lakeview Cafe" right on Boston Avenue which is no longer there. Being a local historian, I did not even know about "the powder farm". Your right about the bloodshed in some of the taverns down on Water Street. I remember there was a small drinking establishment right underneath the railroad tracks called "The Club Car". All the winos would hang out in there. I used to see Charlie the Bum sleeping in store fronts. My father used to take us down the East Side in his truck and yell out "Look! There is Charlie The Bum". He always did have his wool coat on even in the summer probably because he did not want anyone to steal it by taking it off. They used to take him in and hose him down. He was born in Naples, Italy and from what I read was an violin player. The story about why he became a bum is still unclear to me: Bums all have their stories of course, but the one I heard was that he was supposed to marry someone whose family had money and they didn't approve of Charlie, so the marriage got cancelled and then Charles dropped out of society and became a bum. I was really pleased that a Italian man named Nunzio who worked for Lakeview monuments by GE, made him a respectable headstone and buried him in St. Augustine's cemetary, which by the way, is right near to Remington Arms. Supposedly, there was a Hungarian women who was buried alive in there according to 'The Ghost Hunters". I don't know her name, but would like to find out and go visit the grave. I do historic research on the railway line that once housed the Housatonic Railroad, and then later, by 1872, became the New York, New Haven and Hartford. It started in Bridgeport on Water Street and later made it's way all the way north through towns such as Trumbull, Monroe, and Newtown. The tracks were abandoned from Water Street in the 40's, but the line continued from Stepney in Monroe all the way north to Pittsfield Massachusettes. I will probably be at the Trumbull Library in the next few months. You can check the "Community Calander" in The Connecticut Post. The presentation is called "Rails to Back Trails" I use slides to educate the public on the then-and-now of railroad history and how, today, the railroad line has become one of Connecticut's best recreational trails. With all that being said, Bridgeport was booming with industry. That is why they have all these on-off exit ramps off I-95 so that people could get in and out of these factories from the highway. I also heard one of the reasons that they started shipping things overseas was because the machinery in the factories were over-taxed. Of course, there were many other factions that aided in the decline of industry. One picture that stands out in my mind was in David Palmquists book "The History of Bridgeport", where the zeppelin, The Hindenburg, from Germany was flying over Bridgeport. Later it exploded in Lakehurst, NJ. In the Remington building there were believed to be spies, and people were especially wary of German immigrants.

Submitted by Joe in CT (not verified) on
Hi Sue. I enjoyed your article when I per used the historical information on the old Remington Arms Factory in Bridgeport, Ct. I like the history of Bridgeport Industries and freight railroads there around the 1940's, and I know the City is proud to have contributed to winning the WW II war effort with War Works manufacturing at the time. It fascinates me. I did not know about the abandoned Housatonic Railroad in Bridgeport. Do you have any historical Bridgeport industrial and railroad updates from that era or before or after this time period? I would like to learn more about it. Also, I saw a Bridgeport paperback book at Barnes and Noble book store that had an interesting chapter on this same topic, including obscure pics of Singer Sewing Machine Factory, and how PT Barnum transported his circus and animal acts from his Bridgeport operation to the shows around the country, even with some old black and white photos in the book. I hope to hear from you on this historical topic. Thank you.

Submitted by BobinCT (not verified) on
Boy did the Remington Story bring back a flood of memories. In a previous post I mentioned the Remington Powder Farm. Many in Bridgeport did not know of existence of the area or what was done there. It was top secret, heavily guarded and contain a very dense forest. Deer abounded inside and occasionally came down to the fence. Very large explosions were occasionally heard inside the area, and usually when that happened an announcement was made in the Bridgeport Post that Remington was testing a new artillery shell for the military. But were they, or did someone screw up? Using the Google satellite capability I can see that most of the Remington Woods appears to be intact. Before I left Bridgeport I remember some kind of a commerce park being planned for the area, but most of it still seems to be untouched. It is really a very large area, and looking at the satellite image I can see a body of water to the north of Pearl Harbor Circle that we didn’t even know existed. (Not Success Lake). Just curious does any one know if the property has been developed? I suspect it might be a giant toxic waste site, because it really is a prime piece of property and that could be the reason it hasn’t been touched in all these years. After the war many pieces of machinery from the main plant were packed up and shipped to other Remington plants. A long time after this happened I was told that some of the ammunition production line had been secretly sent to the fledgling nation of Israel that was fighting for its very existence. The Zionists had managed to procure an ample supply of war surplus arms including a huge supply of Thompson Submachine parts that had been sold very cheap when the Auto-Ordnance Co. located on Railroad Ave., had all of their contracts canceled at end of the war. However they lacked a supply of ammunition and at least two of production lines from Remington had somehow been waylaid and sent to Israel. I chalked this up to being another urban legend but a recent TV show about Underground Places had video that revealed a museum that was in a very secret, hard to get to, underground hidden facility in Israel containing machinery that was used to produce ammunition during the 1947-49 birth of that nation. Kind of confirms the urban legend.

Submitted by Sue Del (not verified) on
To: BobinCT: Is the Lake that was right across the street from GE called "Lake Sucess". It was quite a large lake at one time, and now it is a rather swampy area. Also my next question is "Where is Remington Woods"? Write back, Sue

Submitted by BobinCT (not verified) on
SUE DEL The lake that you mention was called Stillman's Pond. It was used by the GE for cooling purposes for its power plant and the WIre and Cable Division. There were spray heads installed all over it and it made quite a spectacular site on winter nights spraying water and steam in to air and being back-lit by the lights on the front of the GE complex. In the late 1960's the labor intensive Wire and Cable manufacturing equipment was dismantled, and sent to South Korea where it was put back into operation using cheaper labor. A less labor intensive operation was installed in Bridgeport.. I don't know if it is in operation at this time. Remington Woods can be seen on the Google satellite maps. It is bounded northerly by Broadbridge Ave, easterly by parts of Broadmere Ave. and earlier by Success Ave. southerly by Pearl Harbor Street and Circle, in the area as known both as Brady Village and Success Park which was another area entirely. It continued along farmland that later became Bullard Havens, Bridgeport Health Care , Highhorizons School and in the west by Evers St. Success Lake was/is right in middle of Remington Woods AKA as the Powder Farm. The body of water north of Pearl Harbor Circle that we didn't know about appears to be a narrow strip of water (pond/creek) and can only be seen with a real tight zoom. IT can be seen as a wooded area using the Google Satellite maps, if you zoom in close enough you can seen what appears to be the remains of some of the bunkers where the powder mixing and storage was done. I had some great RR adventures if you're interested. Most of my wayward youth was spend exploring many of the RR operations in the Greater Bridgeport area almost being killed for the effort on at least two occasions.

Submitted by mac (not verified) on
in back of my boys house theres a street that leads to the ge factory and thats past dq on east main street and does anybody know how remition got on fire like last year twice

Submitted by Steve Frank on
WoW! thanks for all the history guys. Very cool

Submitted by Sue Del (not verified) on
BobinCT: I cannot answer mac's question above about the street that lead to the GE factory and how Remington caught fire last year twice unless you can for him. I did not know anything about the fires. Thanks. So...the Lake on the side of GE was called "Stillman's Pond", not to be confused with Lake Success. I have an idea now where Remington Woods is situated. I will have to Google it by Satellite to see some of the bunkers where they mixed the powder. Since you seem to know alot of obscure facts about Bridgeport history, I was wondering if you know anything about "The North Bridgeport Station" which was situated on Carson Street which would be right in back of where The Ford dealership is on the corner of North Avenue and Boston Avenue. This station was supposedly a running stop, not to be confused with the station on Water Street. It must of went out when the line was abandoned in say, the early 70's where they were still pulling freight north. I remember the tracks used to go over North Avenue and then there was a drop and then the tracks went in back of the old Nabisco factory and then along Park Cemetary and continued in back of the Coke and Fuel Company where the big green cilos are on North Avenue. Spring replacement is there, right next to the cilos. It used to be called "The Iron Ledge Company. The train continued north I believe up Sylvan Avenue or was it Resevoir Avenue which both ran parallel to one another. From there it cross over where Shaw's was on the hill. That used to be a park called "Stadler's park". There was a beach there at Beardsley park called "Sylvan Beach". Anyway.....the train continued north on the west banks of Beardsley Park until it made it's way north into Trumbull. There have never been any pictures of The North Bridgeport Station, nor is there a postcard. I was wondering if you know anything about The North Bridgeport station, or if you have a picture of it. Write back, Sue Del

Submitted by Sue Del (not verified) on
Hi! If anyone would like to contact me about local history they can e-mail me also at:

Submitted by Jeff (not verified) on
Answer to Macs question: Off East Main St. past DQ is Cogswell St. and it goes to Asylum St. which GE's back entrance boarders. Next to Park City little league. That whole are was real creepy inthe 70's when I was a teenager. There was an abandoned slaughter house and Incineration factory that we used to goof off in. Definitly a spooky area with Lakeview cemetery ther as well.

Submitted by Jeff (not verified) on
My Bad, York st. is off Eastmain and it snakes over to Cogswell

Submitted by Sev (not verified) on
I did some you tube of the show some days ago and I believe I know the reason why there has not been any remodeling or tear down. the building is pivately owned property. in YouTube comments a guy has a friend who ownes the property. I think this may be a good reason why the city is not involved, from what iv heard thus far. love the history on this place guys, thx! brings a sort of peace to the madness which has evolved.

Submitted by Jim O'Connor (not verified) on
It is just plain BAD television. Three total idiots! Millions killed, countless police officers, no execration in this program. People actually say that they find this entertaining? I really liked calling the sounds of a train a car horn. It even had the Doppler effect. BTW, I grew up 1/2 mile from that plant and my father worked there in the early '40s.

hi i lived\\ in bridgepor ct all my live i was born in 1970 i wasnt even around when all thhis was happening i was just born but now that i am hearing about all this it is very interesting i wanna hearmore even though i believe in god i live right next to the factory and i did see one night flashlights in there i dont if it was someone in there from the streets there is alot of drug dealers around so it could of been that

Submitted by indio (not verified) on
i'd love to check this place out im surprised theirs no cops watching this place i live in west haven and the old belt factory in my town supposed to be haunted but 've been in their twice and never seen a thing it boarded up real good and people say its an urban legend but yea ghost adventures is fake in my opinion that and paranormal state the only ghost show i can see being real is taps (ghost hunters)

Submitted by benji (not verified) on
Hi, i am interested in the unexplained and what we cant see, i love the show, but after watching T.A.P.S. (Ghost Hunters) For so long, it seems like these guys are going about it all wrong, and they are young guys just trying to get some recognition. I wonder why T.A.P.S. has went international last year, and they now have a third show (Ghost Hunters Academy), And these guys are still only the three original members, and they are aired on Travel Channel!!!

Submitted by kloe (not verified) on
I grew up on Evers St Ext in Bridgeport, Remington Woods was right across the street. They had guards that drove around the park every day, 24 hours a day. There were deer, fox, owls, pheasant and other animals on the grounds. At times we could see them burning something but we didn't know what. I think it was bad ammo. You could here crackling noises. As kids we use to walk along the fence from our house to Broadbridge. My neighbor use to feed the deer all the time, they would come up to the fence and let us feed them. I don't know how true it is but I was told the ground is contaminated because ammunition was buried in the ground, and that it would take a lot of money to clean up the grounds. I had heard that they wanted to build housing but the cost of clean-up would not be worth it. There are office buildings there I believe Sikorsky has some offices there now. The deer have also since been removed. My mother had told me my grandfather worked at Remington as an engineer and that is where he met my grandmother. I also remember Charlie the Bum. They said he use to go to the woods at the end of our street. We use to find empty bottles all the time when went up there to play. I hope this helps BobinCT

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Hi! when my mom told my i was sooo scared. i even told some of my friends!

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I went there with 3 of my guy friends a couple of days before hallowen.It was kinda of scary because when we went into one room and we heard a little girl scream and a rocking chair move.It was really weird and i was scared.